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Found 11 results

  1. Continue from First QQ thread: http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2693548-nissan-qashqai-2014/ PRevious thread getting too big. Continue here
  2. The spy photos aren't the best quality – they look like they were taken from quite a distance – and camouflage hides the finer details. However, we can see that it should wear new clothes even if the underpinnings carry over unchanged, which is the current rumor. It'll borrow design cues from the redesigned Nissan Juke while taking inspiration from Nissan's IMQ concept. You can see the Juke's influence at the rear with the prominent rear quarter panels and sloping hatch glass. The interior is expected to receive a major overhaul with a new dashboard design and a revamped infotainment system. Nissan will begin focusing on electric vehicles instead, using two new hybrid systems. One is suspected to be the company's ePower system that pairs a gasoline engine with batteries and an electric motor. The other could be a plug-in hybrid system relying on Mitsubishi's experience in the arena. Other gasoline engines will likely feature mild-hybrid setups to increase efficiency.
  3. Wintersonata

    New 2007 Nissan Qashqai / Dualis

    The "Beast" is out - Crossover SUV The QASHQAI (pronounced Cash Kai), is named after a desert-dwelling tribe who live near the Zagros mountains, in South Western Iran. However obscure the origin of the name, Nissan
  4. those who brought either car, any feedback which is car is better in long run? AD vs PI? both are CVT engine but qq with turbo, must pump 98 for turbo? performance wise which is better? pls share. thank you.
  5. Hey guys, I've been dying to know if the Nissan Qashqai comes with Satellite Nav or Reverse Camera (Like the murano) for the higher end model. Because 90K over, I think shld have the panoramic sunroof, better screen for the radio and stuffs, and controls on steering wheel. These are the last min questions before I head down to TC to book my qashqai. Please help! Thanks.
  6. As above, from the brochures both seem to be using the same engine. If that is the case, does that mean the Pulsar will be better in acceleration and fuel efficiency ?
  7. Enigma_beng

    Qashqai Owners?

    Hi to all QQ owners out there! Jus gotten my new ride 2 hrs ago (Qashqai+2)!!! Find that there's no QQ forum in Singapore (been searching everywhere for past 2mths)... So hope to start a thread here to get to know all fellow QQ owners (cos' I personally find that we r a special breed... Those who own a QQ shld know watt I mean). Hope that we can exchange views on our rides and make it an enjoyable time owning this ride. So here goes: 1. Enigma_beng - Qashqai+2 (Nov 10) 2. 3. 4. 5.
  8. [extract] Following the recent launch of the face-lifted 2010 QASHQAI, the dynamic mid-size crossover has now expanded its offer with a seven-seat version, called QASHQAI+2. Building on the original QASHQAI
  9. Blogger

    2010 Nissan Qashqai facelift

    Here's a first look at the revised Nissan Qashqai, launched about 3 years ago. Most of the cosmetic changes concern the front end. Such as the hood, bumper, fenders, grille and headlights to give it a more aggressive look. There are also two new exterior colors, revised tail lights with LED technology, and newly designed 17-inch alloy wheels. Better quality materials can be expected with improved NVH levels. The engine lineup remains unchanged. I took a look at the Qashqai when it was officially launched by Tan Chong Motors. There was a lack of steering mounted controls back then, which seems abit strange since this feature can be found in much cheaper Korean models. In addition, an extra pair of side airbags wouldn't hurt either. I hope that these points will be addressed when the revised Qashqai makes it's debut in the Lion city.