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Found 45 results

  1. I know nobody cares about Mediacorp dramas and actors though the Star Awards 2021 thread prove otherwise but let this serve as a reminder to everyone here about the dangers of drink driving and for those already convicted once for drink driving, how easy it is for one to reoffend again. Drink and drive, pay the price. Just wondering why in Shane's charge sheet (If found guilty again, he would be a repeat offender and face a driving ban of at least five years.), why wasn't a jail term mentioned?
  2. Thaiyotakamli

    Elvin Ng Tio Bully

    the bully has replied. https://www.straitstimes.com/life/entertainment/actor-patrick-lee-hits-back-at-bullying-allegations-by-co-star-elvin-ng?utm_campaign=stfb&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR2p_jRwO2Q78JW3JAkg7Jz23D9HOMWlHtXlejYhTJF6LbIgrOmaAw77bns
  3. Mediacorp is producing period drama for the first time in 20 years. The story is set in the Ming Dynasty and based on the historical figure Li Shizhen. Out of the 30 episodes, 6 episodes is in the ancient setting. The production will fly to Hengdian to film in December, and slated for broadcast on Channel 8 in May 2020. Mediacorp may produce full fledged period drama again if the response of this show is good. https://www.zaobao.com.sg/zentertainment/movies-and-tv/story20191002-993825 Hope it won't be a flop
  4. Dream

    Mediacorp Drama

    Why are mediacorp drama nowadays keep bashing "nan-ren" (men)? Are the scripts written by girl with vengeance?
  5. Anybody following the latest 9pm drama? Singapore x Taiwan co-production suspense drama. Not a lot of Mediacorp fans here but finally a serious drama! Filmed in SG and Taiwan, a mixture of SG actors and Taiwanese actors, relatively big names in the local acting scene (Zoe Tay, Fann Wong, Desmond Tan, Chen Han Wei, Paige Chua, Ian Fang, Zhang Yao Dong). When was the last time you watched a Zoe Tay X Fann Wong drama? This production is helmed by Award-winning Taiwanese director-producer Wang Shaudi. Actually what's interesting is the parallel plots presented as two interwoven series. Two episodes will air each day - Singapore plotline 9pm to 10pm on Channel 8, and Taiwan plotline 10pm to 11pm on Channel U. In Mediacorp words below: Multi-platform format. Hinging upon the real-life high-profile hacking of ATMs across Taiwan in 2016, All Is Well will thread two parallel plots, both sparked by the same seismic cyber-crime that occurs in the first episode of each series. Events diverge in dramatically different directions in each series, before coalescing to a heart-stopping head in the final episodes of both series. Therein lies the twist in this dual-action drama: The Taiwan- and Singapore-situated sequences can either be enjoyed as standalone series or watched in tandem to tease out the intricate interlinks between the two. If you haven't been watching Mediacorp productions for a really long time, maybe this is a good time to support your local production again. Lots of panning skyline shots of the famous Singapore backdrop and even the beautiful Taipei City! Let's see how this plays out!
  6. Jman888

