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Found 8 results

  1. Jman888

    YouTrip Mobile wallet

    anyone sign up for this? free and sounds easy to use.
  2. Hi guys, my IU came with the new car and is about 1 year old. Recently after deduction of fee from exiting a HDB carpark, the IU start to show Err SC. The strange thing is that it can still detect ezlink card/net flash pay. I have checked my Cashcard using a top up machine and I was able to read the balance so I assumed the Cashcard is working fine. Now I am still able to enter my season parking and able to pay for parking using ezlink card. Anyone encountered this before? I am contemplating to change the IU a not as next year, the new IU will be introduced. I don't wanna waste time going to LTA. On the other hand, as my job requires me to run around Singapore and I know some car park only accepts the old school chip cashcard. Zzz. Uploaded a video to show what I mean.
  3. This caught my attention. I prefer a lighter wallet. If I can pay for my MRT rides using my credit card, even better. So this caught my attention. LTA starting a pilot. There are a few steps to follow, and the website brings you through. Basically you have to register and link to your Mastercard. After I did everything and set up, decided to try out. It works! Here is a video of my experience. Overall very smooth but a few points to take note. 1. Mastercard, not VISA. Mine is UOB, but all other Singapore issued Mastercards should work. 2. The MRT gate says 'Bank Card Usage' when you enter and exit. The gate doesn't show you how much was the cost of the ride. 3. You have to check your portal to see what was incurred, and it may take up to 3 days for the charges to be reflected. Overall, easy to use and I will be using my Mastercard to pay for my MRT and Bus rides from now on.
  4. Singapore travellers to Malaysia will soon have an easier time paying for road tolls and parking across the Causeway. Local travel card issuer EZ-Link and Malaysia’s Touch ’n Go announced on Tuesday (April 9) that they are planning to introduce a Combi Card in the fourth quarter of 2019 that can allow users to pay in Singapore dollars and Malaysian ringgit. This dual-currency card can be used both in Singapore and Malaysia. For a start, users can use it to pay electronic road pricing in Singapore, highway tolls in Malaysia and parking in either countries. In the future, there are plans to expand the card’s use, such as making payments for shopping and dining in Singapore and Malaysia. The card will store Singdollars and ringgit separately. This means that if the card’s Singdollar balance is zero, users cannot use the card’s ringgit stored value to make Singdollar payments and have to top up the card with Singdollars. The converse applies as well. How card top-ups can be done and other details will be announced later. The cross-border Combi Card announcement comes after it was cited in the joint statement by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his Malaysian counterpart Mahathir Mohamad following their Leaders' Retreat in Putrajaya on Tuesday. Both leaders welcomed the good progress made by both companies to launch the Combi Card that can be used by motorists who travel in both countries. "When officially implemented, the dual-currency Combi Card would allow users to pay for road tolls and parking charges in both countries with the same card," said the statement. The Combi Card will securely host both electronic wallets from EZ-Link and Touch 'n Go, a first in South-east Asia, said a joint statement by both companies on Tuesday. The card is targeted for a fourth-quarter launch this year. EZ-Link chief executive Nicholas Lee said that the card "will be a milestone in EZ-Link's efforts to continuously innovate to transform people's lives with technology". Touch 'n Go chief executive Syahrunizam Tan Sri Samsudin said: "This synergy between Touch 'n Go and EZ-Link to create a dual-currency cross-border Combi Card will undoubtedly make daily transactions fuss-free for Malaysian and Singaporean consumers with faster, simpler and more secure payment options." This announcement follows the signing of a memorandum of understanding between EZ-Link and Touch 'n Go on July 30, 2017. To date, EZ-Link has issued about 30 million Cepas ez-link cards in Singapore and Touch 'n Go has more than 23 million active Touch 'n Go cards in circulation in Malaysia.
  5. this will be good and convenience for those who travel by bus more often than mrt, and those like me hardly monitor the balance in the card
  6. Just want to share with everyone who need to do the above. Please note that the charges is $0.50 per TRANSACTION and not based on the amount that you top-up. I have encountered 2 different charges being levied when I topped up $200 and $100 on two respective days. I questioned them initially seeing the sticker that says "$0.50 per transaction for Ez-link top up" being pasted on their cash register. The lady said that charges are according to the amount that is being top up and that so far no one has come in & do a top up of more than $50. Then I asked for the an official breakdown but was told that it is not available. The second time I did the top up I questioned the staff again and was informed that the staggered charges amount are reflected on 7-11 website and that I can go and check. I went to confirm their statement only to find nothing of such nature being stated there. Thus, I emailed them instead. The customer service executive confirmed that it is $0.50 per transaction as per my initial understanding. So, for those who have been told otherwise, just retain your receipt and email them. Btw, it is not about the money but the principle behind it that drives me to stand for my rights.
  7. Was wanting to find a portable EZLink card reader, anyone knows if it's available? No need any top-up features, just read last balance, and recent trip deductions.
  8. Antsig30

    P&R Ezlink Card

    I was thinking of getting the park and ride scheme for parking near my office. The park and ride consist of a season parking ticket and $40 worth of P&R ezlink card. I have no use for the ezlink card as I don't take public transport. Anyone know whether I can use the card at places such as Mcdonald?