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Found 248 results

  1. OneyeKing

    Advice on exhaust.

    I'm driving subaru impreza 2008 1.5r 5d, gh3. Can kakimoto regu 06 fit? Previous owner tell me its LTA Compliant on GH8.
  2. NEA to lower vehicle noise levels, tighten motorbike emissions from 2023 Anyone knows what's the current noise level of a stock supercar? How about those LTA-compliant aftermarket exhaust?
  3. Welcome to AUTO 101 At Auto101, our passion for cars runs through our veins. We are driven to provide high quality automotive services, with your satisfaction our top priority. Our Services Include: Servicing, Maintenance and Repairs Is important to have your car serviced and maintained regularly to ensure optimum performance and no let downs. At Auto 101, our team of highly qualified technicians will ensure that your vehicle is properly maintained top-notched all the time! Every car that comes to us for servicing goes through our Real 26 Vehicle Checks system where we thoroughly inspect almost every component of your car, making sure it is road worthy and safe. With every servicing, your records will be data-based and customers will receive a printed report of what has been checked and done together with the servicing. Customers can request for their records to be pulled out whenever a situation requires (e.g. when you are selling your car). We will also send out service reminders via e-mail and SMS on the 5th month after your last date of service. A valued-added service brought to you from us @ Auto 101! All vehicle makes and models are welcomed as we're backed with our extensive assortment of diagnostic equipment! Systems and Accessories installation From LED lighting and In-Car Entertainment (ICE) systems to Car Cameras and Alarm Systems, nothing will faze our team of professionals. At Auto 101, we believe in quick, lasting, neat and presentable work. We will spare nothing to provide the best service in all your systems and accessories installation needs. Air Conditioning Services Keep your air-con cool and clean with us! From cabin filters, system flushes and gas refills to condenser servicing, motor replacements and leak checks and seals, we've got it all to keep your cabin nice and cool! Vehicle Lighting Battery Supply and Service Suspensions & Brakes Vehicle Camera Systems
  4. A Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe has been caught doing 'Boom Boom Boom' noises in one of the HDB carparks along Hougang Street 61 early in the morning last night. This has not gone well for him as videos of him revving his car that has been tuned to make "pop and crackle" noises has gone viral. s.MP4 According to unnamed sources, it seemed that the green CLA Coupe owner has been approached by home owners staying nearby for the noise pollution and a fight ensued. The police was called in and the CLA owner looked like he has been charged for causing hurt a.k.a Penal Code 323 as we can see from the Whatsapp screenshots. He was intoxicated too but was not charged for drink-driving as his female friend was at the wheel.
  5. TL;DR – Two men argue at a multi-storey carpark because one of them allegedly parked his Mitsubishi Lancer (with a modded exhaust) and revved unnecessarily at five in the morning. Here’s something interesting that SG Road Vigilante just uploaded - Two men arguing over a Mitsubishi Lancer’s modified exhaust. Here’s the video: Boom Boom Boom From the conversation between the two men, we can safely assume there was an exchange of words before the start of the video. The guy taking the video is unhappy with the Lancer driver’s disregard for the neighbours. “Ask you very simple. Be considerate. You come inside here, Boom Boom Boom. You parking here, not moving also you whack whack whack like that. Eh, every morning 5 o’clock you in the morning you do like that you know brother.” Lancer driver The Lancer driver does not address the guy’s concerns. Instead, he focuses on other things “Wah, now video, talk nicely ah? Just now want to play gangster, call police, say I no lan jiao. But now ah, video ah, he talk nicely because he scared I post” Before I continue, let me just put it out there = I did not expect the Lancer driver’s voice to sound like…. that. Not an isolated incident According to the guy taking the video, the Lancer driver has been doing this for a while now. The Lancer driver’s defence? “Because I need to work, I work midnight.” I’m so confused right now. Say what? Don’t forget his voice. His kkj? Ouch, that’s a first, second and third-degree burn all in.
  6. Bros here, Anyone with illegal exhaust before got fine by LTA can advise what's the procces? Once LTA caught you, you follow him to HQ for full car inspection?
  7. Hi guys, I have been searching for threads regarding modding exhausts but couldnt find the info i needed. As such, started this new thread here. My bro-in-law bought a Perodua Myvi (previous gen) through a parallel importer some time back and is looking to zhng the exhaust to sound more bassy (something along the lines of the Imprezas in the early 2000s) but couldnt find any LTA approved exhausts after asking around. So we went to Skyrex Exhausts recently. They mentioned they can customize the exhausts to fit the car. The actual words they used were "use stock exhausts operate". They didnt elaborate much as we visited them close to their closing timing. Can anyone here provide some wisdom on what exactly do they mean and if its street legal? {PS: Sorry for asking such a noob question, am new to this whole car mod-ing game and thank you in advance!}
  8. Jaguar's performance version of the F-PACE SUV, the F-PACE SVR, is put through its paces in our latest video review! And boy does this thing have a drivetrain befitting of a top-of-the-line performance SUV! A 5.0-litre supercharged V8 delivers 543bhp and 680Nm of torque, enough to see the two-tonne SUV launch from a standstill to 100km/h in 4.3 seconds! And just what does that translate into on video? Check it out... So, do Idris and Julian have any issues with this awesome beast? Can you guess? Do leave a like, remember to subscribe or drop a comment on the video! Bonus timestamps for those looking for that exhaust note: 0:25 and 11:55!
  9. jameskarlchan

