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Found 25 results

  1. Paint correction is also known as swirl mark removal, machine polishing or buffing. The definition of paint correction is the removal of all imperfections in paintwork, such as scratches, water marks, dried bug remains and fading to reproduce an as new condition or better. The process is undertaken by a professional detailer or someone with quite a few years experience in understanding how the structure of paint is applied on a vehicle. It involves the use of a machine polisher, a selection of abrasive compounds and an assortment of buffing pads, together with regular checks with a paint depth
  2. https://www.thedrive.com/news/43092/car-parked-in-same-spot-for-47-years-becomes-a-local-legend-in-italy <Car Parked in Same Spot for 47 Years Becomes a Local Legend in Italy A town fell in love with a Lancia known simply for always being there. A car parked in an Italian town had become a landmark, having been a fixture on the street as far back as 1974. Parked by a local news stand, it became an icon and even somewhat of a tourist attraction. After 47 long years, the vehicle has now finally been towed by local authorities, reports Insider. The car hails from the town
  3. https://www.motortrend.com/news/toyota-corolla-ae86-factory-heritage-parts-gazoo-racing <Toyota Corolla AE86 Gets Factory Heritage Parts From Gazoo Racing Now is your chance to revitalize your mid-'80s Corolla with genuine factory replacement parts. Those in the know are already well aware of the love and admiration Toyota's fifth-generation Corolla garners. It's a love affair that has continued to burn some 30-plus years on. A hit for the automaker, the fifth-generation Corolla would go on to see over 3 million sales worldwide in the mid-1980s. Today, fans around the globe c
  4. Come upon this video from YS Khong. He is trying to restore a 27 years BMW 318is Coupe. Car had been idle for 6 years. This is the part 1 of the video. Interesting to see the whole restoration process. I will update the video if he post the latest one.
  5. Just tried this recently on my dad's Qashqai.. noticed that there is a large number of plastic trimming in all latest car models. Turned the plastic trim from faded white to black instantly. Am still monitoring for it's durability.. Please share your favourite choice of products !
  6. Just a few before n after pics. They use chemical guys which is rare in the market
  7. The Machine Cost us a BOMB but it won't cost you lots and you can get the BEST out of it! AIR CON RE-CONDITIONAL SERVCE - Getting the best of the system with lower cooling power and protecting the compressor from damage. The nearly $20 000 machine to cater for Asian Make and Conti Make Carmakes. Fully automated and process will take about 45mins to 95mins (depends on car make) Asian Make Car makes -offer at $150 only (usual $180) Conti Car Makes - offer at $250 only (usual $300) EAST BRANCH Call us at 63416164 ([email protected] 25 kaki bukit rd 4. #01-36 NORTH WOODLANDS BRANCH
  8. Hi MCF users, Anyone to intro for restoring headlamps? Do share the cost and experience. Thanks alot
  9. I know this won't be of interest to most people, but being a car forum I'm guessing there might be one or two of you who might appreciate this on-going restoration thread of an F40 LM I came across. The attention to detail is astounding and the workmanship is just spectacular. http://www.build-threads.com/build-threads...lm-restoration/ The resto is at a stage where the car is starting to come back together and the best part is that the owner intends to drive/track the car once it's done.
  10. Nobel prize winning author Ernest Hemingway's last car was a 1955 Chrysler New Yorker Convertible. Hemingway left the car on the island of Cuba before his suicide in 1961 and from then onwards, the vehicle has somehow disappeared from public view. Presumed to be lost, the car was found a couple of years back and now is the subject of an upcoming documentary about the car's history and ongoing restoration process. The New Yorker Convertible has been passed around between members of one family and there are plans to restore the car to its original condition. But, due to the United
  11. [extract] In the United States, Ford offers several reproduction body shells of their previous popular models. You could get either a 1965 or 1967 Mustang Convertible body shell through Ford Restoration Parts program and these body shells are officially licensed products. Due to the popularity of such products, Ford has included another model
  12. Hi Folks, Yesterday, I came across Cars International that provides complete auto restoration services. Their deal is $388 for 1 year or $688 for 3 years. Their service includes these 3-steps restoration: Step1 - Lacquer Compound Step 2 - Power Polish Step 3 - Sealant Wax They will take care of interior too (e.g. leather, dashboard). My qtns are:- 1. Has anyone here tried their service before. Are they reliable? 2. My white car is 3 weeks old. They said if I don't do the above 3 steps, my white car will deteroriate quickly by turning to yellowish white. Is
  13. I went to a workshop to fix some stuff onto my car and found that the worker had left a deep scratch on the soft plastic of the gearbox cover. Complained and the workshop offered to fix it by doing a carbon fibre wrap. Went down to pick up yesterday and discovered that the carbon fibre wrap job was like a primary school art work, all the sides not even with plenty of bubbles, the corners like haphazardly pasted with pieces of carbon fibre sticker like paper mache. I have rejected the work and asked that he redo this, but is this common or is there a more reputable carbon fibre wrap place
  14. Dear all, I saw the ads by this company called Revol Carz Makeover, which claims to do deep sratch restoration. Anyone tried this service before ?
