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Found 6 results

  1. TL;DR - Singapore Traffic Police crack down on Lalamove’s dangerous driving and wreaking havoc on the streets Toyota Hiace driver's reckless drive land him in a joyous ride to the police station Watch this 2 minute video of the driver getting nabbed (and his partner just randomly laying on the ground). What happened? A Toyota Hiace driver was recently arrested by the Traffic Police after crashing into a walkway along Jalan Sultan *school zone*. The incident caused damage to both the vehicle and the surrounding area. The driver was allegedly speeding when he lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the walkway. The impact was so severe that it caused the steel railing to fall off onto the ground. The Singapore Traffic Police were alerted to the incident and arrived on the scene shortly after. The driver was immediately arrested with handcuffs. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of accidents caused by reckless driving, particularly among younger drivers. The authorities have responded by stepping up enforcement efforts and implementing tougher penalties for offenders. The consequences of reckless driving can be severe, both for the driver and for innocent bystanders. Not only can it result in injury or death, but it can also lead to legal and financial repercussions, such as fines, demerit points, and even imprisonment. Online Chat If I may ask, what is the guy lying down on the ground for...? Do you think the driver was under the influence of drugs/alcohol or do you think he was just simply a reckless driver, driving without due care? Comment down below! Takeaway The incident serves as a reminder of the dangers of reckless driving and the importance of obeying traffic laws. Singapore has some of the strictest traffic regulations in the world, and the authorities are very, very quick to take action against anyone who flouts the rules. ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  2. TL;DR - Shame shame as this cheapo Toyota Hiace evades parking fee by tailgating after alighting passengers at Parklane. To be specific, a couple of well-endowed chio-bus’. This Hiace driver in the video seems like a pretty experienced tailgater. Watch this 84-second video clip to see what i mean. What happened? The incident took place at Parklane shopping mall’s car park where the Hiace tried to follow closely (and succeeded) to tailgate the car in front of him, just to avoid paying for parking. The video footag shows that the driver had just dropped a group of skimpily dressed ‘chio-bus’ (not that we can tell from the footage but I’d think so) off, where netizens are assuming they are working at one of the bars/KTV there. Online Chatter Undoubtedly, there has been an increased occurrence of payment evasion offences, with most being committed by tailgating. Is it worth committing an offence just to save a few bucks? Hmm. Cautionary Reminder A motorist who fails to keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, and as a result is involved in an accident, may be charged with the offence of Driving Without Due Care or Reasonable Consideration. The first offence carries a fine not exceeding $1,500, an imprisonment term not exceeding six months, or both. Subsequent offences carry higher penalties. (Source: MHA Gov) ========= Be the first to get the latest road/ COE news and get first dibs on exclusive promos and giveaways in our Telegram SGCM Community. Join us today!
  3. Not all heroes wear capes; some of them drive a Toyota Hiace. In this video, a cam car and a silver Hiace were waiting to turn right at a junction. As the green signal came on, both vehicles started to make their turns. A silver Prius suddenly charges straight through the junction out of the blue, clearly ignoring the red light signal on the road. The front of the van almost swipes the side of the car as it rushes past both vehicles. Unimpressed, the cam car follows the silver vehicle and forms right behind it in the next junction. However, the van driver was not going down without a fight. As he reaches the same junction, he sticks to the left lane. He then proceeds to charge towards the Prius, only to abruptly stop in front of it, narrowly missing it by an inch. According to the cam car driver, the van driver confronted the other driver as he slowly straightened out his vehicle. That ought to teach the Prius driver a lesson for beating the red light! Netizens' reactions He most definitely was not! With the way this Prius drives, I wouldn't be surprised if there were more clowns like this on the streets of Singapore. ======== Receive a $10 PayNow transfer for every submission we publish on Facebook! Simply WhatsApp us ➡️ https://bit.ly/3c6JERA
  4. A van driver was caught with his mind in the clouds and ends up rear-ending a poor cyclist on the road. Did the driver fall asleep at the wheel or something? The video starts with the Toyota Hiace maintaining a good speed at the first lane of the road as the camcar drives past it. However, the vehicle suddenly starts to veer towards the kerb. . . . . . and charges ahead at full-speed, hitting a cyclist who was cycling on the left of the first lane. The video ends with the van coming to a complete stop after hit, with the accident warranting a few concerned looks from motorists passing by. Who is at fault? Although there is an unspoken rivalry between cyclists and drivers, it is important to note that in most accidents, it is not always the cyclist's fault. While there are some cyclists that clearly break the rules while on the road, in this case, the driver was at fault for not noticing the cyclist earlier. Here are some rules and guidelines from LTA for cycling on the road: Netizens' reactions Most netizens sent their well wishes to the cyclist, while some questioned the driver's intent and actions in the video. It was speculated that the driver could have been distracted by his mobile phone, or that he could have been daydreaming and did not notice the cyclist at all. Nevertheless, it is important for drivers on the road to be alert at all times and to always leave a space of at least 1.5m while overtaking cyclists on the road. -------- Thinking of selling your car? sgCarMart Quotz guarantees the highest selling price for your car. We’ll even give you $100 cash if you find a better offer elsewhere! Get a free quote to find out how much your car is worth today!
