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Found 26 results

  1. KUALA LUMPUR: RON95 petrol and NGV fuel will be banned from being sold to foreign registered vehicles from tomorrow, the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism announced today. RON95 petrol would however be allowed to be sold to foreign registered motorcycles as an exception. Following the move, the requirement to produce Mykad by Malaysians using foreign registered vehicles for purchasing RON95 petrol at all petrol stations throughout the country had been withdrawn, the ministry said in a statement here today. On August 1 last year, a directive to ban sales of RON95 petrol to foreign registered vehicles nationwide was imposed with the exception given to Malaysians who could produce the Mykad for verification. The ministry in the statement clarified that the government had received feedback of leakages due to abuse of of the Mykad for purchasing RON95 petrol. According to the ministry, petrol station operators at border areas had also complained of difficulties in controlling and ensuring the directive on the petrol ban was fully complied with. "On this issue, the government is of the view that the ban on all foreign registered vehicles from buying RON95 petrol and the withdrawal of the condition that allowed purchase of RON95 petrol on producing the Mykad throughout the country with the exception of motorcycles, is reasonable," the ministry said. The ministry clarified that the ban also covered NGV fuel following the discovery that 311,000 litres of NGV fuel were sold to foreign registered vehicles each year. " At the rate of the current subsidy, the NGV fuel subsidy enjoyed by foreigners amounted to RM360,000 each year," the statement added. -- BERNAMA
  2. https://www.facebook.com/SGRVigilante/posts/2215860325175339 bmw 320 #SLX27E in singapore but become hyundai elantra #SKD2777C in malaysia.
  3. We aim at constant expansion of range of services we render to our customers and at enhancement of our Customer Service quality. Guided by this principle, we provide visa issuance, Residence Permit, Driver License, id card, medical insurance services and documents to our customers. Applying for a visa may entangle complicated procedures, but our company staff will guarantee you all-round assistance in completing these procedures and documents. Visa support service includes completing 2-years multiple entry visa application which requires the customer to provide the minimal package of documents. In case of property purchase, we also assist our customers in applying for a Residence Permit. Another vital service we offer our clients is providing them with medical insurance required for visiting a particular country. Visa support service and registered documents along with other aspects of our business operations ensures highest quality and shortest time of service and guarantees best results. email: (weuniontrack at gmail dot com) or via telegram::....... registered12
  4. STOMPer Nelson came across a Singapore-registered car in Malaysia which he says, has been left unattended for about three months. The STOMPer hopes the photo will help the owner locate his or her car. Said the STOMPer: "This picture was taken in Selangor, Malaysia (the Puchong area near Bandar Puteri), about 10 minutes' drive from Sunway Lagoon Resort. "I have seen this Singapore-registered vehicle being parked at this place for almost 2 to 3 months, unattended. "I think this picture might help the owner of this vehicle locate his or her car." Should you have any information regarding the owner of this vehicle, please contact STOMP at stomp@stomp.com.sg
  5. Hi I understand that some people change cars like nothing, and also understand that these people registered the cars under their company. I myself don't own any company, so was wondering how this works. Anyone care to explain? Tks.
  6. JOHOR BARU - Malaysian police are after Singapore-registered vehicles which have not settled their fines for unpaid traffic summonses. Johor Baru (South) traffic chief Deputy Supt Ooi Kok Seong said about four million summonses were issued to foreign vehicles, especially Singapore cars, since 2005. "Police are conducting an operation dubbed Ops Warta Singapura against owners of vehicles who have not paid the fines. http://motoring.asiaone.com/Motoring/News/...602-350069.html
  7. Hello Guys, Starting this thread for the purpose of discussion and sharing. I am of Singaporean nationality (not converted, am pure breed ) and will begin working in Selangor on a Malaysian work permit soon. I will be purchasing a vehicle and intend to drive back to Singapore on certain occasions. I have verified with an LTA officer over their hotline and confirmed that it is possible for me to drive a Malaysia registered vehicle into Singapore provided I have obtained a permit from LTA. The LTA officer specifically mentioned that this permit has to be obtained for each trip that an individual intends to make, so it is not like a renewable permit. Has anyone here been through this before? Would like to hear experiences and things to look out for.
