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Found 46 results

  1. Recently I received a phone survey from someone who claimed to work for a company in Hong Kong wanting to setup branch here. Few weeks later, they said they are having some event at JB, Tebrau City Jusco shopping complex on one of the Sunday and invited me to attend. I did not go to the event. 2 weeks later they called me up again and said I have won their 2nd prize (cash prize) All the activities are conducted in Mandarin with over 10-15 phone calls. So far they did not ask me to buy anything but said to verify my identity and asked a lawyer from Hong Kong to contact me. Basically they got my NRIC number, d.o.b., my bank account number (say for the purpose to crediting the price money). The way I look at it, these are information easily obtainable with various technic (e.g. dumpster diving) and I have not much to lose so I gave them these data. (In one of my previous job, when running a lucky draw, we easily get about 1 million records of these information even with address and family member's information, so if this is a scam, why go through so much trouble ?) My questions are: - has anyone else received similar phone calls? - How can they take advantage of these information collected if this is a scam? - What else do I look out for?
  2. clarencegi75

    This is why you choose your car carefully!

    Wonder why choosing the right car is so important? The 'I LOVE SUBARU' Facebook Group page recently uploaded pictures of a totaled Subaru Forester. With the windscreen and front frame completely totaled, you would imagine that those in the car could not have left without serious injuries. But thankfully, no grisly photos of the driver follow beyond just a slightly bruised leg. Aren't modern cars a real thing of wonder? The best part of the story is in the caption: The owner of the vehicle, Mr. Jacky Yew is now fit to proceed with his wedding planned for the end of the month! Mr Yew was driving a forth generation Subaru Forester near Yong Peng, Malaysia in the extreme right lane, with two trucks which were in the adjacent lane to his left. When a tyre on the first truck burst and flew off, the second truck was forced to take evasive action. In doing so, the second truck served abruptly into Mr Yew's lane. Mr Yew could not brake in time and collided into the back of the second truck. But after suffering only minor injuries on his right leg, he has apparently walked off from the accident and into a Subaru showroom to get himself... Another Forester! Mr Yew is collecting his fifth generation Forester just one week after the accident. He says, "I may not have made it to my wedding on 30 November if I was not driving a Subaru Forester. I am glad I drive a Subaru and I am grateful it has saved my life. That is why I immediately placed an order for the new Forester, just two days after my accident." The post states that "Subaru takes tremendous pride in safety engineering. We can't predict the future, but we can be better prepared for every possible outcome." We wish Mr Yew all the best for his marriage! (Even if it already looks like he has plenty of lady luck on his side)
  3. https://www.carscoops.com/2019/10/woman-hits-red-light-runner-and-saves-pedestrians-from-alleged-drunk-driver/ The Phoenix Police Department is calling a Chevrolet Cruze a “hero” as it protected a couple from an accident. According to officials, a 27-year-old woman was driving the Cruze at the intersection of 53rd Ave and Indian School on October 14th at approximately 10:10 pm. As you can see in the video, traffic is stopped at a red light and the couple begins crossing the street while pushing a stroller. About six seconds into the clip, a Jeep driven by Ernesto Otanez Oveso blows through the light and is headed straight for the pedestrians. Fortunately, the Cruze slammed into the Jeep. The force of the impact pushed the Jeep off to the side and caused the woman’s Cruze to go into a spin. Thankfully, the crash saved the pedestrians and they can be seen running across the street. While the clip ends there, the police department said Oveso and his female passenger fled the scene. However, a witness saw what happened and decided to follow him. Oveso eventually noticed and told the man to stop, “even stabbing one of the doors on his car.” The woman got away, but police caught up with Oveso who was arrested on aggravated assault and DUI charges. Police also found a gun in the Jeep, so they slapped the 28-year-old with a prohibited possession charge as well. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t have a happy ending as police confirmed the Cruze driver suffered non life-threatening injuries. Her car was also significantly damaged.
  4. Anyone here has won a car in a lucky draw before? Can share your experiences? I see so many advertisements can win nice cars but I am never so lucky to win one myself. LOL!
  5. Ki113r

