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  1. My car is parked under hot sun daily , tried few types and the aroma very fast finish due to te heat.
  2. hi, anyone knows where to buy the above and how much? those made of stainless steel or alumimnum? to be fitted into HDB.
  3. It is of utmost importance that we keep our brake systems working and healthy at all times. The following video perfectly illustrates why. Seen on 8th of December is a Honda Vezel exiting onto a busy Dunearn Road from one of the smaller lanes. The law-abiding drivers would know that you should never turn into the middle lane but this Vezel bravely crossed the double white line without hesitation. This caused the Honda Civic Type R camera car that submitted the video to SG Road Vigilante to claim that he had to slam on his brakes real hard, causing the brake hose to erm... break. In our opinion, the Honda Vezel driver is a joke but we must point out that the Type R camera car was also going at a good nick in the drizzle. Thankfully, there was no contact between the cars but the camera car driver made sure to give the Vezel driver a piece of his mind (Watch until the final moments of the video).
  4. Anyone here uses steam iron, the type which doesn't need ironing board? How effective is it? Can it replace those type which needs ironing board? I don't need straight iron lines on my clothes, just need to remove wrinkles.
  5. The First New Lotus in 11 Years Will Be Unveiled next MonthSources: https://jalopnik.com/the-first-new-lotus-in-11-years-will-be-unveiled-next-m-1835172228 The 71-year-old British sports car maker has a new electric hypercar coming next month. We already know that it is called the Type 130, as it was made official at the Shanghai Auto Show a couple of months ago. When the new car is unveiled on July 16th, it will become the first new car Lotus has produced since the Evora was launched in 2008. Thus marks the rapid development that has been possible under Geely ownership and an influx of capital. The new Lotus EV has been confirmed for production at the Lotus facility in Hethel, where the company has been based since 1966. Just 130 examples of the so-called hypercar will be built, though we don’t yet know what it looks like or how much it will cost or how fast it is. I am personally a fan of Lotus founder Colin Chapman’s lightweight and simplicity ethos. This has made for some exquisite Lotus models over the decades, and for a long time it lead to ultimate success in motorsports. While the company has certainly waned from the international powerhouse it once was, the current range of products, while ancient, are still quite good. I am confident that the Lotus engineers are capable and can still make a quality sports car with excellent handling characteristics. This Type 130 should be an interesting motor car. Hopefully with the EV engineering Williams have learned supplying Formula E with batteries, and the influx of actual money from the Chinese, Lotus can regain some of its former glory. The Lotus Type 130 will be unveiled in London on July 16th. Production is said to take place shortly thereafter with deliveries beginning in 2020. Lotus has produced chassis for electrification before, as it supplied Elise to an early Tesla for the original Roadster.
  6. Hi All, I just got my 1 Week old Honda Civic WHITE. Planning to go for PPS CF-II By UNIQUE1995.com Any recommendations? Should i do it? As after reading some posts here, some commented that doing PPS will leave Swirl Marks etc. Hope you can advice :) Thanks!
  7. Looks like the hot Hatch category getting interesting next Year You Have the Renault RS which is zero to 100 in about 5.7 to 6 sec New engine. Not as ricey as the Civic and tamer. Functional Diffuser. 4 Wheel Steering, which may not be everyone's liking. Hopefully, they nail it this time round. Its downsize to 1.8T instead of 2.0 T so I suspect no replacement for displacement means the 150 to 200 kmh range will be slower on the straight. Comes stock at 280 bhp while GTi is 235 bhp. vs Civic 308 bhp. Let see what kind of prices. If the number falls in the 145 to 155 K range, probably have very good takeup rate.
  8. years ago, remember rx300 and rav4 are favourites amongst car thieves in m'sia. with growing affluence, more and more s classes, and supercars like lambo, ferrari are on the road. do car thieves prefer to target japanese suv because it is in higher demand and perhaps lack the sophisticated security features of german cars or do they like to target luxury cars. this review may be useful to anyone who is driving to malaysia
  9. 2018 Honda Civic Type R Black EditionThe world has already witnessed the prototype model of 2018 Honda Civic Type R Black Edition as the company unveiled it in Paris at the 2016 Mondial de L’Automobile. This Black Edition model is targeted to bring an enhanced driving spirit and performance with an improved drivetrain. The overall styling of Honda Type R showcases 2 major features – racing performance and modern signature design language. The design of current generation model is a show stopper as it is unique to a great extent. The upcoming 2018 Honda Civic Type R Black Edition will be improved more on aerodynamics for achieving greater stability at higher speeds. This will not just help in bringing out an improved performance but will benefit fuel efficiency as well. The existing model has an aggressive stance as with wide wheel arches. This exterior styling including several others is to be retained in 2018 model. The interior cabin is shout out racing spirit which is characterized by sporty seats and steering wheel. The steering wheel also has controls to the intelligent Multi-Info Display (i-MID). Apart from having a blistering performance, the Black Edition is also likely to get an array of top tech features. Some of the tech features that are present in the current model include: Dual Stage Driver i-SRS Airbag. City-Brake Active System. Brake Assist. Electronic Brakeforce Distribution. Vehicle Stability Assist. Emergency Locking Retractor. 2018 Honda Civic Type R Black Edition – Engine and Performance:The 2018 Honda Civic Type R Black Edition might borrow the same 2.0 liter 4 cylinder turbocharged engine with a single-scroll turbocharger, a direct fuel injection and Honda’s popular VTEC valve train system. Although not confirmed, this engine is likely to be tuned for producing 295 lb-ft of torque at 2,500 RPM and 306 HP at 6,500 RPM. Don’t expect the new Civic Type R to come with an automatic transmission anytime soon as the same 6-speed manual transmission system will be used. If the company plans on adding more power, the output figures might reach and surpass 340 HP. With the update and refinement in the engine, the Type R Black Edition is going to the segment-leading performance. This new model will be able to take a sprint from 0 to 62 mph in less than 6 seconds. The top speed is 167 mph. The fuel economy is 26 mpg in the city, 32 mpg on highways and 30 mpg on a combined basis. http://www.hondacarmodels.com/2018-honda-civic-type-r-black-edition/
  10. Looks like even before AD has received the Civic Type R, another Type R is being created. Not sure why the rush
  11. Just want to confirm this myth once and for all. There are TOO much confusion over this issue till today for car. Let's not talk about motorcycle plate, as that is really going to messed up the LTA Vs Inspectors opinion further. Lets keep to car plate in this thread. Is sticker type licence plate legal and can pass LTA inspection or the overly enthusiastic inspectors at test centers? Background. The stickers wordings size and thickness and spacing strictly follows LTA standards. Instead of pasting it on a metal plate and frame, it is directly pasted onto the same location where the licence plate is design to be by car manufacturer. That means the sticker is pasted onto the front plastic bumper where the usual metal licence plates are expected to be, same for the rear metal boot licence plate placement location. What is your opinion? All along I believe it is fully legal. Untill I read this article on sgcarmart. http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/writeup.php?AID=339 3. Don't put yourself in a sticky situation The LTA does not allow vehicle owners to attach sticker-type car plates to their vehicles in place of the standard ones made out of aluminium or acrylic. Anyone from LTA can once and for all confirm this matter?
