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Found 23 results

  1. I just can't link a marine co. with car wash business... ... Sembcorp Marine lodges report with CAD following Brazil scandal SEMBCORP Marine said that it has lodged a report with the Commercial Affairs Department of the Singapore Police Force, after revealing last week that its yard in the south-eastern state of Brazil was raided and the facility's former president was involved in a corruption probe. Present investigations involve Martin Cheah Kok Choon, the former president of SembMarine's Brazil unit Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz (EJA), during the time when he was in the employment of the group. In this light, SembMarine has "lodged a suspicious transaction report . . . with the Commercial Affairs Department of the Singapore Police Force", according to its exchange filing on Monday. SembMarine said that Mr Cheah's employment with the group was terminated in June 2015. Other than Mr Cheah, "the company is not aware that any director or management of the company is a subject of the current investigations being conducted by the Brazilian authorities", it said. SembMarine Brazil unit involved in Operation Car Wash probe over ex-consultant SEMBCORP Marine (SembMarine) on Wednesday said it has cooperated fully with the Brazilian Federal Police after a search warrant was executed on Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz (EJA), its subsidiary in Brazil. The search warrant was in connection with ongoing investigations related to Operation Car Wash in Brazil, the country’s biggest anti-graft crackdown which sent former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to jail. The offshore and marine firm understands the search relates to investigations against Guilherme Esteves de Jesus, a former consultant engaged by EJA in Brazil who has been arrested by the Brazilian Federal Police. He is facing ongoing criminal charges which have not been concluded. Present investigations also involve Martin Cheah Kok Choon, EJA’s former president, the company added. SembMarine said it has a strict compliance programme and continuously works to ensure its policies and procedures are in place to prevent any violation of anti-corruption laws applicable to its operations. "The company wishes to reiterate that the group is committed to the highest standards of compliance with anti-corruption laws and does not condone and will not tolerate any improper business conduct," it said. The company added that it will continue to monitor developments in Brazil and other jurisdictions regarding the matter and will make appropriate announcements when there are any material developments.
  2. SINGAPORE: Several measures will be put in place to reduce vehicular speed and improve pedestrian safety at the roundabout in Marine Parade where a fatal accident took place in March. Announcing the measures on Monday (May 20), the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said it will implement tighter turning angles that lower motorists' speeds before entering the roundabout. "To slow down motorists as they turn into Silversea condominium, the turning radius will also be tightened," LTA added. SINGAPORE: Several measures will be put in place to reduce vehicular speed and improve pedestrian safety at the roundabout in Marine Parade where a fatal accident took place in March. Announcing the measures on Monday (May 20), the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said it will implement tighter turning angles that lower motorists' speeds before entering the roundabout. "To slow down motorists as they turn into Silversea condominium, the turning radius will also be tightened," LTA added. The crossing point for pedestrians will be moved to allow them to cross further away from the main flow of traffic at the roundabout, said LTA. These measures are in addition to the road warning signs and speed regulating strips announced in the wake of the accident, which killed an 82-year-old pedestrian. Residents of Marine Parade had called for more safety measures, saying they have seen motorists drive dangerously at the roundabout, and that the pavement on the perimeter of the roundabout is too narrow. The two-lane roundabout has three exits that lead to Marine Parade Road, Amber Road and the Silversea condominium. According to residents, the roundabout is heavily used by drivers to get to the city via Mountbatten Road or towards Parkway Parade on Marine Parade Road. never thought of this road as dangerous in particular. in fact i treat all roundabouts in sg as dangerous becuz we dun use it often enough to be very familiar with how a roundabout works. if want to compare which more dangerous im looking at newton circus. u see cars doing last min exits from inner lanes etc.... drivers not familiar with roundabouts, jus go slower, signal ur intentions, check b4 u exit. if its not safe to exit, just go another round. its a roundabout u can go on and on and on w/o obstructing anyone.
  3. Lai lai lai, MUMUMU!!!! Dont say I no steady, ppl keep asking and I no reply hor. TM kick start the chain of MU, let me start with the 1st one in the chain, in the EAST!!! Date: 23 Nov 2017, Thursday Time: 7pm till last man leave Venue: My Briyani House Marine Cove, 1000 ECP, Singapore449876. All are welcome. Place is big enough, parking big enough, food there are plenty. Got prata, got chinese noodle, got McD. Smokers walk 20m to the service road and enjoy under the stars. Ai TCSS list your nick below 1) Tianmo
  4. Keppel chose to pay S$570m instead of facing the bribery probe... hmm... Keppel Offshore & Marine pays S$570m to resolve Petrobras bribery probes https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/keppel-offshore-marine-pays-s570m-resolve-petrobras-bribery-probes
  5. It's that time of the year to renew my car insurance! Been with AXA for the last 2yrs. Anyone with Tokio Marine Insurance? Any feedback (good, bad or otherwise)? Thanks.
