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Found 34 results

  1. The current 10th generation Civic was officially unveiled on 17 September 2015, and after close to 5 years, the next gen is on the horizon. The spy shots below shown the 5 door Type R variant, which look more upright than the current gen even though it was wearing heavy cladding. More spy shots of the other variants can be expected to surface very soon. Stay tuned.
  2. It is going into history. https://www.motorbiscuit.com/category/tips-tricks-trends
  3. carlovexes

    Hit and Run case

    Hi guys, I was driving towards an HDB carpark today where a Honda Civic idiot driver was tailgating me so damn hard since 500 meters on the normal road. I even signaled and asked him what is he doing, and then gave indicator and turned into the carpark. After which, I entered and was about to turn left to go up onto the next floor of the carpark, I heard a huge bang at the back of my car. It was the same stupid guy and I walked out to ask him what on earth is he doing? First, he denied what happened and asked me what happened, claiming he didn't do anything. After raising my voice and shouting at him, he asked me to calm down and move ahead to talk, as we were "blocking other cars". I proceeded into my car and when I turned back a few seconds later after moving ahead, the a**hole was gone. During the incident, we were towards the turn for going up and down the multi-story Carpark, and so as I moved ahead, he went down straight and escaped. I was so furious at that point in time and before I could note his full number, he was gone. Luckily, I knew the numerical digits and make/color of the car. After a few hours, I went back to the same carpark and found his car parked upstairs. So, I even left a note on his car saying that he banged my car from the back and it is a hit and run, along with the fact that I have all his car details and a recording of the crash too. I also passed on my contact number. Half an hour later, when I went back to the carpark, the car was gone. I did not get any call/message from him either. What would be the procedure in a situation like this? This guy seems unwilling to pay up and confess his mistake. What a shameless and stupid guy. I noticed the fact that he was tailgating me since quite some time, and specifically signaled and asked him also what is he doing. My car is only 3 weeks old, and got dented and bruised quite a bit at the back. Please advise me on what to do in a situation like this. ASAP. If anybody has any details on the owner of this car, I would humbly request you to help me in this situation. Maybe if this guy had accepted his mistake and owned up, this would not have gone this far. However, this moron is absolutely shameless and rather tricked me into helping him escape. Attached is a photo of his car.
  4. Honda Civic Type R gets assortment of Mugen aftermarket parts source: https://uk.motor1.com/news/431165/honda-civic-type-r-mugen/ Fulfill your wildest boy-racer fantasies. The Civic Type R is one of the wildest looking performance hatchbacks on the market today. The polarizing and angular design got some tweaks for 2020, along with a few changes underneath, though it did nothing to dampen the car’s boy-racer aesthetics. However, those wanting an even wilder appearance only have to look to Mugen for an assortment of aftermarket parts that’ll allow someone to turn the Type R’s styling way past 11. Mugen offers several exterior body pieces that enhance the hatchback’s look. At the front, the company offers a front under spoiler, carbon grille garnish, and a carbon fibre hood. At the back, available parts include a tailgate spoiler, a new wing, and a (very) busy rear diffuser. Other exterior upgrades include revised side skirts and carbon side-mirror covers. Mugen packages the front under spoiler, side skirts, and rear diffuser in a Styling Set while the Aero & Wheel Set is the Styling set paired with Mugen’s 20-inch wheels. Inside, customers can change their steering wheel while adding Mugen-branded inner door protectors. The company also offers a racing seat from Recaro with the Mugen logo embroidered in the headrest. There’s also an assortment of shift knobs, an engine start-stop button with the Mugen logo, and scuff plates. Those looking to upgrade the car’s sound can opt for the sport exhaust system. For 2020, Honda engineers kept many of the Type R’s upgrades hidden underneath the sheet metal. The 2020 model received upgraded brakes, a stiffer suspension, and revised steering, along with other updates. The grille grew in size, too, helping feed air to the turbocharged four-cylinder under the bonnet. However, it continues to make the same 306 bhp. If Mugen’s wild look is a bit much, there are plenty of other available upgrades.
  5. Hi all brother and sister would like to seek your help to choose between honda civic 2012 1.6cc or toyota altis 1.6cc . as im new to cars and this is my first time getting a car i dont wish my car to keep entering the work shop. also checking if honda civic 2012 have a default as i heard that the engine light will keep turning on. kindly advise below Thanks
  6. Many journalists have reviewed the FK8 Honda Civic Type R in detail but James May reckons he can do a better review than others... If you have some free time and don't mind having a few laughs, check out his 'relevant' review of the well-received Japanese hot hatch below. Just don't be disappointed if you didn't learn anything new about the Type R. =
  7. I did not realize that the signal repeater lights for my Honda Civic 1.6 (FD4) were stolen until today. Someone has stolen both two sides of it and left the two holes there. I do not know should I report to the police or not, since I am not sure where and when they were stolen. It should be happened within a few days this week. Could someone also please let me know where can I find the replacement and how much does it cost? Thank you very much. Some photos of the stolen lights are attached.
  8. Vandal One Is An American Track Car With 560HP Civic Type R Enginehttps://www.carscoops.com/2019/02/vandal-one-american-track-car-560-horses-civic-type-r-power/ The British may be the masters of building lightweight and exceptionally quick track cars, but U.S. firm Vandal wants in on this action – This being their first model, dubbed Vandal One. Underpinning the Vandal One is a carbon fiber monocoque chassis that’s adorned with body panels also made exclusively from carbon fiber. All up, the track car weighs a mere 1,224 lbs (555 kg) and will be sold with the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine of the current Honda Civic Type R. This engine typically delivers 306 hp, yet Vandal has managed to bump that up to 340 hp in entry-level guise. For those that want even more grunt, Vandal will sell an upgrade package that increases grunt to 560 horses. As if that wasn’t enough, Vandal says this version of the Civic Type R engine will rev to 9,000 rpm despite the use of forced induction. Unlike the Civic Type R, the Vandal One will be sold exclusively with a six-speed sequential transmission supplied by Sadev. The Vandal One has all the right ingredients to be an absolute ball. Don’t for a second think that Vandal has simply slapped a Honda engine into a carbon chassis, however. The small Detroit company has also developed pushrod front and rear suspension for the sports car that uses JRi adjustable dampers and sway bars. The vehicle’s spring rate can also be customized, while various drive modes adjust the ride height from five inches above the road to just two inches. Each and every Vandal One built will also come complete with a telemetry system which allows for real-time monitoring of vehicle data from the pit lane, while the driver is putting in fast laps. Vandal will sell the base 340 hp One for $119,700 but has yet to release pricing for the more powerful versions. Pre-orders with a $1,000 deposit will open later this year.
  9. Hi there, 1. I'm wondering whether I could upgrade my default 15" rims and tyres to 16" for my 04 Civic. There is no mention of the car compatibility with 16" except 15" and 14" in the owner manual . 2. How much should I budget for a set of 4 rims and tyres? Being new to changing rims, what should I look for when I shop for them? Which are the mainstream brands from Japan, europe and america? 3. Would 16" provides better road holding and stability at the expense of fuel economy and noises? Kindly advise and Thank you very much. Regards,
  10. Franwilliam