  12. I just like to know if there are any Jaguar X Type owners around here. Been driving this car for more than a year and just wanted to know more people driving the same car and possibly to have a small meet up to understand problems faces from individual owners. Appreciate anyone. Thanks.
  13. Look at the new topics created by newbies all in Chinese spam, power la... hahaha
  14. Had been driving B&B cars for past 15 over years, now just feel like buying a new better car price around $220k. Financially ok, of course much better than 15 year ago when i started first my job. Now married with 2 kids, no house loan, miscellaneous loan, no expensive holiday, no expensive dinning. Annually combined income 230k(PA), very stable job both wife and myself foresee our income should reach 300k(PA) at 5 years time easily. Feeling unsure now, will it considers "over stretching" for someone like me to buy a car at such price. Can't decide, maybe you guys can help and share some of your view. What do you think?
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZnG6tyTX_Y&t=3s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHNu7qkiG4U civic Type R does it again as the fastest front wheel drive. @ 7:43 Took back record from the Golf GTI Clubsports S. 7:47 inside view
  16. Despite Honda’s reputation for building great engines, the Japanese automaker has been slow to adopt direct injection (DI) & Turbo Charged (TC). The technology is now commonplace in all segments of the market, and allows for higher compression ratios and therefore improved efficiency & preformance. Good sign for Honda fans, Finally Honda introducted direct injection (DI) & Turbo Charged (TC) to their inline 4 cyclinder engine, eqipped on 2015 Civic Type R http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/honda/civic/85978/honda-civic-type-r-2015-price-release-date-and-specs unfortuntely it's FWD, when can honda adopt AWD in their sport car?
  17. It is time of the year again I got a quote From AIG of $1511 (Excess $2600) 55% NCD Aviva $1734 excess $3000 my ride Honda civic type r (FN2) Is this a good quote cause i was paying $1400++ last year, this year increased again Any agent here can quote lower? email me at [email protected] ASAP
  18. http://www.honda.co.jp/CIVICTYPE-R/new/ Anyone waiting for this? Vtec turbo Kick in yoz ~! Roooarr plus Pppissss. Dont play play 300ps le. What is the expected price in Singapore? SGD$200k?
  19. I post this coz the link in the other thread doesn't seem to work properly. Hence i post the full story here http://youtu.be/TZA-SB3NA94 We still have some good FW in our midst. This one in video, can pass our SOC easily............ https://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/what-is-buzzing/hero--unidentified-foreign-worker-saves-baby-in-singapore-001017679.html A video of an unknown male foreign worker saving a baby in Singapore has surfaced on local website Alvinology. In the video taken Thursday, a bawling baby has its head stuck between the rails of a balcony window, with its body hanging off the ledge. The foreign worker then came into scene in the video and climbed up the wall to the ledge and got to the baby. As the baby’s head was stuck, he lifted the baby so that the weight on its head was lessened. A second foreign worker then climbed up the ledge as well to help. Lifestyle blogger Alvin Lim, editor of the website that posted the video on Friday, said it was taken by a friend at the scene. Lim has asked for help in identifying this life-saving foreign worker. According to the blogger, witnesses say that a woman was the first to notice the baby and was the one who asked for help. It appeared that no one was home at that time. The incident occurred on 23 April afternoon at Jurong East Ave 1, and initially, two other men tried to climb up the ledge but were not strong enough. The commotion went on until the foreign worker appeared. According to witnesses, he was one of three foreign workers working on road repairs nearby, said Lim. He added that the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) arrived on scene five minutes later and managed to free the baby.
  20. Hi bros..any recommendation or advic e for wheel arches/fender soundproofing? Using foam type material.
  21. OMG OMG!! http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/news/autoexpr..._r_is_back.html
  22. This X Type will be exciting I think. Will follow XF cue. http://www.worldcarfans.com/112112150838/j...n-2015---report
  23. I just bought the rims at $90 a piece few days back. Din do my homework, but is SSR ok or not, normal driving niah. Is the price reasonable or I kanna carrot head liao? Thanks in advance.
  24. As above. Would like to know where can i get foldable table which can be mobile type and can put in the car boot. As 'Cheng Meng" is coming. Wish to get one so as no need to crowd with others while praying.
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