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Found 63 results

  1. I signed a sales agreement to purchase a Carens on 24th February 2018 at KIA Fulco Ubi. It was a display model and I received a generous $2000 discount for it. It was a July 2017 model, so I reckoned that it has been in the showroom for at least 8 months already. The next day, I went to KIA Alexandra to view the car. The car is full of stickers but I didn’t mind since the $2000 discount was generous. Before signing the agreement, the salesperson assured me once COE is secured they will remove the car from the showroom immediately. He claimed the registration process would be faster if I buy this display car since the car is already in the showroom. Sounded good to me. COE was secured more than 2 weeks ago on the 21st of March 2018. After being told that the COE was secured, I informed him that I hoped to get the car within 7-10 days. He told me that it is not possible as KIA was flooded with a lot of new registrations. He said he could deliver the car on 10th April at the earliest. The disappointing thing was that there had been no updates from the salesperson since 21st March. Since there is a lack of update and it’s already 7th April, I decided to take a trip to KIA Alexandra this morning to see if the car is still in the showroom. To my surprise, I saw the car still displayed in the showroom! Now, the car has more stickers than usual and has a lot of unsightly marks from previous stickers. Also, for the whole duration I was there, the lights were switched on. Sigh, God knows what will happen to the battery. I informed the salesperson of my disappointment. I told him that he had promised me that the car will be out of the showroom once COE is secured but the car is still there! It seems to me that they were intentionally delaying to deliver the car because they want to continue to use it as a display model. Looking at the state of the car now, it seemed to be in a more “abused” condition than when I saw the car on the 25th February. I wished I was informed about this issue earlier. Personally, with my dealings with businesses, I try to be understanding as much as possible. To be honest, I won’t mind if the car is still on display for one extra weekend since I understand that they need some time to get a replacement car.....but putting the car on display for another 3 extra weekends without telling me is just unethical. I think they were simply taking their chances that I would never find out. I am very disappointed that an AD is capable of lying and deceiving a customer like that. I was hoping for a small and kind compensation since my car was unnecessarily “abused” for a further unnecessary 3 weeks but their response was just a “sorry, we will take out your car from the showroom after this weekend. You should know that you are buying a display car. If you want a new car, get a new car.” Such an amazing response. I wish to seek advice if there are any recourse I could take. For one, I can go to CASE to lodge a formal complaint. Also, is it possible for me to get back my deposit if I refuse to buy the car in its current state? I understand that the TCOE will expire in 6 months. Hope you can offer me some advice. :)
  2. therock

    Vantage Motors Sells BYD

    https://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/motoring/ford-agent-lands-byd-dealership I'm excited by the prospects of the introduction of BYD cars, but I'm apprehensive about Vantage Motors as their agent... Their track record with Ford has not been the best.. As for the idea of buying an electric car, there's a whole debate on how green they really are, especially when you take into account the carbon footprint of making the battery and it's disposal. As for buying Chinese, that's ok, there are different levels of QC - their local Chinese market ones can be quite nasty, but their better ones are very impressive. I think they will want to put their best food forward.. and already BYD cars are being used as taxis.. Vantage will be pleased, their business has been rather slow recently.. BTW mods: BYD is not a selectable option in the list of car brands for discussion... FYI...
  3. Made-in-Singapore sports car set to hit the road in 2023 Local firm Catalyst Motors in final stages of building rolling chassis for prototype vehicle https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/made-in-spore-sports-car-set-to-hit-the-road-in-2023 Singapore's first electric supercar unveiled at Geneva Motor Show https://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/motoring/singapores-first-supercar-unveiled-at-geneva-motor-show
  4. josephywj

    Avoid Rexy Motors

    Darn pissed off with this company. When they sold me this car at $37000 in April 2019, mileage was at 113,000km. When i went to service at Borneo, they told me the last serviced mileage in March 2019 was 208,000km. WTF man. Another case of odometer tampering. I managed to bug the dealer, and they gave me back my full refund. I asked them to compensate me for the solar film, new tyres, glass sealant and new headlights and fog lights i changed, they refused. Idiots. and now they are selling off the car with all my add ons, hoping to scan someone else. Guess what, the car that they sold me is back on the market for 2 weeks, i got friends to enquire, and they reported to them mileage of 122,000km instead of 217,000km. Careful you guys out there! One dishonest company we have here! They told me they didnt tamper *sniggers* https://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=816726&DL=1198 Rexy Motor Trading Company Address: 61 Ubi Ave 2, #03-04, Singapore 408898 Automobile Megamart Phone: 6468 0082
  5. Acemundo

