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Found 26 results

  1. This is what happens if a country who is doing well in managing the Chinese Virus starts to relax and let it's guard down. And isn't it too late for the Prime Minister to "calls for immediate prosecution of undocumented immigrants". We need to remain vigilant at all cost. https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Coronavirus/Vietnam-tightens-border-control-as-new-coronavirus-cases-emerge?utm_campaign=RN%20Subscriber%20newsletter&utm_medium=daily%20newsletter&utm_source=NAR%20Newsletter&utm_content=article%20link&del_type=1&pub_date=20200727190000&seq_num=2&si=%%user_id%% Vietnam tightens border control as new coronavirus cases emerge Prime minister calls for immediate prosecution of undocumented immigrants Vietnamese border guards wear masks at the Huu Nghi crossing with China on Feb. 20. © Reuters TOMOYA ONISHI, Nikkei staff writerJuly 27, 2020 15:49 JST HANOI -- Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has asked local authorities to impose tighter controls on illegal immigrants from neighboring countries as the Southeast Asian nation, which has won praise for effectively containing the coronavirus, confirmed its first new locally transmitted cases in three months in the city of Danang. Phuc on Monday called for authorities in the central Vietnamese city to take strong measures to prevent the spread of any more cases. "We must have a decisive attitude, otherwise we [Vietnam] will fail in this anti-epidemic campaign," Phuc said in an online meeting on COVID-19 prevention and control with authorities in Danang. The prime minister asked authorities there to implement social distancing throughout the city starting from the afternoon. "Nonessential services must be stopped," Phuc said. "We have not used the 'lockdown' word for Danang yet, but there must be a level of social distancing." He also called for stronger actions in that regard than the city itself announced Sunday. Phuc's concern came after Nguyen Thanh Long, the acting health minister, in a meeting with the government on Saturday said a 57-year-old man from Danang who tested positive for COVID-19 had no record of traveling outside the country. Local media reports quoted the official describing that case and three other confirmed infections linked to the city as being "imported to the city of Danang." But at a government meeting Monday, Long said there is not enough evidence to confirm that the four new cases have the same source of infection, suggesting the possibility of multiple avenues and even that the outbreak may have started in the community. But he stressed that the virus in the newly confirmed patients is a different strain compared with ones already existing in Vietnam, strongly suggesting it came from outside the country. Following the announcement, critics in both mainstream and social media said Chinese immigrants illegally entering Vietnam by land and skipping necessary prevention measures as well as Vietnamese returning from China should be taken into account as the possible source of the local transmission of the virus. Vietnam shares land borders with countries including China, Laos and Cambodia. The one with China, where the pandemic originated, stretches more than 1,200 km. Thanks to strict quarantine and aggressive social distancing measures, the Southeast Asian country has managed to keep its virus total to only 420 cases with zero deaths as of Sunday. But it has found a hole in its defenses in the form of illegal immigrants from its neighbors. The new case in Danang ended a run of 99 days with no locally transmitted infections. Hanoi currently allows international charter flights to bring Vietnamese home from overseas as well as for foreigners entering the country, but all arrivals are required to follow stringent measures to avoid the spread of the virus. So far, new imported cases made public have all been detected at airports. Vietnam requires all people entering the country to stay in mandatory quarantine for 14 days, during which they will be tested for the virus several times. Quarantining and testing are free for everyone. After medical officials confirmed