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Found 4 results

  1. That's a really long wall of text, so I'll sum it up for you. The owner of a 2011 Mercedes Viano was denied a HDB Multi-Storey Car Park season parking with the main reason being the excessive weight (more than 2,000kg) of the vehicle. So what does he do? He proceeded to spend some time checking out the various cars parked in HDB MSCP and came up with a short list of cars that weigh more than 2,000kg. If you look at this excerpt from HDB's website regarding the parking restrictions for commercial vehicles (the Mercedes Viano is predominantly used as commercial passenger buses), it is a straightforward rule that commercial vehicles parking in a sheltered car park must not exceed 2,000kg. With the rationale behind it being safety and environmental concerns as well as "efforts to preserve the character and ambience of residential estates"... Hmm, maybe HDB just find the Viano too ugly to be parked in a housing estate? In all seriousness though, this netizen has a point, this issue likely stemmed from outdated regulations. These regulations were probably established back when commercial vehicles weighing more than 2,000kg are agricultural behemoths. Maybe HDB should look into updating its regulations? in the meantime, I suppose this guy should get rid of the Viano and get something else, like one of the cars he mentioned instead?
  2. Dear all, Just want to ask, are heavy vehicles (Buses, 14 footer lorries, Tipper Trucks, Prime Movers etc) allowed to turn right on the extreme right turning lane if there are 2 turning lanes? Means 1 right turning lane, and the lane beside is go straight + turn right? Thanks
  3. The scene of an accident on Monday involving a tipper truck and a car at the junction of Tampines Street 45 and Tampines Avenue 9. The tipper truck involved in a recent accident at the Tampines junction where two young brothers died a year earlier came from the same construction site as the cement-mixer truck that killed the boys. With new projects lined up at the site near Tampines Street 45, residents fear this means more heavy vehicles plying the roads in the area and greater danger for children especially. "Having many heavy vehicles ferrying construction material in and out all day long right smack in a school zone is very dangerous," said housewife Christina Tan, 48, who lives on Tampines Street 45. "These heavy vehicles shouldn't be so near such a populated road where lots of people walk to and from school." Accidents involving heavy vehicles have come under the spotlight after Nigel Yap, 13, and his brother Donavan, seven, were fatally hit by a cement-mixer truck in January last year at the junction of Tampines Street 45 and Tampines Avenue 9. The driver responsible, Munir Mohd Naim, was jailed for two weeks on Monday for negligence. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/tampines-residents-face-heavy-vehicle-hazard-20140130
  4. [extract] Image courtesy of asiaone motoring The LTA recently revealed the number of accidents involving heavy vehicles and it was quite appalling. The figures have risen by 14% to 240 from 210 in 2009 and that does not include accidents caused by them. Yes we all know they have tight schedules and are living a pretty tough life but I
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