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Found 13 results

  1. carloverguy2017

    My Digital Microscope equipment

    Here are some interesting video samples from my digital microscope equipment. enjoy and do let me know what should I do for my future microscopic world ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQ_sl0csF-o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGf_xffTpss&t=4s
  2. LifePro_Tips

    AIBI - Shape Up Your Life

    About AIBI In our continuous quest to emerge as a global leader in the fitness industry, AIBI proudly sets out to become a leading supplier for various products to homes, schools, gyms and institutions. Our portfolio consists of Beauty, Health and Fitness products. We are also the one-stop station to facilitate homes, professional gyms and beauty institutions. We have the ability and experience to offer the finest and most extensive collection of equipment. AIBI also boasts of the largest retail network in South-East Asia, with agencies in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, China, Thailand, and Australia. Our sales offices in various parts of the world provide us with the capability to project our presence and to bring a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle to our customers around the globe. Our quality range of products and the wide retail chain have provided excellent services to our valuable clients. As AIBI continues to grow in the international scene by exploring new markets and countries, we strive to develop the best and most innovative products and equipment. We also carry renowned brands to cater to the increasingly demanding market. With our competitive edge and our dedication to long and enriching relationships with our customers, we will continue to enhance the quality of lives through our expertise and quality products. Vision AIBI aims to become the world’s leading innovator and trend-setter for fitness, health and beauty products enabling individuals to perform their personal best and live life to the fullest. Mission To bring the best and the newest range of fitness/health/beauty equipment to individuals as the means of improving their well-being. To advocate, demonstrate and promote healthy living and active lifestyle. Our Services We provide the following services for your convenience: PROFESSIONAL GYM SET-UP We import a wide range of commercial gym equipment of established brand names to meet different needs. • We advise on the best mix of equipment for professional gyms and fitness studios. • Equipment layout will be provided free of charge. • Interior/3D design and renovation services can be arranged. • We can also provide instructors to train your staff on how to fully utilize and care for the equipment. • Service and maintenance contract will be customized to fit your specific needs. MAINTENANCE AND SERVICING We have qualified technicians and engineers to see to your service and maintenance needs. Long-term maintenance and service contract(s) can be arranged. Check out with our Corporate Sales Department. ASSEMBLY Assembly will be provided with delivery, unless otherwise stated or requested by customer. Disassembly and re-assembly of equipment in cases of relocation can be arranged. DELIVERY Door-to-door deliveries can be arranged to most locations in Singapore. Relocation of any equipment bought from AIBI or otherwise can also be arranged. We also provide assistance to arrange for freight to overseas location at no charge. All freight charges and its associated taxes are to be paid by the customer. OTHER SERVICES WE PROVIDE Trade-in services when you would like to upgrade to another exercise equipment. Conditions apply. Free advice on which equipment to suit the fitness needs of your family or staff. WARRANTY Warranties are provided for most exercise equipment. Check out for AIBI’s after-sales service. Kindly visit our website for full ranges of products and services at www.aibifitness.com
  3. w.e.f. Jun 2011 production. 2.0 adds driver + passenger electric seats, ESP, push start button + smart key & USB ipod cable. 2.4 adds 18" alloys, Amplitude selective dampers, auto headlights, driver memory seats, automatic wipers, side & curtain airbags. test drove the i45 2.4 today (not sure whether its >Jun'11 or not) for the first time. Better than I thought =)
  4. We've just been informed that there are new ways of getting people who illegal park. Here's the link:- Illegal Parking
  5. Hi, can anyone advise me the equipment different between a Toyota Camry 2.4A and a 2.0A one. No need to advise on the technical specification which is available on line. Thank you vm.
  6. Tjkbeluga

    Repair electronic equipment

    Hi guys, I've got a Japanese Aquos HDTV HDD recorder and yesterday due to unstable power supply to the power converter, it momentarily remained at 240 volt and fried the unit's power supply... Does anyone has any similar experience and found a shop here that coyld fix such problem? Also, my Jap version's PS3, the bluray drive went kaput as it can't read any type of discs. Sigh damn suay.... Any of you guys have such experience in sending it to sony for repair? How much would it cost? No local warranty.
  7. Hi, anyone has any clue where to get the scraper blades those used by tinted company? My house window privacy film had heated up after years and the film is out of shape. Plus cny is coming, intend to DIY remove it myself. I saw how those tinted professional remove my car film so question is where to get the items? I need scraper and glue remover (ammonia solution). please advice. =)
  8. Hi guys, I have a friend whose collecting his new car soon and wishes to install an entry level sound system. I have managed to get him a quotation which cost slightly over 1K with brand new components. However, he has expressed interest in another guy's second hand setup as its cheaper. After factoring in the cost of transferring it from one car to another, its not really that cheap either. My question here is, is it worth the risk buying second hand ICE equipment? From what I know, the seller is someone who loves to blast his music and the setup is about 1.5yrs old. I hope I can talk him out of it as I feel its not a wise move, do not want him to be penny wise pound foolish. What is the average lifespan of an amp and component speaker? Thanks
  9. Hi bros, seeing our bluemice going on active setup is very tempting... I currently have pioneer 9650 plus a pair of front components and stock rear coaxials. Can i go active based on this? Is it necessary to add amps and woofers?
  10. Hi, There are so many fuel savers out in the market. Care to share your experience if you have any of such installed? You may want to share the followings for the benefit of all car users... 1. How much of Fuel efficiency improvement 2. How much of Engine power improvement 3. What is the item installed and how much 4. Any side effects Mycar
  11. Truth is, would have plonged down deposit last week for City but undecided b/c of the very basic equipment level. To pay 7k+ more for an equivalent level as Vios, is too much for me esp when I don't mind not having a VTEC engine. Is it possible to order a City iDSI with 2SRS, ABS/EBD configuration? Any idea how much?
  12. Can anyone advise me on whether an ICE set-up with Lanzar equipment (amps, speakers, etc) is good and worth the money? Thanks!