  8. "Nice" move from them, at least can win some votes back during their GE this year I guess.
  9. Any bros know if the car is still under loan, still can convert to OPC? What will happen? And any benefits if is a PARF car? or if is a COE car? Thanks in advance!
  10. In recognition of the needs of bona fide Singaporeans or Singapore PRs working and residing in Malaysia to make home visits to Singapore, we could consider you for the special concession scheme. Under the scheme, all approved applicants are allowed to drive their Malaysia-registered cars into Singapore for all weekends, all Singapore public holidays and another 28 weekdays in a calendar year. Approval will be given on a case-by-case basis with consideration to the following: The applicant (his spouse or his company) is the registered owner of the vehicle. If the vehicle is rented/leased by his company, he has to submit an official letter from the company stating the period the vehicle is leased for and that the vehicle is provided solely for his use; He is physically working and residing in Malaysia; He is required to apply to Land Transport Authority for approval when his earlier approval letter (if any) has expired (i.e. upon expiry of his vehicle's insurance/road tax or 6 months, whichever is earlier); His vehicle has a valid Malaysia road tax disc and insurance coverage for the period it is used in Singapore; and He must keep, in each of his visit, his vehicle outside Singapore before the vehicle entry permit grace expiry of 14 days from the date of the last entry. (Note: Unless further extension is granted, the vehicle entry permit valid for 14 days is issued upon each entry and encoded in its Autopass Card electronically at land checkpoint.) If you wish to apply for the scheme, please fax your request and the following documents to us at (02)-65535329 or (02)-65535802 (from Malaysia) or by email to rp@lta.gov.sg: A photocopy of your Singapore identity card (front and reverse sides); A photocopy of your passport with the relevant page of your employment pass endorsed by Malaysian Immigration or Malaysian identity card (if any); A photocopy of your company's letter confirming that you are currently working and residing in Malaysia; A photocopy of your vehicle's valid registration card (front and reverse sides) with latest valid road tax endorsement by Road Transport Department, Malaysia; A photocopy of your vehicle's valid insurance certificate; If the vehicle in your application is registered under your company's name (or is rented/leased by your company), we would also require an photocopy of your employer's letter stating the period the vehicle is leased for and that the vehicle is given solely for your use and that only you can drive the vehicle; and A photocopy of your marriage certificate (if you are applying with your spouse's vehicle). Please also provide us your residential address in Malaysia and your residential address during your intending visit in Singapore and indicate your intended date(s) of visit (if available) to Singapore. Important Note Your application must reach us at least 5 working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) before your intended visit to Singapore to allow us to process your application. Please note that we may not be able to process your application on time if your submission is incomplete or late. Electronic Road Pricing and Vehicle Entry Permit Fees and toll charges Please refer to our website at http://www.lta.gov.sg =>'Motoring' =>'Driving Into and Out Singapore' =>`West-Malaysian Registered Vehicles' =>'Vehicle Entry Permit/Tolls' and `Autopass card matters' for more details on payment of vehicle entry permit (VEP) fee, electronic road pricing (ERP) fee and toll charges. Driving Licence to drive in Singapore You may also wish to check on the type of driving licence required to drive in Singapore for Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident from the following Singapore Traffic Police's portal: http://driving-in-singapore.spf.gov.sg/ser...cence_legal.htm Please contact our Customer Service Hotline at 1800-CALL LTA (1800-2255582) or email us at rp@lta.gov.sg or vep_feedback@lta.gov.sg if you need clarification. We thank you for writing to us. Regards,
  11. STOMPer Ng spotted this Singapore-registered car at a carpark in Kuala Lumpur and wonders if the owner is aware that the car is there. The STOMPer wrote: "While on a business trip two weeks back, I saw this Singapore-registered car that was parked at the Crowne Plaza Mutiara Hotel Carpark in KL. "From the looks of it, it seems that the car was parked there for more than a year since the road tax already expired on June 2009. And there was a thick layer of dust on the body of the car. "Hope this post will help the owner find the car." http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...kl_carpark.html
  12. Malaysian driving Singapore registered car still allowed to pump RON95 provided they show their NRIC before pumping.
  13. anyone knows if it is possible to obtain the company that a commercial vehicle is registered to? thanks
  14. I am planning to spend a few months in Malaysia. Can anyone advise me how long can I drive my Singapore-registered car in Malaysia? I have checked with LTA; there is no problem on their side be it for normal cars or OPC cars. They have no idea regarding the laws & regulations on the Malaysian side. Do I have to pay to drive my Singapore-registered car beyond a certain duration??