  5. A black Toyota Hiace van speeds and tailgates on Lane 1 of the PIE expressway, which results in a nasty chain collision accident as he hits a motorcyclist. Again, another entitled driver who thinks he owns the road? The video starts with the camcar travelling slightly behind the van on Lane 2, as the Toyota Hiace speeds up on its own lane (aka the lane that is only intended for overtaking or for emergency vehicles). It is also important to know that at this point, there is a motorcyclist travelling in front of the van in the same lane. However, the driver of the van fails to notice the motorcyclist as he speeds up and crashes into him. The motorcyclist is flung off of his vehicle and onto the middle lane from the impact of the crash. Due to the van's high speed (it is estimated that he was travelling above 70 km/h), the vehicle is unable to fully stop and ends up smashing the rear end of another white car, crushing the motorcycle in the process. The video ends with the camcar stopping slightly behind the motorcyclist, who is seen wriggling on the floor from his injuries. Are vans allowed to travel in Lane 1? It is a common myth (or belief) that vans are not allowed to travel on the first lane of the expressway, let alone tailgate and speed on it. According to LTA, there are no special restrictions for Light Goods Vehicles in terms of traveling on the expressway. The only thing to take note is that these vehicles should travel between 60km/h to 70km/h and that it is recommended for them to stay in the third or second lane, given that they don't hog traffic. While this does mean that the van can travel on the first lane when necessary, it does not excuse the Toyota Hiace driver's reckless actions. Even though tailgating is not technically illegal, the consequences of a serious accident caused by tailgating could result in the driver's license being suspended, a large fine and demerit points, and even jail time. Netizens' reactions I'm not sure if the van is modified but it is true that drivers are getting more and more daring these days. 😱 Honestly, this sounds like a great idea but I doubt that would stop vans and other commercial vehicles from speeding. 😓 We wish the motorcyclist a speedy recovery (no pun intended) and that the van driver learns his lesson from speeding and tailgating on the expressway. There is no reason for drivers to ever be this reckless while on the road and I sure do hope that he gets his due comeuppance from the TP. ------------ Thinking of selling your car? sgCarMart Quotz guarantees the highest selling price for your car. We’ll even give you $100 cash if you find a better offer elsewhere! Get a free quote to find out how much your car is worth today!
  6. A van has been injured in this accident due to a cyclist's silly carelessness. Jokes aside, this is quite an unfortunate incident whereby a cyclist smashed into the back of a Toyota Hiace van which was stationary along one of Old Airport Road's traffic junction. The accident happened in the wee hours of the morning, with the cyclist apparently beating a red light at the previous junction as traffic was light. With the need to go as fast possible, he likely chose keep his gaze low on the road to be as aerodynamic as possible without realising that the van that he was about to crash into had actually stopped at the upcoming traffic junction. Thankfully, the cyclist survived but he sure looked quite messed up. We hope he recovers well! P.S. SG Road Vigilante's video thumbnail might be slightly disturbing for some. Viewer discretion advised!
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