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Found 13 results

  1. Honda's a genius in churning out state-of-the-art small cars. Here's why. The 2014 Honda Jazz is 4cm shorter but it offers 138 liters more cabin-space volume and nearly 13cm of extra rear legroom - compared to the predecessor. Here's how Honda engineers eked out extra room in a shorter car. For starters, Jazz's wheelbase has been stretched further apart by 3cm allowing its rear seat bench to move back outwardly by 7.6cm. Next, engineers made the centrally-mounted fuel tank located beneath the front seats thinner liberating more space for passengers but retains the same liter-volume as previous models. Plus, the new Jazz could be served in a hedonic shade of lemonade yellow to go with its packaging.
  2. Boyboy320

    Honda fit dashboard

    Hey guy I got myself a new Honda fit, just 2 month my dashboard pop out handbrake sign, abs, power steering and anti skid icon, worse still is that my push start having a issue with a key icon, what could have the problem thank you
  3. I believe many gentlemen over here are waiting for the COE to drop before buying their new car. And I believe among this crowd, there are people who just want a simple car as a transport. Don't care too much on the HP but not 1000cc n below la. And I'm have to searching through online to check which car has the lowest price (excluding those china cars la) And I came out with the following models 1. chevrolet sonic hatchback 2. nissan note 3. Honda fit 4. accent 1.4m of course must consider their cevs then the parf value. And There might be models I missed out. Guys any good suggestion for a lowest price with the best bang for your bucks?
  4. This shall be an ongoing thread. Based on latest pricelist information, Jazz 1.5 at 95,999 (coe rebate 47k). Come and share all available information :)
  5. Cephas

    Autobacs in JB

    Am thinking to do servicing at Autobacs JB. Anyone done it with them before? How was your encounter?
  6. dear guys, asking on behalf of friend. she got a fit, 2006 model, having problems with ignition coil. was told to replace all 4 rear ignition coils. due to budget constraints. would like to just replace the faulty one, any recommendations to how about doing this
  7. current ride airwave luv the airwave very much CRUZE is about 10k more based on current price (current promo) turbo charge 140hp HF quite bare which 1 better HF is 90% similar to AW with a more powerful engine any Cruze Turbo owner mind sharing
  8. Lady81

    New Honda Fit 2005

    Hi all brothers & sisters....... The following attached file is 2005 New Facelift for Honda Fit
  9. Subcompact cars including the Fiat 500 and Honda Fit performed the worst of any vehicle segment so far in a tough new test that assesses what happens when the front corner of a vehicle hits another car, a utility pole or tree. Only one of 11 minicars tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety won an overall "acceptable" rating in the so-called small overlap front crash test, the Chevrolet Spark made by General Motors Co, IIHS said on Wednesday. The Honda Fit and Fiat 500, made by No. 3 United States (US) automaker Chrysler Group LLC, were the worst performers. The results prompted Consumer Reports magazine to drop its recommendation of the Fit on Wednesday. Consumer Reports said, however, that it expected the upcoming, newly redesigned 2015 Fit to pass the test "based on the newness of its design and Honda's recent accomplishments with this stringent test". http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/money/story/most-minicars-fail-new-crash-test-fiat-500-honda-fit-worst-20140123
  10. RchLuvSlly

    2014 all new Honda Fit Leaked!