    Regent Motors

    while applying the tyre shine on my tyres, i just discovered something. the dumb regent motors swopped one of my tyres/rims wrongly during my 30K servicing! its now 34K on my odometer. I find 3 tyres on conti eco and another 1 on pirelli. i remember vividly i had conti eco for all 4 tyres all the while! what will you guys do if you were me?
  6. Born with 'gasoline in his blood,' GM's Reuss adds president to long list of duties https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/03/gms-reuss-adds-president-keeps-other-assignments.html General Motors named company insider Mark Reuss as president Thursday. The 55-year-old's father also served as GM president nearly three decades ago. Reuss was once seen as a contender for CEO before Mary Barra got the job. Mark Reuss, the global head of General Motors' product development operations, will add "president" to his already expansive list of duties — the latest in a series of management tweaks under CEO Mary Barra. The 55-year-old Reuss – whose father also served as GM president nearly three decades ago – replaces Dan Ammann. Ammann moved over to the company's autonomous vehicle subsidiary, Cruise Automation, last November. But Reuss will assume only some of Ammann's former duties in a paired down role as president, allowing him to retain his current focus on product. Saying that Reuss has played a "critical role" at GM in his current assignment, GM Chairman and CEO Barra added, "Mark's global operational experience, deep product knowledge and strong leadership will serve us well as we continue to strengthen our current business, take advantage of growth opportunities and further define the future of personal mobility." Gasoline in his veins Reuss is wont to say he has "gasoline in his blood." Having trained as an engineer, his duties as product development chief have been as much passion as avocation. It is a job that frequently lets him shed his suit and tie for a helmet and fireproof racing suit while testing new products at the General Motors Proving Grounds in Milford, Michigan, an hour northwest of its corporate headquarters along the Detroit riverfront. He joined the automaker in 1983 as a student intern. It was a period of massive change under then-Chairman and CEO Jack Smith. In 1990, as the controversial chairman retired, Mark Reuss's father Lloyd was named GM president, but he held that post only two years before being ousted in the first in a series of activist investor-led revolts. The younger Reuss remained with GM and, over the next two decades served in a broad mix of posts testing his business acumen as well as his engineering skills. That included a run as head of the automaker's long-struggling Australian subsidiary, Holden, which recently shuttered its manufacturing operations. Big break Reuss got his big break in 2001 when he was tasked with creating a new performance division where he got the chance to oversee development of a variety of vehicles, including the Chevrolet Corvette, as well as the reborn Chevy Camaro. While never generating significant volume, those products helped shine GM's star, tarnished by some of the poorly reviewed products it had produced during the 1980s and 1990s, an era when it was sometimes dismissed as "Malaise Motors." But things continued to go from bad to worse for the company saddled with debt and facing ever tougher competition from European and Asian imports. By 2010, GM was forced to enter a carefully managed bankruptcy, surviving only with the help of a massive federal bailout. Most of its top management team, starting with then-Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner, were unceremoniously booted, much as Lloyd Reuss had been nearly two decades earlier. Son Mark was, however, one of the survivors. Plum assignment And he landed a plum assignment that would test both the business and product side of his skills as the new head of North American Operations. By mid-decade, Reuss was seen as a potential contender for CEO. But as Dan Akerson, an industry outsider who joined GM post-bankruptcy, announced his retirement, the job instead went to another top lieutenant. Like Reuss, Mary Barra had also started at GM as a college co-op student and also came from a GM family – though her father was a factory "shop rat." For his part, Reuss got a major consolation prize, heading global product development – a job that frequently leds him shed his suit and tie for a helmet and fireproof racing suit. Last June, he was also named head of Cadillac and has been heavily involved in the development of a stream of new vehicles expected to roll out of the luxury brand every six months through 2021. Too many hats Under his new assignment as president, Reuss will retain those roles, a decision that analyst Joe Phillippi, head of AutoTrends Consulting, questions. Though Reuss is "very talented," Phillippi said, "he had too many hats to start with. There should be someone running product development and that's all they do all day." Whether Reuss might eventually shed some of his duties remains to be seen, but observers say that GM's upper management ranks appear to be in a bit of a flux. If anything, the company had indicated it wasn't going to name a new president when Ammann moved over to Cruise Automation as CEO of the San Francisco-based autonomous vehicle development company last November. For those worried that Reuss may find his time spread thin, a GM spokesman told CNBC that the company's new president won't take over all of the duties that had been on Ammann's plate. Full speed When the former president was reassigned, CEO Barra took over responsibility for managing both the automaker's global regions, as well as its "captive" finance subsidiary, GM Financial. Chief Financial Officer Dhivya Suryadevara, meanwhile, assumed control over GM's corporate development operations. Reuss will take on one new role, overseeing GM's quality control operations which, the automaker noted, dovetails well with his product development duties. Long faulted for reliability issues, GM has, in recent years, made rapid gains, particularly with its Buick and Chevrolet brands, according to studies by outside arbiters such as J.D. Power and Associates. "I am very proud to have spent my entire career at General Motors, and to now take on this new role is truly a great honor," Reuss said in a statement Thursday. "With our current lineup of outstanding cars, trucks and crossovers around the world, I'm looking forward to keeping our momentum going at full speed."
  7. Hi Members, I m unfamiliar with KM servicing hence i hope the experienced folks here can help answer some questions, short of calling them direct and getting templated answers. I m driving a frd's FD in his absence, and the car is due for 20k servicing. 1) KM policy of allowing own oil to be brought? 2) 1.8L FD uses 4L or 5L engine oil? 3) what entails 20k servicing and estimate costs? 4) To leave car for entire day and come back later? What is the norm? Many thanks
  8. https://discoversg.com/2017/05/04/aims-by-autobahn-motors/
  9. Garlic

