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Found 5 results

  1. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/politics/singapore-has-to-tighten-measures-promptly-if-needed-to-clamp-down-on-spread-of The recent ban on travellers from India, amid record infection figures surpassing 300,000 there, has further worsened the situation for the construction sector, he added. The Government is therefore working on emergency legislation to address this severe disruption and to "share the burden more fairly between the different parties - the contractors, the developers, and the buyers", he said. "We will introduce the legislation, I hope in the next sitting of Parliament," he added.
  2. Beaver

    Disruption Letter from NS

    Dear All, Anyone of you here happened to ever apply for Disruption from NS for overseas study ? If yes, is it possible to give me a copy ? I need to know what kind of detail it has in it. Thank you !! Regards
  3. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/sabotage-not-rule...disruption.html as if there is another train/bus operator in singapore they think of every excuses.... sibei power
  4. A major disruption in 24 years is understandable - and forgivable AS A Singaporean who has spent a good part of the past 10 years in Japan, and now in Spain, let me offer a different perspective to last week's train disruptions in Singapore ('Commuters delayed as Circle Line breaks down', last Thursday; 'MRT breakdown chaos', last Friday; 'PM orders inquiry as trains break down again', Sun-day) . Japan has one of the most efficient transport systems in the world, yet it is also prone to the occasional disruption, whether it is caused technically or for other reasons. In Barcelona where I live, the transport system is vulnerable to workers' strikes, which sometimes mean disrupted service for long periods. Yet in both places, the public react calmly and do not point fingers at their government in anger. By contrast, I read my friends in Singapore who rant online about operators, the Ministry of Transport and even the minister. This reflects a population pampered by an efficient society who have grown intolerant. A major breakdown in 24 years of operation is understandable - and forgivable. We can improve the current systems by revising ways of communication so commuters can be better informed in an emergency. For example, when a disruption occurs in the train network in Japan, information about the incident is immediately available on the website of the company, various news websites and a banner is displayed on Japanese tele-vision channels. This allows affected passengers to check the latest information online with their mobile phones, and lets them consider alternative routes before they travel. This will allow us to maintain our world-class transport reputation. Samson Guanglin Lee Barcelona, Spain
  5. Vroomtattat

    Train disruption this morning, dang!

    Got stuck in train for 1.5 hours coming to work this morning Any way to request for waiver of fare instead of LTA's right pocket out to left pocket? World Crass Transport indeed! kraccccck pui.