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Found 66 results

  1. Ken79


    Anyone here can advise on the above tires? I was introduced by the salesman when I was looking to change my tires.The side of my front tires already Botak so think it is time to change a new set. I was quoted $115 per piece for 15" and the salesman told me I will not regret getting it. I better seek some gurus here to advise before I buy. Please advise if you have use this model before.
  2. Suhaimiebrahim

    New Ford Mondeo

  3. Hi all bros, Here something to ponder... Went to Serangoon area for breakfast and manage to get a parking space along a two way street. I park my car against the traffic flow and place a valid parking coupon accordingly and happily went to nearby hawker center for Indian dosai.. When back half an hour later and found a parking slip on the car front windscreen.Looking at my watch,still have about 20mins remaining. So pick up the slip and the offence was "parking against traffic flow" and kena fine $50....first time aware of such offence so next time park your car follow traffic flow
  4. I was recommended these toyo tyres for continental car. I am looking for tyres for ordinary family usage. Comfort will be the priority. I hardly drive in rainy condition and even if I drive it would be about 80km/hr. I was told these are made in Japan. Would welcome any comments and recommendations.
  5. Hamburger

    Toyo Proxes CF2

    Decided to go for a change as my wife French's yoko is unbearably noisy and harsh although the thread is still deep due to low mileage travelled. It is already a 4 yrs old tyre and for every reason, a change is a must. Was recommended this Toyo model and I have to admit to it is the price and that it is MIJ that enticed me to make the purchase. Initial feel is really comfy due to soft side wall and one look at the tyre design you know it will be quiet, judging from the non aggressive thread design. But want amaze me is the thread wear that is 400 but with a AA rating for traction. Need to run in I before I can have a feel of the tyre feedback. So for the price of a Korean brand tyre, can consider this MIJ Proxes CF2. Size purchased: 205/55/16
  6. Spartan

    TOYO C1S

    Tried to do wheel rotation + alignment @ two workshops during servcing (Honda + autobac) . The tires are changed from back to front and not left to right. But after fixing the tires from back to front, the steering wheel cannot be centred . Going thru a wheel alignment process will not help . May I know why as the tires are only 1 mth old bought from a tyre shop quite famous in the forum . There no damage to the tires it is just that is cannot be aligned . Hence in order to not to cause any unnecessary wear and tear to the car .I switch the tires from front to back again and this time round there is no problem in the alignment. So is there a case for exchange for my case ? or should I just trade in the tyres
  7. Suhaimiebrahim

    Facelift Mazda 6

    Hi bro, Any one know when the facelift MZ 6 will arrive?Cheers
  8. Hi. Would like to find out which shop sells TOYO tyres and has proper equipments that changes the tyres without damaging rims. Did a tyre change at a popular tyre shop at AMK(can't mention name) and all 4 rims got scratched. Boss still argue that the damage was by my driving. Do not want the same to happen again. Please advise.
  9. Hi all bro, Need your expert view.Which is better between the two mention rides? Thinking of getting one. Cheers
  10. Hi bros, Need your feedback and advise. Recently, saw this symbol looks like an engine block appear on my instrument display. Look in the manual and it says " sent car to Toyota dealer" What exactly this symbol mean and is it a major problem to the car? I have not sent my car for checking yet. Have a nice day ahead.
  12. Suhaimiebrahim

    Interesting car - SBB 8181 Z

    Hi all, Driving home from office and saw this BMW infront of me. It's an interesting car.... Looks like an model but still well taken care off. Follow a few distance until the vehicle turn in to Bedok Court Condominium. Drive looks like an old man.
  13. Soonkuay76

    Toyo T1 Sport Any Reviews?

    Just wondering any bros out there using this tire? any good am gonna use it for my new ride soon i hope
  14. Ken4555

    Toyo Proxes T1R

    got a set of T1Rs 12000km ago... great tyres... excellent grip even in wet conditions.... noisy yes but bearable due to its good performance... just now as i was cleaning my car due to the rain earlier.... realised that my back right tyre is soft... i just pumped a day before... i tried to back track since sunday i did not hit anything... did not roll over anything hard... did not scrap the curb nor go over any potholes... i checked no nails no sharp rock the tyre looks perfect after i just drove slowly to the petrol station to pump (it was 20plus PSI, i usually pump 34-36PSI)... now an hour later tyre still looks good... hard and fine... WHAT HAPPENED SIA???????? tyre experts out there know what happened? i am really hoping it was the stupid shell station pump not accurate when i pumped on sunday... but if so i must be a c--k couldnt even feel it at all sia... or is there such thing as the tubless head loose or leaking? guess just have to see how 2molo morning...
  15. Samwng

