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Found 7 results

  1. Please check in if you are a Audi A3 owners. Please state your type and also year and any other info you like to share. My car info: -A3 Sedan Ambiente trim (Type 8V - model year 2015). -Delivery in Mar 2015. -OMV=27.2K. COE=64.7K AD gross margin=18.5K. During my evaluation, I gathered some info about the A3 compared to other similar cars in Singapore. Just for your information (see table below). I welcome any questions. I have also done a brief review in sgcarmart for this car too.
  2. Raytham

    Cruze5 Sportsback

    This is the new cruze5 sportsback http://www.sgcarmart.com/new_cars/newcars_...p?CarCode=11081 Is it going to be a hit or disappointment? Based on only 91BHP, wonder how will this NA ride produce sufficient torque to carry the 1.3 tonner kerb weight?
  3. I remember posting about Russian armoured automobile maker Dartz about a year or so ago. That time it was basically a Hummer on steroids called the Prombon. Now Dartz, in collaboration with Gray Design, have come up with the Dartz Nagel. This is even more outrageous. An armoured sportsback larger than a Rolls Royce Phantom (5.3 meters long, 2.2 meters wide) and meant to tow luxury yachts and speedboats. A car a large as a house but looks like a 4 door coupe ala Mercedes Benz CLS. Photographs don't do this moving boulder justice. Sometimes, these Russians amaze the heck out of us. I get very amazed watching Sukhoi SU30s do incredible low speed maneuvers (at airshows), seen those large Russian Mil helicopters dump tons of water over fires (in a demonstration), felt the robustness of an AK47 and have even met a 75 year old Russian rocket scientist/engineer (who was still employed at the time) due to my line of work but when it comes to making cars, the Russians seem to think in ways weirder than even the Americans, who are basically king of oversized vehicles with their extra large SUVs and trucks. So the scheduled for 2012 Dartz Nagel is made for towing yachts, but it already is a land yacht in my opinion. It is huge and must run a modified truck engine as according to the press release, the Nagel makes 2000bhp. No torque figures were released but the specs say that it can tow yachts up to 5 tons in weight and up to 15meters long. It can also top 250km/h if it isn't towing a yacht. This is even with a whole lot of body armour. I suppose this is in case someone tries to hijack the yacht that the Nagel is towing. Yeah, right. Maybe they should keep an eye out for Somali pirates in Russia. And I have to share this little item with you readers, the last paragraph in the summary of the Dartz Nagel -
  4. The new 2012 Audi RS3 will be launch somewhere around spring 2011. At last, Audi launched the most power version of the A3 range: 2012 Audi RS3. The interesting fact is that the 5-door version gets it first. Rumors about Audi RS3 2012 hit the web while ago and even the launch date was speculated around every big auto show of the last two years. Still, Audi have delayed the surprise as much as they could. Even some spy shots of the Audi RS3 were taken in Ingolstadt, but there were some question marks around them, mainly because the 5-door body. But, the New Audi RS3 was not unveiled as a 3-door hot-hatch, as everyone expected, but as a day-by-day car, in the RS3 Sportback version. Just like the other models wearing the “RS” logo, 2012 Audi RS3 Sportback does not surprise with an extravagant look, although the intakes in the bumpers make it different from the other cars of the line-up. Otherwise, the aesthetic details resume to the hex front grid, having the RS logo, a new set of side skirts, a decent rear diffuser in the bumper and a pair of new exhausts. Audi RS3 2012 comes with CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) accessories, both for the spoilers and for the side mirrors or the spoiler. The look is completed by the 19 inch rims, with five spokes finished in titanium, giving the car a dynamic look when 2011 RS3 is moving. The performances of the car are also at a good level, thanks to the turbocharged engine borrowed from the Audi TT RS bomb. We are talking about the five-cylinder engine, developing a maximum power of 340 HP but also an impressive 332 lb-ft of torque, available between 1,600 and 5,300 rpm. Therefore, Audi RS3 2011 sprints from 0 to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds, while the top speed is limited to 155 mph. The fuel efficiency will not scare the environmental enthusiasts as Audi RS3 scores 26 mpg, and pretty low CO2 emissions. Fair values for the performances of the engine. Of course, the Quattro four-wheel drive system we love is not missing, while the transmission is the automatic S-Tronic, with 7 gears and double-clutch. The gearbox can also be controlled from the paddles on the steering wheel, having two automatic modes. For Audi RS3 Sportback 2012 to have a sporty behavior, the ride hight was lowered 1 inch, and the brake disks have 14.5 inches in the front and 12.2 inches in the rear. New RS3 Sportback features wide tyres, 235/35 R 19 in front and 225/35 R 19 in the rear. The ESP system also has the Sport mode, but it can also be turned off if you want to feel the thrill. If the exterior of RS3 Sportback is not so aggressive compared to a stock A3, the interior it’s a lot more sporty than the cockpit of a regular A3. First of all, the sports seats stand out, dressed in black Nappa leather, matched with the red stitching. Worth mentioning is the piano-black finishing of the back side of the front seats. The interior of 2011 Audi RS Sportback is dominated by black, red stitches, but also by the red lights offering the car a sporty look. The steering wheel as a racing design, with a blunt bottom, also with audio and cruise-control. Otherwise the ambiance is dominated by the RS3 logos. The new model will be built in the Hungarian factory in Gyor, and the starting price in Germany for 2011 Audi RS3 is of 49,900 euros (around $66,500).
  5. Azarael

    New A5 Sportsback

    anyone going to testdrive the new A5 sportsback ? the coupe with 5 doors ! haha. they have a 2.0Tsi and a 3.2 engine i think the 2.OT is good enough for our roads. opinions ? anyone booked one yet ? i am tempted.....
  6. http://automoviles.aol.com/2007/10/25/auto...-cr-z-concepto/
  7. http://www.infomotori.co.uk/a_911_EN_20295_2_2.html