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Found 17 results

  1. Heartlander

    Worst Nature Disaster in China Now

    Seems Southern China is now going through a bad flood season. Really suay after suffering Covid-19 for the first 6 months of this. Various videos kept claiming cover ups as it seems there is very limited coverage by the official news media. What is worrying is the situation at the Three gorges () which had previously been reported to be stressed with visible deformation and reportedly not able to take any serious flooding from its upper reaches. Seems worse is yet to come. https://www.msn.com/en-sg/news/world/five-dead-in-latest-flooding-in-southern-china-rainstorms/ar-BB15q9hG?ocid=spartanntp
  2. Jin scary, pushed down by school trainer as part of some disaster management training. I've never heard of such training, making people jump down from a school building. Parents must be devastated. Other students watching will require psychological counseling. RIP. Watch video at your own discretion. -------------------------------------------------------- https://deccanchronicle.com/nation/current-affairs/130718/19-yr-old-girl-dies-disaster-preparedness-drill-coimbatore-n-logeswari.html Coimbatore: A 19-year-old undergraduate student died when she jumped off the second floor of her college building during a disaster preparedness drill in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu on Thursday evening. N Logeswari was a second year student pursuing Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) course at Kovai Kalaimagal College of Arts and Science at Narasipuram. Around 4 pm on Thursday, students of the college were being shown how to escape if disaster struck. A video of the training session showed Lokeswari perched on the sunshade of the second floor balcony, when the trainer Arumugan, standing next to her, was telling her to jump. Eyewitnesses say Logeswari was reluctant and did not want to but was prompted repeatedly by the trainer. After a while, the trainer pushed her and she tumbled down hitting her head on the sunshade of the first floor. Though students standing on the ground were holding a net for Logeshwari to land safely, she crashed to the ground after hitting the sunshade. According to reports, Logeswari was rushed to a private hospital in Thondamuthur, where she was administered first aid. She was referred to the state-run Coimbatore Medical College Hospital, where she was declared "brought dead". The police have sent the body for postmortem and the family has been informed. Trainer Arumugan has been taken into custody by the police and a case for causing death due to negligence has been filed against him. College authorities told the police that the drill was conducted by the National Disaster Management Authority of India (NDMAI). Meanwhile, NDMA has clarified that Arumugam was not authorised to conduct such a drill.
  3. At least 257 people were killed on Wednesday when a military plane crashed near the Algerian capital, Algiers, state media reported. The aircraft crashed near the Boufarik air base, between Algiers and the city of Blida. Ten of those killed were the plane crew, according to state-run Radio Algérie. It was not immediately clear whether there were any survivors. It is the deadliest plane crash since 2014, when 298 people were killed after a Malaysian airlines jet was shot down over Ukraine. Algerian TV station Ennahar showed images of smoke rising from the plane's fuselage, tilted to one side, with part of the aircraft sticking out above olive trees. Dozens of bodies were seen in numbered bags as paramedics and firefighters worked at the crash site. Cranes at the site have begun trying to move some of the debris. One man told Ennahar he was at home when he heard an explosion, and drove with a neighbor to the site, where they tried to put out the fire and reach victims. "We saw bodies ... it was a catastrophe," he said. "We were afraid the plane would explode. We covered some bodies and put out some fires." Algeria has a shaky aviation safety record. In 2014, a Hercules C-130 carrying members of the country's air force and their families crashed in Algeria's east, killing 77 people. That same year, an Air Algérie flight crashed in Mali while flying between Bukina Faso and Algeria, killing all 116 people on board. https://edition.cnn.com/2018/04/11/africa/algeria-plane-crash-intl/index.html
  4. SOURCE: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/penang-flood-at-least-7-dead-as-authorities-issue-heavy-rain-9376756 Penang flood: At least 7 dead as authorities issue heavy rain warning, military mobilised GEORGE TOWN: Seven people have been killed and over 3,000 evacuated after a storm triggered serious flooding Sunday (Nov 5) in Penang. Northeast district police head Anuar Omar confirmed the deaths of Chew Eng Lean, 78, Amanullah Shabib Kalandir, 75, and Lau Guek Jee, 64 on Sunday afternoon. Another victim, 97-year-old Chong Sin Thon, was found in his home. "The sixth victim identified as Tan Ah Peow, 45, was found by his neighbor at 2pm today while the seventh victim, also a man, was found by a member of the public at 2.40pm," Anuar said. A Bangladeshi man was also killed while his friend was missing after a tree fell on their rented house in Kampung Perlis in Butterworth on Saturday night. Meteorological Department has forecast that the rain is set to continue after it showed signs of easing on Sunday (Nov 5) afternoon. In an update on Facebook, the department issued an "orange" alert warning, which indicates expected continuous rainfall with strong winds in the northern states of Kedah, Perlis and Penang. Read more at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/penang-flood-at-least-7-dead-as-authorities-issue-heavy-rain-9376756 Anyone with plans to visit Penang in the coming weeks, please reconsider or take necessary precautions.
  5. happen few days ago in Korea http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-xro8hXBMY
  6. Picnic06-Biante15