  15. Hardly any other car model (or mini bus for this instance) has such a high cult status as the Volkswagen Bus. It has been around for over 60 years and the Type 2 model is still in production in Brazil. Volkswagen is dead serious on its heritage as they have appointed Franz-Josef Paefgen (in October last year), former chief executive of Audi, Bentley and Bugatti, to head their classics program. At Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, the Volkswagen Bus has its own department dedicated in preserving its heritage and it is known as the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Oldtimer. The department
  16. Finding an old used car, whether in a storage building or a junkyard, is something normal nowadays, especially in big countries such as the United States. But to find a Mercedes-Benz 300SL, now that is a real treasure find. A Mercedes-Benz 300SL, also known as the Mercedes Gullwing, was found in a rat-infested garage in California, USA and it is no ordinary 300SL. This particular car was once belonged to Tom Wellmer. His parents bought him this 1955 car as a present for his college graduation. Mr. Wellmer used it until its transmission gave way and he parked it in a garage, back in 1971. T
  17. A few years ago, Brooklyn artist Jonathan Brand sold a 1969 Ford Mustang that he rebuilt with his father to pay for an engagement ring. In his latest work, entitled "One Piece at a Time," he has reconstructed that Mustang, piece by piece, at 1:1 scale, using nothing but paper. Brand mentioned that the American automobile has played a large part in his personal life and his art. His grandfather worked as a millwright at a Detroit car assembly line. His uncles and cousins are mechanics. And he, together with his father, has restored 3 vintage cars. One of those cars, a 1969 Mustang, took
  18. any place i can go to to restore paintwork? had this object laid on bonnet for 2 full days under the sun and that portion of the paintwork had 'bulged' if i've used the correct word.
  19. hi, all #1 my car leather seats is beige in color. the color has become dull & darkenened after long usages. i used to send for cleaning/conditining annually, but that shop i used to frequent has changed hands & their 'kung ho' sucks! so decided to DIY . . . . any advice pls.............??? #2 my another car's black leather seat - the leather cracks and folded lines are obvious (as if its cut) is there also anyway that i can diy to improve this............??? #3 lastly, if you have someone whom is good, reliable, and reasonable price or all the
  20. Ahdi


    Anyone know where i can get 3M
  21. Hey guys, if i were to buy an old 1990s mx5, and wish to restore the leather seats, panels to make it real nice and dandy all again. think it might be better to do in malaysia? any idea how much it'll cost? =)
  22. This car has been neglected for several months, main problems were oxidation, swirls, holograms and mango sap. I really really hate mango sap .... Took three days for this detail, day one was spent correcting front end of the car and day two was spent correcting the rear. Engine bay was detailed on third day and sealant was left to cure overnight before carnauba went on. Prep 1) Wash 2) Abrasive 3000 grit clay bar 3) Wash Correction 1) Mezerna powergloss with wool pad on bonnet, roof and boot lid 2) Meguiar's #83 DACP with cutting pad 3) Menzerna PO
  23. This red kia rio came with plenty of watermarks despite the owner's efforts to apply wax once every 2 wks. Proof was is the harden white reside in almost every corner and gap. There were also some whiten parts on the car's many black claddings. Pics of the bonnet before: Luckily, the verticle panels of the car had only minor scratches and wash lines that saved me a few hours. Process as per follows: 1) Wash and clay 2) Rotary with lambswool pad with Powergloss 3) rotary with white polishing pad and PO106ff 4) Pc with orange lc pad and IP for the verticle pa
  24. Anyone know if restoration of Iphone to 1.1.4 requires the original AT&T SIM ?? I have been trying to do restoration via recovery mode to 1.1.4 and everytime after it reboot, it hang. Any advice?
  25. For some unknown reason, an area of about 5cm(sq) of the paint appears tough after SRP, while the rest of the car is smooth. I suspect too much of the SRP removes it. Is there any way to restore it, so that I get the smooth feeling? Or do I have to go for a respray? What are the implications of leaving the area tough? Some other areas spotted appears a bit tough, but not that bad overall.
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