    Lucky Car Polish

    Anyone tried their service? Can share reviews?
  6. MrWeiwei


    Care to share any strike 4D / TOTO experiences?
  7. kdash

    Freaky Coincidences

    A few years ago, I attended a wedding dinner with my mom. The groom was my JC classmate, and my mom was invited by some aunty from the bride's family. At the time, I did not think much of the fact that my mom and I were invited to the same wedding by different parties, it must be one of those random coincidences in such a small country. The wedding dinner went by as usual, with the customary video, march-in, cake cutting, 交杯酒, speeches, photo taking etc... I had a good time catching up and reminiscing the old times with my JC classmates at the same table, while my mom was allocated to some other aunty table. At the end of the dinner, I went to look for my mom and we joined the queue to shake hands with the newlyweds and their families before leaving the venue. As we approached the wedding couple, I gave my heartiest congratulations to the groom with a handshake, a hug and a brief chat while my mom was talking to one of the aunties beside the bride. The next moment, the bride suddenly came to me, held both my hands, and asked "Do you remember me??" in quite a loud voice and with a look of excitement! I was caught by surprise! I looked at the bride, and then my friend the groom, and my mom with a confused look, my mind racing to try to recall where I had met the bride before... She looked vaguely familiar, but I know she was definitely not one of my exes (haha), so who can she be??? Was she a classmate from one of my previous schools? Colleague from work?... Finally after a few moments, I gave up and asked her how did she know me. Her answer was so unexpected and freaky that I get goosebumps even as I recall the moment now. "Do you remember we attended the same kindergarten before?" My mouth slowly dropped open as the realisation hit me... I used to attend my 2 years of kindergarten with a girl who lived in the next block from where I stayed. We sat beside each other in class, and as young children we got along quite well. Later we lost contact as we went to primary school and she moved away. Somehow by a freaky twist of fate, she got to know my JC classmate and got married... the aunty who invited my mom to the wedding was actually the bride's mom who somehow kept in contact throughout all those years... I think I freaked out a bit as I spoke to the wedding couple, saying how coincidental the situation was. After saying our congratulations and goodbyes, we made our way home. Along the way back, I kept thinking about the whole matter and tried to rationalise the whole series of events in my mind... My conclusion is: SG is too small... What is your freaky coincidence encounter? PS to mods: I know there are a few coincidence threads, but seems like different context, so I started a new thread. Hope this is ok. Thanks.
  8. Sillyme

    Lucky draw car for sale

    Hi all. I won a red CLA180 coupe at a lucky draw. Putting up for sale. I'm looking at $100k. Please PM me if interested.
  9. Nonpareil

    Talk about lucky escape..

    http://youtu.be/fmnABODVFl0 This guy on the bicycle must be thanking his lucky stars to escape unscathed from this accident. This aside, looking at videos on youtube, russian and chinese drivers are insane!
  10. heard about the 4 potential winners every week for 1 yr supply of petrol. so whts the deal? min. $50 pumped = 1 chance? btw anyone here won any free fuel b4?
  11. Oh boy, such thing can have a following....... http://www.discuss.com.sg/showthread.php/14341-Lucky-Timing-to-deposit-money-into-bank
  12. Julie Roberts Clover products....really so lucky? anyone brought and tested it? really so lucky?
  13. Picnic06-Biante15

    Lucky Draw - SG CarMart

    Thank You SG CarMart.com Enter last month contest and won a Seiko Watch........ Just came back after collecting the watch. Heard only 2 watches to be won and I'm one of them. Here the watch.....
  14. Who interested to buy a 884 sq feet shop for $22 million?
  15. kqkhlj

    Lucky Draw

    Hi Guys i am tasked to do Christmas lucky draw for my company, does anyone know of any software that can conduct lucky draw using photo? kqkhlj
  16. Phmaksg