the new case in Danang, Phuc said at a cabinet meeting in Hanoi on Saturday that authorities must as a deterrent swiftly punish anyone who helps bring immigrants into Vietnam illegally. He also called for immediate prosecutions and fast trials for all cases related to the activities of bringing foreigners to Vietnam illegally and "widely publicize the information to the people." Phuc also asked his cabinet to stay on high alert. "The Ministry of Public Security and the People's Committees of all provinces and cities have to identify all illegal immigrants to put them under medical surveillance and issue fines to these undocumented immigrants in accordance with current regulations," he said. The government on Saturday also asked the ministries of national defense and public security to continue with strict border controls, especially at crossings and border gates, with illegal entrants to face stiff penalties. On Sunday, the Health Ministry reported three more locally transmitted infections, bringing new cases inside the country to four over the weekend. Two of the people are in serious condition. Danang again imposed social distancing measures from noon on Sunday, banning gatherings of more than 30 people. Residents and visitors are asked to stay 1 meter apart and wear masks in public spaces. The city has canceled all events that draw crowds. Meanwhile, the capital, Hanoi, requested that people who recently returned from Danang self-isolate at home and report any fevers. Shops selling medicine are required to report those who purchase medicine to relieve fevers. Authorities are also tracking down everyone who came in contact with the four new patients, three of whom are in the city while one who visited it has returned to Quang Ngai Province, south of Danang. The number who had direct contact rose to more than 200, while those with indirect contact totaled more than 1,000. Local authorities have been ramping up efforts to crack down on illegal immigrants over the past few months. On July 5, border guards in Quang Ninh detained five Chinese nationals accused of illegally entering Vietnam to gamble, according to provincial authorities. On July 19, law enforcement in the town of Dien Ban in Quang Nam Province arrested 21 Chinese who are believed to have entered Vietnam along small paths along the border to seek jobs. On July 16, up to 24 Chinese nationals were found entering Danang illegally. That forced the city's police to examine 14 local households accommodating foreigners, as well as 374 guesthouses, hotels, home stay locations, rental houses, resorts and apartments in a mass search for Chinese nationals in the city. The mission found two dozen Chinese were staying illegally in the city on Saturday. Vietnam cannot tolerate even a small number of COVID-19 cases because its health system is fragile and may struggle to handle an explosion of infections, according to a political analyst who declined to be named. "Hanoi remains on high alert because it needs to avoid the spread of the coronavirus until next January," he said, referring to scheduled voting for key Communist Party, National Assembly and government posts. "Safety, stability and unity before the election are the top priorities of Vietnamese leaders at this time."
  2. I am curious, my one and only property has around 30% loan based on todays valuation. Currently housing loans are like 1% interest rates. Should I refinance and borrow MORE money from the bank and dump it into some "safe" investments that has returns like 2-3%? Maybe some government bonds? or something? Some form of investment that is Even 2% per annum profit should be significant.
  3. The Japanese label will be at the Culture Cartel streetwear convention from Dec 6 to 8 before opening a store at Mandarin Gallery. But the wallets won't be back for now, sorry.
  4. Mods pls close off this thread if already started somewhere else... https://www.theonlinecitizen.com/2019/07/01/analysts-predict-temasek-and-gic-to-have-negative-returns-in-last-fiscal-year/?fbclid=IwAR03ZvPXPBVTzaEZKjAiqcHDPFTKY7X0W10LJ3F2SC1BC6Z-Cgtd2VO2nVE Analysts predict Temasek and GIC to have negative returns in last fiscal year
  5. therock

