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Found 83 results

  1. Supposedly the replacement model of the ever popular JDM Toyota Rush / Daihatsu Be-Go. To be launched in Japan on 5 Nov. Quick Spec Dimension: 3,995mm (L) x 1,695mm (W) x 1,620mm (H) Engine: 1.0L Turbo Charged 3 Cylinder
  2. Daihatsu Unveils Adorable, Quirky Custom Cars For 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon source: https://www.motor1.com/news/462607/daihatsu-tokyo-auto-salon-2021/ Want a roadster? Daihatsu has them in two flavors. The Tokyo Auto Salon is only happening virtually in 2021, but that's not stopping automakers like Daihatsu from showing off their customized vehicles originally for the aftermarket-focused event. This year, the Japanese automaker keeps things whimsical by calling its display the Daihatsu Village Colorful Carnival with a theme of "new ways to have fun." Starting with by far the weirdest but certainly fun, there's the Daihatsu Hijet Jumbo Sportza Ver. It's based on the company's Hijet commercial vehicle with the Jumbo extended cab, but the automaker takes a buzzsaw to the upper half of the body to create a roadster. There's now a sporty front fascia and a tiny windshield. Occupants sit in a pair of sports seats with tiny nacelles above them. The back has a huge cargo bed, and a three-outlet, side-exit exhaust is underneath. Compared to the normal version, the ride height is significantly lower, and there is a set of red, six-spoke wheels. Daihatsu makes no mention of any powertrain changes for the Sportza. The standard model makes 46 horsepower (34 kilowatts) with the five-speed manual or 52 hp (39 kW) with the four-speed automatic. Buyers can get the little commercial model with rear- or four-wheel drive. If you'd prefer a more capable vehicle, there's the Hijet Jumbo Camper Ver. It has a camouflage covering over the rear and roof rack. The front features a happy face with circular headlights that look like eyes, and a lower section that has the appearance of a smiling mouth. Daihatsu's announcement doesn't offer any specifics about what's inside the camper section. The company's customization team rev up the saw again for the Copen Spyder Ver. This one loses most of its windshield and roof to turn the convertible into a dedicated roadster. There are also now nacelles on the rear deck. The Daihatsu Taft Crossfield Ver takes the brand's little crossover and makes it more capable of performing off-road. There's a higher ride height and chunky tires. A new front fascia with an integrated winch looks like it would improve the approach angle. A brush bar protects the headlights. A roof rack offers extra space for carrying gear. Finally, there's the Thor Premium Ver with D-sport components. It wears a colorful teal and silver paint job. It rides on big wheels and has an updated front fascia.
  3. Tzehou

    Daihatsu Copen

    Hi guys, Was thinking of getting this ride to replace my 1 year old MR-S. What do you guys think of this car? Went to test drive it today at BHP. Found it not bad for it's performance but a bit tight for the interior. Only concern it's the spare parts availablity and servicing. Does anyone knows where can I purchase the spare parts for this car and which place is good to go for servicing for a car like this? Lastly, do any of you guys know any local Copen car forum or English Copen car forums? Doing a search on Google mostly gave me Tawian and Japanese car forums for Copen. This only English language one is the one from the UK but it quite outdated. Thanks to all for your kind responds. Hope I can meet up a few local Copen owners here in this fourm. Cheers!
  4. Typhoon125

    Daihatsu Charade GTti

    Took me a while to restore, am glad it is finally in good running condition, still having a hard time getting parts, please let me know you if you have experience and the know how to get parts. Thanks in advance.
  5. Daredarr

    Daihatsu Materia/Toyota bB

    Hi all, I've done a search in this forum to find out more abt Materia or bB and realised the postings were dated way back to 2007/2008. Can't seem to find any recent postings of this 2 models. Have to apologise if this is deem a repeated post/thread. Am looking to buy a used 2008 Materia and would seriously appreciate if any folks driving such models to share more abt their ride. Things like FC, maintenance, pro & cons abt this model etc. Tried to google also for any car club or forum, but to no avail...... Thanks in advance
  6. A total redesign of the compact SUV from Daihatsu / Toyota stable. Sadly, it is not longer that cute, tall but compact SUV we have been used to, since it introduction some 10 years ago (2nd generation). Is it just me, but I find the latest version have heavy hint of another ASEAN SUV, Honda BR-V... Technical Specifications: Exterior Dimensions = 4,435 mm (L) x 1,695 mm (W) x 1,705 mm (H) Wheelbase = 2,685 mm Tread = 1,450 mm (F) / 1,450 mm ® Transmission = 4 Speed Auto / 5 Speed Manual Brake = Disc (F) / Drum ® Tyre Size = 215/65R16 Engine Type = 2NR-VE, 4 Cylinder In Line, 16 Valves, DOHC, Dual VVT-i Engine Capacity = 1,496 cc Bore x Stroke = 72.5 mm x 90.6 mm Max. Horsepower = 104ps / 6,000rpm Max. Torque = 13.9Kgm / 4,200rpm Daihatsu Terios Toyota Rush
  7. Raytham

