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Found 5 results

  1. kobayashiGT

    9/9 Shopping Deal Consolidation Thread

    Here's are some of the things that I am buying during the 9/9 sales. Share with us your shopping cart! https://shopee.sg/Self-Wringing-Hands-Free-Flat-Floor-Mop-Wet-Dry-Scratch-Dry-360-Degree-Swivel-Mop-Stand-Without-Support-i.12480907.7530507824 https://shopee.sg/BASEUS-Power-Starter-Super-Energy-Car-Jump-Starter-8000mAh-800A-12V-i.10208.4602361421 https://shopee.sg/Seagate-Ironwolf-NAS-2TB-3.5-NAS-Hard-Drive-HDD-SATA-5900RPM-Internal-Hard-Disk-Drive-(ST2000VN004)-i.240218100.7524427018
  2. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/covid-shopping?hpbanner Groceries and food, indoor exercise equipment and gaming tools have emerged as the most popular categories for online shopping. Top items sold under groceries: Frozen processed food Eggs and diary products Condiments Milo Snacks, such as mala peanuts and seaweed Boba ice cream Top items sold under food and drinks delivery: Bubble tea Frozen yoghurt Burgers Fried chicken Coffee and breakfast items Top items sold under sports and fitness: Yoga mats Weights Dumb-bells Mountain or city bikes Jump ropes Exercise bands Top items sold under electronics: Computer monitors Keyboards PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch Video game accessories, such as cables and chargers Top items sold under hobbies: Hand mixers Electric ovens Bubble tea pearls Baking supplies Art supplies, such as canvases and paintbrushes Other popular purchases: Home office furniture Beauty products
  3. Bought some stuff last night on TB which i need before 11.11 and also some stuff in limited stock (just in case). Can redeem some taobao points to get 50 rmb off every 400rmb for use on 11.11 Any good loot or voucher opportunities, please share!
  4. I realise that we didn't share our favourite shopping loot for our beloved car. Share the aftermarket website that you have shop before! For myself, I have shopped in RHDjapan & Skunk2 https://www.rhdjapan.com/ https://skunk2.com/
  5. Reality is far from expectations for these Stompers who bought items online Sometimes, online shopping can be like a game of Russian roulette. You can hope that you get what you pay for but once in a while, the reality may be far off from your expectations. Unfortunately, two Stompers got way less than they bargained for when they decided to purchase products online via Facebook. Stomper Eve was excited when she was scrolling through Facebook and came across a portable projector that she thought would be the perfect Christmas gift for her son. She clicked on a sponsored ad that appeared on her feed that was posted by a page called Fashion Products. The ad redirected her to a website called yibeibuy.com. "I was surprised that there was an option to pay in cash on delivery so I ordered one for $69 on Tuesday (Dec 11)," she said. "The item came the very next day (Dec 12) and I paid when the delivery arrived. "Although it was meant to be a present, I decided to open it and charge the projector for my son. "It was black like what I had ordered online but when I looked closer it turned out to be a speaker with instructions in Chinese, like the ones you can get at a pasar malam for like $25." Eve told Stomp that she messaged Fashion Products on Facebook and was asked to provide a tracking number and details. However, she said that she was not given any. "They didn't even give me an email confirmation when I placed my order. "The person I was communicating with then said it was their page but not their link when I sent her screenshots taken from Facebook Marketplace."