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Found 26 results

  1. Going to get a Honda Civic 2007, any known problems i should look out for and change? How much will the estimated costs be? Thank you!
  2. Davidklt

    2018 Honda Accord

    Teaser released. Global debut next month. Hope this would be as fun to drive as the CL7. http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1111103_5-things-to-expect-from-the-2018-honda-accord
  3. Franwilliam

    Any recommended tyre shop

    Hi guys, Anyone knows or can recommend a tyre shop here in SG that offer good price and service? I planned to do it in JB but when I read in the forum, some of them said that the price not much different or even more expensive compared to SG perhaps due to tax, but alignment is cheaper in JB. Well I am looking for 224/45/17 for my car. Please share if you guys knows any shops. Thanks in advance
  4. As per topic, anyone knows? Just like to know are the specs missing in G.
  5. Dear bros/sis, Looking for used car seats for Honda Stream, a y body can help me? Thanks
  6. Hi all, Just would like to share my experiences during the renewal of my Honda Civic. History: My car is the Honda Civic 1.6AT, originally registered in 16 Apr 2009. I bought the car from a Direct seller through sgcarmart at 16.5k (min PARF is 12.5k) in Nov 2018, means I had approximate 6 months to drive the car to inspect its status before making decision to renew the COE or not. Road tax was paid until 15 Apr 2019, so it is another convenient point for me. The mileage of the car when I took over was 87000 km (genuine mileage) and I was the 4th owner of the car. The purchasing was pretty smooth, I paid full amount in cash and we completed the ownership transfer at LTA on the same day. STA evaluation: The Direct seller on his good will sent the car to STA for evaluation and bear the cost for it. The STA report showed there are only a few minor points with the car, inclusive the worn out tires, worn lower arm-buish, non-retractable left-side mirror and minor seepage of oil. As all of those issues are wear and tears items, I decided to move on and took the car. Driving experience and maitenance: Handling of the car is good, during the 6 months driving it never gave me any problems. Quite happy with my car, so in March I sent my car for regular servicing and also for comprehensive checking at a workshop to intensive evaluate the car for COE renewal. All wear and tears part needed to be changed include 4 tires (Michelin Primacy 4), lower arm buishes and fix the non-retractable mirror only (over-all cost me less than 1k). The oil seepage was not detected at this servicing time and the mechanics told me they would check it at next time servicing. After that my car was ready for COE renewal. COE renewal: I bought the car in Nov 2018, when the PQP for COE reneal was $29760. The PQP was steadily decrease in the months after that and it reached the lowest $25525 in March, before slight increase in Apr. When I logged in the LTA onemotoring portal, I got the option to choose Mar or Apr PQP. If I chose Mar PQP, then my new COE wil be from 1st Apr 2019 to 31rd Mar 2029. If I chose Apr PQP, then my new COE will be from 16th Apr 2019 to 15th Apr 2029. Due to only 15 days is forfeited, I have decided to renew the 10 years COE using March PQP. The payment is also pretty convenient via online bank-payment. I also realized that the PARF rebate is still valid until 15 Apr 2019 even though I have renewed the COE, means I can still de-register the car and get back that min PARF. Road tax renewal: Now there is a small problem for me. My insurance with AXA is till 20 Nov 2019, so I only got an option to renew the road tax for 6 month from 16th Apr 2019 to 15th Oct 2019 (at $407). I think I will need to discuss with the insurance company to extend my current contract till 15th Apr 2020 so I can align the road tax with the insurance, but surely there is a mismatch in the expiry dates for road tax and the new COE. Thinking: I am now thinking whether should I repaint the whole car or not. The color of my car is brown and there are quite a number of small scratches there, but it is not clearly visible. I asked around and the cost is likely to be in 1-1.5k, so still thinking about it. And since the headlights are quite yellowish (although tried to polish and restore but still a bit foggy), I have also bought a pair of headlights at price of $119 each. Will install this brand new headlights after I repaint the car.
  7. Thinking to change my tyre to Primacy4 but only 195/65R15 or 195/60R15 available. So I am asking if 185/65R15 to 195/65R15 or 195/60R15? Which one is better? The 195/65 has higher Load Index as well. I am currently driving an Honda Freed Hybrid MPV. Sometimes fully loaded with 7 people. Thanks.
  8. Hi all. would like to knw what are pros and con of running in my car to Melaka?? most likely I would drive within the speed limits. no hard revs.etc ur opinion is much appreciated.. TIA.
  9. 2019 Honda Insight http://www.motortrend.com/news/2019-honda-insight-goes-mainstream/ It’s official: Honda will bring back the Insight nameplate that it discontinued in 2014. This time around, Honda is positioning the Insight as an upscale, five-passenger sedan instead of a hatch. Honda has released images of the Insight Prototype ahead of its official debut at the Detroit auto show in January. The prototype takes plenty of design cues from the Civic, including its long hood and curvaceous body lines. The 2019 Honda Insight will adopt a two-motor hybrid system. The 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid uses this type of setup, pairing two electric motors with a 2.0-liter DOHC Atkinson cycle engine. Exact powertrain details for the Insight are unknown, but it’s already sounding better than the pesky Integrated Motor Assist setup on the old Insight. We never liked the system, which is comprised of a 1.3-liter I-4 with an electric motor producing a combined total of 98 hp. The powertrain would switch on and off too abruptly at stoplights, as we noted in a 2009 review. Introduced in 1999, the first-generation Insight was a two-door vehicle and the first hybrid to launch in the U.S. Honda didn’t debut a second generation until 2009, when the model adopted a more practical five-door design. Still, we weren’t all that impressed with the Insight’s interior space, not to mention its ride quality. Transforming the Insight from an egg-shaped hatch to a sedan should help broaden its appeal. And it’ll erase any comparisons that may have been made in the past with the king of all hybrids, the Toyota Prius. Expect a much more premium feel and a more spacious interior for the new Insight. It’ll slot above the Civic in Honda’s lineup and will offer fuel economy that is competitive with other compact hybrids, the automaker says. Honda is also claiming the model will have “best-in-class performance.” “You won’t have to be an electrification advocate to appreciate the new Insight—it’s a great car in its own right, independent of what’s happening under the hood,” Henio Arcangeli Jr., senior vice president of Automobile Sales and general manager of the Honda Division at American Honda Motor Co., said in a statement. A production version of the Insight will arrive next summer. It’s part of Honda’s plan for electrified vehicles to comprise two-thirds of its global sales by 2030. The 2019 Honda Insight will join the new Accord Hybrid, launching early next year, alongside the Clarity series in Honda’s expanding green lineup. The vehicle will enter production at Honda’s plant in Greensburg, Indiana. Source: Honda
  10. Csc2015