    Tell Tale Signs Before Disaster Struck

    Do you believe that most Animals have a very special sensibilities to feel an eminent danger before it struck. It happen few days ago when a Killer Whale killed its trainer in USA after been together with the trainer for so many years. Was telling my wf that it either an earthquake or volcano erupting soon in US. True enough an earthquake struck not in US but in Chile. Some ppl would claimed that it was coincidenced but I am convince that animals have a special sense of danger that we human do not have. Example is the Sichuan earthquake. The pandas were restless and animals were found leaving the forested area before the quake struck. If we are more observant enough, we can also sense it with our closest animal, Dog. It happen to me as our family dog which was very active suddenly turns quite for 2 days, refusing to eat and only hide under the sofa. On the second day, received a call from hospital that my father was in DIL and thereafter, passed away. The dog kept vigil beside the coffin throughout the wake. Every since that incident, I am more aware of unusual animal behaviour........
  7. BMW has overtaken Toyota as the world's most valuable automotive brand, according to market research company, Millward Brown. "As one of the great brands in the world, BMW has been absolutely consistent in the long-term regarding what is meaningfully different about their brand, in highly competitive market places," said Peter Walshe, Brown's global brand director. BMW was also the most valuable auto brand in 2010, while Toyota held the top spot from 2006 until 2009 as well as 2011. Unfortunately for Toyota, the company lost its top place in the ranking in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that affected all Japanese carmakers last year. As expected, the brand-value rankings of Honda, Nissan and Lexus were also affected, but the consolation is that all three remained in the top 10. For German car makers, namely Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen, their ranking improved as a result of expanding presence in Asia, especially in China. With the economic uncertainty in Europe, it would be wise for these premium automakers to look towards Asia for future growth. Perhaps, Ferrari
  8. http://www.relax.com.sg/relax/news/589260/...r_for_loss.html
  9. Yellowrx8


    Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong wants Singaporeans to follow Japan
  10. Pardon for my ignorance but as far as I know, the first implementation of OPC scheme is to encourage people especially families to switch driving during off peak as to cut down traffic flow during peak hours at the same time giving a opportunity for people to own a personal transport since the cost of owning a OPC cuts down by ten++ grand as compare to normal cars. True scenerio, a neighbour of mine whose hubby drives a Hyundai sonota due to work factors needs the car to run around places all the time and being a middle wealthy family , wife too got herself a ride ( Nissan March )to go for majiong sessions, settle household groceries and maybe do shopping with fellow auntie group. BTW side track a bit...I went to Tampines mall during weekdays around 3pm time thinking it will be a breeze to get a lot near esculator lobby side and was supprised that the row of lots was fully booked and while going around the area looking for second best lots, took notice of the car owners out of boredom. Most proprtion of the drivers range from aunties,housewifes and of cos the usual 1to2 lunch people. And my point is???? well use some of ur imagination ba. Anyway , back to main topic. The son just gotten his driving licence and despite the fact that his parent each own a ride , he refused to share as I heard from my mum during one of her gossip session with her friends while I was sending them to market place on my way to work that becos the son feels that the ride his parent own isnt TIONG enuff, so elderly and stuff decided to go for OPC . In the end , he or rather on sponsorship by his dad, gotten a subaru impress.. At tat point of time it had me thinking. For every middle range family who owns 2 normal plated cars , whose son or daugther decided to get another one due to the above reasons, doesnt it defeat the objective of the OPC scheme in the first place?????I bet you must have relative of friends who gets a OPC evo to chiong during weekends but drive normal sedan on weekdays????? trust me, I have plenty of friends doing that. Come on , ten grands off for OPC is too much of a temptation to some , which triggered some to own 2 cars . Well it is ultimately my own views.......hehehehehe Should the gov be restricting the OPC categlory to a certain model not inclusive of cars like GTR,EVO,WRX etc etc ....... give those ppl who reali in need of a transport instead of attracting ppl who are tempted to keep a second????? OPC scheme ???? it is definitely not working..what do U think????
  11. Ethene