  6. Marine Cove reopens end-June: 5 things about the recreational enclave at East Coast Park The McDonald's outlet at Marine Cove features a new look: loft-like space, sleek metallic counter, yellow flooring and gigantic food decals. Photo: The Straits Times SINGAPORE - Marine Cove at East Coast Park reopens from this week, after being in development for two years. The National Parks Board (NParks) promises facilities that are family-friendly, great views of the sea and a 3,500 sqm playground with a marine theme. Here's more about the revamped park recreation area. 1. MEGA PLAY AREA FOR THE KIDS The highlight of the playground is a 8m tower modelled after a lighthouse. It comes with many play elements that include three slides, a rope bridge and climbing net courses. There are also inclusive play equipment to encourage children of different abilities to play together. They are designed to let children spin, rock and swing to improve muscle control. 2. MACS IS BACK Those hankering for the return of a 30-year-old icon can look forward to gourmet food options alongside the usual fast-food fare when McDonald's reopens on July 2. The beach-style 8,439 sq ft outlet will act as a test kitchen to incubate new products, and feature a salad bar, a dessert bar and a trio of premium burgers like the Spicy Chicken with Apple Slaw. 3. MORE DIVERSE FOOD OPTIONS While the children play, parents can chill at the new F&B outlets opening progressively from Tuesday (June 28). Family restaurant Babalicious will serve Peranakan dishes together with Hainanese chicken rice, while visitors can tuck into kopi and steamed kaya butter bread at Hill Street Coffee Shop. There is also halal-certified My Briyani House and a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlet. More details on their opening promotions here. 4. NO MORE PARKING WOES? Located at East Coast Park Area C, Marine Cove is accessible via East Coast Park Service Road. Its two carparks have been reconfigured to increase the number of parking lots. Carparks C2 and C3 will have a total of around 430 car parking lots - up from about 300 previously. 5. REMEMBER MARINE COVE'S PREVIOUS INCARNATION? Singaporeans who grew up in the 1980s will remember Marine Cove's former life as the East Coast Recreation Centre. It was developed by Mr George Wuu in 1980 and had replicas of nostalgic landmarks like the old Lido Theatre and Odeon cinemas. Marine Cove was then sold to Rock Productions, the business arm of New Creation Church which also manages The Rock Auditorium and The Star Vista, a shopping mall in Buona Vista. It bought the recreation and restaurant cluster from George Wuu in 2002 for about $10 million and renamed it Marine Cove. The land, managed by the Singapore Land Authority, was handed back to NParks in 2011 and the area closed in 2012 for redevelopment. http://news.asiaone.com/news/lifestyle/marine-cove-reopens-end-june-5-things-about-recreational-enclave-east-coast-park
  7. kudos to the NPark guys recent years got a lot of park upgrades, now got dive park NPark is really doing very well looking forward to bring kids to dive and visit http://travel.asiaone.com/article/interests/see-spores-latest-nature-parks-under-the-sea See S'pore's latest nature parks - under the sea Audrey Tan For the first time, nature appreciation in Singapore is plumbing new depths. Two dive trails at Sisters' Islands Marine Park, complete with 20 underwater signboards that provide information on marine biodiversity, are being piloted by the National Parks Board (NParks) in September. Navigating the dive trails will bring scuba divers up close with Singapore's underwater gems, such as feather stars that sway in the currents, or shy butterfly fish that zoom away when approached. The trails, part of a broader Marine Conservation Action Plan, were announced by Minister of State for National Development Desmond Lee at the Festival of Biodiversity yesterday. The plan is the latest blueprint, and Singapore's first official one, that lays out efforts to protect and enhance the country's marine heritage and biodiversity. It follows the Singapore Blue Plan 2009, a masterplan for the marine environment proposed by academics and civil society groups. Although some recommendations have been adopted - such as a recently completed comprehensive marine biodiversity survey - a cohesive marine conservation plan has never been clearly spelt out, until now. The latest effort will also include species recovery efforts to increase the populations of critically endangered native species such as giant clams and the Neptune's Cup Sponge - thought to be globally extinct since the early 1900s until it was re-discovered off St John's Island in 2011. The dive trails were developed to "encourage a deeper appreciation for Singapore's marine biodiversity", NParks said. The two circular trails are at different depths, to allow divers to enjoy different types of marine life. The Shallow Dive Trail circles around coral reef and sandy habitats 4m to 6m underwater, while the Deep Dive Trail will guide them through coral rubble and rocky and silty habitats 10m to 16m deep. Divers will also be encouraged to participate in NParks' Citizen Science programme that the Board is trying out at the trails. Each diver will be loaned a dive trail guide, which is waterproof and can be used with the activity station signboards along the trail. They can note down their observations at each station, by counting the number of fish between two markers, for example, filling in water visibility estimates, or simply jotting down general observations. Dr Karenne Tun, deputy director of the coastal and marine division of the NParks National Biodiversity Centre, said the data collected will be freely accessible on the marine park's website and updated regularly. "Citizen science can supplement other scientific surveys and help us collect a variety of long-term data, such as patterns in underwater visibility, for example," she added. Dr Huang Danwei, a marine biologist from the National University of Singapore's (NUS) biological sciences department, said that while researchers have received plenty of help from volunteers who report marine life sightings, the challenge was in standardising the data. "This programme could see scientists, NParks and recreational divers working together to enhance marine science research in Singapore," he said. Only dive operators approved by NParks can conduct the dives, and they must adhere to a code of conduct. For example, they must ensure that their divers do not take, intentionally disturb or touch marine life, and that they practise good buoyancy control - an important skill so as to avoid kicking, damaging and potentially killing marine life. For now, NParks said the plan is to limit the dive trail to a maximum of 20 divers, or two standard boat-loads, at any one time to ensure minimal damage and avoid overcrowding. But it is also doing a feasibility study to firm up the numbers. Ms Debby Ng, founder of marine conservation group Hantu Bloggers, applauded NParks' safeguards, saying that such guidelines could be a role model for industry practices. "I think the dive trails are a great idea, it is a good way to educate scuba divers on Singapore's marine biodiversity, especially since many of them were certified after diving abroad." - See more at: http://travel.asiaone.com/print/article/interests/see-spores-latest-nature-parks-under-the-sea#sthash.susTxKhy.dpuf https://www.nparks.gov.sg/gardens-parks-and-nature/parks-and-nature-reserves/sisters-islands-marine-park
  8. Sp4wn

