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  1. 2018 Nissan Serena e-POWER Nissan New Serena e-POWER Transmission The new Serena e-POWER does not have a transmission. It is 100% electric motor drive, and smooth acceleration starts from the moment you step on the pedal. In addition, the new Serena e-POWER is equipped with "e-POWER Drive" which can control the acceleration / deceleration at will by operation only with the accelerator pedal, and it is greatly helping to reduce the burden on the driver. Source: http://car-moby.jp
  2. Continue from First QQ thread: http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2693548-nissan-qashqai-2014/ PRevious thread getting too big. Continue here
  3. Teana has been launched for a few months, it will be good if the drivers in this forum can share their experience on the car in terms of: -vehicle handling -engine and transmission -fuel consumption -soundproofing/noise -issues encountered For drivers who have also driven cars in similar class e.g. Accord, Camry, Mondeo, your comparison comments will be valuable.
  4. Any Nissan Serena owners here? Can't find any reviews locally and don't think I've seen any on our roads though I think a few of this has already been delivered to their new owners. There's 2 versions. The Comfort version is more affordable with manual sliding doors and original fabric seats. The Highway Star version comes with body kit, power sliding doors and locally fitted leather seats. Interesting flexible seat configurations between 7-8 seaters. So far no other locally available MPV has it according to my knowledge. However, the center seat in the second row may not be comfortable. This is the Highway Star version
  5. Hi! I'm going to collect my sylphy later today. Wonder if anyone has a checklist for new sylphy car? Thanks!
  6. The Nissan Kicks, a compact crossover is designed for city living consumers, is now ready to tackle Singapore's urban streets. Currently undergoing homologation, the car is scheduled to be launched here in Singapore by the middle of 2020. At the front, the Kicks sports Nissan's signature V-Motion grille, and closer to back a wide C-pillar finished in black blends itself into the tailgate glass, adding to the 'floating roof' effect for a distinctively crossover look and eye-catching appeal. Bold wheel arch fenders and a rising character line on the bodysides that accentuate the car's crossover stance. Singapore bound models of the Kicks will sport's Nissan's e-POWER drivetrain, which utilises a 1.2-litre three-cylinder engine as a generator to power a battery and a 127bhp electric motor the drives the front wheels. Peak torque from the electric motor is 260Nm. Nissan claims the Kicks e-POWER will be able to achieve a fuel economy of 21.7km/L thanks to this unique drivetrain configuration. Singapore-bound cars will also come with a suite of advanced driver assistance systems that include Intelligent Emergency Braking, Intelligent Driver Alertness, Blind Spot Warning, Intelligent Trace Control, and Rear Cross Traffic Alert. Text https://www.sgcarmart.com/news/article.php?AID=23143 Photos https://paultan.org/2020/05/15/2020-nissan-kicks-facelift-e-power-now-launched-in-thailand-updated-design-four-variants-from-rm121k/2020-nissan-kicks-facelift-e-power-thailand-web-17/
  7. The spy photos aren't the best quality – they look like they were taken from quite a distance – and camouflage hides the finer details. However, we can see that it should wear new clothes even if the underpinnings carry over unchanged, which is the current rumor. It'll borrow design cues from the redesigned Nissan Juke while taking inspiration from Nissan's IMQ concept. You can see the Juke's influence at the rear with the prominent rear quarter panels and sloping hatch glass. The interior is expected to receive a major overhaul with a new dashboard design and a revamped infotainment system. Nissan will begin focusing on electric vehicles instead, using two new hybrid systems. One is suspected to be the company's ePower system that pairs a gasoline engine with batteries and an electric motor. The other could be a plug-in hybrid system relying on Mitsubishi's experience in the arena. Other gasoline engines will likely feature mild-hybrid setups to increase efficiency.
  8. Heard that this model will be launching in 2016. Looks like Qashqai but smaller version, the exterior and interior looks pretty cool. Should be made in UK too like QQ. I estimate for price for this model should be in between note and QQ, and Abt the price of Jazz ba. Anyone interested in this model too? http://m.sgcarmart.com/articles/articleinfo.php?CT=n&AID=10400 Pic of Pulsar
  9. https://www.motor1.com/news/344844/nissan-sylphy-unveiled-shanghai/ New Nissan Slyphy, will it come to Singapore?
  10. this is the new nissan note. will it replace the latio sport.? heard it will arrive on our shores sometime next year..
  11. Watching This Nissan Leaf Get Hurled Into a Pole at Speed Will Make You Flinch source: https://www.thedrive.com/news/31067/watching-this-nissan-leaf-get-hurled-into-a-pole-at-speed-will-make-you-flinch After watching this Nissan Leaf get thrown sideways into a pole at roadway speeds, you'll want to make sure you're paying attention in the real world. However, while the impact itself is tremendous, the fact that the electric vehicle's lithium-ion batteries escaped without bursting into a ball of fire is even more impressive, proving that the car's integrated fail-safe systems work as engineered. DEKRA, which stands for Deutscher Kraftfahrzeug-Überwachungs-Verein, or German Motor Vehicle Inspection Association in German, teamed up with the University Medical Center of Göttingen for a high-speed, side-pole crash impact test to exhibit how safe electric vehicles and their powertrains are. To prove that they’re just as safe as gas- or diesel-powered vehicles, DEKRA crash-tested a Nissan Leaf and its distant French subcompact cousin, the Renault Zoe, at 75 kilometers per hour (47 miles per hour), which is significantly faster than the standard side-pole crash test speed. The resulting footage, as you can see, is pretty spectacular. Upon closer inspection, you can see how destructive the impact was as the pole broke through all the way to the passenger seat. Needless to say, had there been a driver present, it’s unlikely that person would’ve survived. With the recent proliferation of electric vehicles, concern for the structural safety of their battery packs also became a point of concern after EVs began utilizing large lithium-ion battery packs. When ruptured, the battery packs can erupt into a massive ball of fire, resulting in a dangerous rescue situation for first responders. This happens when the liquids inside the battery cells come in contact with the integrated electrodes, causing a short. It results in sparks, which then ignites the lithium-ion fluid, a highly flammable material. To prevent this, engineers integrated fail-safe systems that disconnect any flow of electrons through the battery pack to avoid the initial and potentially fatal short. Automakers and engineers have worked to fortify the battery packs so that even in some of the most extreme collisions, they're less likely to rupture. From the test, the research bodies were able to prove that their homework has certainly paid off and that electric vehicles are indeed as safe as their conventional ICE-powered counterparts. But if there’s one other takeaway from the video, it’s to never slide sideways into a pole at high speed.
