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Found 23 results

  1. SINGAPORE - The multimillion-dollar Pagani Huayra supercar owned by beleaguered businessman Ng Yu Zhi was among the $100 million worth of assets seized by the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD), The Straits Times understands. Ng, the 33-year-old director of Envy Asset Management and Envy Global Trading, was charged last week with two counts of cheating fund management firm Envysion Wealth Management and its chief executive, Ms Shim Wai Han, of at least $48 million. Ng also faces two charges of being a party to his two firms, which were operated for fraudulent purposes. At least $1 billion is believed to have been invested with Ng's two firms to purportedly finance nickel trading, making this one of the largest financial fraud cases in Singapore. Industry sources valued Ng's Pagani Huayra - the only one in Singapore - at between $7 million and $8 million. A brand new one would cost about $12 million. ST understands that the car was previously owned by Mr Steven Goh, chief executive of Ossia International. The rare Italian supercar, which was first registered in 2017, was showcased at Envy Motors' showroom, according to the company's Facebook post in October 2019. Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (Acra) records showed Ng as a director of the car dealership from 2018. He was a shareholder of Envy Motors from May 22, 2018, to Oct 30, 2019. Acra records also showed that Ng was involved in Swag EV, which deals with electric scooters, where Ms Shim of Envysion Wealth is also a director. Ng ceased his directorship with Swag EV earlier this month. ST understands that Ng's Porsche 911 GT3 was also seized. Ng's Ferrari 488 Pista Spider and a Toyota Lexus LS500, which came with one of the most sought-after vehicle number plates, S11T, had been sold. A used car dealer who asked not to be named confirmed that he had bought the Toyota Lexus and the vehicle number plate. Ng had apparently paid several hundred thousands of dollars for the car and number plate from the same dealer previously.
  2. Straight after my BMW drives in Munich, I hopped onto a plane to fulfill a bucket list item. Go Italy jiak spaghett. I also popped by Alfa Romeo, Pagani, Lamborghini and Ferrari. As well as playing tourist in Milan, Modena and Rome. The Posts have wayyy too many photos to put here, so here' a link instead. https://carsnkopi.wordpress.com/2023/11/14/italy-auto-otaku-2023-visiting-the-museo-storico-alfa-romeo-part-1/
  3. Anyone here went for the launch last weekend? Already have 3 buyers for this 3.6 million car.
  4. Why will dealers bid for COEs and then let them expire huh? They will lose the $10k deposit with LTA? Woww...
  5. Happened just last week. Spot the SG car that most likely flew up.
  6. It is a known fact that Pagani doesn't build more than 40 units of the Pagani Zonda roadster in the whole world. Now, even if you have the money to buy it, you might not really get the chance to get your hands on one. However, this time, there's one unit of Pagani Zonda roadster up for grabs, provided that you're interested and quick enough to grab it. Well, you will have to splash at least around US$1.6 million (S$2 million) to get a brand new Pagani Zonda roadster. However, in this case, US$153,135 (around S$189,000) will do. Well, don't be surprised as the car isn't in a hundred percent good working condition. It experienced a crash some time ago. However, aside from its oil feeder and a portion of its front chassis, all the mechanical parts of the car are in good working condition. Nonetheless, you may have to replace each of the body panels, besides the windshield. Well, it isn't surprising to expect to spend a couple hundred thousands of dollars. Compared to the original price of the Pagani Zonda roadster, it
  7. The Pagani Huayra is one of the highly anticipated cars this year. The successor to the highly successful Zonda, the Huayra has large shoes to fill, and it didn't disappoint. Honestly I am not sold on the styling. Though the car looks absolutely fabulous in red and I highly think it should have been the launch colour instead of the metallic silverish colour, the front facia doesn't attract me like the Zonda did. Things that I like are the active aerodynamics flaps that reminds me of airplanes, the side mirrors that were inspired by the eye of a female and the rear with the iconic 4 central exhausts. I like the the gullwing doors which is refreshing compared to the usual Lamborghini scissor doors or the McLaren butterfly doors. The interior looks avant-garde yet flashy and loud and reminds me alot of Dutch supercar Spyker. The one thing I can't comment is the performance, well because neither have I nor my colleagues at SGcarmart have driven one, though given the opportunity we would love to. I have been spending some time on the web reading and watching reviews of the Huayra and though of sharing 2 videos that caught my interest. One is from the self confessed Petrol Head Jay Leno and its has Horacio Pagani himself in the video to explain the car. The second reviews comes from a guy named Chris Harris from the Drive network who shares his honest experience with the Huayra, more of a video blog style, including his initial frustrations at the Italian airport. Jay Leno Chris Harris
  8. [extract] A Supercar club event was organised in Shanghai, China. As you know China is an upcoming economic superpower thus some of the greatest cars came together. Some
  9. A video of the custom Pagani Zonda 760 RS was found recently. A 'one-off' 760 RS was being readied for delivery to a Chilean owner, despite the Zonda being out of production. Horacio Pagani made clear that bespoke models would be produced, and the next two Zonda 760 models will come with a manual transmission. Now two more 760hp Zonda will be made. Interestingly one model has been ordered by former F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton of McLaren Mercedes Racing team. Hamilton was quoted as saying "My company car has a paddle-change gearbox, so when I drive for fun, I want a manual." According to some sources, the 760 RS has a Zonda F as base with Zonda R as enhancements.
