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Found 4 results

  1. Someone should contact Universal and hire this lorry uncle for their next movie. What went down Click here for the full video: https://www.facebook.com/roadssg/videos/375107703849837 On 5th May 2021 at 5:46 pm, a lorry driver attempted to tap his brakes as he sped through the BKE expressway. Instead of slowing down, the vehicle unexpectedly spun out of control and ended up facing against traffic. And if that wasn't scary enough, things nearly went south for both the motorcyclist and the dash-cam driver as the lorry stops abruptly. They managed to stop their vehicles just in time to avoid a one-way ticket to heaven. It was speculated that the driver was speeding with balding or worn-out tyres – something that should have been checked and fixed by the driver or the company before the vehicle hits the open road. How do I know if my tyres are worn out? According to this guide, it shows how vehicle tyres would look like under certain conditions, of which all of them would increase tyre wear faster than normal. Although I’m unsure if the lorry’s tyres were misaligned or wrongly inflated, it is always important for drivers to inspect their tyre pressure and threads once every few weeks on top of the mandatory yearly check. Netizens' reactions As always, several netizens rushed to the comments section to voice their concerns about the incident and to praise the driver for stopping in time. I would have shat my pants even if I were driving in another lane! What do you think? How often do you check your own tyres?
  2. Good morning everyone! Singapore may be small, but we are never short of exciting incidents. Let's take this battle between a Toyota Prius and a Toyota Dyna for example. Resembles a Beyblade* battle to be honest (minus the spinning). *Beyblade is a Japanese anime about spinning top toy battles If you watch the video, you'll notice that the Prius was not on the first lane initially because there were two large trucks obstructing traffic. The Prius obviously did not want to give way to the lorry and charged forward. A normal person would hit the brakes upon impact, but not this Prius. The lorry and the Prius continue scratching each other's paintwork for at least a good three to four seconds! What was the lorry doing though? Crazy driving by the Prius aside, the lorry, being a goods and commercial vehicle with a speed limit of 70km/hr should not be on the fast lane. So, what happens when it comes to insurance claims? Here's what some had to say: Here's the video
  3. To all drivers taking AYE towards TUAS: Speed limit isn't at 90km/h throughout the entire expressway! I learnt it the hard way after I was slapped with a fine for driving at 95km/h on the stretch of AYE (around Pioneer area) a few weeks back. It was stated on the slip that the speed limit was only 80km/h. I have driven along that stretch many times and especially after the toll increase at our beloved causeway, I've decided to use TUAS instead since the difference isn't much now. And every single time I would assume that the speed limit is 90km/h. I've always wondered why this was the case and I went back onto the same stretch of AYE and found out that there is actually NO speed limit signage, saying the speed limit is 80km/h, displayed after Corporation Road (next exit after Jurong Town Hall). So naturally it is to be assumed that the speed limit is 90km/h since it is prominently displayed (especially for the speed camera after Kent ridge) all the way up till Jurong area on the AYE. And ALWAYS ALWAYS look out for white uniform men on top of overhead bridges! On my 'investigation trip', I saw one of them with a speed camera on the overhead bridge. They are all out to hunt now. Drive safe and hope this piece of information helps.
  4. What is your user experience of this new "upgrade" on TPE at Punggol exit? For me, at first I thot the expansion is for all vehicles but to my surprise, only open to public buses. after spending so much money and time which causes so much inconvenience during the construction, the traffic situation still didn't improve. To me, its a complete waste of money. hopefully LTA can look into this! http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/new-bus-stop-along-tpe/1482104.html
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