    Borneo Motors

    Hi guys, I'm planning to share a carton of RP with my friend, does BM allow toyota owners to bring their own oil? Tks :)
  10. I was at Ford Leng Kee on 5th of December for the Ford late night sale with a friend who was interested in the Ford Focus 1.6A 5Dr. When we were there, they asked if we needed this 5-point check, and since thinking that it was free. why not go for it? My air-con was in 100% working condition when I sent in the vehicle. When I took back my vehicle after we decided to leave, my air-con, which is the manual knob type, was switched all the way till '4'. I tried turning it back down, but my '1', '2' and '3' didn't work anymore. I called the service side immediately, but they insisted no one from their dept touched my air-con at all. I kept telling them I just want the personnel who turned my air-con to '4' to own up, since it was pretty clear whosoever left it there was the culprit. They then said there was nothing they can do, and I could have sent in the car with my air-con spoilt and now in turn pushing the blame to them. I told them I did not need them to pay for the repairs, I just need the culprit to own up, but they said there was nothing they could do. Angrily, I called up the sales personnel who was with us that night, and she said to call me back and hung up on me. She did not bother to call back, and so I called up the following day again, and all she could say was that she had informed her manager, and there was nothing she could do, and again, she said there was a possibility I sent in the car with the air-con faulty, again!! I repeated myself again I did not need them to pay for the repairs, I just need the culprit to own up, but she said there was nothing she could do either, and accused me of raising my voice at her!!! I sent in my vehicle on the very following Monday on the 7th of Dec, and till now, no one from Ford bothered to call back. I am not against Regent Motors or anything, even though I used to own a Peugeot and had really bad servicing experiences from them. But since I had to go through bad services from them again, I just wish to share my experience and let someone do the judging for me. All I wish for is some justice, and if anyone out there were to be interested in any vehicles from Regent Motors, kindly read through my story and comment, thank you.
  11. Dear all, Would appreciate Opel and Chevrolet owners to provide feedback on their after sales service. Thanks!
  12. Borneo Motors Singapore plans to redevelop its Pandan Crescent property into an eight-storey complex housing various motor businesses. Borneo Motors Singapore (BMS) has revealed plans to redevelop its Pandan Crescent property into an eight-storey complex. The new project will be used to house its various motor vehicle businesses. Experts in the field estimated the project to cost around $40 million. BMS is the distributor for automotive brands such as Toyota, Lexus, Suzuki and Hino. It is part of Inchcape Group of the United Kingdom and has its flagship complex located at 33 Leng Kee Road - where it houses Toyota and Lexus showrooms. The Pandan Crescent property is currently used to house the showroom for Suzuki cars, as well as the company's bodywork and paintshop facilities. The Business Times reported that the new project will start by this mid-year. Meanwhile, retail business for Suzuki will be shifted to a ground floor unit at Ubi Megamart from May.