  15. My friend will be driving in tmr from KL, and he will let me try his new car if i wish to... here's the problem, can we drive malaysia registered car in singapore? as much as i like to try the car, just dun wana get into any trouble
  16. Garlic

    Registered air mail

    Hello everyone, Sent some documents via registered air mail to London tru' SingPost on 28 July. Its been 23 days and the recipient in London has not received the documents. Called SingPost and they need to "investigate". Has anyone had such an encounter before?
  17. Parallel importers of cars have had a patchy reputation since they first appeared in the early 1990s to give authorised agents a run for their money. But in about a fortnight's time,some will take a stab at respectability by enrolling in a certification scheme run by consumer watchdog Consumers Association of Singapore (Case). The scheme, called CaseTrust, will see Case officers examining the practices and books of parallel importers. Those deemed trustworthy can display the CaseTrust,logo at their showrooms. Industries which have joined CaseTrust include employment agencies, renovation contractors and travel agents. This is the first time firms in the motor trade are joining the scheme, even though car-related complaints- involving mainly parallel importers and used car dealers regularly top Case charts. The notoriety is shared by time-share firms, beauty salons and property agents. Case said it received 757 complaints against motor firms in the first six months, of which 61 were handed over to the association to resolve. Of these, 52 involved parallel importers .Singapore Vehicle Traders Association president Neo Nam Heng, the parallel importer which is the main driver behind the move, said: "We want to segregate the bad eggs from the rest to enhance the image of the trade". Motor companies that want to be CaseTrust-certified must undergo a stringent audit by Case. Their track record and financial health will be scrutinised and they must not accumulate more than five complaints a year. Observers said this should weed out fly-by-night outfits which keep changing names and locations because of soured deals with customers. "There will be no $2 companies," Mr Neo said. Companies will also have to put their money where their mouth is. They must buy a $50,000 insurance bond, which will be used to settle disputes with customers. Disputes will be settled by a panel which includes representatives from Case, theFinancial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre and a retired court judge. If the panel decides that the dealer is in the wrong, the insurance firm will pay the consumer. It will then recover the sum from the dealer responsible. Mr Neo said: "This is a resolution body that will have real teeth." CaseTrust for the motor trade is expected to be launched at the end of the month. Case executive director Seah Seng Choon said the industry's move shows, "resolve and commitment to clean up the image of the industry". But the Motor Traders Association, a body for authorised car agents, had a lukewarm response. President Michael Wong said:"The question is what can the scheme do for me. I've been around for over 20 years and I'm not about to collapse like a deck of cards." How to get certified... [rolleyes] THE Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) will spend four to six weeks auditing a motor company before deciding if it can be CaseTrust-certified. They will have to abide by a code of conduct, which says: Dealers must refund the deposit if the customer's car loan application is not approved. However, they may be allowed to charge an administrative fee of up to $500. Dealers must state clearly the certificate of entitlement (COE) amount they will bid. Currently, many fudge this. Some delay bids for certain customers so they can use their deposits to bid for buyers who pay higher prices. The COE rebate level must also be specified. This refers to the amount of rebate a buyer is entitled to if the COE premium falls. The delivery timeframe must be clearly stated. The guideline discussed is 48 days. Equipment and accessories must be clearly noted. Sometimes, promises from the salesman- such as alloy wheels and leather upholstery- go unfulfilled. The vehicle's year of manufacture must be clearly stated. Warranty terms must be clearly stated. Customers must be alerted to safety recalls
  18. Hi All, Can i just ask, what do we do if we are involved in a car accident with a Malaysian car in Singapore? Should we just take cash for the damage or.... Need your advise
  19. Hi Bros & Sis This morning, called JPJ (Road Transport) in Johor and was told the followings: All door window glasses - light transmission not less than 50% Front windscree glass - light transmission not less than 70% Rear windscreen glass - not required - any percentage They advised me further that we have to comply strictly to the regulations and shall be penalised for the amount of RM$130.00. Just to share with others..
