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Found 12 results

  1. Good Day to Everyone! Finally got a chance to post and start a new forum myself; I am always looking forward for Lexus owners to share their driving experience, the things to watch out for the cars, maintainance, tyres / spare parts or some recommended service centres to share among all Lexus owners to better use the money when needed to deal with these matters for their cars. Feel free to update and post any replies; thanks for your kind support then!
  2. Hi bros, Anyone knows the latest price for es250 and any perks. How many years warrenty and servicing , lastly any good sales consultant to recommend? Many thanks J.t
  3. steveluv

    LEXUS RX 2020

    Don't seem to look any different from the current RX as a matter of fact looks identical.
  4. gemmoglock

    Lexus LC500 / LC500h

    It was launched a while back but starting an proper thread for the Lexus halo car after the LFA: Dynamic luxury―a more elegant, evocative, and fluid interpretation of Lexus L-finesse design philosophy Brand New Multi Stage Hybrid System offers exhilarating performance and greater efficiency, CVT+4-speed auto for 10 virtual gears 5.0 V8 with 10-speed automatic gearbox with comparable shift speeds to dual-clutch rivals. Estimated <4.5s 0-100 time. Ultra rigid yet light body with multi-link suspension for precision handling (Stiffer than LFA) While not a hardcore sportscar, aiming for competitor GT models like the BMW 6 Series News release: http://newsroom.toyota.co.jp/en/detail/11155277/ http://newsroom.toyota.co.jp/en/detail/10883261/ Launch review: http://www.caradvice.com.au/506124/2017-lexus-lc500-review/ http://blog.lexus.co.uk/lexus-lc-reviews/
  5. YEN96

    Lexus LFA and RC350

    Anyone driving ???? Or tested the cars?
  6. Hi all, Can anyone here advise what cld be wrong? After the car has been stopped for 30mins or more, there will be this harsh rattling sound from the engine during start-up.. The sound is somehow like 'clattering'.. 'Clak clak clak' for abt 1s or so... Car no more warranty thu cant go back to borneo. Any current/ex is250 owners and experts here can give sound advise? Tks for all inputs.
  7. Hi all, Let me do a poll here for this thread ... so post your feedback from here onwards ...
  8. Hi all, Was thinking of extending my current car's COE in 2015. However was adviced that since I want to extend, should get something that is reliable and better value. I narrowed down to the GS300 and E200 for their brand's reliability and comfort. Hope to get some comments here on which is a better car in terms of reliability, parts availability and workshops' familiarity with it. For mercedes, I am only aware of the good old w124 200E, 5spd, that is still running strong in many workhorses. The 1996 to 2003 w210 onwards seems to be less popular. For Lexus, I am only aware of the ES300 which is FWD and is a larger Camry-like car in other markets. I am looking at GS300 for its RWD but other than that not familiar with its characteristics. Appreciate any comments on the subject. Thanks in advance.
  9. Need advice on the baby Lexus so anything is good for me. 1) How's the running cost in terms of fuel consumption and maintenance costs (parts and service)? Any reputable outside workshops that will do Lexus at less than cutthroat prices? :) 2) How's the reliability? 3) What the main gripes of this car? 4) Anyone selling it at a good price for the buyer? 5) Any other advice in general? Thanks!
  10. Hi guys, Anyone using Lexus Engine Oil for your car??? How much you purchase??? Please provide your view here. Thanks and Regards
  11. Dna_engine

    Lexus Nuluxe

    Just put deposit for the NX200T Executive and found out that the seats are made using Nuluxe not real leather. Read Mercedes uses Artico and BMW uses Sensatec in some models. Does anyone know how to tell the difference between such material and real leather?