    Eh LTA! Don’t touch my car leh!

    An image of an LTA officer checking the undercarriage of a Mazda RX8 with a flashlight is circulating on WhatsApp group chats and social media. In the image (see full image below), we can tell that this incident happened sometime at night and it's at a HDB estate. Image taken from Roads.sg Just so you know, LTA officers are obligated to come down and visit you whenever they receive a complaint about your vehicle. It could be illegal parking matters or of course illegal modifications, which is exactly what the LTA officer is checking for in the image. The best part about these visits is that you won’t even know about them! Upon inspection and if found guilty of modification violations, you’ll only hear about their visit through a letter from LTA accompanied with a fine/summon that will probably tear a hole through your *censored*. Why people want to “sabo” you If you’ve done modifications to your car and someone made a complaint against you, it could be a couple of reasons 1. They have nothing better to do and damn cb 2. They cannot tolerate the disturbance your car causes to the neighbourhood Generally when people complain, it’s because of No.2. What should you do if you don’t want people to call the polis? LTA has very clear guidelines as to what modifications need or don’t need LTA’s approval. They’ve also included modifications that are specifically not allowed. Everything else not mentioned, is fair game. Taken from LTA.gov.sg Keep within the guidelines and LTA won’t touch your car. As you can see, not everyone appreciates how loud your vehicles are. Especially in residential areas. Like, why? Louder isn’t always better. Facebook comments and feature image taken from Roads.sg Also, we aren't in America where we can own the car for a lifetime. It's just a 10-year lease! Don't need mod lah! Call 1800 2255 582 for the LTA customer service hotline if a car is disrupting your peace.
  10. VinceCarasmr

    Maserati Levante Trofeo Exhaust Sound

    I had a chance to drive this beautiful monster. So I want to share this fascinating sound experience with you. I recorded with external exhaust mic, engine room mic and cabin mic. What do you think about this?
  11. guys, any jb exhaust op shops to recommend?
  12. Hi, The subject says it all. Thanks. Don't mind selling it as scrape metal as well. It's meant for Toyota Sienta
  13. Just needed to do some Exhaust Welding job, which one can do a quality job Please share your experience
  14. Chiqinhan

    Exhaust tip

    just install my rear bumper, but my existing exhaust pipe is not align properly in accordance to my rear bumper. thats y need to find a workshop tat can align my exhaust pipe so tat i can fix my cosmetic muffler onto in... my bk workshop ask mi to go fong kim. any idea how much????? or got any other good recommendations?
  15. i got a shock when my car exhaust pipe 'shoot' out water yesterday night when i retrieve it after work. den look carefully at the floor mat and realize that they are all flooded. Chk wif someone nearby n they told me my lot was flooded juz now. Knn, recently si beh suay, last week car kana a reckless rider bang its ka chng, this week got flooded. Tink need to go churchs, temples and mosques
  16. JeepChee