    Fire at Marine Terrace

    Fire this morning at the coffee shop at marine terrace market ><
  9. Poohbor

    Marine Fish setup experts lip lai

    Hi, Any experts in marine tank setup here? Want to find out if it is possible to have a marine setup in a pond? The pond is outdoor (exposed to the sun) and is about 6ft - 3ft - 1.5ft. Tks in advance
  10. Just want to ask bros ur view. I was driving at night at the marine parade roundabout. I was at the outder lane. I had NO INTENTION of filtering out at the next available exit and I did not signal my intention to do so. While passing by one of the exits, a car from the inner lane suddenly swerved out and hit the front of my car. It can be argued that my frint hit his side. Anyway, my point is that the marine parade roundabout has no lane markings so there is no obligation for me to exit even on outer lane and even if one were to argue otherwise, the car from the inner lane should not have cut out suddenly. My question here is, will I lose my NCD? What proportion of blame will be awarded to me by insurers in such a situation? Just opinions or if you have facts, please say so. I now waiting to hear from insurers.
  11. It was the 2nd biggest factor in me voting for the Opposition. It may sound funny to many of you guys that even though MP is not my constituency, I should not have bothered. But it is the PAP selection process that failed and my vote says so.
  12. Vid

    PAP won Marine Parade

    ... TPL parading into Parliament :angry:
  13. Pls look for me if you need to sell your hse, I will help you find one in Aljunied or Hougang.
  14. I'm sure she is not the only Singaporean to face this problem..
  15. You are very very important!!! You guys will determine if capable and patriotic Singaporeans will come forward to serve our people depending on whether CSM and Sylvia gets elected. If they dun. Next election will see a dearth of talent for opp. More importantly, if you vote for Tin Pei Lin. Then 5 or 10 more Tin Pei Lins will be introduced in the next election in my ward!!!!!!!
  16. Yellowrx8

    Lastest!!! Marine parade!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Nm09XmOGLE...player_embedded Did i hear Kate spade and a lot of boo?
  17. Is marine parade such a hot place where everybody must drive to the location?
  18. Can someone help me confirm? I seem to recall that back in the 1980s, there was an Ikea in the Marine Parade area? Nearby was also a Cold Storage in a stand alone building?
  19. Contax

    Marine Aquarium

    I'm getting interested in the marine aquarium however I don't know where or how to start. Any master/expert or sifu around to kindly guide me ? Thanks.
  20. Today at 2 pm right most lane of ECP towards changi airport this beige latest gen thai camry rammed into blue sonata taxi, and silver magentis taxi ram into the camry the fantastic thing is 1 - the sonata boot and bumper totally crushed in, however, the front of the camry only had SOME SCRATCHES, front bumper NOT EVEN COMPROMISED! not to mention bonnet onwards. 2- the magentis had long skid marks and when collided into the camry, the wheels were turning left - magentis no ABS? 3 - the rear of the camry equally no damage, however, the front of magentis also not very damanged although had visible scratches on the front bumper case of taxi pwn camry, causing another taxi to self pwn. but camry is who says only volvos are solid?
  21. Hi Bros and Sis, Apologise for the shipment delay... I will receive them on 28 January if no further delay this time.. Thanks to those who have email me or sms for your orders... Bros and Sis who are interested.. you can add in your nick and order here.. I will send you pm or post in here once they have arrive... Here is a small promotion I have work out..>> #501 + #521 + 2 micro- fiber cloth at $55.. Individual price for #501 is $30( 473ml ) and #521 is $20 ( 650ml ) [/color] 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  22. Saw a black WRX pushed a Sunny on ECP towards city direction near Marine Parade exist just now. The Sunny was occupying the right most lane, but there were plenty of other cars in front, so don
  23. The website content looks impressive, but how about feedback from owners of this detailing cloth?