    Lucky draw @ KSL

    Something to share : Today is my lucky day in KSL, A promoter approached me and gave me a car decal to stick on the windscreen and if spotted with that decal, there will be monetary rewards. I was asked to filled up an enclosed lucky draw, she opened up the lucky draw and told me to fill up my particulars and later was told to sign on the "Thank you" words prior returning. After filling up, I returned her the lucky draw and she insisted me to sign on the words "Thank you" that I couldn't find but it was the word Congratulation and a prize of RM$6000+ that consists of a twin induction cooker and a vacuum cleaner. I already feel suspicious, something like those "Kua Kua Le" is happening ! After her dramatic act with her fellow colleague by calling the office blaa...blaaa...blaaa and I was told to take the prize in one condition that is for own personal use and cannot sell away for profit. I agreed with her but I asked her is this those "Kua Kua Le" thingy and she denied. She brought out the two prizes and was packing for me but told me that I need to utilize the RM$50 voucher before I can have my prizes which I need to fork out RM$3000+ for the water filter system. I rejected her request and immediately she closed her sales catalogue and told me I'm unable to take the prizes. The way they act is very dramatic, I have to salute them. This is a new approach something like the "Kua Kua Le" please don't fall into their trap.
  17. JumpySpeedFiend

    WP's NRP lucky draw attracted online flak

    Must say that I am pretty surprise reading this - Netizens question upgrading lucky draw Quite a stupid move in my opinion. PAP ties upgrading to electoral votes, WP ties lucky draw to upgrading votes.
  18. RadX

    Lucky for me.....

    ...that my car not a kelisa/corolla, etc Went to this wedding yesterday, 150 tables at Orchid Country club. The groom is one helluva rich chap and his fleet of cars all bore the same no. All WHITE and see the the pics for marques, etc. I arrived ,a happens that my car no is the SAME as the fleet and lo and behold, I was given the VIP lot to park in which was a blessing to me as if I had to park in the 'peasant' lot, it would have been a 300m walk, and not good for my mom. See the pics that follow, and one of those cars is mine!
  19. RadX

    Lucky omen!

    Been a whille since I saw a rainbow here... Happy CNY and year of the dragon all! Huat ah
  20. A NIGHT out to buy a cellphone at Lucky Plaza turned ugly for a Chinese national yesterday. The kindergarten teacher, who wanted to be known only as Ms Mei, said that the staff of DAB Electronics at the basement of the shopping centre had quoted her $900 for an iPhone 4 without a contract. However, a staff member rang up an amount of $1,900. When she asked what the extra $1,000 was for, the man said that $350 was for a repair service, and quoted fees for unlocking her SIM card and cutting her SIM card, a service he said was required in order to use the popular mobile phone. When she did not agree to the deal, she said the man refused to return the ATM card she had handed him for payment. Afraid, she called two friends to help her. But the staff did not allow them to leave the building. One of her friends then called the police. Shop employees denied holding onto the woman's card, and turned aggressive towards a photographer who was there, while the police were present. Police said they have advised both parties to settle the matter amicably, and they have complied.
  21. Was turning left to Pasir Ris Dr 3 from Loyang Ave last night at 10pm and when I was waiting at the slip road, traffic was clear at the junction as on-coming traffic was 'red' and 'green' arrow show for vehicle to turn right to Loyang Ave. As traffic was clear, I move 'off' to PR Dr 3 (on left lane) and this SMRT taxi SH* 6367* (dark maroon colour) make an illegal 'U' turn at the junction and speed up & almost knock onto my vehicle rear. The driver (malay driver) was not happy and during the journey to Downtown East, he play punk along PR Dr 3 by slowing down, sped off quickly, cut into the left lane and then right again in front of me. Thinking that I would horn or flick high beam at him, I totally ignore him all the way. At one point nearer to Downtown East, he cut into th left lane but was caught by surprise as there was a 10 tonne lorry infront of him and he can't come out again as there is another NTUC taxi beside him. As I was just behind the NTUC taxi, we overtook him on the right and I turn right at the junction to DE. He followed all the way to DE and as there are 2 auto parking barriers, I took the inner one and he drove up fast and took the outer one. As both barriers open up, he sped forward and as we are turning into a narrow path under the MSCP, I gave way to him to turn first. The driver must be thinking that I will follow him behind but I turn into the MSCP and took another exit out of the MSCP to go to Escape Themepark. There was a yellow taxi waiting at the taxi stop at DE and he overtook the park taxi and followed behind my vehicle. I was thinking to myself, if he follows again with me to the car park of Escape Themepark, he will get hell from me if he confront me..... Was at the Themepark to pickup my child from his yearend class party and whilst slowing down and turn left to the car park, the taxi stopped for a while and I guess that the driver was thinking whether to continue to follow me or not. I slowed down to crawling speed on the straights and looking at my rear view mirror to see if he still follow me. The taxi then move forward and left DE. To the taxi driver, in the first place, you made an illegal 'U' turn and almost knocked onto my vehicle rear. I did not horn or high beam you and I continue my journey peacefully and totally ignore you along the journey but why you choose to cut in and out of the traffic (PR DR 3) really confused me. Why you followed me to DE and did not even pickup or drop off any passenger puzzle me also. Lucky you did not follow me to the car park at Escape Themepark and confront me or you will get hell from me. Maybe you saw the 'P' plates on my vehicle windscreens and trying to create an accident and in hopping that I crash onto your taxi and you can claim your holidays, daily pay, taxi rental fee, then you can dream on as I had attended several courses on Defensive Driving, Speed Driving, Evasive Driving and Off-Course Driving (4 x 4). BTW, the 'P' plates is not for me .... I find it more stressful driving at night after 10pm as a lot of cars speeding, cutting in & out of lanes, HID headlights where super bright following behind you, lorries on 1st lane in slow speed ..... etc...
  22. VellfireS