    File Your Tax Returns Bros!

    A lady and her 7-year-old son are eating in a restaurant. In a moment of playfulness, the boy swallows a coin and chokes. The mother tries slapping his back, rubbing his neck, shaking him hard and everything she could think of, without success. The boy begins to turn blue. The desperate mother starts screaming for help. A man gets up from a nearby table, and with astonishing tranquillity, without saying a word, lowers the boy's pants and squeezes his testicles. The boy yells and spits out the coin. The gentleman with the same tranquillity returns to his table without a word. Soon, the mother calms down and approaches the gentleman to thank him for saving her son's life. She asks, "Sir, are you a doctor?" "No, ma'am," comes the reply. "I'm an Assistant Commissioner of the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore." "We are trained to squeeze everyone's balls to make them cough up the last penny." Reminder to file and confirm your tax returns by 15-April 2019 (for paper filing) and 18 April 2019 (e-filing)
  6. Nokia 8 officially launches in Singapore at S$769 http://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/tech-news-nokia-8-officially-launches-singapore-s769 The Nokia 8 will officially begin retail in Singapore at S$769, starting on 14th October 2017. Color variants are Polished Blue, Tempered Blue, and Steel. Here’s HMD Global’s official stance on the Nokia 8’s competitive sticker price in Singapore: “We understand consumers enjoy the experience of a pure Android smartphone and with the Nokia 8 at under SGD 800, we are offering more consumers that experience and the full features and capabilities of our Nokia flagship smartphone.” – James Rutherfoord, VP at HMD Global, APAC. Here’s a quick recap on the phone. It comes with a flagship-tier processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 – and the latest stock Android operating system, Android 8.0 OS (Oreo). HMD Global is partnering Zeiss optics for the dual-rear cameras on the Nokia 8; the lens-making firm provides consultation and quality testing. The primary rear camera shoots in regular RGB format, while its secondary rear shooter snaps in monochrome - similar to Huawei's flagship phones. Besides its unique “Bothfie” livestreaming feature where it simultaneously engages both front and rear cameras, the phone also packs Nokia’s 360-degree audio software, OZO Audio.
  7. Shocking News!!! British car brand MG returns to Singaporehttp://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/motoring/british-car-brand-mg-returns-to-singapore The ZS compact crossover is the first MG model to return to Singapore. Classic British car brand MG, now owned by Chinese automotive giant SAIC, is back in business in Singapore, after an absence of nearly 15 years. It has appointed Simply Cars - a used car trader and parallel importer of popular German brands since 2006 - as its agent. The company first revealed plans to bring in MG cars back in 2014. It is finally happening now. The first model to debut is the MG ZS compact crossover and an initial batch of 20 cars has arrived. The ZS sold in Singapore is made in Thailand, but imported from Britain, where the MG factory makes changes to the car's exhaust system to make it comply with Singapore's Euro 6 emission standards. The ZS - MG's second sport utility vehicle - is powered by a turbocharged 1-litre three-cylinder engine (made in Zhejiang, China), with a six-speed automatic gearbox transmitting 111hp of power and 160Nm of torque to the front wheels. The car's zero to 100kmh acceleration is 12.4 seconds and its top speed is 180kmh. The speedometer is UK-spec (UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence), so its mph digits are more prominent than its kmh digits. The front end of the ZS looks a little like the previous Mazda CX-5, but the MG is much closer to the Honda HR-V/Vezel in size and wheelbase. Two versions of the ZS are available - the basic Excite version and the better-equipped Exclusive. The latter has additional features such as xenon headlights, a 360-degree camera system and a Garmin navigation system - all of which are fitted in MG's Thailand factory. The Exclusive version is also retrofitted in Singapore with leather upholstery and electrically adjustable front seats. The ZE Excite is priced at $113,000 with a "guaranteed certificate of entitlement", while the tag for the Exclusive is $120,000. The basic model has an open market value (OMV, or approximate car cost before taxes) of about $19,000, so it is eligible for 70 per cent financing. Simply Cars senior director David Ng says that he plans to open a dedicated MG facility at the Leng Kee Road motor belt "by the end of this year". In the meantime, he has tied up with two workshops to offer a five-year/100,000km warranty for the new MG ZS. The next MG to be introduced in Singapore will be the MG3 hatchback, a compact five-door with the same 1-litre drivetrain as the ZS. It is scheduled to arrive next month.
  8. therock

    Nokia 3310 returns!

