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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, I want to buy over Season Parking at Paya Lebar Square or Singpost Centre at Paya Lebar. If you are selling, please contact me. Thank you.
  2. Anyone has lobang for season parking at Ayer Rajah Crescent blk 67,71,73,79? Willing to pay. The carpark rates are going to double due to recently opened Timbre+ Food place. Really ridiculous. Now parking is as expensive as in CBD.
  3. Has anyone tried renewing hdb season parking today? I keep getting errors. Don't think it's due to my cc - tried with 3 different cc also cannot go through, plus the error msg says sth like "contact merchant" Don't think i can just go down to a hdb office to renew rite? the website only mention online renewal method...
  4. Hi all, May I know where is the cheapest season parking near PWC building(Cross Street) .don't mind walking 10mins if it's some distance away.
  5. That's a really long wall of text, so I'll sum it up for you. The owner of a 2011 Mercedes Viano was denied a HDB Multi-Storey Car Park season parking with the main reason being the excessive weight (more than 2,000kg) of the vehicle. So what does he do? He proceeded to spend some time checking out the various cars parked in HDB MSCP and came up with a short list of cars that weigh more than 2,000kg. If you look at this excerpt from HDB's website regarding the parking restrictions for commercial vehicles (the Mercedes Viano is predominantly used as commercial passenger buses), it is a straightforward rule that commercial vehicles parking in a sheltered car park must not exceed 2,000kg. With the rationale behind it being safety and environmental concerns as well as "efforts to preserve the character and ambience of residential estates"... Hmm, maybe HDB just find the Viano too ugly to be parked in a housing estate? In all seriousness though, this netizen has a point, this issue likely stemmed from outdated regulations. These regulations were probably established back when commercial vehicles weighing more than 2,000kg are agricultural behemoths. Maybe HDB should look into updating its regulations? in the meantime, I suppose this guy should get rid of the Viano and get something else, like one of the cars he mentioned instead?
  6. Hi, anyone knows a good place to park full day at Changi Business Park? Or a good place for season parking?
  7. Anyone able to waive your office season parking during the CB? My office building management only willing to waive April and May got to pay. Monthly Season parking: $150 Heart pain!!!!
  8. Preferably Marina Bay Link Mall, Marina Bay Residences, One Raffles Quay. Please PM me with details if you have a lot to spare. Thanks.
  9. Hey guys. I need to apply family season parking to park at my dads hdb carpark. Has anyone done it before? First time applicants for family season parking need to go down to hdb branch office. I know need documentary proof. But Is my birth certificate enough? Do I need my dad's ic? Any branch office is OK? Or do I need to go down to like his estates branch office. I need to do it tomorrow and the hdb hotline is closed already at 5pm.
  10. Hi ! Does anyone have lobang for where is the cheapest covered carpark for season parking? Thanks in advance.
  11. MPS are charged a proportion of the parking fee as they "do not park overnight or full day at their constituencies". LOL. Can they hire someone to do some logical thinking and reasoning before releasing such statement for their press releases? Or maybe just don't mention at all because it will backfire. Neither do teachers park overnight in schools. Neither do we park overnight at our workplace. Can pay half price only anot? $1 a day parking. Good lei... Elected Members of Parliament (MPs) pay S$365 for an annual permit that allows them to park at Housing & Development Board (HDB) car parks when doing constituency work and at Parliament House when on official business, the Ministry of National Development (MND) said on Monday (Jun 25). The amount is "a proportion of" the current HDB season parking rate, MND said in responses to The Straits Times that were shared with Channel NewsAsia. For HDB residents' first parking lot, the monthly parking charge is S$80 for surface car parks and S$110 for sheltered car parks. "The rate is a proportion of the prevailing HDB season parking rate since MPs do not park overnight or full day at their constituencies," the MND said, adding that the permit fee was increased from S$260 in 2016. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/elected-mps-pay-365-annually-parking-hdb-car-parks-parliament-10468334
  12. Don’t require anymore for my season parking at Esplanade, I can only transfer the season parking from July 2018 onwards and is valid till end Nov 2018 for $200 a month. If buy directly from Esplanade require to commit 12 months at $214 monthly.
  13. Hi all, 1st time car owner still waiting for car here. When do I apply for HDB's season parking har? When car registered and SE tell me my license plate?
  14. Hi bros, anyone working in IBP and drives to work. I am working at Nordic but it seems the season parking there is full. Where is the next nearest recommendation or solution, and how much is the season parking there generally. **If not convenience to post a reply, you can PM me too. Thank you in advance!
  15. Hi all, i'm thinking of buying a new Navara NP300 pickup truck (http://www.nissan.com.sg/vehicles/np300%20navara/index.cfm) but facing some issue due to it being too heavy and large. Firstly, season parking for open air carpark weight limit is 1800kg max. But they will still allow it if its below 2000kg but will charge you a fee of 185$ instead of 65$ then after that they would need to know if the pick up truck is able to fit into a lot. i believe they say it's max length would be 5 meter. Currently the Navara Curb weight is 1860kg Length is 5255mm I'm wondering any of you own a pickup truck that is about that length and yet still able to buy the season parking or have any advice for me? If all options are gone for that pick up truck, i'm looking at 2 models of SUV in the current market. Hyundai Tucson 2015/2016 (http://www.hyundai.com/sg/en/UpcomingVehicles/Tucson/index.html) Or Toyota Harrier (i think latest model is 2014 or 15) (http://harrier.sg) Which would be a better options of SUV and why? Found reviews of tucson but can't find much reviews on the harrier. ps; most likely after buying any of this 3, i would love to LIFT its sup higher and change its wheel thicker and bigger (popping out of its side kind). saw some people mod it and it looks awesome! Not sure where can i mod it thou. lol Thanks all!
  16. Anybody Owns/Bought a 2015 Navara Np300 pickup truck? As titled, would like to check if you guys manage to buy a season parking on normal open space carparks! Thanks!
  17. Hi everyone, I just want to find out if anyone knows of season parking around Somerset area? Malls and office buildings. If you do, can advise the monthly rates? Inputs would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!
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