    This guy is seriously damn lucky..

    http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...m_on_train.html Haizz.. [bigcry]
  23. Aimnfire

    Next time you wont be so lucky

    Idiot motorcyclist
  24. Within 3months... Kana fine $150 n 6 demerit points for speeding @ 91km/h in a van on PIE. Then had an accident 100% fault. Then $200 fine + 6 demerit points for the accident. Haiz... Things couldn't get any better... $ flying away freely... Pui. Blame who but myself... Well u know some days r good... Some days r bad.... Some days pass without u knowing.... Somedays are full of regret.... Somedays are just... Well.... Makes u feel really terrible n sian... Today... After a terrible morning... And also afternoon.... I was making a u-turn n couldn't make it so had to reverse... I did the turn slowly but still failed. Guess my 'slowness' pissed the car behind... So when I stopped to reverse the car behind honk many times... Like that agressive type of honking telling me what an idiot I am... So I reversed a little n made my turn n went on my way slowly... I was already so pai say... So just forget it lah... But when the proton satria neo passed me, STARE at me... So I honk 3times back... I in my lane he in his lane... WAH... He buay song... Cut into my lane n stopped... Got out of his car n walked to me... While I wind down my window... Then he shout at me "why? Horn what?"... Then I ask back "u stare what?... Just now u honk wat?" he say he honk to warn me I reverse into him. I said u honk so aggressively before I reverse. Juz tap I will know I not blind. He say he honk is to warn me and I honk him why? Not happy is it?.... So I said u stare at me that's why I honk u... U stare f--k? Then he ask me why cannot stare ah f--k... So I said I cannot honk ah? I honk u ah? Then he repeat u not happy is it?So I damn fed up liao I wore both my shoes and got out of my car n walk towards him and ask him "now what u want? U want to fight here like an idiot is it?".... By then already got on lookers n I so malu sia.... Then he point to the police station n ask me want to go there anot? Knn??? I said u the one stop me like u some gangster n now u ask me go police station... U damn malu sia.... (btw he's a malay in his forties I guess... I'm a chinese... Hence I guess tats why I said the malu n sia here n there...) So I walked back to my car... Cause got abit of jam we caused... And we parted ways like so no problem... Bloody embarrassing encounter.... Was hopping won't kanna stomp or you tube.... Then while driving to my next destination... Felt really terrible. The kind of terrible like i've disappointed my mum type. Like don't what she did to have such a son. I can imagine how she would react if she was at the scene. I don't wanna picture it to much.... Haiz haiz haiz.... What a shitty day....