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Found 39 results

  1. How much and how long will it take?
  2. Is $400 reasonable for a pair of new brake pads plus rotor skimming due to uneven wear ?
  3. any suggestions or is mcwell the only place to get it?
  4. Like to know which is best source to get brakes pads and rotors online? Like Brembos and Hawk. Thx in adv
  5. Tigershark1976

    Where to get brembo rotor?

    my vios front rotor wrapped liao... instead of skimming the old rotor, or getting an original rotor... thinking to get a brembo rotor for stock replacement. anyone where can i buy it cheap? Im gg to bring it to Mal for installation.
  6. w/o an accompanying "simulated" brake caliper it just looks fake as hell. only can con some kiddies...
  7. Can someone recommend me a reliable workshop that sells and installs AP racing rotor? thanks.
  8. Is disc rotor universal? As long as the hole and diameter match? For example, 5 x 100 296mm can be used for any make and model which is using the same spec?
  9. Hi all, Just like to ask all the experts here on how to get rid of this very irritating problem: I went a to a workshop to change brake rotors and pads and all was fine. One day however, a weird sound was emitted from one of the brakes. I didnt think anything was wrong till it happened a few times after that. I then started to realize that if I held my steering wheel at an angle, there is a chance that the sound will appear. Kind of a whirling noise. What is the problem? I went back to the workshop and they used a screwdriver to wedge between the rotor and pads a while and said all was fine but the sound still exists. Can someone help please? Thanks!
  10. Ldlian987

    Brake rotor problem

    Hi I have a 2003 corolla, mileage 45k (genuine, odo not adjusted). 1 week after going for 40k servicing at BM (got discount), there was a knocking noise from the rear when I brake. It happens when I brake at low speeds (0-40km/h) but not at high speeds. The tok tok sound has higher frequency at like 40km/h than at 10km/h. I do not feel any change in the brake pedal feel or the braking power. So I brought back to BM and after test drive, they said rear brake rotors need to be replaced. I was like huh, there was no mention of brake rotor during servicing? They said they informed me to monitor an EEEE sound (another separate issue) when I reverse and brake. They also said it could be dirt or debris getting in the brake pads/rotors that caused it to wear out. I was quoted $457 nett to replace both rear rotors. Anyway I was not convinced by their explanation. During servicing the brake pads and rotors were cleaned. Could it be possible that when putting the brake pads back after cleaning, they were not positioned properly, causing the rotor to wear abnormally? This is just my guess. Or is it really time to change the rotors (they are 8 years old)? I would like a 2nd opinion so which workshop (reliable and honest only) should I go to let them see what's really wrong? Any other suggestions or solutions? Thanks alot!
  11. Just change my brake rotor and wondering whether need to redo the alignment?
  12. Thinking of changing my stock rotor & caliper to those 4pot performance caliper for my ride but some mechanic told me it will slower down my pickup. But saw some swift (1.3) no those sport type install it, still going around with it. Any Bro had try it on their allion/premio, can please advise. Thanks
  13. is it normal for rotor to warp after 20k KM mileage? Can workshop diagnose if a rotor is warp beside the vibration from steering wheel?
  14. As above. Got a friend asking where to buy this in S'pore. I'm not sure if this is our standard stock oem model for the 159 2.2l (non-QV). Iridium or Stiggy, you know where to enquire? I just told my friend try Tanly 1st.
  15. I have a rusty rotor..... it is getting on my nerve. I know it is normal for the contact area with the caliper to be rusty.... But my whole rotor is freaking rusty including the area that is joining the wheel hub. I just change my stock rotor to "Brembo After market" and it freaking rust badly. Can anyone recommend me a shop that does painting for the rotor. thanks
  16. Tzarh1974

    Disc rotor for Gen 2

    Hi All...i was quoted total of 380myr for replacing 1 disc rotor and rear brake pad. Issit like sibei ex?
  17. hi, may i ask if anyone here has upgrade from stock rotor to drilled/slotted type. able to share the experience? does it really helps in braking? i'm using performance brake pad, FF grade. and what does port/pod refer to? sometime i see like 4 pod, 6 pod. if i not wrong, bigger the better. always a common sight for performance car. which mine is not, but i more ks. thus taking safety seriously as i enjoyed speeding too. please enlighten
  18. Why is there a scratch line on the disc rotor? brake pads still very thick, mileage only 13k km Is there anything I should do?
  19. Bornno1

    Rotor chipped off

    hi guys 1 of my rotors is chipped off, the chipped off part is about 0.5mm deep. Can hear a slight tok tok sound when slow braking. Does skimming help? If replace rotors have to replace in pairs?
  20. Do not click links if you are squeamish [sweatdrop] Day of accident, http://www.bikeforums.net/showthread.php?t=295889 X-ray, http://www.on-one-shop.co.uk/?p=455 One year after accident, http://www.on-one-shop.co.uk/?p=806 [speechless]
  21. Anyone got lobang for aftermarket front brake rotor for Nissan March (current model). Or take-off from brand new March/latio rotors also can. The car rim is 15", so most likely cannot go for big brake kit. My friend wants to change as there is vibration and shaking of steering wheel when braking speed reached 50-60km/hr. Other speed while the brake is applied has no vibration, and the vibration comes only when braking at higher speed till car speed is reduce to around 50-60km/hr and vibration goes away when car is below 50km/hr.
  22. Hello All, Would like to know is there any different between Stock and Slotted rotor with Stock caliper in term of braking performance beside brake pad wear faster..... Please comments....Thanks....
  23. My left front brake rotor is much more worn than the right. There's no other symtomps like pulling to one side. Dealer checked and say no caliper binding, and can't say where's the problem. Any idea where the fault could be?
  24. Just curious... If our stock rotors warp, will our cars be able to brake in time? I am looking at street driving with a speed range of 60 to 100 Km/h. Thanks!
  25. Jnetjnjn

    Brake Rotor

    Any bros out there can advise if uneven brake rotors can be filed even without replacing new ones? If so, any workshop to recommend? Thanks.