    Daihatsu Owners

    Any Dai-Hard fans in here?
  8. FaezClutchless

    Worst car names

    [extract] A name is something that we use to distinguish or designate one item from another. For example, in the automotive world, an auto company will give different names for their models to distinguish one model from another. So that when we see a Camry, we know it
  9. Given the cutting of vehicle growth rate to zero, should there be more restrictions on Malaysia vehicles entering Singapore? Maybe I am biased, but I am seeing more and more Malaysia plated vehicles nowadays. Not just long-haul trucks, but many vans, etc. Pickup-trucks carrying a trunk full of ladders, etc, going at 100km/h on first lane. Obviously not here for "social visit" !!! As the cost of operating a vehicle in Singapore goes up, it will be more competitive for Malaysia vehicles to operate here. Obviously it is a violation of visa policy for Malaysians to undertake commercial activities here with only a visitor visa, but these rules are unenforceable. It might be the case that any particular Malaysia vehicle cannot stay here for too long. However, if you look at the entire vehicle population in Singapore, then at any point in time, my estimate is that a significant proportion of vehicles on the roads are from Malaysia. If we could eliminate these vehicles, this will mean more COE available for Singapore cars !!! Another thing is those Malaysia long-haul trucks, spewing massive plumes of thick black smoke. They should be forced to unload at the customs and transfer their cargo to local trucks !
  10. Good-Carbuyer

    Daihatsu Terios 4X4

    Hi, Anyone with comments to share on this model for offroad driving? I am musing to go into offroad driving holidays
  11. Carbon82

    A Liter too Little?

    About 2 decades ago, the term bread and butter car model used to be refering to car with engine capacity of 1.0L or lesser, and mid size family sedan are the Corolla, Sunny, Mazda 323, Civic, Jetta and such. Sub 1.0L rides make up some 12 - 15% of our passenger car population, and proved to be popular for those looking at a simple point A to point B personal transport tool. Some of the hot model include: Suzuki Swift Sedan Suzuki Wagon R Toyota Starlet Nissan March Subaru Justy Subaru Vivio Daihatsu Charade Daihatsu Move Mitsubishi Toppo Town Bee Mitsubishi Pajero Mini Fiat Uno Seat Ibiza Sales of sub 1.0L rides start to fall by the end of 90s / early 2000, due to the ever rising COE premium (and no thanks to the merger of Cat 1 & 2 COE into Cat A in May 1999), as well as the better acceptance of Korean model (Accent, Getz, Atos, Rio, etc.). IIRC, the last 1.0L (non-turbo) model sold in Singapore is the Hyundai Atos, which at it lowest price point, can be had for <S$30K. T.B.C.
  12. New Copen is here! its at Turf city. http://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/newcars_photos.php?CarCode=11618
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIGPiI4TelQ
  14. WTB: Daihatsu YRV compressor r u scrapping soon? would like to swop with you within the next few days. you will then have no compressor / aircon until u scrap, but can get a few hundred $ out of the old compressor. please contact my garage at " nine eight nine five six three six seven " to discuss price and review condition before the swop, thanks !
  15. Order books for the new Daihatsu Copen has been brim-filled with 4,000 orders - equivalent to just the sales target of six months. Two variants are on offer - a CVT automatic and a five-speed manual. 70 percent of buyers took up the former, with only 30 percent opting for the conventional stick shift. Under the hood of the new K-roadster is a 660cc turbocharged engine which produces 64bhp and 92Nm of torque. The new car keeps to its cutesy proportions and size, measuring 3,395mm in length, 1,475mm in width and standing at just 1,280mm. The best highlight of the new car has to be the customisable body panels, which allows owners to personalise a total of 11 parts on their own Copen, including the front hood, boot, front and rear bumpers, front and rear fenders, locker and fuel lid. It also comes with an electronically-operated two-piece folding hard top.
  16. FaezClutchless

