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Found 21 results

  1. TL;DR – A Honda Fit turns right onto oncoming traffic and casually makes an illegal U-turn straight after. It’s not every day you get to see a small hatchback like a Honda Fit make a super-wide U-turn. How wide, you ask? Like driving against oncoming traffic before making an illegal U-turn kind of wide. Watch the 31-second video to find out what I mean. What happened It all begins at a discretionary right turn at a cross junction, location unidentifiable (if you know where this is, do let me know in the comments section below). A Honda Fit makes t
  2. TL:DR – SMRT taxi abruptly stops on lane 1 of an expressway for reasons unknown and causes a massive chain collision in its wake before driving off, oblivious to the destruction it caused behind. There are idiot drivers everywhere Our latest example drives a SMRT taxi. Watch the video below to find out why. Here’s the rear-view camera footage The SMRT taxi abruptly stops just before an ERP gantry on lane 1. The alert cam car driver comes to a complete stop as well. One or two cars manage to avoid crashing into cam car by quickly changing to lane 2 before the
  3. Checking for traffic is always a crucial skill to have as a driver! In this video, the cam car travels alongside a blue Honda Fit in the middle lane of the road. As the Fit drives past a bus stop, the vehicle starts sliding to the left lane without turning on its signal lights. At the same time, an SBS bus was attempting to exit the bus lane and merge into the left lane without checking. Assuming that the vehicles on the left lane would give way, the bus enters the road. Upon noticing that the bus captain was not going to let him pass, the Fit driver st
  4. My car is a honda Fit, left 2 years 3 months. Topped up petrol at Esso, Esso 95. Upon leaving the station, noticed engine check light on, but not flashin Drove for 20 mins to eat, turned off and Start again light still on This morning the engine check light disappeared Should I bring to workshop and check or since it went away should be okie? Since no engine light on,means the diagnostic tool willl not pick up anything wrong with the car? First time car owner here with mcf sticker 🥶
  5. Honda's a genius in churning out state-of-the-art small cars. Here's why. The 2014 Honda Jazz is 4cm shorter but it offers 138 liters more cabin-space volume and nearly 13cm of extra rear legroom - compared to the predecessor. Here's how Honda engineers eked out extra room in a shorter car. For starters, Jazz's wheelbase has been stretched further apart by 3cm allowing its rear seat bench to move back outwardly by 7.6cm. Next, engineers made the centrally-mounted fuel tank located beneath the front seats thinner liberating more space for passengers but retains the same liter-v
  6. A driver was caught reversing dangerously along Braddell Road with a moderate amount of traffic. It's insane! I know! The incident took place yesterday (July 6) at 3pm (which is around the time when traffic starts to pick up at that area). A red Honda Fit having missed the initial exit leading towards Lorong Chuan/CTE(SLE) along Braddell Road (see map to see where we think this happened), stops in the middle of the road with total disregard of the motorist behind it. As the video progresses, you realise that it's slowly reversing and stopping every few seconds to av
  7. Can somebody tell me the diff between these 2 car? As in the exterior. How to diff them without looking the interior/engine bay? One of the picture is Jazz while the other is Fit. cheers people.
  8. Hey guy I got myself a new Honda fit, just 2 month my dashboard pop out handbrake sign, abs, power steering and anti skid icon, worse still is that my push start having a issue with a key icon, what could have the problem thank you
  9. Can anyone enlighten me wats the difference between honda fit and honda jazz? nothing important, jus to ease my curiosity...
  10. I believe many gentlemen over here are waiting for the COE to drop before buying their new car. And I believe among this crowd, there are people who just want a simple car as a transport. Don't care too much on the HP but not 1000cc n below la. And I'm have to searching through online to check which car has the lowest price (excluding those china cars la) And I came out with the following models 1. chevrolet sonic hatchback 2. nissan note 3. Honda fit 4. accent 1.4m of course must consider their cevs then the parf value. And There might be models I missed out. Guys any good suggestion for a
  11. This shall be an ongoing thread. Based on latest pricelist information, Jazz 1.5 at 95,999 (coe rebate 47k). Come and share all available information :)
  12. Am thinking to do servicing at Autobacs JB. Anyone done it with them before? How was your encounter?
  13. dear guys, asking on behalf of friend. she got a fit, 2006 model, having problems with ignition coil. was told to replace all 4 rear ignition coils. due to budget constraints. would like to just replace the faulty one, any recommendations to how about doing this
  14. current ride airwave luv the airwave very much CRUZE is about 10k more based on current price (current promo) turbo charge 140hp HF quite bare which 1 better HF is 90% similar to AW with a more powerful engine any Cruze Turbo owner mind sharing
  15. Hi all brothers & sisters....... The following attached file is 2005 New Facelift for Honda Fit
  16. Subcompact cars including the Fiat 500 and Honda Fit performed the worst of any vehicle segment so far in a tough new test that assesses what happens when the front corner of a vehicle hits another car, a utility pole or tree. Only one of 11 minicars tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety won an overall "acceptable" rating in the so-called small overlap front crash test, the Chevrolet Spark made by General Motors Co, IIHS said on Wednesday. The Honda Fit and Fiat 500, made by No. 3 United States (US) automaker Chrysler Group LLC, were the worst performers. The results pro
  17. It seems that Asian automakers somehow have the ability to manufacture pretty interesting super-mini cars. Take a look at the Mitsubishi Mirage, for example. It seems like Mitsubishi tried to shrink the car so that it can just fit into the A-segment. However, with Honda, things seem to change a little bit as the Japanese automaker seems to be lean towards practicality. You see, instead of competing in the A-segment as well just like the Mirage does, the Honda Fit (also known as the Jazz here) plays in the B-segment and it's quite big too. Carrying a chunky boot capacity of 335 litre
  18. The Honda Jazz (also known as Fit in some countries) is a popular car model on this island and many people associate it as a daily drive. You can virtually see them at almost every car park. To see it as a rally car would be something different and that is what Honda has done for the Jazz in Australia. Honda Australia recently unveiled two new Mugen tuned Jazz rally cars which will be used for the 2012 Bosch Australian Rally Championship (ARC). It is said to be the fastest Honda Jazz in the world and they have been designed to meet Group 2 (G2) specifications. The basis for the new
  19. In order to gain the upper hand in the subcompact car market segment, Honda has unveiled the new 2012 Honda Fit in the United States (Honda Jazz in some countries). The 2nd generation Fit is one of Japan's more popular subcompact hatchback (with a total of more than 500 lots, there are more than 20 examples at my housing parking lot alone). First introduced in late 2007, for the 2008 model year, it is about time that this model gets an update. The Fit lineup continues unchanged into 2012, and still consists of the base Fit and the Fit Sport. Both get new cup holders, console ambient lighti
  20. Japan's Mainichi Shimbun daily reported that Honda will launch the long-awaited hybrid version of its Fit (Jazz in Singapore) subcompact in its domestic market in October with prices set to start from around 1.6 million yen, or about US$18,900, making it the country's most affordable hybrid model. The Fit Hybrid, which is said to employ the same 1.3-liter gasoline engine and electric motor set up as the Insight, will cost 400,000 Yen (US$4,700) more than the conventional Fit in Japan. At present, it remains unclear if the Fit / Jazz Hybrid will arrive in other markets outside Japan.
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