  13. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/Tata-Motors-managing-director-Karl-Slym-falls-off-Bangkok-hotel-dies/articleshow/29426972.cms Tata Motors managing director Karl Slym falls off Bangkok hotel, dies TNN & Agencies | Jan 27, 2014, 12.25AM IST NEW DELHI/BANGKOK: Tata Motors managing director Karl Slym died on Sunday after apparently falling from a high floor of a five-star hotel in Bangkok. Slym, who was scripting a revival strategy for the company, had gone to Thailand to attend a board meeting of the firm's unit there. A company spokesperson said a postmortem would be carried out on Monday. Details about the accident were sketchy. Bloomberg quoted a company spokeswoman as saying that he fell from the city's Shangri-La hotel, where he was staying, Slym, 51, a British national, was known to be an affable and highly-focused manager. He was the head of GM's India operations before joining Tata Motors in October 2012. He was the first expatriate and the fourth managing director of the $100 billion Tata Group's flagship company, Tata Motors. "Karl (Slym) joined us in October 2012, and was a valued colleague who was providing strong leadership at a challenging time for the Indian auto industry. In this hour of grief, our thoughts are with Karl's wife and family," Tata Motors chairman Cyrus P Mistry said in a statement. Tata Motors has been going through a rough patch particularly as buyers shunned the low-cost Nano after its spectacular debut in March 2009. It's other cars such as the Indica and Indigo too have struggled in a market hit by the economic slowdown. As part of a restructuring exercise Slym last week had announced a voluntary retirement scheme to trim costs. Slym, who had a Master of Science in Business Administration from Stanford University, was not new to challenges. Between 2007 and 2011, he had steered GM India through very tough times. Hit hard by the global economic slump after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, GM had gone bankrupt in the US, denting consumer confidence even in India. He soon came out with an answer to instil confidence among buyers, unleashing the 'Chevy promise' campaign, where he appeared in ads with his hand over the heart, promising to offer free maintenance and service for all GM cars for three years after payment of a nominal amount. The scheme worked for GM India. Although, Slym left for China, his stint at GM India had come under scrutiny a few months ago after the government ordered an enquiry over the recall of Tavera. Slym returned to India within a year, but joined Tata Motors. In an interview with TOI last Wednesday he exuded confidence and said the company may be down, but not out. In what was perhaps his last media interview, Slym also told TOI that he was confident that the Nano would bounce back in a modern and young avatar, and had detailed plans for new launches. "We are confident of regaining our second-biggest Indian carmaker position as we move ahead with new plans," he had said. Besides work, Slym loved cricket. He was upset of not getting a Mumbai Indians T-shirt of his size ahead of the 2013 IPL final match. "His death comes at a time when the company seems to be close to turning the corner, with new designs and a new petrol engine family, which hasn't been Tata's strong point," Anil Sharma, an analyst with IHS Automotive was quoted as saying by Reuters news agency. Tata Motors recently introduced a new petrol engine for its passenger vehicles and has been planning to launch a new hatchback and compact sedan this year, its first new branded passenger vehicles since 2010. "It (his death) comes before his efforts bear fruit. We should be able to see the results of his work in a year or two," Sharma said.
  14. Sokinky

