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Found 10 results

  1. Queue For Mister Donut In Bishan Stretches Over 2 Floors, Waiting Time Around 3 Hours https://mustsharenews.com/mister-donut-junction-8-queue/ queue 3 hours for donuts, seriously ?
  2. There goes my favourite donuts .... Yahoo news : All Dunkin’ Donut stores in Singapore to shut temporarily I do-nut like this! Woke up to this not-so-sweet piece of news, and I’m all shook. Dunkin’ Donuts Singapore announced on its Facebook page last night (22 February) that ALL their stores across the island will be closed temporarily from 23 February 2022. What? Why? Please don’t! I’m sure we’re all wondering what the reason behind this big decision is. According to their Facebook post, the reason that the world’s leading baked goods and coffee chain is shutting is due to operational issues. The store will contact customers with outstanding orders and provide refunds accordingly Dunkin’ Donuts has been serving up sweet treats in Singapore since 2009 and now has 19 stores scattered around the island. The surprising news has already caused angst amongst some customers. We see teary-eyed emoji reactions on the post as well. One Facebook comment reads “Should be central kitchen cluster or forced to shutdown or else won’t be all stores shutdown”.
  3. Anyone know where in Singapore can buy "half" size temp spare tyres. Or anyone has one and want to sell? e.g. those who upgrade to full size spare or those who prefer to save weight and get rid of the spare. Am interested in this specific size: 145/90 D16 or 145/90 R16 (which is actually the same size). Nowadays, many new cars don't come with spares. Am thinking of a half-size spare just in case (esp. for trips to Malaysia).
  4. Today, 03:44 PM I believe all new and past hdb owner have potex toilet and flushing system installed.If your water keep on flowing from tank to toilet bowl then your dounut shape gasket below the plunger must have spoiled. I manage to found silicone type replacement for potex brand at this place and walaa it stop flowing endlessly. I found mine at rivervale plaze near punggol a hardware shop called hardware 88 trading, i can't believe i can find the exact fix.Anyone thinking of changing without buying a whole cistern can consider.Homefix also have silicone gasket but not suitable for potex cistern as it was too thin and single layer. Another type of leak is the 50cent size washer inside the ball float arm that will cause the refill to flow non stop easy to buy and fix too. . potex a sanitary brand from malaysia installed on new hbd flats a decade ago.i help you hope next time you guys can help me back too.
  5. Sharing the article here and also - another of those deviant Penguins that make such horrible horrible role models as parents and "proper" couples... I wonder --- a) Will the Zoo remove penguins and penguin toys from their park --- just in case "the gay" spreads? b) Will swimming be seen as less popular now in-case you catch "the gay" from the changing room? c) Is Ian Thorpe still a hero? d) Instead of calling gays donut punchers, shall we start calling them Thorpedos?
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MRwCWQRx7EYou might call it the "Vettel Rule": victory donuts are now legal in Formula 1. After winning a race, the victor can do a donut to celebrate their winning. In fact, the winning driver can now do an in-car celebration of just about any sort. Stopping on track, picking up the flag, or just about any other creative celebration is now legal--so long as it doesn't endanger fans or officials, "call into question the legality" of the car, or delay the podium ceremony. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEJpLVhsijY The new exception to the rules after a race are likely attributable directly to Sebastian Vettel's antics last year. After winning the Indian Grand Prix at Buddh International Circuit last year, Vettel celebrated with a big cloud of donuts. Then he was fined a bit over S$40,000. But then Vettel, joined by his teammate Mark Webber, did donuts after finishing 1-2 at Abu Dhabi--essentially flipping the bird at the FIA's fines. That left the FIA with the choice of looking like irrelevant, party poopers, or amending the regulations to allow some reasonable demonstrations of the joy of winning. We're glad they finally came around. Lets hope we get to see some F1 donuts in Singapore this year.
  7. one year free! but i lazy to Q
  8. I cant seem to find info on the locations of Dunkin Donut shops/stalls Only available at Ion Orchard? Cannot be right? Any one got any idea where are the other outlet?
  9. BMW S1000RR donut and stunts. Enjoy !
  10. Anyone bitten by the donut craze? Think it's gonna be something like a Papa Roti trend...
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