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Found 1 result

  1. About Us Groomers Lab is a group of car enthusiasts that specialises in Auto Detailing Solutions. Some of our expertise includes: * Paint Restoration * Interior Restoration * Anti-Bacterial Treatment * Polymer Products * High Density Glass Coating & all kinds of paint defects With a transparent rate structure and a top notch Customer Service that most of our Customers can vouched for, we will settle for nothing less than perfection. Through the use of high-end professional products, top of the line tools and a commitment "No Cars will leave the Lab in an imperfect Condition", we are redefining what auto detailing stands for, 1 car at a time. With a strong pool of clients that trusted us with their daily rides all the way to a multi-million dollar exotics and vintage collector cars, Groomers Lab is the only Lab that delivers a experience "None Others Can" Our Vision 1. To be the company that provides the most talk-about Customer Service. 2. To engage in sustainable practices and anticipate the needs of our Customers that "None Others Can". 3. To bring to our Customers a portfolio of Quality Products that meets their requirements. Our Lab Services are as follow: Lab Professional (Showroom condition):- Bodywork Shampoo & Pressure (including Wheel-Arches, Grille & Gasoline Cover) Claying the Entire Car Paint Correction High Definition Sealant (Gloss Protector) Dressing of Interior & Exterior Trimmings Degreasing & Dressing of Engine Bay Vacuuming of Entire Car Steaming & Conditioning of Interior Leather Steaming of Entire Interior Antibacterial Treatment Tyres, Rim & Shine Application of Sealant on all Rubber Seals Clearing of Brake Dust & Washing of Rims Water Beading Headlamp Protectant Application* Glass Coating for Entire Car Rim Coating for all Rims Lab Standard:- Bodywork Shampoo & Pressure Wash (including Wheel-Arches, Grille & Gasoline Cover) Paintwork Correction Clean & Polish all Frames including Boot Lid Cleaning of all Glasses Dressing of Interior & Exterior Trimmings Clearing of Brake Dust & Washing of Rims Water Beading Application of Sealant on all Rubber Seals Vacuuming of Entire Car Tyre & Rim Shine Lab Shine:- Bodywork Shampoo & Pressure Wash Clearing of Brake Dust & Washing of Rims Claying of Entire Car Application of In-house Special Mirror Imaging Wax Dressing of Interior & Exterior Trimmings Vacuuming of Entire Car Tyre & Rim Shine Lab-La-Carte Services:- 1. Degreasing & Dressing of Engine Bay to restore to Showroom condition 2. Steaming of Entire Interior inclusive of Leather Seats 3. Steaming & Conditioning of Leather Seats 4. Removal of Scuff Marks 5. All-time signature Glass Coating Note: We customise all other requests as well. Our Lab 25 Kaki Bukit Road 4 #07-56 Synergy@KB Lab Code 417800 Labline: +65 6610 0118 www.groomerslab.com.sg Facebook: groomerslab Lab Schedule Mondays to Fridays: 9.30am - 6.30pm Saturdays: 9.30am - 5.30pm Sundays/Eve/Public Holidays: Closed for Lab Research (Unless with special appointment for a Lab Project) For Lab Consultation & Research, please contact the following for an appointment: Rendall @ +65 93232 333 rendall@groomerslab.com.sg