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Found 3 results

  1. After the dust has settled down, I'm sure some of you might be curious as to how we've arrived at the results of sgCarMart's Cars Of The Year 2010. You can check out all the glitz and glamour here, but for the benefit of some people, let's revisit them once again. The Criteria We've used a total of eight criteria to determine our Cars Of The Year, and the first seven are as follows: - Views on model on sgCarMart.com - Price - Features (sunroof, push start button, smart key, electric seats, etc) - Performance (cc, turbo, engine type, top speed, acceleration, etc) - Fuel economy - Size - Safety features Each of them accounted for 10% of the score. That, of course, adds up to 70%. The final 30% comes from the last criteria, which comes from Consumer Voting. This gives the power to you, the viewers and readers, to determine sgCarMart's Cars Of The Year. Next, the categories. In this increasingly complicated world, it's hard to pigeonhole cars into specific classes nowadays. So, we've decided to keep it simple, and classify the entries into six basic categories, namely sedan, luxury sedan, hatchback, Sports-Utility Vehicle (SUV), Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV), and sports. However, even within each category there are a wide variety of cars to choose from, from both ends of the value spectrum. Therefore, for fairness, we've further divided each category into Premium and Normal classes. Making The Decision Apart from the thorough research and the in-depth judging criteria that were conducted for the contest, we worked out and based our choices on the ever-so-passionate testing and thorough reviews of almost every car make and model in the industry. Of course, it can't be just our opinions. As set out above, you, the readers, have a say as well through your voting. To thank you for your participation and support, we offered prizes to a few lucky voters, and you guys certainly didn't let us down. The Results When the votes were in and tallied, there were a few surprises. Needless to say, not everyone agreed, but the people have spoken. And the winners are... Hatchback - Honda Jazz Hatchback (Premium) - Volkswagen Golf Sedan - Mazda2 Sedan Sedan (Premium) - Mazda3 Sedan Luxury Sedan - Volvo S60 Luxury Sedan (Premium) - Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sports-Utility Vehicle - Honda CR-V Sports-Utility Vehicle (Premium) - Audi Q5 Multi-Purpose Vehicle - Honda Stream Multi-Purpose Vehicle (Premium) - Toyota Alphard Sports - Volkswagen Scirocco R Sports (Premium) - Audi RS5 Coupe Conclusion It had been a tough contest, but in the end, I'm sure everyone involved felt that it was worth the effort. As you can see from the pictures, the winners were certainly pleased too. We look forward to more and better contests in the coming year, and you can guarantee that sgCarMart's Cars Of The Year 2011 will be as fiercely competitive and exciting as 2010's, or even more. See you next year!
  2. BenCee

    sgCarMart's Car of the Year 2011

    sgCarMart's Car of the Year is back for 2011, and it's bigger and better than ever with many more prizes to be won! This year, the contest has expanded to 21 categories. There are 17 main categories to cater for the huge plethora of new cars launched in the past year or so, as well as four special categories to recognise unique achievements, such as design, technological features and environmental-friendliness. There is also not one, not two, but THREE contests to enter, with prizes such as a MacBook Air, Ipod Nanos, GPS systems, In-Car Cameras, petrol vouchers and many many more! sgCarMart is going all out to reach out to voters this year, and aside from voting on the specially set-up COTY 2011 microsite, the public can also go to sgCarMart's Facebook page for more details and prizes. It promises to be an exciting contest, so vote now!
  3. [extract] After a long and hectic five weeks of voting, choosing and judging, the results that all of us have been longing for are finally out! And yes, you guys have certainly made it happen. Apart from the enthusiastic judges from sgCarMart