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  1. Just as the joyous festive season kicked in, an unsuspecting accident completely ruined the atmosphere. Watch the spine-chilling accident here: What Happened? The accident occured along the stretch of Tampines Ave 10, close to midnight on 23rd December. A red Mercedes A180 drove from Tampines Ave 1 before negotiating a left turn onto Tampines Ave 10. From the video, it seems like the red Mercedes was travelling at a fast speed when he approached the left turn. Oddly, the Mercedes did not seem to have any intention to negotiate the bend. What p
  2. It is a common sight for drivers to perform a lane change, a turn or a U-turn without using their signal indicator. One may feel it is a minor issue that these inconsiderate drivers behave this way until this happens: What Happened? When this accident occurred, the cam bike was riding along Tampines Walk just outside Our Tampines Hub. A grey Honda Shuttle was driving in front of the cam bike, LITERALLY hovering in between 2 lanes. At this point, the cam bike decided to perform an overtaking manoeuvre by overtaking the Honda Shuttle on its right.
  3. Luckily, no passengers suffered serious injuries during this accident. Earlier this morning, an GoAhead bus driver and his passengers found themselves in an unfortunate predicament during the morning rush hour. The video starts with a cam car turning into a junction near Loyang Ave towards Tampines Ave 7. The driver notices a green GoAhead bus travelling straight through the junction as the car slowly inches forward. He then stops in the yellow box as he lets the bus pass through the junction. Out of the blue, another bus appears from the right of
  4. Back to the age-old question - Is it easier to park with or without cars around you? In the forum discussion above, many said that it is easier to park with cars around you. Well, I would think otherwise. Watch this clip and find out why: This incident happened at an open-air carpark, located at 877 Tampines Street 84. What happened? The Lalamove driver, who was driving a Renault SUV, was caught on cam reversing into a PARKED AND STATIONARY Perodua. Oh wells. I am guessing the Lalamove driver held onto the notion that parking with cars around y
  5. With the relaxing of safe distancing measures kicking in on 19 Aug, 50% of WFH employees are allowed to return to the office. If you are one of those who are still under the WFH arrangement, you would have woken up to a nice cool morning, which is perfect for sleeping in working from home. If you had to go back to the office, well, it sucks to be you. Especially if you live in the East. Why? What started as heavy rain in the wee hours of the morning gradually turned into a flash flood for Singaporeans living in the East. If you missed what happened, watch these
  6. Hi anyone know of any good car wash in the East? Non petrol kiosk though. In areas like between Tampines and Kaki Bukit. And is there any that opens till late?
  7. Earlier this morning, a photo of a BlueSG driver's unfortunate situation at Tampines was posted on Facebook. Judging from the caption, it seems like the driver tried to park the vehicle but ended up over-reversing onto the cement kerb. Even the electric charger was knocked down in the process as well. Netizens' reactions After seeing this post, netizens went to comment on their opinions of the driver's haphazard parking technique: What are your thoughts on this? Is a BlueSG car really that hard to handle, especially for beginner drivers?
  8. Little did he know... Now, we don't know whether to laugh or be angry if we came across such a situation. As seen on STOMP is this video of a driver driving along Tampines Ave 4 with the intention of turning into Tampines Central 1 when he/she realises that there is suddenly another car in his/her path. This was captured on 8th of Dec 2020 and we bet the camera car driver must have been shocked as he seemed to be traveling at a decent speed before needing to slam onto the brakes after he spots the offending car in his lane.
