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Found 10 results

  1. Son of Car Groomer’s Boss Also Allegedly Smoked In The Car The car grooming business is one that’s largely based on trust. After all, clients have to leave their cars at the workshop for days or even weeks without supervision. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a car owner by the name of Mr Eric Lau was enraged to find his car misused after collecting it from a car groomer. On Sunday (23 Dec), Mr Lau wrote a lengthy Facebook post warning other car owners about the errant car groomers that he had the misfortune of dealing with. Here’s his Facebook post in full. We’ll summarise it after the jump. 273km clocked in 5 daysAccording to Mr Lau, on 3 Nov, he brought his car to Glozz Factory Mobile Car Grooming Services for spray painting and an internal grooming job. Before handing his car over to the groomers, Mr Lau took a photo of his odometer for precautionary reasons. For the uninitiated, an odometer is an instrument used to measure the distance travelled by a vehicle. When Mr Lau collected his car 5 days later, he was stunned to find his odometer reading increase by a whopping 273km. That’s not all. The sound system in Mr Lau’s car was also adjusted to the maximum level, and the memory card slot on his dashcam wasn’t in its original position. The car owner called the workshop’s owner, Mr Andy Goh, demanding answers. Mr Goh revealed over the phone that the car was also full of cigarette ash when he was working on it the day prior to the collection. After some investigation, Mr Goh admitted that Shawn – his business partner’s son – had taken the car for a joyride in Malaysia. Suspicions confirmedEnraged, the car owner lodged a police report and demanded to have a sit-down with Mr Goh and his business partner, Mr William Chng. Mr Lau’s suspicions were confirmed during the meeting as the car groomers admitted that Shawn had: Drove the car into Malaysia Smoked in the car Blasted the car’s stereo Understandably, Mr Lau then demanded compensation from the car workshop owners for a breach of contract. However, Mr Goh suggested that Mr Lau deal with Mr Chng in private, so as to protect the reputation of his business. Illegal RequestMr Chng eventually agreed to compensate Mr Lau for the misuse of his car, and instructed his lawyer to prepare a private settlement letter. Initially, Mr Lau was told to wait while Mr Chng’s lawyer prepared the necessary documents. However, 2 months later, according to the Facebook post, Mr Chng started ignoring Mr Lau’s calls. When he finally answered, Mr Chng said that his lawyer required the police report in his possession to prepare the legal document, and tried to “buy” it from him. Feeling that something was amiss, Mr Lau called the police, who informed Mr Lau that it was illegal to “buy” a police report due to confidential reasons. Check your odometer before visiting a car workshopMS News has reached out to Glozz Factory and Mr Lau for more information regarding the alleged incident. Meanwhile, let’s hope both parties find a mutually agreeable resolution to the incident. For the rest of us, if there’s one lesson to be learnt, it’s surely the importance of checking your car’s odometer before handing it over to the car workshop. source: https://mustsharenews.com/car-groomer-joy-ride/?fbclid=IwAR3g28kvtIGhRM2eAUGKfuaByFesgjKnX9Tg_ej7y_GILpGIBoJmOm5YRHs
  2. Golf7roy

    Any groomer measures top coat ?

    from my noob knowledge, if u want a nice finish, you need to cut/polish away the imperfect surface of the top coat/clear coat to reveal a nice smooth layer. but that means some places may over polish and reduce your top coat thickness. so is there any groomers that focus on top coat measurements so as to minimize the cutting depth?
  3. Hi, just need inputs for a good place to go get my windshield pits n swirls corrected and polished. The swirls can be caught with fingernails and cannot be removed with arm power. Thanks to advise.
  4. Obscurest

    Mobile groomer to recommend.

    Hi, Can anyone share the info if u know any mobile car groomer to recommend? Thks
  5. thanks!! need someone to save my paintwork but don't want to go drastic to the point of needed machine. =)
  6. Tom_kkh

    JB groomer

    My wife will be spending at least 3 hrs doing her hair, fur and whatever in holiday plaza. With so much time on hand, i am thinking of going to any nearby groomers for the car. Any recommendation around that area? Or should I just forget about them totally? how long, what product they use and the damage pls. TIA
  7. Tom_kkh


    hI gUYS, I always see those car polish ppl in carparks. Are they any good, never try b4.. Of course i don expect high grade polishing and stuff since some of them only charge $40 plus but at least must be able to tell the difference before and after. But since so cheap will it be good to do it every month rather than spending on a high grade polish and do it every 3 months? Am also thinking of supplying my own wax and stuff and let them do the job. any comment?
  8. I saw this flyer on my windscreen. One item that caught my eyes was the duration for heavy groom service. It takes a whopping 7 to 12 hours! :oWow Is this usual?
  9. Incident happened in a MSCP somewhere in our tiny red dot. Stranger : Ehlo boss, you washing your own car ah? XLR8 : (Duh, why are you asking the obvious?) Yes, can I help you? Stranger : Boss, I do mobile car grooming. XLR8 : Sorry but my car does not need any grooming and I DIY. Stranger : (touches the car) *whispers* Hmmm, your car surface quite good...So boss, what product you using? XLR8 : FK and duragloss mostly. Stranger : *whispers* FK...*mumbles*...Eh, that one lousy la boss, I using Otoglym, much better than the one you using. I can make old car paint shine like new! XLR8 : Well, its quite the obvious cos Otoglym contains petroleum distilates and too much isnt very good for car paint... Stranger : Huh? Petrol what?? Oh no la, not always use la, sometimes only so not affect the car paint. XLR8 : (catch no ball) Stranger : Btw you got friend can intro me lah. I charge between $110-$160. XLR8 : Oh ok, so you agent from Otoglym ya? Stranger : No lah, I ownself do one. XLR8 : XLR8 : So you do defect removal and all? Stranger : Ya, I can do that also. XLR8 : You alone ah? Stranger : I got workers with me! They are somewhere in the carpark doing other car. Btw I am full time, many years in this business. Everyday got cars to do one. Freelancers all not as good as my works. XLR8 : (I don't remember seeing anyone) So you using rotary or dual action mostly? Stranger : Har? What rotary and dual what what?? XLR8 : ........ Machine lah... Stranger : Alamak, say machine la! No boss, I use only hand. XLR8 : So you use hand to remove defects? Stranger : Yes boss! Better than machine! No scratches. XLR8 : So how many RPM your hand can polish? Stranger : What, what?? Eh boss, you very deep lah. XLR8 : Nevermind, anyways what are your detailing steps? Stranger : I use rubbing compound, polish, clay, wax and last step sealant. XLR8 : So you polish before you clay and apply sealant after the wax??? Stranger : Yes, not many people know the secret to proper detaling steps. I teach you, you keep to yourself. Stranger : So boss, if you got friends please introduce me ok? XLR8 : ZZZzzzzzzzz......... Thanks for reading...dedicated to bogus detailers out there esp.
  10. Bro, Any one want to do a one time car grooming wax, polishing and vaccum ............. Total of four cars at Jurong area, date needed is on 13 Feb 2007 2 Toyota Picnic , - budget $45 to 50 each 1 matrix, 1 Nissan Sunny - 1.6lt / budget $40 each Please contact me at 9687 3622 / Victor tks