    It's back and it's 3G :) http://www.straitstimes.com/tech/nokia-phones-officially-return-to-singapore-in-october-with-launch-of-retro-favourite-nokia SINGAPORE - After a three-year hiatus, Nokia mobile phones are officially returning to target Singapore consumers. The first of them is the revamped version of the classic Nokia 3310. The talk-and-text-centric phone from the year 2000 will be on sale here in October, and will work on Singapore telcos' 3G networks. The Straits Times understands the handset will go for less than $100 at all major retail outlets here, making Singapore one of the first in the world to sell this 3G-compatible "dumb" phone. Finnish start-up HMD Global, which owns rights to the Nokia brand, believes that demand will come from consumers wanting to relive their nostalgia, and parents of young children. The redesigned Nokia 3310 was first launched earlier this year in select markets as it worked only on 2G networks. It was not available here as Singapore shut down its 2G networks in April this year. "We underestimated the demand in some markets which are switching off or have switched off their 2G networks (including in) Singapore," an HMD Global spokesman told The Straits Times. It decided to support 3G on 3310 "to allow more people to enjoy a modern classic reborn". http://www.straitstimes.com/tech/smartphones/nokia-relaunches-3310-snake-game-and-6-other-things-about-the-old-and-new-iconic
  9. An uplifting story: Five years ago, a South American Magellanic penguin near death on an island beach near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Joao Pereira de Souza, a part-time fisherman, found the bird and nursed him back to health. Now, the penguin returns every year to visit the man.
  10. Italy's Ferrari has mounted a turbocharged engine on its latest supercar for the first time in more than two decades, as even luxury automakers are forced to seek ways to cut emissions without sacrificing performance. The California T, which will debut at the Geneva auto show this week, will be equipped with an eight-cylinder engine that Ferrari says will consume 15 percent less fuel than its naturally-aspirated predecessor, reducing carbon dioxide emissions to 250 grams per kilometer (g/km) from 299. By pumping air into the cylinders, turbochargers get more power from a smaller engine, sometimes at the price of sluggish initial acceleration. Naturally aspirated engines, which instead draw in air through a valve, can deliver more consistent torque and a bigger engine sound. Unlike holdout Lamborghini and its naturally aspirated 5.2-litre Huracan on show in Geneva, Ferrari is breaking with tradition to offer its first turbo since the F40 coupe, sold between 1987 and 1992. The Fiat-owned (FIA.MI) sports car maker claims to have achieved "zero turbo lag" with new technology that adapts the torque curve to each gear change. "The California T ... is one of the results of significant investment in product and technological innovation," Chairman Luca di Montezemolo said last month. The new model can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds, Ferrari said, 0.2 seconds faster than the 2012 California. Pricing has not been disclosed, although it is not expected to be significantly higher than the tag of around 185,000 euros ($255,500) on the last California. The Italian carmaker also said it had modified the car's exhaust to enhance engine noise, offsetting the turbo's muffling effect. MORE EFFICIENT Fans of Ferrari - ranked the world's most powerful brand last month by consultancy Brand Finance - are optimistic. Joe Adams, president of the Ferrari Club of America, said his members were excited about the prospect of getting more efficient horsepower and better fuel mileage out of the cars. "Ferrari needs to be able to show its technical prowess," said Adams, who has owned seven different Ferraris over the years. "Being green is just another challenge and that's something Ferrari relishes." The move by Ferrari coincides with the introduction this year of new Formula One rules requiring the use of turbocharged engines in the sport for the first time since 1988. Fuel-efficiency improvements account for a large share of the 2 billion euros in planned research and development spending over five years, Ferrari has said. The carmaker, which last year introduced its first hybrid, the 1 million euro LaFerrari, said its average CO2 emissions have already fallen 40 percent since 2007. While supercars will keep emitting more than small family cars, they need at least to show improvement, said Jay Nagley, managing director at Redspy, an automotive consultancy. "They don't want to look like dinosaurs," he said. Unlike Ferrari, Lamborghini is avoiding turbos for now and has no intention to pursue hybrids anytime soon. However, both technologies are readily available from parent Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) should it choose to use them later. The Huracan LP 610-4 on show in Geneva is Lamborghini's successor to its bestselling Gallardo model, which ended production last year. The carbon fibre and aluminum car's 10-cylinder engine emits an average 290 g/km of CO2. "One thing that makes a Lamborghini so unique is the music that comes out of the exhaust pipes," said Nick Wirth, a fellow of Britain's Royal Academy of Engineering. "A turbocharged engine would make the orchestra a little bit quieter." However, Wirth believes it is only a matter of time before even the most exotic brands are forced to embrace turbos and hybrids to meet tightening emission rules. "Ultimately, everyone will have to move in that direction." Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/money/story/ferrari-returns-turbo-supercar-makers-face-emissions-rules-20140303