    Toyo C1S

    I'm eying on Toyo C1S. Anyone currently running on this tyre ? How is the performance in wet and wear out rate (_/5 - '5 is the max') Thanks..
  16. Hi guys i would like to share this lobang. The shop is called PJ Tyres & Sport Rim Its at No1. Jalan Permas 10/3 Bandar Baru Permas Jaya 81750 Masai JB. Tel: 07-3871860 I went there together with my new 15" rims. I'am using a 13" rim at that moment. So i plan to get a Toyo T1R. I purchase 4 x toyo t1R 195/50 R15 Alignment and 4pcs centre cone hub for my 15"rims because my old hub cone is for 13". The tyres cost only + free balancing 1100 Alignment 25 Centre conex4= 95 Total its only $505 SING! (exchange rate 2.4126) Compared to singapore which is S$125-S$130 per piece without centre cone and without alignment. I think its a pretty good deal. Also you can go for a quick hair cut or massage just opposite the shop. Further down there is a carwash and KFC. Jaya jusco is also behind there. So i think its a good place! Tung Chun and kazama is also near there :) Just say to the boss Faris Proton wira black colour recommend :) Cheers!!!!!
  17. TOYO claim: The Proxes C1S is TOYO TIRES's new premium radial tire especially designed for premium and luxury sedans. The Proxes C1S excels with its excellent high speed stability as well as a quiet and comfortable ride demanded for such vehicles. The asymmetrical tread pattern features many ground braking technical advancements including Toyo Tire
  18. anyone know which model of brand compare against another brand model ?? like AD08 equivalent to toyo R888 etc .......
  19. Sonicmood

    FR on Toyo C1S

    Short FR on the Toyo C1S Size : 205/55 R16 Rim : Stock Installed it this afternoon at a shop near to Geylang police station. 1. Straight drive (SLE) dry road at 125 kmh no problem. 2. Evening driving in the rain going over puddles of water with no aquaplaning felt. 2. During cornering, it does not skittle over road undulations. 3. No slippage (Wet) 4. Very willing to move off from stand still. 5. It steering angle is sharp & precise with minimal steering effort. 6. A little bounce when going over hump (might be my air pressure) 7. Quiet level is surprisingly good (120kmh - dry) 8. Comfort level is good. 9. Hard braking distance -yet to try-
  20. Gr80

    Toyo TEO Plus

    Heard good reviews on this tyres in terms of comfort, queitness and grip, comparable to PP2 and better than Aspec DB or GR80 or Michelin Energy. Anyone using this tyre? Care to share review of the tyre coz the review I've read are all from overseas. Better to hear from locals.
  21. guys..currently am using federal Evo tyres for ard 40k le...so perhaps planning to change...cause Evo tyres are quite noisy le....so am not sure...which 1...i know toyo T1R is better than Hankook v12 and kumho ku31....but wad advice do ur have??
  22. Hondapower

    Toyo Tires

    Hi, thinking of getting a set of Toyo tires, used in movie "Fast and Furious : Tokyo Drift" synthetic rubber, suppose to be softer & more comfy. any experience users care to share ? thks.
  23. Both are comfort based tyres & made-in-Japan. Hard decision to make. Which would you choose in terms of overall comfort and good grip in the wet and dry for normal driving in a 1600cc saloon? Toyo Proxes CF1 http://www.toyojapan.com/tires/pattern/pxc...rn/pxcf1_01.jpg Yokohama DNA dB ES501 http://pitstop.------.com/idb_view_item.php?iid=143
  24. KARTer

    Toyo RIR wear n tear

    My current RIR seems to stop wearing ie the thread groove/depth seem to stay the same for the past 2 years!! ..... i bought them 2nd hand (previous owner changed car after using these RIR for 2-3 months before he sold them to me, tyres have never been tracked before and after I bought them) My 'theory' why they stop wearing: rubber hardened when tyres reached around 1 year old and therefore hardly wear out.... the tyres dont show any sign of minor cracks, so are they safe enough for dialy normal driving in the dry? ...... the grip seems ok for normal use. Thank you advance for any bro's advice (my yearly mileage is about 20k km)
  25. Mockngbrd

    HaNKOOK R-S3 vs Toyo T1R

    looking at the above 2 brands cos within budget and are one of the few that have the size i need. (235/45/17 and 255/40/17) F1 Assym dun have anyone has had any experience with them b4? Using for street driving and the occasional fast-spirited drive.