    Brake Pads

    Hi guys, Anyone can recommend where can I change my front brake pads? I believe they need to be replaced. My car is Honda Civic FD4. And my tyres are producing sounds when I drive at higher speed. Normally the sounds will come out when I drive above 80/90km/h. Is it because it needed to do tyre rotation or alignment? Please share the info if you know. Thank you so much
  11. Good morning fellow MCF bros,Would like to check if anyone has experience/reviews with Victory Cars Trading(65 Ubi Road 1,Oxley Bizhub)? Its my first time buying a car(My 1st car was a transfer within my family),I have read through the forums on tips/advices given by other forumners,So I roughly know what to look out for I am interested in this Honda Civic 1.6 2008 that they are selling http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=647800,Their price seems to be cheaper than other dealers,Car is also in good condition(From the photos),Only 1 Owner I intend to send it to my workshop to lower the chances of buying a lemon car Thanks for your time and advice!
  12. It's here!!! Anyone planning to get or have already gotten?
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZnG6tyTX_Y&t=3s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHNu7qkiG4U civic Type R does it again as the fastest front wheel drive. @ 7:43 Took back record from the Golf GTI Clubsports S. 7:47 inside view
  14. Tricor

    Honda Civic or HRV?

    Visited KM showroom, cant decide which to book as they have their pros n cons and price diff only abt 1k. For a family with two teenagers, which will be a better choice? Anyone which has the same situation as me? Appreciate all the advises. Sorry for the typo error, should be Honda instead of Hinda.
  15. mazda 3 so expensive. honda civic also expensive. yet we see so many people willing to pay a premium for H cars, but not M cars. is the appeal of vtec so strong?
  16. Gilahonda

    Honda Civic

    Can someone enlighten me what is the difference between civic 1.8a and civic 1.8 vtis? Which is the better model?Which model with paddle shift?More accessories? Thanks!
  17. Sure a not? Sedan car of the year 2012
  18. Dscheng

    2013 Honda Civic 2013

    2013 Honda Civic is the first compact sedan to earn 'Top Safety Pick+' rating ?? US spec? To qualify for the 2013 TSP+ award, vehicles must earn good ratings for occupant protection in at least 4 of 5 evaluations and no less than acceptable in the fifth test. The evaluations include frontal and side impact tests, rear seat based impact test, roof strength test and the latest small overlap frontal impact test. According to Chuck Thomas, Honda's chief engineer in charge of collision safety, Honda took the opportunity to make some changes to the car's structure alongside with the facelift. Specifically, the 2013 Civic gets higher-strength materials to reinforce the cabin space together with some additional components in the structure and engine compartment. Although the styling of the latest Civic may appear too 'tame' to some, there is no doubt that it is one safe sedan for your family. Joining the Civic in receiving the coveted TSP+ rating include the 2013 Volvo XC60, Lincoln MKZ and the all new Mazda 6. Link: Civic 2013
  19. Honda has showcased the latest Civic Type R development car at its in-house test track in Tochigi, Japan. The Civic Type R will be the first model in Europe to have one of Honda’s all new VTEC TURBO engines from Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology range. This 2.0-litre, direct injection, four-cylinder turbo engine is expected to have class-leading output in excess of 300bhp and will be EURO 6 compliant. It is also believed to produce more than 400Nm of torque through its front wheels. Adaptive dampers will allow the car to have a decent ride when driven on normal roads and be sufficiently stiff when on track. Considering that the car has a target of being the fastest production hatch around the Nurburging, large Brembo brakes will come as standard and 19-inch rims are a must. The currently camouflaged car is being put through its paces as part of an extensive testing process taking place in Europe and Japan, ahead of its much anticipated launch in 2015.
  20. chitchatboy