    RIP Uncle 白言

    99 years old. https://www.zaobao.com.sg/realtime/singapore/story20190819-982131?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR0az8ZWIgu_xtiIJmViwCwdwujVtXY7_yUG43L0H5u93Yz_PrQuU7iFBtk#Echobox=1566180533
  7. Mediacorp version of “安心偷情”? They say the conversation was done in jest. Ian Fang and Carrie Wong have been sliding into each other’s DMs. Screengrabs of a private Instagram conversation between the two stars have been leaked and its contents, which contain coarse language and sexual innuendos, are eye-opening, to say the least. (Scroll down to read the DMs.) It is not known who leaked the messages but both stars have confirmed the veracity of the conversation, which we hear happened in February. What makes this news shocking is that Carrie just went public with her relationship with her Taiwanese beau Boris Lin on Valentine’s Day in February while Ian has long been rumoured to be dating Rebecca Lim. Carrie and Ian, who say they are not in a relationship with each other, have each released statements in which they clarify that what transpired between the two of them was written in jest and so should not be taken seriously. Ian wrote: “With regards to a private conversation between me and my good friend Carrie Wong that’s been circulating online, I’m very shocked. For this, I want to apologise to everyone for my inappropriate behaviour. Carrie and I are such good friends that there is nothing we can’t say to each other. I admit that the language we used was vulgar and inappropriate and I apologise for that. I also feel bad for those who have read the messages. As a public figure, I will pay more attention to my actions in the future." In her statement, Carrie said: “Ian and I have been good friends for many years, and we don’t put too much thought into what we say to each other. The indecent language we used in our private conversation has caused a lot of unnecessary worry and hurt to everyone, and I’m deeply regretful for causing that. I’ve been reflecting a lot on my actions after the incident and I take responsibility for my inappropriate language. I am also grateful to my boyfriend for his trust and I want to offer my deepest apologies to everyone.” Ivy Low, head of Mediacorp’s The Celebrity Agency, has also a released a statement: “The conversation, as we understand it, was a private exchange conducted in jest. However, it was distasteful and inappropriate. The parties involved are deeply embarrassed and have no doubt, taken away many lessons from this unfortunate incident. We expect our artistes, being public figures, to conduct themselves professionally and appropriately at all times.” Scroll down to read some of the DMs which 8days.sg has translated into English. DM 1/4 Carrie: “Hahaha” Carrie: “I’ll miss it.” Carrie: “Are you going to give it?” Ian: “If I didn’t want anything I wouldn’t disturb you.” Ian: “Silly or not?” Ian: “It’s so comfortable sleeping with you.” Ian: “Can doze off so easily.” Ian: “Hahahahahaha” Carrie: “Really…” Carrie: “Falling asleep fast…” Carrie: “Doesn’t take more than one… (the message is blocked)” Ian: “I’m looking forward to the next time.” Carrie: “You can at least… (the message is blocked)” Ian: “Oh” DM 2/4 Carrie: “You gave me such a cute teeheee.” Carrie: “I can only smile to myself.” Ian: “Damn.” Ian: “What are you doing now?” Carrie: “I’ve got a meeting tomorrow, and a lot of other stuff.” Carrie: “I still haven’t received [the scripts] to 10 episodes.” Ian: “So busy.” Ian: “What time will you reach the office tomorrow?” Ian: “If there’s fate, let’s ****.” Ian: “I mean let’s kiss.” Ian: “Hahahahahahahah.” Carrie: “10am meeting, I’ll probably reach at 9am.” DM 3/4 Carrie: “In what way do you mean?” Ian: “Spiritually, physically.” Carrie: “I can spiritually haha. Carrie: “I’ve had to bear with it for so many years.” Ian: “What about physically?” Carrie: “Please don’t leave a bruise.” Ian: “Haha, you little idiot.” Ian: “I’ll try.” Ian: “I plant more strawberries.” (‘Strawberries’ is Taiwanese slang for ‘lovebites’.) Carrie: “If you cause me pain again, I will really bite you back.” DM 4/4 Ian: “Of course you have much better qualities than she does, the last time I was talking to her, I was thinking to myself, how much I missed you. So… that’s four years ago.” Carrie: “You have so many times. I don’t know which time” Carrie: “Oh god.” Carrie: “Before I could read the full message, I only saw, “Of course you have much better qualities than she does, she and I have….” Ian: “Hahahahahahahahaha” Ian: “Stupid or what.” Carrie: “I’m only stupid when I’m with you.” Ian: “My god. Then it means I’m causing you harm. Such an outstanding, pretty girl.” Carrie: “The most outstanding and the prettiest.” Carrie: “Hahahahahaha” Carrie: “Good that you know that.”