  9. A CEMENT-MIXER driver has been charged over the fatal crash in Tampines which claimed the lives of two brothers and cast the spotlight on heavy vehicles and road safety. Munir Mohd Naim, 57, is claiming trial to causing the deaths of Nigel Yap Yew Cheong, 13, and Donavan Yap Teck Siong, seven, by a negligent act at the traffic light cross-junction of Tampines Avenue 9 and Tampines Street 45 on Jan 28. Nigel was cycling and taking his brother - who was riding pillion - home after school when they were struck by the cement mixer at about 5.40pm. Munir Mohd allegedly failed to keep
  10. Car Catches Fire At Tampines Junction, Driver & Passenger Escaped Unscathed source: https://mustsharenews.com/tampines-car-catches-fire/ Car Catches Fire At Junction Of Tampines Ave 2 & Street 23 Before you begin your journey on the road, it’s always good to check your vehicle’s condition. This is so that you’d know if there was anything out of place or needed repairs. At 8.50pm Sunday (27 Sep), a car unfortunately caught fire when it was at the junction of Tampines Ave 2 and Tampines Street 23. Fortunately, both driver and passenger managed t
  11. Even if you are in a hurry, this is not the way to ride. Spotted going around group chats in Whatapp, a video of a biker who tried to overtake and crashed has gone viral recently. The accident which happened on TPE near IKEA Tampines, in the direction of Pasir Ris, was captured by the camera car on 27 Jun 2020. In the video we can see this biker who apparently had no bike license or insurance crashing badly while he tried to overtake the camera car which was changing lanes. Check out how far his bike went ahead of the camera car after the collision! According to Sg Ro
  12. Suprised noone talking about this EC development so I shall start. Submitted my e-application for my 1st home on Sunday! So exciting! It is a short walk to existing Tampines MRT, a much shorter walk to the future Tampines circle line, and next to bus interchange. 3 big shopping centres Tampines 1, Century Square and Tampines Mall. Cold storage, NTUC fairprice and NTUC finest and if its not good enough, there is a huge factory sized giant, courts and ikea 3 mins drive away. 2 good sized cinemas, at least 6 food courts spread around the mall areas. Tamp business hub is just next
  13. https://www.facebook.com/atoyo/videos/10157134648642368/ https://www.facebook.com/atoyo/videos/10157134686707368/
  14. Hi, Anyone has experience in servicing their cars at MotoGuard located at Tampines? Are they any good? Rdgs
  15. Lobang for MCF bro, Shell station @ Tampines Ave 4, near St Hilda's Pri Sch, is closing down. They are giving discount vouchers valid for One (1) year and can be used island wide at all Shell station. In the booklet, there are 4 x $3 & 4 X $6 discount vouchers for the 12th months until 14 Dec 2016. Each discount voucher is for minimum pump of $30 for diesel or $60 for petrol (10%). The discount is on top of existing prevailing card discount. Existing Citibank - 10%, HSBC - 16%. Must registered with Shell Esc card to get d booklet. Each car owner can get only one booklet. The vouchers c
  16. Manual car preferred. a good and patient one. info like the charges per hour will be helpful too. TIA
  17. Tampines residents, if your flat is near here or here Hosay liao. The price to will go up to match those near Tampines central. But have to wait for 7 more years. Downtown Line.
  18. Dismembered kittens found at Tampines Dormitory http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/dismembered-kittens-found/2128356.html Psycho fellow
  19. as requested. Police cordons off area as concrete sunshade almost comes crashing down at Tampines Blk 201E Posted on 25 September 2016 | 6,266 views | 8 comments FacebookTwitterGoogle Gmail Share
  20. Hi, On 22, March 2016, my car (Ssangyong) was seriously damaged due to a hit-and-run incident at Ikea Tampines; (Park Level 1; parking lot 230). We found some broken parts at the site of the accident which belong to a silver Daihatsu Terios or Toyota Rush. Please find enclosed the picture of a similar car. The Terios/Rush must be damaged on the left front bumper with dark grey scratches, it might be that the bumper is very loose as we found many clips and screws all over the accident site. In the enclosed picture, I have marked the missing piece and also where the Terios/Rush must be damaged
  21. Four 19 to 20 year old students went clubbing at Clarke Quay yesterday. Male student drove 3 girls home after clubbing early this morning. Male student lose control of car, car spun 180 degrees and crashed into a tree at Old Tampines Road. The 2 girls seated at the back died. Male student and the front passenger suffered injuries. http://news.omy.sg/News/Local-News/Qi-Che-Zhuang-Shu-2Nu-Sheng-Duan-Hun-247581#sthash.3LCoBPU9.dpuf
  22. Thunderstorms across parts of Singapore on Sunday (Dec 7) led to sections of Tampines Mall being flooded. Ms Chow May Kee, who called Channel NewsAsia’s hotline at about 3pm, said that the second and third floors of the mall were flooded after a heavy downpour, and there was water flowing down the staircase of the second level. The National Environment Agency had earlier issued an advisory, warning that thunderstorms with gusty winds were expected over many areas of Singapore between 3.10pm and 4pm. The PUB also said that flash floods may occur. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/new
  23. I witnessed a hit and run by a SMRT taxi in the carpark area of Tampines Blk 424 around 6.10 pm this evening (20 Sep). My car cam captured the SMRT reversing and hitting i think was a silver Chevy Cruze on the front right side. Car cam resolution was not good enough to see the license plate of the taxi. I wanted to give chase to the taxi but was too slow. Sorry to the bro whose car was hit. I have screen shot two photos of the taxi 'in action'. I think got case if lodge complaint with SMRT and ask them to check if any of their taxis was in the vicinity at that time...i think all taxis
  24. incident happened at 5.30am. si ginna picked the wrong person to rob.... taxi driver is bigger size than him. his knees also injured.. taxi driver power the robber was pinned to the ground with the help of 2 passerbys pic from hwz
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