    First details of the upcoming Civic Type R

    Earlier at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Honda’s Europe President, Manabu Nishimae, provided us with a lovely teaser video of the upcoming Honda Civic Type R. In addition to the video, he announced that it will be a 2.0-litre turbocharged lump (with a 7,000rpm redline) and would produce a minimum of 276bhp. We think that this is a brilliant move to keep in times with the current batch of hot hatches. What would be interesting is how Honda would keep all 276 ponies in check with all of them being channeled to the front wheels… At the same time Honda also claimed to make the new Civic Type R the fastest front-wheel drive production car around the ‘Ring' and has apparently gotten pretty close to the timing currently held by the current record holder - the Megane 265 Cup. Watch the video and see the disguised Type R at the famed track. http://dai.ly/x16jkc6
  21. FaezClutchless

    Next Honda Civic Type R to get at least 270bhp

    [extract] Rumours about the next Honda Civic Type R have been going around fiercely like bushfire. At times, it
  22. FaezClutchless

    The Honda Type R Family Tree (Part 2)

    In the first installment of this article, I focused on the NSX and Accord Type R models. In this part, I will discuss about the other two Honda models that were given the Type R treatment; the Honda Integra and the Honda Civic. Lets start off with the Integra first. In the mid 1990s, Honda released the DC2 Integra Type R. The JDM model had rectangular headlights and the worldwide model came with circular headlights. The car was fitted with the legendary 1.8-litre B18C engine which was capable of delivering almost 200bhp and this enabled the car to complete the century sprint in 6.7 seconds. The next and last Integra Type R was the DC5 model. Released in 2001, the car was exclusively sold in the Japanese and several other right hand drive markets. It received the K20A engine which was also fitted in the FD2R Civic and the CL7 Accord Type R. Although the car was slightly heavier than the DC2, it is faster due to the extra horsepower and torque. Some car enthusiasts consider the DC5 Integra Type R to be the best among the Type R cars. Let's move on to the Civic models. The first Civic model to receive the Type R name was the EK9 Civic. The car was proceeded by two previous unofficial Type R models which is the EF and EG SiR. The EF and EG SiR were fitted with the infamous B16A engine and it was considered practical for the EK9 Type R to receive an engine from the same family. The EK9 Type R was fitted with the 1.6-litre B16B which boasted one of the highest power output per litre of all time for an NA engine at 185bhp. The EK9 had a seam welded monocoque chassis which improved the car's chassis rigidity. Like other Type R models, the car was fitted with goodies such as Recaro seats, sports pedals and a Momo steering wheel. The next Civic Type R generation was the EP3 Civic Type R. the car was built in the United Kingdom, regardless of where it was sold. The JDM model was shipped to Japan and it received some final touches and parts. One of the parts the JDM model got was the helical limited slip differential which was missing from the European model. The car received either the K20A engine (JDM model) or the K20A2 (European model). The JDM model was slightly more powerful in terms of horsepower and obviously it was faster in the century sprint. The JDM model also received a more track-orientated chassis and the championship white body colour was exclusive for JDM models only. The next Civic Type R came in two variants; the European market FN2R and the JDM FD2R. The FN2 Civic Type R came in a three door hatchback body style and it used a different chassis from the EP3. The engine fitted was basically the same one from the previous generation. It made around 200bhp and 193Nm of torque. The double wishbone rear suspension from the previous generation was replaced with a torsion beam axle for the FN2R. Although the FN2 Civic Type R was made exclusively for the European market, the model was also available in many right hand drive countries including Japan. The Japanese market FD2R came in a four door sedan body style and it was more powerful than the Euro model as it was fitted with the K20A engine. It made around 220bhp with a torque of 215Nm. The engine is mated to a close ration six speed gearbox and a limited slip differential was fitted on the car as a standard. The FD2R received a more sophisticated independent rear suspension compared to the FD2R's torsion beam axle. The FD2R was seen as a more popular choice than the European model as the body was more rigid, had better steering feedback and a more balance chassis. The Honda Type R family tree is set to grow even more as the company has mentioned that the next generation Civic Type R will be released in the year 2015. It may be a different machine as it will be turbocharged but at least the Type R name will not end up as a piece of automotive history.