    It seems that Asian automakers somehow have the ability to manufacture pretty interesting super-mini cars. Take a look at the Mitsubishi Mirage, for example. It seems like Mitsubishi tried to shrink the car so that it can just fit into the A-segment. However, with Honda, things seem to change a little bit as the Japanese automaker seems to be lean towards practicality. You see, instead of competing in the A-segment as well just like the Mirage does, the Honda Fit (also known as the Jazz here) plays in the B-segment and it's quite big too. Carrying a chunky boot capacity of 335 litres, I think the Fit is a leader in its class. However, if you are satisfied with the boot capacity of the current generation Honda Fit, you may feel happier to know that Honda is already preparing the next generation Honda Fit that carries a total of 400 litres when it comes to bringing along your stuffs. Yes, you heard it right, it's the 2014 all new Honda Fit that's in the works! The car will make its first bow to the public of its home country by the end of 2013, after which it will also go global. But thanks to these accompanying Japanese scans, we're not going to have to wait that long just to know how the car will possibly look like. These scans manage to show us some parts of the car, including the interior and possible colour choices - two of which seem to be very bright neon colours - that Honda will be offering for its latest Fit. While the car is supposed to play in the B-segment still, it has grown a little, by 60mm (that's around a little above 2 inches). So, the car now measures 3,960mm. Well, don't be disappointed if you're keen on practicality that comes from a smaller size. The smaller the size of the car is, the easier it is for you to manoeuver through traffic, right? But, the good news is that passengers will have more spacious legroom, thanks to the wheelbase that now has a length of 80mm. This growth in size is probably partially due to the new architecture the car is being built upon. I believe it is this new architecture that Honda will also use in order to produce its very first SUV/crossover in the B-segment. Well, honestly, the car looks modern and is also prettier than the previous generation Honda Fit, although it does look kind of boxy in a few spots. The car also borrows a transparent nose that we've come to know from the Honda Civic hatchback of the previous generation. Now, let's get to the most important part of a car - under the hood. With the 2014 Honda Fit, we'll have the privilege to choose between a 1.2-litre and a 1.4-litre VTEC petrol engines. And, if we choose the latter, we'll also be able to choose a six-speed automatic transmission. Yet, for those who live in the European continents of this world, a 1.6-litre i-DTEC diesel engine that produces 120bhp is also an available option. Actually, I would say that there's still one engine that Honda will probably offer with its 2014 all new Fit. That would be the hybrid engine with a total capacity of 1,500cc in addition to a power output of 110bhp. This engine is previously used by the Civic as well. However, this engine will only see the light of day provided that the seemingly hybrid car pictured in the scans is actually a hybrid car indeed. Despite a bigger size than its older brother, the car maintains a light weight. This is possible thanks to the fact that the head and block utilises aluminium alloy. So, with its bigger size that makes for more spacious legrooms, do you think that the 2014 All New Honda Fit is still practical enough for you to be interested in? If you feel like sharing your thoughts, the comment section below may be your best friend.
  11. FaezClutchless

    Honda Jazz goes rallying Down Under

    The Honda Jazz (also known as Fit in some countries) is a popular car model on this island and many people associate it as a daily drive. You can virtually see them at almost every car park. To see it as a rally car would be something different and that is what Honda has done for the Jazz in Australia. Honda Australia recently unveiled two new Mugen tuned Jazz rally cars which will be used for the 2012 Bosch Australian Rally Championship (ARC). It is said to be the fastest Honda Jazz in the world and they have been designed to meet Group 2 (G2) specifications. The basis for the new G2 specifications is for the usage of front or rear wheel drive cars that are available for sale in Australia and the model must not be more than seven years old. Honda has increased its involvement in the ARC rally events this year with drivers from Evan Motorsport; Mark Pedder, Claire Ryan, Eli Evans and Glen Weston. Evans Motorsport has competed in rally events for more than thirty years and family members of Eli Evans are heavily involved in them. The Mugen 2.0 litre engine delivers over 200bhp and 193Nm of torque. Eli Evans and Glen Weston used a Honda Civic Type R for the past two years and they will start using the Jazz from this year onwards. The director of Honda Australia, Stephen Collins, mentioned that they are thrilled to be participating with Evans Motorsport racing the G2 Jazz and Honda is extremely passionate about racing and is proud to continue its support of Australian rallying with Evans Motorsport. The 2012 Bosch Australian Rally Championship comprises of 6 events held throughout Australia and will kick off on the 2nd of March in Melbourne. Honda founder Soichiro Honda once said that
  12. FaezClutchless

    Honda unveils the 2012 Honda Fit

    In order to gain the upper hand in the subcompact car market segment, Honda has unveiled the new 2012 Honda Fit in the United States (Honda Jazz in some countries). The 2nd generation Fit is one of Japan's more popular subcompact hatchback (with a total of more than 500 lots, there are more than 20 examples at my housing parking lot alone). First introduced in late 2007, for the 2008 model year, it is about time that this model gets an update. The Fit lineup continues unchanged into 2012, and still consists of the base Fit and the Fit Sport. Both get new cup holders, console ambient lighting, and additional sound insulation in the floor, front fenders, and A-pillars
  13. SYF77

    Hybrid Jazz set to debut

    Japan's Mainichi Shimbun daily reported that Honda will launch the long-awaited hybrid version of its Fit (Jazz in Singapore) subcompact in its domestic market in October with prices set to start from around 1.6 million yen, or about US$18,900, making it the country's most affordable hybrid model. The Fit Hybrid, which is said to employ the same 1.3-liter gasoline engine and electric motor set up as the Insight, will cost 400,000 Yen (US$4,700) more than the conventional Fit in Japan. At present, it remains unclear if the Fit / Jazz Hybrid will arrive in other markets outside Japan.