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Found 13 results

  1. Dice

    2016 Honda Euro Accord

    http://youtu.be/pMp9DRL537Y The car to drive if u wanna go fast at 75km/h. Hehehe... Not bad looking especially the LED headlights. Looking like tons of rear space too and from vid the proportion looks good too.
  2. Hi everyone, Recently my 2008 Honda Accord 2.4A dashboard had some lights lighted up on the dashboard. They are the VSA and ABS light. Brought to Kah Motor and diagnose, but was told that the VSA Modulator Assembly is damage and need to be replaced. Can any bro/sis recommend or know any workshop who knows how to repair or replace such module? Instead of going back to authorised dealer. Thanks in advance. Cheers!
  3. Yaloryalor

    2016 Honda Accord

    New 2016 Honda Accord. Nice fresh look especially the rear back light looks like BMW. http://automobiles.honda.com/accord-sedan/
  4. Just curious... above affordable Jap luxurious sedan I vote Teana
  5. Dscheng

    New honda accord 2.4.

    Honda accord 2.4 cost 195k!! Seriously, who will buy??
  6. RchLuvSlly

    Honda introduces the Accord Hybrid in Japan

    Not so long ago, Japanese automaker Honda introduced the new 9th generation Honda Accord. However, it seems that Honda has yet to be satisfied as the company has introduced another variant of its luxury sedan, the Honda Accord Hybrid. The launch took place on 21st June 2013 in Japan. On this occasion, Honda took the privilege to launch two versions at the same time. The first version is the pure hybrid version which makes use of the so-called Sport Hybrid i-MMD (intelligent Multi-Mode Drive) drivetrain. Another version is the plug-in hybrid version. The Japanese automaker claims that the pure hybrid version will reach 30km/L in terms of fuel efficiency. As for the plug-in hybrid version, Honda claims it has what it takes to reach 70.4km/L. I believe what plays an important role in this case is the fact that the driver can choose to max out the electrical power with the plug-in hybrid version. It also seems likely that Honda will apply the Sport Hybrid i-MMD drivetrain to its upcoming models. And, with the launch of the Honda Accord Hybrid, Honda is offering no less than three driving modes. If the driver chooses the first driving mode, only electrical power will be used when the car is standing still, moving slowly, or when it is running at an average speed. It is only when the speed starts to climb higher that the car will switch to its gasoline engine. With the second mode, the gasoline engine will directly start using the generator provided in order to supply energy to the electrical motor so that the car can move. This will also give the car maximum acceleration. Then, with the last driving mode, the car will count on its gasoline engine to help the car run at its maximum reachable speed. Conveniently, the driver can also choose to turn on all of the driving modes. This seems more suitable to new drivers, I believe. Choosing this option will give a fuel efficiency of 30km/L in average. The Honda Accord Hybrid uses a lithium-ion battery which, if fully filled, will ease the driver's mind in terms of refueling or recharging up to 37.6km! It's quite a far distance to enjoy driving a luxury Japanese sedan and forget about juice, isn't it? However, unfortunately, Honda seems determined to only rent the plug-in hybrid version of the Honda Accord Hybrid while it is offering the pure hybrid version for sale already.
  7. A recent visit to Honda Singapore's Facebook page revealed the impending arrival of the all new Honda Accord. The ninth generation Accord already went on sale in the North American market back in September 2012. Since the past two generations of the Singapore-bound Accord hail from Thailand, the factory source of the latest version is almost a forgone conclusion. The specifications of the Thailand Accord will tell a lot about the model that we will be getting. The new Thailand Accord is available with a 155bhp 2.0-litre i-VTEC engine or a 174bhp 2.4-litre i-VTEC Earth Dreams Technology. The 2.4-litre unit is a brand new engine from Honda that employs VTC (Variable Timing Control) and direct injection technology with extensive friction reduction measures. This is in addition to the usual DOHC and VTEC technologies. Both engines are mated to a five-speed automatic transmission. This may sound a tad disappointing as class competitors such as the Kia Optima and Mazda 6 have already adopted a six-speed setup. Measuring 4,870mm by 1,850mm by 1,465mm (L x W x H), the new Accord is shorter but wider and sits lower than the outgoing model. The front double wishbone suspension has been replaced with a MacPherson strut design while the rear retains a multi-link setup. It is the first Accord to use a strut suspension since the second generation. From a safety aspect, the new Accord is available with Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMBS) that alerts the driver of an imminent front end collision and applies the brake automatically. The Honda Lane Watch Blind Spot Display provides an enhanced view of the passenger-side roadway. The 2.4-litre variant comes equipped with six airbags while the 2.0-litre makes do with four. Vehicle Stability Assist is standard across all models. The complete specifications of the new Thailand Accord can be found below.
  8. FaezClutchless