  20. Just wondering why? Any bros out there have any suggestions.
  21. http://www.sgcarmart.com/main/info-2EjM4ZxZ-1037.html 1 owner... 0 mileage But registered in Mar'07..... True or not, it is your call...
  22. There are 14 of them. The package and distribute engine lubes. They are registered under API's EOLCS and are API certified. AP OIL INTERNATIONAL LIMITED AUTOLUTION INDUSTRIAL PTE LTD AXCEL INTERNATIONAL PTE LTD. BONC PTE LTD DELPHI AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS SINGAPORE PTE LTD GIBSON PETROLEUM (S) PTE LTD GILLIT TRADING PTE LTD HIN LEONG TRADING (PTE) LTD SINGAPORE PETROLEUM COMPANY LIMITED TEXAS PETROCHEMICAL ASIA PACIFIC PTE LTD TOTAL OIL SOUTH & EAST ASIA PTE LTD U & P PRIVATE LIMITED UNICORN OIL COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED UNITED OIL COMPANY PTE. LTD Texas Petrochem is the the one that does Texas Lubricant. www.texaslub.com United Oil is the one that does United Oil (duh!) www.united-oil.com Those who are cheapos who like to buy oil in cases should check this list out. Start your own oil workshop or lube shop.
  23. Hi All, As seen, with recent cases of 'unexpected' visitors into the forum. I would like to suggest that we should limit the access of certain folders to registered members only. Having to surf thru a couple of forums. I realised some of them are already doing so, in which I feel it is good move. Currently, you just need to register with us in order to view and post. What I have in mind is, how can we further improve the 'security'/access to prevent unwanted guest. Pros: Users will be more responsible about their posting. Limited access to guest. Cons: Some of you may not feel comfortable disclosing your info to us. Do feel free to post your view. Kindly refrain from drifting. Thanks. For those whom have posted, please help to indicate your name below. Yes: Gad DarkLord Panda Linus Seaweed Diesel Vit4wd BMW320i Mzrmazda3 RadX BrandonS Decibel Chimp Freemen Superseven Wahlao No: Suggestion from you (pls reply directly to me if you have any): 1. Members only folder where all the R&D, Mods, and club only informations are available.. (Darklord, Mantaone, Diesel) 2. Can have a "IGNORE" button that can be activated by the mod so that only that user can see his own posts, the rest invisible to everyone else (Radx, Diesel) P.S: I started this poll to gather more info. This poll have nothing to do with the MCF Board of Directors. If most of you agreed. then I'll write in the suggestion to MCF BoD.
  24. hi, i tried to search the onemotoring forum for parf value of cars that is registered in 2003 jan. Its seems very confusing to me. Age at Deregistration (year) Graduated PARF Rebate (For cars registered with COEs obtained before May 2002 tender) New PARF Rebate (for cars registered with COEs obtained from May 2002 tender) Not exceeding 5 130% of OMV 75% of ARF paid Above 5 but not exceeding 6 120% of OMV 70% of ARF paid Above 6 but not exceeding 7 110% of OMV 65% of ARF paid Above 7 but not exceeding 8 100% of OMV 60% of ARF paid Above 8 but not exceeding 9 90% of OMV 55% of ARF paid Above 9 but not exceeding 10 80% of OMV 50% of ARF paid Above 10 0% of OMV 0% of ARF paid can someone tell me how to get the parf value of a car that omv =30k, registered in 2003 and what is the parf of the same car omv = 30k if registered in 2004 march? Thanks.
  25. Saw classads today selling an auto focus and wanted to chk if any existing owner here with abt same registration date any problem with the gearbox?? read some thread some focus hv gearbox problem. Kind a keen to testdrive it over the weekend and if all ok, might consider liao...thks bro