    Honda Mobilio

    Anyone has any experience with Honda Mobilio yet? Any feedback is much appreciated.
  11. Hi All, Any Civic drivers facing the same issue with water droplets in the head / back lights after rain or wash? Is it normal? My paint protection guys told me this is a defect for a new car, suspected sealant has not been done properly. But the Honda agent say it is normal
  12. Dear all, Just committed to a new Honda Fit 1.3 (PI Model) yesterday. Leather seats were not included in the package so I need to source for my own outside. Any recommended shops with good workmanship yet not too pricey? Thanks!
  13. Phluvcat

    Honda's Small RS Concept

    Mod please help delete this thread. Din realise its in the forum already. Solly!!!
  14. Hello anyone have experience for this dealer? thanks.
  15. I have sold my Honda. I have 2 bottles of the Honda ATF oil in my storeroom. Will give to anyone willing to come my place to pickup. I stay in Tampines. PM me.
  16. Just bought odyssey from dealer, driving for 1 month, fuel consumption is about 8.8 km/L. Regular route - Bukit panjiang to Buona vista, sometimes highway during weekend. Is this normal? or I am too weak ;(.
  17. I am heading to show room to for a MPV, Odyssey or Estima are my targets. Please could you let me how much I can bargain based on the listed price? how about 5k?
  18. I was in the market looking at SUVs lately and noticed there are alot of Vezels on the roads here in SG. I have seen more Vezels than Altis! Just wondering what is the selling point of Vezels? Value? Performance? Interior? Brand? Btw, Honda Vezel wasn't on my shortlist because of the boot is too small for my needs.
  19. MadDog70

    Cool Honda S660

  20. Hi all anybody got reliable mechanic to recommend if I want to diao one (JDM) Honda EK3 engine (+ harness, electrical....so that everything works properly) into my vehicle? Of course the mech should have lobang to source the engine from Jap. Ever since I fried the engine and did top overhaul, I still have niggling issues with the engine after all the repairs and figured the best thing is to change the heart, some minor organs and arteries. Gum siah anybody who have recommendation. Gum siah!
  21. Dear fellow MCF forum users, I am considering to spray my white Honda Vezel's bonnet at CS Ong Motor (AMK Auotpoint #04-01). I heard that they will use original paint code for my White Orchid Pearl and most probably it will be OEM I think. Can anyone kindly feedback on their paint quality and if their workmanship is good? Hopping to get back original factory paint condition after spray painting. Thank you. :)
  22. Hi all, anyone knows can this HU be used in local cars like the honda civic?
  23. Hi Guys, Need advise for my almost 8 year-old Honda Stream. Recently, I can feel my car shaking when I try to accelerate. This happens especially when I am accelerating up a slope. I dun think it is the engine mount as it was replaced less than 2 yrs ago. What could be the cause?
  24. Am looking at the odyssey PI from carbiz pte. ltd. at commonwealth. Anyone heard of them? Any reviews? Tks!!