    The Honda Type R family tree (Part 1)

    Honda has announced that the Civic Type R is coming back and it will feature a turbocharged engine. There were many cars that were given the Type R moniker and the Civic was not the first one. Let us take a look at the cars that were given the Type R treatment. In the first part of this article, I will focus on the NSX and Accord models. The very first car that was given the Type R moniker was the NSX. The NSX Type R was basically a stripped out model that was heavily focused for track usage. Many parts were removed and some were replaced with lightened ones. And Honda managed to remove around 120kg from the base car. The NSX Type R was fitted with a 3.0-litre engine which made around 280bhp and is able to complete the century sprint in 4.8 seconds. Honda produced 483 units of the NSX Type R and it is available only in the Japanese market. A second generation, known as the NSX-R, was released ten years later and the car had several differences. One of the main exterior differences was the headlights. The pop-up lights of the previous model were replaced with a normal one. The NSX-R's engine is slightly bigger in displacement, just 200cc more. Although the engine is bigger but the horsepower is still the same as previously but it produced more torque. This enabled the car to sprint from 0-100km/h in 4.4 seconds. The second generation NSX-R was also exclusively made for the Japanese market. For the Accord models, the first Type R example was the CH1 Accord Type R and the CL1 Accord Type R. The CH1 Accord was made for the UK and EU market while the CL1 model was sold in the Japanese market. Both models were fitted with the 2.2-litre H22A engine. The CH1 engine made around 210bhp while the CL1 delivered around 220bhp. Both cars were fitted with stiffened suspension systems, a limited slip differential, twin piston brakes and were given Recaro seats and a Momo steering wheel. The CH1 Accord Type R completes the century sprint in 7 seconds and the CL1 Accord Type R was slightly faster with 6.9 seconds. The next Accord Type R was the CL7 Accord Type R. The car was built in Japan and was made available exclusively for the Japanese market. The car was fitted with the highly tune-able 2.0-litre K20A engine, which was also fitted in the DC5 Integra Type R and FD2 Civic Type R. The engine delivered around 220bhp and had a torque of around 206Nm. The CL7 Accord Type R roughly received similar Type R goodies as the previous generation. In the second instalment of this article, I will write about the Integra and Civic Type Rs.
  9. [extract] If you have friends or relatives in the US driving a 1994 version of the Honda Accord, you may wish to remind them to keep a close eye on their ride. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) released a report saying that this particular model year of Honda
  10. FaezClutchless

    Honda plans changes in its line up

    [extract] Honda has introduced plans which will bring changes to its vehicles. The Japanese auto company wishes to improve the fuel efficiency of its cars and the changes include the introduction of continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) into its future models and also the introduction of a new
  11. FaezClutchless

    A look back at 2011

    As I write this article (27/12/11), there will be only a few days left to 2011. Many things have happened in the automotive industry in 2011. This is not a list of the best or worst of 2011 in the automotive industry but more like a recap of some of the incidents/news that took place in the automotive world in 2011. Japan earthquake and tsunami catastrophe The 9.0 magnitude earthquake that happened in Japan on 11 March 2011 caused extensive damage to a lot of things. Not only properties and infrastructures were damaged, a significant number of human lives were lost as well. It was further made worse by a tsunami which was triggered by the earthquake. Video footage and images of people running to save their lives were broadcast on the news and it was a painful moment for everyone in the country. The earthquake also damaged a nuclear power plant which emitted harmful levels of radiation after that. On the business side, many automakers suffered huge losses when the earthquake and tsunami destroyed their manufacturing plants and new cars. Several of them had to shutdown their manufacturing operations and it took them months to get back at the same level before the disasters occurred. Toyota
  12. FaezClutchless

    A Honda Accord driven over a million miles

    A car driven over a million miles is not something we hear that often. Even one driven over half a million miles is pretty rare and when I heard about this story of a vehicle mechanic who have drove his Honda Accord over a million miles, I just had to share this with everyone as it is something rather amazing. The owner of this fourth generation Accord is Joe LoCicero, nicknamed