  12. OK, it not about the Go model, but the Datsun brand under Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance... Datsun Brand Might Bite The Dust As Part Of Nissan’s Recovery Plan Nissan might ditch the Datsun brand altogether as part of its upcoming recovery plan, which includes axing some of its unprofitable products and closing down under-utilized assembly lines worldwide. Quoting sources with direct knowledge of the matter, Reuters reports that the recovery plan marks a 180-degree turn with Nissan’s ambitious strategy under ex-CEO Carlos Ghosn, who was arrested and charged with financial misconduct. Things with Datsun, which was revived as a brand for emerging markets, didn’t exactly go as Nissan hoped after launching it in 2014 in regions like Indonesia, India, Russia and South Africa. That’s because, following a relatively good start, the budget-conscious brand started eating into Nissan’s own sales. “We ended up pushing two mainstream brands in a market where you have a one or two percent market share. You cannot do that,” one of the sources said. Shutting down under-utilized production lines will also impact Nissan’s factories in emerging markets tasked with producing Datsun models and other small cars, according to the same sources. “We need to chart a recovery but the rot goes deep,” one of them said. All markets with factories outside China are being examined for possible reductions in production capacity, but there are currently no plans to close an entire plant or withdraw completely from any country. Nissan, which is on course to post its lowest operating profit in 11 years, also plans to kill unprofitable variants of the Titan full-size pickup truck, like the single-cab and diesel models. The US remains one of Nissan’s biggest markets, but the recovery plan will demand a new effort to put a stop at the company’s practice of buying market share by selling its models to rental car and other fleet operators at heavy discounts, something that has plunged the company’s profitability and brand image. “We’re trying to clean up what had happened in the past,” one of the sources said, adding that under Ghosn, Nissan had to meet sales objectives at any cost, and that included “practically giving away cars” to fleet customers.
  13. Recently,Nissan is about to sell new sedan,I went to the retail and watched this car, it looks very sporty from exterior,about the interior,the cabin is very roomy with a sleek and clean design,but the price is a little bit high,i took a video,the link just down below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEa6JVUU4Ek
  14. Carry over from old thread. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...197&st=1950
  15. SINGAPORE - Motor group Tan Chong is shutting down its Nissan showroom in Bukit Timah after being there for nearly four decades. The last motor facility in the area, the showroom was opened in 1982. The home-grown motor group, listed in Hong Kong, said it is closing its showroom because of "falling footfall", referring to declining number of customers visiting the Bukit Timah address. It will instead focus on its two other showrooms in Ubi and Leng Kee, sites of Singapore's two "motor belts". Mr Ron Lim, head of sales and marketing at Tan Chong Motor, said: "We review our operations from time to time to ensure that our resources are optimised. In line with the reduction in COE quotas, we have seen a fall in showroom traffic at Bukit Timah and we have decided to consolidate Nissan's showroom operations at Leng Kee and Ubi. "Our service centre at Bukit Timah will continue to serve customers. "
  16. The "Beast" is out - Crossover SUV The QASHQAI (pronounced Cash Kai), is named after a desert-dwelling tribe who live near the Zagros mountains, in South Western Iran. However obscure the origin of the name, Nissan
  17. First time saw this vehicle today. Red in colour and SKK plate. Much bigger than Toyota Alphard. Wonder what is the cost.... Check with Wikipedia. The vehicle other names.... Isuzu Fargo Filly Isuzu Filly Nissan Caravan Elgrand Nissan Homy Elgrand
  18. 3M floor mats.... they fit the latio premium? Any nice mats available? TC mat won't last. Suggestions please!
  19. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...084&DL=2318 418k for a used GT-R.. can anyone explain why 200k difference?
  20. New sylphy has been out in europe, anyone know when it will landibg Thailand and available in sg? With the launching of new civic 2016 guess difficult for nissan to compete with honda if no further facelift model launch on their current car range :-/ https://youtu.be/3S_qPoAKzqI
  21. Relagsingh


    I think it looks good. But i think less ppl will take note of this car cuz the GTR is getting all the limelight now
  22. interesting read of how Nissan turned their fortunes around by ceding the reins of the company to Mr Carlos Ghosn, which was unthinkable for a Jap company... http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/cnainsider/outsider-rescued-nissan-brink-bankruptcy-carlos-ghosn-9462320
  23. recently china had launch the new 1.8l Nissan Sylphy n expected to launch to 120 country by 2014...
  24. Here we discuss how durable is your car ...... So far my 9 year old Latio super durable and long lasting and seldom gives me problem . I am the first owner and so far no major issue except replace radiator at year 8.5 , ignition coil at year 7.5 , front and back absorber at year 7 and air-con compressor at year 6.5 . The main problem in Latio is high usage of battery and mine only last less than 1.5 year , and recently I use Amaron seen can last longer ! My mileage now 210,000 km and all these while been servicing by TC . What about yours ?
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