  8. All of MediaCorp's seven free-to-air channels will go fully digital by December 2013. Channel 5, Channel 8, Suria and Vasantham will be transmitted in HD by then, while the remaining three (Channel NewsAsia, Okto and Channel U) will be in HD by 2016. The move marks another milestone in Singapore's roadmap in making the digital switchover, where analogue signals will be completely switched off by 2020. To enjoy digital TV, the Media Development Authority said no action is required from those who currently subscribe to pay-TV with StarHub or SingTel, as they already receive the channels digitally. Those without pay-TV can continue using their current TV sets but they will need to purchase an antenna and a DVB-T2 digital receiver. However there is no need to rush for the receivers now, as they are likely to be made available in Singapore only from March or April 2013. To reap the full benefits of digital TV and the high definition channels that will be transmitted, viewers may want to opt for a new digital HDTV set. MDA said even when the free-to-air channels are transmitted digitally at the end of 2013, analogue transmissions will continue. The simulcast period is to give ample time for viewers to make the necessary adjustments to embrace digital TV. MDA said it will be working closely with MediaCorp, major manufacturers and electronics stores on an educational campaign to help consumers prepare for the digital switchover. MediaCorp said: "As the planned switchover to digital broadcasting is scheduled to complete only by December 2013, we will make an announcement when more details become available towards the second half of next year." http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1208529/1/.html
  9. I am watching the television now....Channel 8....I saw an advert for a variety show which the chef move to some ulu place for cooking...then I thought didn't I saw something similar done by the koreans recently on out free to air channel as well ???? we really having a brain drain that we almost copying all the variety show from other countries???? sad
  10. One month after a MediaCorp actress was rumored to be moon-lighting as a social escort, another actress found herself in the spotlight again for her sexual peccadilloes. According to a Chinese tabloid, though the actress appearance is of the
  11. I'm surprised this thread hasnt been started. Maybe cos we not kpo like EDMW but now even Julie Tan has been implicated in it... Even more drama than their Mediacorp drama. lol. For those who have no idea whats going on.. https://www.8days.sg/sceneandheard/entertainment/hong-huifang-says-she-s-no-longer-friends-with-pan-lingling-10554498 https://www.8days.sg/sceneandheard/entertainment/the-stars-involved-in-the-hong-huifang-pan-lingling-feud-have-10559442
  12. SPH to divest stakes in Mediacorp TV and Press while Today newspaper will go fully digital Singapore Press Holdings plans to divest its 20 per cent stake in Mediacorp TV and 40 per cent stake in Mediacorp Press, the publisher of the Today newspaper, for $18 million, the firm said on Friday (Aug 25). The proposed divestment follows Mediacorp’s decision to cease the print edition of Today. http://www.straitstimes.com/business/companies-markets/sph-to-divest-stakes-in-mediacorp-tv-and-press-while-today-newspaper-will http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/today-newspaper-to-cease-print-edition-go-fully-digital-9157872 Hopefully, SGCM and MCF aren't next on the block.
  13. Recently I had to subscribe to Toggle Prime for my wife because of the Channel 8 drama that is showing now at 9pm. The one with the Xiao San. Ok so Toggle Prime's subscription is relatively cheap at $9.90 a month. There are also movies that you can watch, only for Prime subscription. My question is... It seem to me they only have less than 30 movies on their list and most of their movies are outdated. Or maybe I'm not searching it right. Pretty Woman, Starship Troopers......... Anyone else subscribe to Toggle Prime? Is it even worth the $9.90 per month. I'm thinking to terminate next month.
  14. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/entertainment/gold-90-5fm-s-the-flying/1557394.html?cid=FBSG Mark van Cuylenburg, better known as The Flying Dutchman, shared this with listeners Tuesday morning, saying that he was going to be pursuing his own interests. His last show will be on Wednesday. SINGAPORE: After 18 years of charming listeners with his voice, GOLD 90.5FM host The Flying Dutchman (FD) will be leaving MediaCorp. FD, whose real name is Mark van Cuylenburg, shared this with listeners Tuesday morning (Dec 30), saying that he was going to be pursuing his own interests such as travelling with his wife. It's been an incredible 18 years but life is about evolving, its about change and change has to be embraced. It's very exciting," said Mr van Cuylenburg, who will be signing off from the show on Wednesday. FD started his career with the then Radio Corporation Singapore in December 1996 and had spent 17 years hosting Class 95FMs The Morning Express and over a year hosting GOLD 90.5FMs The Gold Breakfast Show. Said Ms Erina Cook, Assistant Vice President of Gold 90.5FM, Radio, MediaCorp: Ive had the pleasure of working with Mark since he joined Class 95FM in 1996. He has connected well with listeners and he willingly shares his experiences and ideas with colleagues. I wish him a good break. Vernetta Lopez will continue hosting The Gold Breakfast Show, said Ms Cook.
  15. Ender