  10. Horacio Pagani follows the legacy of Ferrucio Lamborghini of creating an alternative to Ferrari in the world of super cars. Pagani worked for Lamborghini during the 80s and worked on the development of the Countach and the earliest portions of Diablo development. To celebrate the introduction of its second, completely new model, the Huarya, Pagani has produced a 15 minute documentary examining the car's development. Very interesting documentary. Worth to watch and lose fifteen minutes of your day to see the construction of a sccessful supercar brand that maintaining its status has been able to keep itself in a very tough market. To see the video follow the link
  11. Pagani unveiled last year its new model, the strangely called Huayra. As we expect from Pagani, the car is extremely well conceived and also sounds beautifully. Here is a quick video of a Pagani Huayra at the Pagani factory and on the road. Can you feel the roar of the Pagani Huayra?
  12. Supercar spotters will be out in force in London on the first Sunday in September. Their prey? A host of rare breeds, which will be taking to the streets as part of the Chelsea AutoLegends motoring extravaganza. The PistonHeads Supercar Run in association with The Sunday Times will set off from the Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall at around 10am on Sunday 4 September. The cars will be aiming for the Sunday Times Supercar Paddock situated right at the heart of Chelsea AutoLegends on the South Grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea
  13. Pagani, that Italian automotive company that only recently burst into the supercar market has officially revealed the Huarya. The Pagani Zonda replacement's photos were released as a result of press leaks and ahead of its official unveiling at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. And what I cam say is that it shares the same silhouette as the outgoing Zonda with the exception of a blunt front end (whereas the Zonda was low and swoopy) and those nicely hinged gull-winged doors which the Zonda does not have. I suppose Pagani had to add those doors to improve the Huayra's 'wow' factor. This is certainly due to that bluff front end. The old Zonda looked perfectly proportioned, like a fabulous Group C racer with that short, low front end and that longish read end dominated by the space requirement of that AMG 7.3liter (in the more powerful Zonda variants). This Huayra, while named after the a god of wind lacks the delicacy of the older car. But Pagani wants us to know that this new car was designed with aerodynamics at the forefront. The front end adds cooling and the whole car has four aero flaps that is adjustable to improve downforce at speed. At least it retains the unique looking four exhaust tip setup from the Zonda which I totally love. Inside, the Huayra improves on the Zonda instead of taking a step backwards like the exterior. The leather, wood and aluminum trimming looks fabulous. It somehow manages to blend all of this into a cohesively beautiful package that somehow works. This is one of the reason why Pagani succeeded in breaking into the high end super car market. It has such a fabulous interior that outdoes most supercars (Ferrari and Lamborghini included) but it is not garish or too outrageous. And this new cabin adds bluetooth and touch screen entertainment for the driver (and passenger) to 'play' with. The Zonda weighed about 1,300kgs, which is light for a full borne supercar. The god of the wind however weighs about 120kgs heavier. This is I believe due to the fact that the car has added safety and comfort features as well as being totally homologated to meet the tight US automotive requirements. This is in spite of having a full carbon fiber monocoque tub, carbon ceramic brakes and lots of carbon fiber bits and pieces. The engine is still an AMG sourced one but this time it is a newly developed 6.0liter twin turbocharged V12 (instead of the earlier 6.0, 7.0 or the final 7.3liter V12 unit) that pumps out around 700bhp and 1000Nm of torque. All that power runs through an XTRAC seven speed sequential transmission mounted transversely behind the engine, much like the Zonda (hence the long rear deck). While no performance figures have been published, it is expected to get to 100km/h from rest in about 3.3 or so seconds and should max out at around 370km/h or 230mph. Car prices for the Huayra is expected to be in the region of 1 million Euro and production is scheduled to begin sometime in the middle of this year. Expect a Huayra landing on the island of Singapore by the end of the year or even earlier. The reason I mentioned this is that one of Pagani's largest markets for their Zondas is Singapore, with around 22 sold and delivered to various lucky individuals over here since it was launched in 1999. If you think that isn't that many you have to take into account that Pagani has only made about 117 or so Zondas since 1999. So will the Huayra's looks make it less popular than the Zonda over here? I wouldn't know. We'll have to wait for test reports to come out and see if it really takes the Zonda to the cleaners or not.
