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Found 20 results

  1. Just brought a new vehicle and looking for enhancements of your new ride. At Itz Juz Carbon,we can make your dream come true. High Quality Carbon Steering wheel for your best driving feel and add on interior trim panel that bring out the car outstanding from others. Services we offer: Customize Steering Wheel Customize Interior trim panel Rewrap of torn leather steering wheel Refurbished old car interior panel to carbon fibre Professional Installation After sales Warranty Dekitting service How to contact us: WhatsApps: 9429 3337,8114 3337, 9141 3337 Sales Email: ItzJuzCarbon@gmail.com General Email: KK@itzjuzcarbon.com Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Itzjuzcarbon/ Carousell Page: https://sg.carousell.com/itzjuzcarbon/ Address: 8 Kaki Bukit Rd #03-06 Lobby A S(417841) Ruby Warehouse Complex We accept Cash, Nets, Paynow, Paylah, Paypal, Wechat Pay, Ali Pay, Credit Card (Visa Master, AMEX, Union Pay)
  2. How do I trim the video take by DVR? Do I need to purchase any software? those free software got watermarks attached :(
  3. ValentinoRyan

    Plastic Trim Restoration Products ?

    Just tried this recently on my dad's Qashqai.. noticed that there is a large number of plastic trimming in all latest car models. Turned the plastic trim from faded white to black instantly. Am still monitoring for it's durability.. Please share your favourite choice of products !
  4. Hi there I am able to get my hands on big sheets of plastic film which you can customise to become your protective film which is under the door panel which you might have accidentally torn or punctured due to many reasons when you last removed the panel. For those who are interested, pls pm me. Thanks. Regards Lester
  5. Hi Something like this: Any shop here selling?
  6. It leaves a nice durable gloss on exterior trim during hot days, however look at what happens in the wet. It streaks and oily stains are left on the paint, whats worst is that the entire trim will have white stains all over. Will be trying out a dressing from CG this weekend, check back here for updates.
  7. anyone knows where i can do that? if can DIY best...but i heard that i'll need vinyl paint...can anyone shed some light on this?
  8. Echelon

    New Skoda Superb - Trim Levels

    Here are the four trims available. 1. Comfort - Ray Interior 2. Ambition - Rubicon interior 3. Elegance - Felicity Interior 4. Glamor - Noblesse Decor
  9. No_worries

    Loose Exterior Door Trim

    My exterior door trim is loose, so now opening the door is a bit of a hassle. So apart from bringing it to a body shop, can use double sided tape to tape it back?
  10. Prodigysaint

    Interior Door Trim Replacement

    Hey Guys, any idea where i can get a replacement or repair to my door interior trim?? currently driving Subara Impreza... it's a tear on the door trim.. seems like it's made of vinyl or something.. pls help...
  11. As above. Any recommendation for trim detailer to remove wax residue and protect it?
  12. Product Info: http://www.meguiars.com/?car-trim-molding-care/Gold-Class-Trim-Detailer Review: http://meguiarsonline.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=6739&perpage=10&highlight=gold%20class%20trim%20detailer&pagenumber=1 Applied a layer on the exterior trims and they are still looking good after 2+wks and 3 washes. Pretty happy with it, great easy to use product @ a very reasonable price. Bought it @ $6 after discount from Stamford Tyres.
  13. Tron


    Hello fellas!! Any advice on where one could buy reasonable priced REAL CARBON FIBRE SHEETS/FILM?? I believe there 3M has real carbon fibre sheets but have to be imported?? Thinking of doing some DIY on me cars' exterior la... any comments/advise?? Thanks!
  14. hi! I'm new to this forum. Would like to find out some information from the experienced drivers here. Can someone advice me about whether I can get these DIY dash kit in Singapore? I'm getting the 2004 Hyundai Accent 1.5M. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...ssPageName=WDVW http://www.nycdashes.com/ Thank you very much and best regards!
  15. Hi All Went down S.A today and was surprise that Aveo now have new accessories : NEW : 1)Chrome Licence Plate Boot Trim $125 w/o GST 2)Rear Spoiler come at $500 w/o GST ( come with Sprayed to body color ) Exisiting : 1)Sunglass holder $38 2)Wooden gearknob for A/T model $85 3)Under bonnet Sound insulation $125 4)Front Tweeters
  16. Stanoink

    Where to find Interior Trim

    Hi, Went to see the Altis at Leng Kee. The leather and woody trim does not apeal to me. It seems that the trend for interior trim now is champange or silvery color (correct me if I m wrong!). Hence, anybody knows where to find these interior trims for altis? I also know that tomo and jackspeed sell leather cover. any leather advise? thanks!
  17. Folks , Just washed and waxed my car today . One problem that I have encountered - there's a tendency for some wax to spill over to the trim when I'm polishing my car . Also, when I apply treatment to my trim after waxing, some of the treatment solution gets onto the car body . Both happen as the wax/treatment solution are applied close to the edge of the trim . How to I get around the problem? Thanks!
  18. Soya

    How to protect Black trim

    Juz wondering, besides Amourall, is there any other good silicon protection spray for plastic black trim i.e plastic bumper inserts, side moulding, etc? Find that Amourall doesn't last very long.
  19. Ilmw

    Rubber trim

    Where to find "rubber trim" that are around headlights, grill, bonnet, windscreen, bumper, etc (also tail-lights, boot @ the rear)? See white arrow in pic. what is the proper term for this "rubber trim" by the way?