    Singapore First Hokkien Drama

    Starts today 12pm. MAybe can catch on toggle later.
  16. Hi anyone got tickets to this coming weekend Star awards 2016 part one? Where do people get them? I can't find any info on the web, it would be awesome if you guys have spare tickets lying around. I don't mind paying a token sum of $50 and collect at your convenience! :) Or are there any official channels to get the tickets from?
  17. Stooky

    Mediacorp new logo

  18. Jman888

    The Spartan Race Singapore

    who is going for it?
  19. Quite funny...love to see actress and actor when they are not acting... http://tv.toggle.sg/en/shows/sabo/episodes
  20. kobayashiGT


    Anyone got watch this TV show? And this 90 sec of rant from this actor really pour out alot of Singaporeans guys' heart!
  21. http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drin...ga-4124501.html Head of IT, a Thai FT here chop the entire dept of n replaced it with a $10 company. WTF. Mediacorp is afterall, a local comany!
  22. Shanghai woman claims a Mediacork actor is the papa of her baby because of ONS. She is now in town with the baby to seek out this actor. Wonder who? Gong xi gong xi Nowadays the saucy news really come hard and fast
  23. The intention is right but I guess the action is mixed with too much emotion.... SINGAPORE: Former MediaCorp actor Ng Aik Leong, better known as Huang Yiliang, was fined $3,000 on Thursday for hurting a woman who failed to clean up after her dog. The 50-year-old man, who left MediaCorp in 2008 and currently owns a production house, pleaded guilty to voluntarily causing hurt. The altercation took place near Toa Payoh Lorong 2 on May 20, 2011. 48-year-old Mdm Tan Buay Huang was walking her dog when Ng noticed from inside his car that she did not dispose of her dog's faeces properly. He drove up to her and scolded her for not cleaning up. Both parties started to quarrel and the incident escalated to the point where Ng and the victim started video-recording and taking pictures of each other with their handphones. The court also heard that Mdm Tan later tried to prevent Ng from leaving by standing in front of his car. Ng then got out of his car, grabbed Mdm Tan's neck and pushed her aside, causing her to fall. He continued taunting her while holding her down forcefully. In his mitigation, Ng's lawyer Mr Bala Chandran, said the scuffle arose as a result of Mdm Tan's actions rather than Ng's own volition. He added that Ng was "merely doing a civic duty by requesting the victim to pick up her dog's faeces". However, in response, Deputy Public Prosecutor Crystal Tan argued that Ng was clearly badgering Mdm Tan by taunting and honking at her. In addition, she said video footage revealed that Ng had admitted he was bothering Mdm Tan intentionally, and even threatening to send her to jail. In sentencing, District Judge Lee Poh Choo addressed the root of the incident, noting that it "arose from the ungracious behaviour of an irresponsible dog owner". While she said that Ng was right in confronting Mdm Tan, she added that he had "unfortunately went overboard", and reacted in an "ungentlemanly manner". The court also heard that Mdm Tan, who suffered multiple abrasions, will not be seeking compensation. Ng could have been jailed up to two years, and fined $5,000. - CNA/wm
  24. A Vessel costs you 95K versus $112.9K for a 1.5L Honda City Any people here who know something about boats can verify what was broadcasted?
  25. If u have missed the "Big Factories" on Tata Nano , the World Cheapest Car, test drive by Mediacorp host Lee Teng, here's the link on xinmsn: http://video.xin.msn.com/watch/video/ep-7-...biles/1gq47wgz8 Here's some spec for 2012 Tata Nano: Engine Type 624 cc, 2 cylinder, MPFI Maximum Torque 51 Nm @ 4000