    C H motors

    hi anyone has any experience with C H motors..good or bad? like to sent in my car for performance part upgrade and unichip tuning..want to find out more abt this workshop before senting my car in..thks for ur help...
  15. Anyone send in their accident vehicle to Borneo motors for repair? Can I noe wats the procedures like? Will we be able to get a courtesy car while being repaired? For claiming purpose, bm will settle rite? Thx..
  16. Anyone invited for special sales event on saturday 6july from11am at leng kee showroom?? Seems like many events and special sales....advertisement says dun miss !!! Anyone going?? Wat sales ??
  17. My ride reached 145,000 km this week after 4 years. I have been very happy and satisfied with my ride. In the last two months, I had to change engine oil twice as my engine was found to be empty without oil!? Going to a local service center they did not find this problem and also one of my fans were breaking down. I spent some couple of hundreds changing some parts that did not solve the problem but just a band-aid over the problems. Driving awhile more, I found the problem arising again, wanting a second opinion I sort out our resident guru Koolaba bro and he recommended me Aldan Motor Service Pte Ltd - they service alot of Skoda cabbies, so the experience is there and have all the VAG kits and tools. Went there for a quote for the items I wanted, and fair enough price, accepted it and sent it to get it serviced. 3 hrs later got a call from the owner to say he found my engine oil completed gone and was shocked as it dose not evaporate, told me he further investigated it and found the gasket of the engine broken. He recommended me to change it as it will spoil the vehicle if I do not. With that I said yes, went to the work shop to take a look and found my main engine covers off to reveal the pistons and other parts and showed me the broken gaskets and seams. Wow why didn't the previous person find this out. Got my ride back today and it is purring again, with the changed engine mounts, my ride is also quieter and feels like no more vibrations, got new engine oil, transmission oil changed, new radiator fan, expansion tank, drive shaft cover, oil filter, coolants, valve cover gasket..etc. Worth every penny, ride feels great, (like new feeling) Just wanted to share my experience.
  18. Looks a bit like the 520 but the same boring design from Honda again..looking forward to the JDM. View the microsite here: http://www.allnewaccord.sg/
  19. Hi all I have seen this topic at other forun about performance tuning to the ecu and etc. This company that does it seems pretty popular. At amk ind park harxxny motor. Anyone done it before any feedbacks? Done with stock condition?
  20. 04:46 AM Mar 22, 2011 SINGAPORE - A man was sentenced yesterday to three months and two weeks in jail for threatening to tarnish Borneo Motors' reputation if he were not given S$100,000. Khoo Yee Tien, 26, had contacted at least three Borneo Motors customers last October and claimed that the automobile company deliberately caused mechanical problems to their cars after they sent them in for repairs at its service centre. Khoo admitted that he had sent out the text messages to its customers when a service manager at Borneo Motors, Mr Mah Yoke Yu, 42, contacted him about the matter. Khoo threatened to send out more damaging messages if his demands for money were not met. He instructed Mr Mah to deposit an envelope with the cash in it into a dustbin at a car park beside Tanjong Katong Complex on Dec 9. Mr Mah did as he was told and Khoo was arrested at around 11pm that day as he was about to retrieve the envelope. http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/EDC11...tors-reputation
  21. anybody with experience on this workshop?? intending to bring my car for servicing of turbo there but would like to know if anybody have any positive comments on them before going...
  22. Rs_mini

    Hybrid Motors

    Hi Guys! Was thinking of getting a car from Hybrid Motors. Does anyone have any positive or negative feedback to share?
  23. This whole recession thing has been good to Kia. Buyers have skidded away from high-riding luxury barges faster than cockroaches from a kitchen light and right into the loving arms of the Korean automaker's well-equipped, smartly priced, and newly competent products. As a result, the company has reportedly seen its net profits quadruple in the first three months of this year. Kia managed to rake in a total of $358 million dollars from January to March, compared to $88.2 million during the same period in 2009. Much of the boost came from the fact that the company's global sales have exploded this year thanks in part to the new Sorento, Forte and Forte Koup. Kia moved 474,635 vehicles during the first-quarter of 2010
  24. Picanto

    Richburg Motors

    This is one PI that will fit the engine hose issue, although LTA said its not a mandatory recall.
  25. Can i say FINALLY http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/article.php?AID=1201 Check the price out and compare with PI