  11. Petrochina is part of SPC right? http://www.colombopage.com/archive_13B/Oct02_1380726402CH.php Oct 02, Colombo: Sri Lanka's state-owned fuel supplier Ceylon Petroleum Corp (Ceypetco) said it has retuned 30,000 tonnes of gasoline supplied by the Singapore subsidiary of PetroChina due to substandard quality. According to the Ceypetco's managing director Susantha Silva, the stock of 90-octane gasoline from PetroChina Singapore was rejected as it failed to meet specifications. The Ceypetco has accepted 5,000 tonnes of 95-octane gasoline and 5,000 tonnes of diesel from the Singapore subsidiary. Silva has said that the oil stock was rejected since it failed one of the 15 parameters of the octane specifications, Reuters reported. PetroChina's Singapore subsidiary has been asked to resupply the cargo. Ceypetco in January this year finalized a term contract to purchase nearly 3 million barrels of oil products for delivery over a six-month period from PetroChina. Sri Lanka is being forced to import refined oil from several sources since Sri Lanka's sole refinery can only purify Iranian crude and the crude supplies from Iran had to be reduced following the sanctions imposed on Iran by the United States.
  12. "Talent" is considered second rate in her own country, so she plays for an adopted country and now returns to her true home with medals and money. Whole charade is like a commercial transaction except that in commercial transactions, both parties are supposed to gain some benefit. What tangible benefit did the adopted country gain? Link
  13. SINGAPORE: The haze has returned to Singapore today, two weeks earlier than forecasted by NEA. Southwest monsoon caused the weather to be drier and various parts of Sumatra is engulfed in forest fire, brought about by the slash and burn method of forest clearing. The latest PSI index that measures air quality surpass the unhealthy mark of 100. The Ministry for Environment and Water Ponding has announced that the situation is expected to deteriorate over the next five days. Donut News understands that many ERP gantry island-wide are unable to capture the readings from In-vehicle Unit (IU).
  14. mickey goes tyneside.. http://www.football365.com/story/0,17033,8...6885851,00.html
  15. Pianist realises his Fantasie Pianist Melvyn Tan's solo show is back on, five years after a public outcry over his dodging of national service By magdalen ng Renowned pianist Melvyn Tan is finally returning for his Singapore solo debut at the Esplanade next month. It is a bittersweet homecoming for the man dogged by a national service controversy here. Five years ago, when he tried to perform at the same venue, the public had raised an outcry over whether he had been dealt with too lightly for defaulting on his national service. 'It's been a long time coming, this concert, and it will be a poignant moment, to be able to play for the people who have supported me since I went away,' says Tan in a telephone interview from London, where he is based. His recital, titled Fantasie, will be on at the Esplanade Concert Hall on Jan 19. The 54-year-old originally planned to have his concert in December 2005 but he scrapped that when an uproar erupted over his evasion of national service while studying music in London. An April 2007 date with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra was announced but that, too, was postponed. He left Singapore in 1969, at the age of 12, to study at the famed Yehudi Menuhin School, and later the Royal College of Music, and did not return to serve his national service. When he eventually returned in 2005, he was charged for the evasion and fined $3,000. By then, he was above 40 years old and was no longer liable to serve. He had also renounced his Singapore citizenship in 1978. But that did not stop many Singaporeans from pitching in on whether his punishment was adequate. His case also led to debate over the leeway to be given to young talent pursuing their development and careers overseas, and the deferment of their national service. Now a British citizen, he says: 'The national service issue is not something that I can shake off. It is my circumstances, and something I have to accept. There is nothing really I can do about it.' He adds: 'What I want to focus on is to do a good concert and for people to enjoy themselves. That's what I want to think about.' He will be playing four pieces - two by Polish composer Chopin, Images by French composer Debussy and Fantasiestucke by German composer Schumann. The programme, he says, will be a menu of different but complementary music. 'It's not just the tastebuds that I want to stimulate. I want the audience to hear a bit of this and a bit of that,' he explains. The concert pianist has performed at many prestigious venues, including London's Barbican and New York's Lincoln Center. He is also a veteran at international festivals, such as the Edinburgh International Festival and the Salzburg Summer Festival. These days, he spends most of his time in his London studio when he is not travelling. He is also fond of exercising, going to the theatre and meeting friends. 'I always get more done in concentrated bursts. So I practise for two hours, take a walk and then come back for more,' he says. On his trip back to Singapore, he will also conduct masterclasses for students at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, the School of the Arts and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. He thinks that it will be a good opportunity for him to pass on his expertise to budding musicians. 'Over the years, I've gained a lot of experience as a performer, and this is something that you cannot get when you are in your 20s. You learn a piece and you can prepare only so much, but performing in public is something different,' he says. 'You can't teach experience but I hope that I will be able to share what I know with the students.'
  16. Blackseal