    Honey, someone shrunk the F40

    In the Japanese automotive world, there is a quirky automobile category known as Kei cars. These cars are designed to comply with local tax and insurance regulations. Many Japanese automakers manufacture such cars, for example, the Daihatsu Copen and the Suzuki Lapin. Most of these Kei cars have a unique outlook but one such Kei car looks a little similar to an Italian supercar, especially from the rear. The images you see here is actually a Kei car made by Yamaha and it is known as the Yamaha Ami. If you were to take a quick glance at the car from the rear, you could have thought that you have just seen a Ferrari F40. But in reality, the rest of the car does not resemble the Italian supercar. The Yamaha Ami is categorised in the Kei car group as it comes with a 660cc engine. The Yamaha Ami features a three cylinder engine and the car is available in two engine options. The base model comes with a 6-valve single overhead camshaft engine that churns out 42bhp. For those who wish for more power, they can opt for the 12-valve double overhead camshaft that delivers around 55bhp at 7,500rpm. The engine is mounted at the front and the engine powers the front wheels, unlike the supercar that it impersonates which is mid-mounted and rear wheel driven. The model name Ami may sound a little girly to some but the company
  17. Good-Carbuyer

    Daihatsu Sirion 1.5M

    Hi, everyone, I am a newbie and would appreciate your feedback on this car. I drove Myvi 1.3M into West Malaysia recently and now felt I can enjoy the driving more if the car is 1.5/1.6 engine (can be more relaxing to overtake within shorter distance). So is this can a good consideration (we need headroom for adults on the rear seats, hence a hatchback not a new sedan) Many thanks
  18. Twice...plated SGS with number 889 white Copen ignoring traffic lights order. Didint wait for green to appear and proceed on...not once but twice..clearly not a case that driver didnt know...clearly intentional. How I wish A TP would appear like magic but that is just my wishful hope...no video too other wise I will end up cycling into the drain with one hand filming with the other struggling to control my bycicle. Perhaps can do something about his modded loud exhaust...a tipoff. Opps did I let the cat outta the bag now that driver can do something abt it..Now how do I do the car search thingy b4 reporting this driver? I hv seen ppl do that here and post the "CV" of the car. Cheers..
  19. Are there any YRV turbo owners is the forum? Need your help here, which are the workshops u guys frequent? Need to change engine mountings! Thanks aplenty!!
  20. http://garage36.blogspot.com/2012/03/tokyo...r-daihatsu.html Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - K-Power! Daihatsu & Suzuki Now that i've hopefully satisfied some appetites for delicious "image girls", it's time to get back to cars. Unmistakably Japanese, you'd often find these 660cc Kei-cars running around town as they zip in between traffic gaps and dart into small tiny lanes. With these cars enjoying such popularity, it is no surprise there are tons and tons of aftermarket support for the little cars from Japan. Although most manufacturers in Japan have their own versions of the K-car, Daihatsu and Suzuki are probably the makes that first come into your mind when you think of these little pocket cars. They may be small in size, but sometimes, they can be big on image. Like the Copen from KLC. Slammed, wild camber, and running on oversized wheels you'd think the little 660cc motor will struggle to move. A different take on the Copen from Grand-Slam, looking a little bit more feminine on the inside. If the above was a "little" bit feminine, this Copen presented by FEEL was that bit "more" girly. Am sure these ladies approve. I honestly have no idea what this is, but it looked good. Slightly old car and built to a different beat, this Mira from Car Produce A.K.R. looked like it was ready to hit the tracks. It doesn't just look crazy, it was also converted to a RWD platform. Awesome.
  21. This actually caught my eye when I was over in Jakarta. It really caught my eye as I circled around it trying to figure out what car it actually is. It had the Daihatsu badge stuck on its overly modified front end. Not only was the front end heavily modified to look like a Smart ForFour, the sides were pumped out and were wider than Jennifer Lopez's hips and the rear end was also a mishmash of ideas - With the 'coupe' badging on its rear hatch sticking out like a sore thumb (which can be seen in a photo below). It was a four door 'coupe'. One that would certainly fit the bill as one of those cars featured in UK's MAXPOWER magazine. And so after five or so minutes of circling the little Daihatsu I surmised that it must be a 1st generation Daihatsu Sirion (above) and took some photos of it for remembrance's sake. I believe I am correct stating that the 'coupe' was indeed a Sirion (I could be wrong) and upon browsing the web for some photos of the Sirion I noticed the similiar roofline (albeit with a filled in three quarter window at the C-pillar) of the car mentioned herein and a stock Daihatsu Sirion. Of course I may be wrong, but what other fairly new Daihatsu would fit the bill? It has to be a Daihatsu as that car did have a Daihatsu badge stuck on its front end. Now that the identity of the car has been made known, the other question that is left to be answered is whether this heavily made up Sirion is better looking than the standard car. Is it? Or is it something that only the owner could love and be extremely proud of?
  22. [extract] Daihatsu isn't a very popular choice for car buyers around here mainly due to the high COE figures and its focus at the small car segment of the market. The high COE in the 1600cc category means that buyers want better value for their money and that Daihatsu has to fight off a lot of other competitors and something I still do not agree with