    Test 2

    hi all
  17. Recently when crank start my car, noticed that the exhaust muffler got knocking sound whenever the aircon is turned on and the compressor is kicked in. After a while more than no more knocking sound from the muffler. Everything is fine except this knocking sound problem produced during morning cold start and at times after the car is parked for a while and restart will have this sound. When driving also can hear from the muffler there is a "hollow" sound. Went for a check yesterday, workshop say that the muffler internal material could be damaged during to corrosion hence producing this sound. Asked if it will fail inspection , say will not for the time being but is better to get have the muffler replace else when prolonged the sound will be louder and will not pass inspection subsequently. Anyone can advice of have such similar experience? Is the muffler able to repair if go to an exhaust shop to do it rather than replacing the whole muffler which would be costly. If repair , will it pass the inspection?
  18. Hi guys any idea where can get my exhaust swap? I need to swap my exhaust back to original because just bought a car but find the exhaust noisy. Brand is a Kakimoto for a Jazz GE. Any recommended workshop and pricing?
  19. Calvinus

    LTA Legal Exhaust

    I just saw that one of the exhaust workshop is now carrying a model of LTA compliant exhaust that can fit my car... the fujitsubo wagolis... However the advertisement in their website states that it is for another make of the car... i.e. the honda odessy. I am wondering and hopefully bros can advise, if the wagolis is advertised as suitable for my car - SX4, does it mean that I can fit it or is the LTA approval limited to the car model that the workshop has sent for approval for?
  20. My Infiniti Q50 doesnt seem to have an aftermarket legal exhaust or muffler kit in singapore. or at least no workshop seems to have it. Ive enquire overseas and there are at least 3 manufacturers that make them but all seems to don't have a reseller here. one of the japanese manufacturer even have Jasma certification but i asked a famous exhuast workshop if they willing to get approval , but they rejected. is there any other way to get after market exhaust /muffler system approved? seems like a very grey area by LTA.... not very encouraging for people to want to comply with the law. need advice from experienced brothers here.... any workshop interested to carry a japanese brand of exhaust that works with lexus, bmw, lambo, merc and infiniti?
  21. Just saw someone doing that in the car park....
  22. My Sunny coming 10 years in next 2 weeks. Had LTA inspection and passed with advice that I change the rusty muffler as the sound will get louder over time. Now that I have renewed my COE, I would like to change the muffler. Any one got advice and the price for the change? Many thanks. I can live with the sound as it does not affect my fuel consumption or any function. But I have 10 years to go from 1 Jul and best I change now. I am prepared to change in JB.
  23. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/vehicles-with-illegal-mods-to-undergo-more-frequent-inspections SINGAPORE - From next month (Nov 1), motorists caught with illegally-modified engines or exhaust systems in their vehicles for a second or subsequent time will be subjected to more frequent mandatory vehicle inspections. Under this enhanced inspection regime, second-time offenders will be required to bring their vehicles for mandatory inspections every six months for a period of two years, while third-time or subsequent offenders will need to bring their vehicles for mandatory inspections every three months for a period of two years. This represents a more stringent inspection regime as compared to that for normal vehicles, which are typically inspected once every one or two years, depending on their age and type. "Any owner who does not comply with the inspection regime is guilty of an offence and can be fined up to $1,000 or jailed for up to three months on conviction for the first offence," the Land Transport Authority said in a statement Wednesday (Oct 28). "On conviction for a second or subsequent offence of failing to comply, the maximum penalty will be doubled." This latest move will complement existing penalties to deter motorists from modifying their vehicle engines or exhaust systems illegally. Any person who is convicted of an illegal modification can be fined up to $2,000 or jailed for up to three months, for the first offence. Repeat offenders can be fined up to $5,000 or jailed up to six months. In addition, if a vehicle is found with a tampered engine, it will need to be deregistered and the owner may not be granted scrap rebates. The LTA said illegal modifications can create serious safety and environmental hazards. Once a vehicle's engine or exhaust system is modified without due certification and approval, the existing vehicle components may not be able to handle the increased power or speed. Such modifications may also affect the durability and reliability of a vehicle. Currently, motorists may choose to legally install aftermarket exhaust systems that are certified to be suitable for the specific vehicle make and model. These exhaust systems, which are specifically designed and engineered for a particular vehicle make and model, will have undergone testing either by the vehicle manufacturer or by independent test laboratories, to ensure compliance with internationally recognised standards.
  24. I've seen many buses operating on roads with huge black fumes coming out from exhaust. Will you report them? On 2nd thought it's a wise move to keep quiet cause 1) car park prices just increased 2) the last thing we would want is public transport to increase