    Geylang rojak king returns

    Sheik Allaudin Mohideen is opening a new Indian rojak stall under his wife's name. Singapore, February 27, 2010 HIS licence is still suspended. And he has not been dishing out his famous Indian rojak since last April, following a food poisoning incident linked to his stall, then located at the Geylang Serai Temporary market. The stall allocated to him in the newly built Geylang Serai market remains unoccupied and unnamed. His connection to what was Singapore
  17. Civicblade

    Cerato Manual Returns FC of 13km/l

    My 04 manual cerato gives me a FC of 13km/l for the last tankful. Usually it is around 12-12.5km/l Travelling pattern mostly away from expressways, taking those stop start route to get around ERP in the mornings and evenings. I guess the school holidays elleviate the traffic condition by a little bit and thus smoother traffic equates to better FC figures. How's your cerato?
  18. Hi guys, any good recommendations?
  19. Source: http://forums.finalgear.com/top-gear-pre-e...d-2008-a-31218/ Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H99slALLrUg
  20. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin.../326502/1/.html SIA plane returns to Changi Airport after loss of cabin pressure By Patwant Singh, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 02 February 2008 2008 hrs SINGAPORE : A Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-200 plane flying to Beijing had to return to Changi Airport some 90 minutes after takeoff due to loss of cabin pressure on Saturday afternoon. Officials say Flight SQ 802, carrying 232 passengers and 13 crew, suffered loss of cabin pressure at an altitude of 36,000 feet. So the pilot sent the plane first to 32,000 feet and then to 10,000 feet. Because of the rapid 6-minute descent, oxygen masks were deployed. However these were safely removed once the plane reached 10,000 feet, and was stable. SIA says the captain, in accordance with safety procedures, immediately initiated a return to Singapore - the nearest suitable airport. The plane landed safely and without incident at 1.48pm local time. Passengers were transferred to a different aircraft to continue their journey to Beijing. SIA says a detailed investigation is underway and apologises to passengers inconvenienced by the delay. - CNA/ch
  21. Cklasse

    Queen of the sky returns home

    SQ A380 returns home today after a delay of 2 years....man! the carpark at Changi beach was packed. Here is the link to the video of its approach to runway 20R. [urlhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TTVskEOa7I][/url]
  22. Viviobluerex

    Car Advertisement War - Part 2 Returns

    http://kcarclubsg1975.spaces.live.com/blog...F363!1061.entry http://kcarclubsg1975.spaces.live.com/
  23. Genie47

    Opel GT returns!

    http://www.seriouswheels.com/top-2007-Opel-GT.htm It will enter the US as the Saturn Sky or Pontiac Solstice. Of course in UK as Vauxhall GT and Germany as Opel GT . Hope it comes under GMDAT as Chevy GT. It does look like a miniature American muscle car ala Corvette. A baby Corvette.
  24. Secondhand

    Sec0ndhand returns...

    Hey all... after a long time being up in a tree, guess who's back... Anywayz, FINALLY able to get Zer0 done up... And also decided on SACHS performance set. Not as bumpy as many says... Rite now, only waiting for my exhaust to come... 6wks waiting time... Enjoy the pics... *I'm still not good at taking photos... * LS: Pics have been shrunk... pls limit your pic size next time