  14. [extract] On the 23rd of April 2010 Ferrari 599xx apparently broke the record for the fast lap ever made by a
  15. The test driver behind the wheel of a Pagani C9 prototype is believed to be responsible for a crash that destroyed the early version of the supercar. Initial unconfirmed reports suggest the driver lost control of the vehicle at high speeds while on Autobahn B14 in Stuttgart, Germany. Paramedics transported the driver to the hospital with non-critical injuries. The car is certainly capable of lethal speeds, as it uses a 6.0-liter V12 engine that produces 690 bhp (515 kW / 700 PS) and up to 1000 Nm (738 ft-lb) of torque. There were no other injuries in the one-car accident. So far, it is unknown how badly the accident will set Pagani engineers back on the development of the Zonda replacement. It is believed that the C9 was being prepped for a debut in six months at the Paris Motor Show, with a market release soon after. After vehicle testing in South Africa, the car had been spotted this month in northern Sweden. It is possible that the test car in Johannesburg with two tailpipes is the same car that crashed in Germany. The cost of the accident was not yet disclosed, but the finished version of the Pagani C9 could carry a retail price of
  16. [extract] Now we bring you a report from the BBC news that might interest supercar enthusiasts and those that are fans of the Pagani Zonda. According to the BBC, on a test drive sometime in November 2009, a
  17. Last September, a Pagani Zonda S was crashed during a test drive near Aberdeen, UK. While details are limited, the accident did
  18. Page H18 of today's straits times. Holy mama ! This 50+ year old chap also owns lamborghini, Porsches, Rollsroyces and a few ferraris including the limited edition Enzo Ferrari
  19. Wah liao... SG$1,800,000... bye bye liao [inline pagani_20030211_001.jpg] [inline pagani_053002_02.jpg] [inline pagani_051502_01.jpg] [inline pagani_053002_01.jpg]
  20. Spotted this rare beauty on the road last Friday am along Farrer Road ...
  21. http://www.supercars.net/PicFetch?pic=2003_pagani_zonda_c12-s_roadster-1.jpg http://www.supercars.net/PicFetch?pic=2003_pagani_zonda_c12-s_roadster-2.jpg http://www.supercars.net/PicFetch?pic=2003_pagani_zonda_c12-s_roadster-3.jpg To be produced in a strictly limited edition of 40 completely made-to-measure cars, the Zonda Roadster will once again cristallize PAGANI's philosophy: marry the most exotic technology - such as the never-seen-before carbon fiber/carbon textile removable roof - to the loving care of the artigiano handwork, to produce Una Macchina con Anima. The new Zonda Roadster, like all PAGANI creations, has been designed around truly innovative technology ideas, and with a special attention to safety - a key issue in the super convertibles segment, and a constant preoccupation of the manufacturer - as its technical specs show: - the new carbon fiber central chassis structure reaches the highest structural rigidity level available in the segment, 18.000 Nm/mm in torsional rigidity, 9.000 Nm/mm in flexional rigidity, for a dry weight of 1280 Kg. - the roll bar, elliptical in section, is built out of carbon and chrome-molybdene alloy and is linked to the aft section of the chassis through a finely handworked Ergal element. - the full-carbon body shows a new engine hood configuration, and a new rear hood design where two NACA air vents work as air extractors. - the 7.3l Mercedes Benz AMG engine transmits its 555HP/750Nm power through the ABS/Traction Control safety systems already used in the Zonda S. - the wheels are forged in aluminum and the 255/35/19 and 345/35/19 tires have been specially developed for the Zonda by Michelin, adding to the cars unique styling and technology. But the Zonda Roadster is not just a list of superlative safety and perfomance specs: according to Horacio Pagani, founder and head designer of PAGANI Automobili: The new Zonda Roadster we will unveil in Geneva is a true expression of the PAGANI sprit: we do not just build supercars, we build 'Una Macchina con Anima, a car with a soul'. What the public will discover is more than a beautiful piece of emotion turned into carbon fiber and aluminum: only 40 Zonda Roasters will be handbuilt, each one to the exact taste of its owner, like a perfect-fitting tailored suit. Each will be an original object of desire, each with its own story, each offering something way beyond technical perfection: a soul. This search for the ultimate level of personalizzazione, a defining PAGANI criterion, is especially visible in the car's interior: rare leathers, hand-tailored by PAGANI's own team of craftsmen, aluminum and carbon-fiber, all chosen by the car's owner, producing a symphony of sights, touch, smells and sounds that matches the driver's tastes and personality. Story by Pagani Automobili
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