    Detailing disaster

    Hi bro recently just went to do polishing waxing and all. Used buffing machine. Did my boot all ok but when coming to buff my right rear door, the paint sort of 'melted' and left a few marks in it. Stopped polishing immediately. I cannot live with the marks and i was thinking of respraying just the door. However i did before a respray on a small area and the workshop really unable to match the new paint with my current colour. I still can see quite an obvious difference. Now i am afraid of similiar new paint mismatch happen this time. Imagine one door with obvious different tone of colour! OMG. What do you experts guys suggest me to do? Below are the pictures for clearer understanding.... Thanks!
  12. Darth_mel

    Korean disaster movie

  13. Darth_mel

    Super depressing disaster movie

    As if economic crisis not enough, still want to depress us more with this end-of-the-world movie...... http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1810045661/video/14045555
  14. Darth_mel

    Air disaster pending.....

  15. Picnic06-Biante15

    Phenomenon Before Disaster..........

    Would you believe in "Phenomenon Before Disaster" ? In past histories, such incidents have always been link with a follow-up disasters and until recently, it still could not be explained why........ Take some example like the Indon Tsunami, in Sri Lanka, 1 day before tsunami struck, the elephants were restless and together with other wild animals moved further inland to higher ground and avoided coaster area.... Recent earthquake in China - As reported in today ST : On 10 May, thousand of frogs leap out from the hidding places & ponds onto roads and heading away at the village of Mianzhu. The frogs is seem like running away from something. The earthquake struck at the vicinities and a magnitute of 7.9. There are many such reports before disasters struck and I just name the 2 above......
  16. Mzrmazda3

    Disaster Strikes.

    [inline 21032008007A.jpg] Finally disaster strikes on me Yesterday afternoon when i happy happy going to my ride to start my engine, i saw the above Instead of 'Good Friday', it turns out to be a 'Bad Friday' for me Cash card cover was gone, all my gauges kapo with scratches on my dash board NBCB, at least 4 vehicles including a SJC plate suffered the same fate as me Location was at JW St.65 Mata was already here during the morning, leaving me a note on my windscreen and asking me to make a police report personally. 1st thing that come across my mind when i saw this scence was 'Am i dreaming' To that axxhole whom did this to my ride plus those others in my MSCP, you may escape with our stuffs but i tell you 'My guardian goddess inside my ride 'Chi Na Na' had seen your ugly act and will hunt you down...' MARK MY WORDS ... You'll suffer a fate 10x worse than my windscreen
  17. to all ICE lovers!!! Just a word of warning..... my ICE just met a disaster.... 1 fine day while blasting my set happily, burnt smell came out and the sound was like having a 'diarrhea'. finally, the set gave way and all I can listen to is my Nokia h/p's radio. After studying wat's the prob, finally the verdit is cause by the amp ground cable being not thick enough to allow the inlet currrent to flow through quickly..... therefore, no choice but to upgrade my set with new Performa amp and a set of Bazooka front speaker....now it is better than b4........