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Found 28 results

  1. weekiat572

    Kenwood DDX 917WS

    My PI is giving me tis model for my car , any inputs or current users who can comment of tis set ? http://www.kenwood.com/sg/car/visual_navigation/ddx917ws/
  2. Deckbuild

    Kenwood DDX918

    Anyone have lobang to Kenwood DDX918?
  3. Hi folks, Anybody has used Kenwood DNX9170s that comes with 7" capacitive touch screen and support both Android Autoplay and Apple Carplay ? http://www.kenwood.com/sg/car/visual_navigation/dnx9170s/ Anybody has any price & shop to share ? So far my Google search only shows ~USD890 from eBay and RM3200 from some Malaysia sites. Lastly, can it support car with 360 camera as well as steering wheel remote ? Thanks
  4. jason0705

    Kenwood DDX9017S

    Hi, Can check with fellow forumers whether the above HU can fit into Honda Odyssey RC1? This HU has 1 AV input. If I would like to install a 360 parking cam + steelmate TPMS TP-05E that outputs tire pressure to HU. 2 video source with 1 AV input. Any solutions to resolve? TIA.
  5. Vinljp

    Kenwood DDX7015BT

    Hi bros, Anyone got any experience with Kenwood DDX7015BT? Heard so many problems with App Radio and Car Play. I am wondering how Kenwood Air Mirroring fair as compared with App Radio and Car Play when using it with Android Phone? Heard that Air Mirror is true mirroring and you can operate your HU just like you operate your handphone?
  6. Fireball0088

    Kenwood DNN9150BT / 9350BT

    Hi, Anyone using Kenwood HU? Can someone advise how to perform an update on the map? Or can cut and paste the malsingmaps instead? Thanks.
  7. dsman

    Kenwood DDX916WS

    http://www.kenwood.com/sg/car/visual_navigation/ddx916ws/ the latest in the kenwood lineup. anyone here has it installed and can give feedback? thanks in advance
  8. Hi all, Anyone using the latest 2014 kenwood model? May i know where to buy this MHL cable. KCA-MH100?
  9. Hi bro, anyone got the kenwood GPS ? how much it cost ? suppose to integrate nicely to ur 2-din kenwood LCD. also using Garmin, does in mean one can use the MalSing or Jerome map ? thanks !
  10. Hi All, I am looking to buy a Kenwood headunit from USA Amazon for my car. I understand that US uses a different FM frequency as compared to Singapore & i may not be able to pick up some local stations. Any bro here have experience with US headunit & is there a way to configure the FM for Singapore usage, specifically for Kenwood HU? Cheers
  11. Current using that dvd hu, wanna play my ipod as a simple mp3 player and not for video playback. Was quoted $180+ for the interface adapter KCA-IP500. I was wondering if this unit is able to aux in? Really new to I.C.E
  12. Beehive3783

    Kenwood KDC-X8016BT?

    Anyone heard or installed this head unit? The functions seem very impressive. It has 3 way active network, TA, bluetooth and USB ready. No need to buy additional module for USB like 9887 and P80. Some trawling in Google reveals that it seems to be the Asian model of the X994 that is sold in the US. But then a quick check with the X994 manual indicates that the active crossover settings might not be as complete as the P80 General Features
  13. Post transferred to Garage Sale - apologies here.
  14. Hi All, Any Guru have tried either one of these active subwoofer to be mounted under the front seats. 1) Kenwood KSC-SW10 2) Blaupunkt THb200A Want to know which one is value for money and pricing? Thanks.
  15. Hi. Just want to check if anyone knows where I can get a good deal for the new Kenwood 2DIN HU - DPX-MP5110U? Thanks!
  16. Hi. I am using the Kenwood DDX7039 DVD Receiver. Each time, I turn on the engine, the screen tilts upwards slightly. I would then simply push it down again. Does any one out there own a similar set and faces the same problem? Is there a setting that I can use to stop this irritating function? Help or advice appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Carfreakz

    Kenwood 2-din DPX-MP2100

    hi bros, any1 using Kenwood DPX-MP2100? any idea where to buy the ipod cable( KCA-ip500), hw much? any bro selling? there is a front aux input, how do i use tis function, currently i have a creative stone sitting @ hm.....dun noe whether can b used by connecting the front aux? lastly......tis HU gd? sorry 4 being so long-winded.......... thanks in advance...............
  18. Hi bros, accidentaly got my Kenwood 4070 HU wet and now totally no no sign of life (no light, no sound) . waiting to see if it recovers tomorrow when the WATER dries-up. Incase still no life signal, any recommendation on where I can go and hopefully get it fixed ? As the damage is caused by CLEAN WATER, hopefully got higher chance of survival . Thanks in advance !
  19. just wondering any screen saver or graphic equaliser for this head unit when playing CD like those EL display head unit that display screen saver??? can anyone help cos me thinking of getting this head unit but also prefer those colour OEL that display very nice screen saver. thanks
  20. Dear All, I need some guidance....I have been looking around for a better Kenwood Hu to replace the present one in my Sunny N16 ride. I intend to upgrade the hu only as the 10 disc changer is good enough. But I do not know where is a good place to buy Kenwood HU............Any Bros here can give me give advice WHERE and WHICH Kenwood single DIN will be a good investment? Thks! Bros!
  21. Kianbeng

    HU reviews for Kenwood

    Hi guys, Is there any websites that gives reviews on Kenwood KRC 489? I tried searching but can't find any.... Also, why my kenwood front speakers' tweeters look so funny. They are aluminium but not dome shaped. More like cup shaped. Did Kenwood install the dome tweeter upside down? Or this is the cheapest 6" speaker? Unfortunately I couldn't find any pic on kenwood website to show you guys. Also didn't take a photo of it....
  22. Ekae05

    Kenwood dpx-mp4070

    can anyone gimme a review of this double din hu? is this any good?
  23. Titanium

    Kenwood Woox

    Anyone using this subwoofer? how much n where u get it? Thank.... http://www.crutchfield.com/S-8hFQIhTJVQR/c...asp?i=113WA62RC
  24. Dear All, I am not satisfied with the original Kenwood HU given my Mazda. Intending to change it. Since the car allow for a Double Din slot, can anyone recommend a double din HU from Kenwood so that I can use back the 10 disc changer that I currently have? Anyone got lobang? Cheers!!
  25. Hi guys, any of you using Kenwood's KDC-MPV7023 HU? i've been trying hard to figure out in the past 2 weeks how to make the equalizer boxes reacted according to the music played. as i know there's 3 selection for display, that is none [display b], demo (where equalizer boxes kept flying in and out) and the equalizer in diff level [display a], however when music is played the boxes won't react with the music by jumping up and down. is my HU faulty or somethings that i didn't set.. anybody out there...please help!