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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, good day to you. I would like to have some advice on the gearbox jerking issue of Mercedes-Benz, A class model. Is there any discussion on this topic? Hope you can direct me to that link, thank you.
  2. Hi My car is facing this problem. When I clutch in, I feel very hard to clutch in when the car get hot. When the car cool down, the clutch is easy to clutch in. What happens? Please advise
  3. Mitsubishi ASX with CVT (3 months) Got this problem in the mornings when engaging the reverse gear after the car is parked overnight on a level ground. It only happens when shifting from "P" to "R" where a loud sound (like something grinding or cracking) is heard and the car reverses normally. In "D" mode everything is normal and no noise is heard. Only happens like once or twice in a month, puzzling. Anyone knows if this is a serious problem?
  4. Previously drove a AT gearbox Toyota and i installed a ATF cooler which worked great! Current new car uses a CVT gearbox. Don't have much experience with CVT GB so hope to get some advice. Need advice if there are any CVT cooler out on the market for installation? Thanks!
  5. Asking on behalf of my bro. It happened lately that his car after cold start does not move off. Usually without acceleration cars will lurch forward when we release the brake & move off at a low speed but he's doesn't & have to accelerate to get the car move off. The symptom disappears after driving a distance. What could have gone wrong? His ride is a Picnic, auto
  6. Hopefully you guys can post this in the maintenance and repair section I have a 2013 manual Honda Accord. Yesterday I was driving it and all of a sudden the clutch went soft and now the pedal is stuck to the floor. The clutch fluid reservoir is still full. My mechanic told me it is probably the clutch master cylinder. My problem is that right now I don't have enough money to pay my mechanic to fix it. I drive for UBER for a living so I need my car working in order to make money. So I have a couple questions. First, do you agree with my mechanic that the problem is most likely the master cylinder? Secondly, I have not worked on cars much and have only done simple things myself. So I was wondering if replacing the master cylinder is a task that I should attempt to take on myself?
  7. Experience Workshop to perform Service on VW vehicles to VW specifications on both engine and Transmission (both manual and automatic).
  8. Hi, Im new here and in the world of cars(I passed driving school 3 months ago). I took my granpas Seat Cordoba 1.4 petrol with 75HP. Its first petrol car i have driven and somethings weird. When I press throtle a bit more than usual its like it goes to neutral, rpm is going up but speed is going down and it goes like that for a 2-3 seconds. Why could that be? P.S. Im driving my mothers Corsa c 1.7 DI and fathers Peugeot 406 2.0 HDI and they drive normally. This thing happens only on that seat and only for me.
  9. Hi All, Like to seek advise from bros/sis here, the Engine and AT light turned on earlier this year (Jan) and I cleared it using torque. It happened once in a while then, so I visited a workshop and they recommended changing the AT oil and monitor which I did. (car mounted kerb few weeks before, so not sure if it can cause this although we didn't see any physical damage undercarriage) Btw the gearbox was replaced with a recon unit when I extended the COE in end 16. It seemed ok until recently (start of this month), both lights will turn on whenever I move off from the carpark at the start of the day. The gear shifting is a little jerky from 1 to 2 and from 2 to 3 and then stucked at gear 3 where the lights will turn on. I will then clear the error and continue driving (sometimes it happened another 2-3 times) and once it managed to hit gear 4, then everything will be fine. I noticed this happens when the car is parked for quite some time(I seldom drive the car).If I had been driving around for the day, then the chances of the lights coming up is very low. The error code is P0715 which points Input/Turbine Speed Sensor Circuit. As the error became consistent, I sent it to two workshops to check 2 days ago and both told me that chances is the ECU and the worst case is the gear box. But after googling around, some say is the TCM which sound more logical. Thus, I would like to seek opinions from experts here whether it is more of an electrical or mechanical fault and if there are any good workshops to recommend. (these 2 workshops say it's not the speed sensor which the error code indicated though) Thanks!
  10. Recently got a Fiat and sometimes the gear cannot be engaged for unknown reasons. Anybody else facing this same problem?
  11. A few months ago I got this manual accent. No issues with it except for this. Occasionally I cannot engage the first gear or the reverse gear from neutral gear. This happens when my car is stationary. So far no major issue with this except late moving off from traffic light or a bit delayed in reverse parking. I checked with the AD during my 1000 km and 5000 km check and they say nothing wrong and maybe it's how I stepped on my clutch. The thing is, this failure to engage still happens once in a while and in my car park i ever tried to replicate this by changing gear with my clutch not fully depressed half depressed and so on but not able to replicate the failure to engage. So I don't know if it's my fault or there is something wrong with transmission fluid or so on.... So I wondering if anyone ever faced this before and what was the cause. AD say nothing wrong with gear box. I ever thought of going to an external workshop if it happens again but I worry I kenna chopped carrot.
  12. It's been 2 weeks, noise gar gar.....coming from below. First though it was coming from that lousy tyres installed 4mths ago. Then slowly realised once 4th gear kicked-in the noise started to roar until the car slowed till 2nd gear speed then will the noise stopped. And btw its an old AWD 4 speed AT car. Checked GB fuild and it's full n clear in color, did an AT flush this Feb, for now only can't check the rear diff gear oil lvl. Going w/s tomolo, but if its the rear diff dry up, will the noise start in 4th gear? This stupid noise is like the gear grinding each other non-stop. Anyone experience this issue before?
  13. My auto transmission have fluid replace once every 2 years, but never replaced the filter before. I did not know there is a filter and how long before it needs replacement?
  14. I encounter car lost power then not responsive when stepping the accelerator ... then suddenly it become responsive but with a jerk ... so what can be the problem ?
  15. Anybody knows any Singapore workshop that can check and measure the above. Thank you.
  16. I'm looking for seller who is going to scrap their Hyundai cars, I'm sourcing for gearbox. Anyone can advise where i can get the above?
  17. Happy CNY to all. My friend 2008 Mazda 5 gear shift sensor spoil, gear can't go up to 5 gear only stuck at 4th gear. Any workshop to recommend as he is looking for 2nd quote. His current workshop quoted him $1000 for a new shift sensor. Thanks in advance
  18. intend to replace my manual gear shift gaiter. is it easy to DIY the replacement? do i have to detach the centre console? TIA.
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