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  1. With EV going mainstream in the next few years, the automotive industry is going through a hard "reset", so will the once viewed as problematic French manufacturer turn the tide while riding on the next wave? Let see... Straddling between crossover and chunky hatchback territory, this electrified Mégane E-Tech is a less glorified production version of last year’s Mégane eVision concept study. If you find the outline kind of familiar, it is because it bear similar proportions to the new Nissan Ariya Electric Crossover, which it shares the same CMF-EV plat
  2. Dear Seniors, I will like to ask if any of you are driving this particular model, as I have been experiencing it gearbox problems. A couple of time while in the jam, the panel will display a red message warning me that the Auto gearbox over heated. Did went and told the service staff at Wearners, which they told me that this car is using dual clutch. In a traffic jam situation, it will be advisable that i put it to neutral to prevent it from overheating, as the clutch system well keep on engaging while stationary during the jam. The other problem that i am experiencing is that at times,
  3. Another high-performance car has been spotted in a crash while going at a good speed. Our latest post shows a Black Renault Megane RS going at a decent speed before losing control while stepping on his brakes. e166fed5-f4f3-4fbc-b00b-9de415dbd071.MP4 From the video, we can see that the driver was trying to avoid the road works in his lane but curiously, the car seems to have malfunctioned while he was on his brakes. If you looked at the video carefully, you could see straight black lines on the road, indicating that the tyres locked up before he slammed into the left side
  4. Something to compete against the likes of the more establish brand Renault Alpine A110 light weight at 1080 with 1.8 T, seems very Alfa kind of formula
  5. Looks like the hot Hatch category getting interesting next Year You Have the Renault RS which is zero to 100 in about 5.7 to 6 sec New engine. Not as ricey as the Civic and tamer. Functional Diffuser. 4 Wheel Steering, which may not be everyone's liking. Hopefully, they nail it this time round. Its downsize to 1.8T instead of 2.0 T so I suspect no replacement for displacement means the 150 to 200 kmh range will be slower on the straight. Comes stock at 280 bhp while GTi is 235 bhp. vs Civic 308 bhp. Let see what kind of prices. If the number falls in the 145 to 155 K
  6. Upon reaching adulthood, you're faced with two choices. You can either take your chances with our public transport network to get to work or spend half of whatever amount of money you have left to your name to buy a car. If you've decided to go with the latter, why not get a hatchback? It's probably the most sensible option for a tiny island country such as ours. In recognition of that, MyCarForum has partnered with Volkswagen to present you one of our favourite hatchbacks - the Volkswagen Golf. Click here to register! Last date of reg is 20 May JOIN US FOR OUR MCF HANGOUT WITH
  7. Yo bros and sis, I'm planning to change to a conti ride and was crossed between a Renault Megane 1.6(A) or a VW Jetta 1.6(A). Any experience and comments for these cars? I owned a Renault 5 before but that was donkey years back. I should say this car has lotsa problems. Everyweek squat at the workshop waiting for it to be repaired. Has Renault improved over the years? Thanks!
  8. hi all, as above. need first-hand comments on maintenance and performance. pm me if too private to share? Thanks all
  9. I know one is turbo and the other is NA. One has stop production and other is very new. Which one will you choose for its performance?
  10. Anybody care to comments? Pros and cons? Am helping a friend looking for 07 1.6 sedan with 6.2k depreciation. Currently market doesn't allow him to look at Toyota (VIOS) or Nissan (Latio) as the depreciation is ridiculously high at 8k-9k plus. Only 4 door sedan please. strictly no hatchback. Would interested to know more on Megane in terms of maintenance, fc and parts cost compared to GLX and Avante. So far, Megane has the highest OMV of 19-20K with low depreciation of 5k+ annually and 10k scrap return.
  11. Hi dear all, What is your opinion on the car above?Fuel consumption, wear and tear, and most importantly, servicing intervals and cost because I am all fine about installaments, insurance blah blah blah but they say Renault items are very expensive and their servicing (Wearnes) price cut throat! Haha! :o
  12. [extract] When Renault took over Dacia in the late 1990s, the Romanian automaker car models look rather drab. Most of their cars had boxy shaped shells, as though the cars were from the 1970s or 1980s. Some would contribute this to the Communists influence in Romania (could
  13. Comments please? Which will you choose? Glass roof of the Renault, anyone who owns one cares to comment - is it really that hot on a sunny day with roof up? thks
  14. http://paultan.org/archives/2008/09/10/off...door-hatchback/
  15. Hey guys, i saw this new car being test driven today around woodlands. At first glance, thought it was a VW Sirocco, but it the car was bearing the renault logo! Very beautiful yellow with black rims. Very beautiful car man! Packs 240horses! http://www.vicky.in/international/2009/03/...e-packs-247bhp/
  16. As above. Anyone driving one? please share your view and comments.
  17. Renault Megane 1.6A Steptronic http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-2Aja6Tlp-1037.html Toyota Altis 1.6A 4 speed http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-2A0R7PDN-1159.html Megane's OMV is S$4K more than Altis' OMV Continental car with steptronic for same annual depreciation as Thai assembled Altis. Would you take the Megane? If not, why?
  18. Dont use the right lane to turn if you cant keep in lane. Going towards woodlands and you had to use the second lane to turn. Btw, she was under the railway track just before rail mall. What if theres a car beside you? Krambo already.
  19. Wonder how much will this thing cost when it reaches our shoresLooks expensive. Pictures: [inline Meg1.jpg] [inline Meg2.jpg] [inline Meg3.jpg] Video here: http://www.dailymotion.com/relevance/searc...commercial_auto
  20. Was crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing when I saw this black Megane (SFC464*T)came at a high speed and jammed brakes stopping after the stop line of the crossing. I looked at the driver and saw the female yawning with her mouth really wide open. That 40-ish woman really had a big mouth. I checked the TP website and was delighted to find out that she had an outstanding summon, served her right: Date of Offence Nature of Offence Amount (S$) Demerit Points 05/05/2007 SPEEDING (EXCEED SPEED LIMIT OF 70KMPH ROAD) UNDER SEC 63(4)RTA CAP 276 (21-30KMPH) 150 6
  21. Hi! anyone driving renault kindly post some comment on this car . 1)which workshop to do minor servicing with reasonable charge 2)any extra service to do on the convert motor 3)any re-fine tune ecu for this car
  22. Hello, was wondering if any owners of the above models (all 1.6L cars for around $71k; Ford Focus not being considered) would be able to give me feedback on the following aspects: 1) the quality of the cars ie any defects causing trouble requiring workshop repair within lets say, the first 3 years 2) the technical support by the dealerships 3) generally what they're like to drive on a daily basis. Looking for feedback on what it's like to own any of these on a long term basis, having test driven them. Thanks so much!
  23. A used megane is abt $55k. Is this a good buy ?
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