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Found 7 results

  1. In a recent world rating, Audi ,BMW,Mini and volkswagen is rank among the most unreliable engine. View this URL for more infomation : http://www.autoevolution.com/news/audi-volkswagen-bmw-and-mini-record-worst-engine-failure-rates-54182.html
  2. Why so many people buy bmws when so many say its unreliable and spends a lot of time in the garage getting fixed?
  3. With the long list of owners posting DSG / mechatronic unit failures between 20-50K km, and the numbers who have jumped ship to other 'more reliable' brands, this one adds another dimension from a customer's POV on the AD's response. From vagsg: http://www.vagsg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=75006 I am a new owner of a Volkswagen Polo writing in from Singapore. What was supposed to be celebrating a personal achievement of owning a car, in truth, has left me disappointed, disgruntled and disillusioned. I am not sure how much Volkswagen values customer feedback but I am going to do my best to share some of my thoughts on Volkswagen's appalling and slipping customer service standards. Owning a Volkswagen has been a childhood dream of mine. I fondly remember iconic models like the Beetle as I was growing up. In Singapore where owning a vehicle costs at least S$100,000, I was ecstatic when I eventually saved enough money to buy a Volkswagen, my very first car, just two months ago. With an increasing number of Volkswagens on the roads of Singapore, there is no question that Volkswagen is unparalleled when it comes down to manufacturing cars that blend cutting-edge technology with affordability for young Professionals, Managers, Executives and Business Owners (PMEBs) like me. Things did not get off to a good start. I collected my car on 23 July and a mere two days later, there were loud rumbling noises in the car whenever and wherever I was driving. It was so loud that I became very worried for my own safety. Immediately, I called the Volkswagen service centre on 25 July and they towed my car back to the workshop for a thorough inspection. A few days later, I received a phone call telling me that my front suspension was loose and the mechanics have tightened it and that my car was now ready for collection. Not a single word of apology was offered. I provided my feedback on the phone to the local Volkswagen office. The customer service representative promised to follow up on my case and call me back. I have not heard from her and from Volkswagen since. This is very surprising to me because German technology is renowned for its precision and attention to detail. Firstly, I cannot comprehend how this could have slipped through the cracks. Secondly, where were the stringent quality control processes and checks that Volkswagen was known for? Lastly and most importantly, why ask customers for their feedback when everything's simply taken for granted? Less than a week ago, I was involved in a traffic incident last Wednesday, 19 Sep. I was driving on the road, negotiating a left bend up a ramp, on a highway. I experienced a sudden lock/braking force on the car that freaked me out. Not knowing what the cause was, the car was still moving straight and it was potentially a serious accident that was endangering my life. So in a split second, I had to steer the vehicle to the left to prevent myself and the car from driving into the wall. In the process, the rims and wheels on the right side of the car hit a short kerb on the highway and was damaged as a result. Following the impact, I could not accelerate further so I used the momentum of the car to steer the car safely to the left side of the road before it came to a stop. Thankfully I was not hurt and the body of the car remained intact. I immediately called Volkswagen's 24hours roadside assistance and arranged for the car to be towed back to the workshop. The following day on Thursday, 20 Sep, I was extremely concerned and I wanted to find out what was wrong with my car. It was the second time in two months where I had to have my car towed back to the workshop. I went down to Volkswagen to speak to the after-sales staff and also to file an incident report. Mr John Foo, Bodyshop Manager at Volkswagen Centre Singapore handled my case and sat me down in his office. I explained what my experience was with the car before he briefly explained to me the results of the preliminary diagnostics test done by the Volkswagen mechanics. What disappointed me was the manner that Mr Foo smirked at me whenever I was talking to him. I asked him on a number of occasions 'What was so funny?', 'Why are you laughing at me?' and 'Is this some kind of a joke?'. He laughed this off each time and it made me feel like an idiot. I felt insulted, ridiculed and disrespected as a customer, much less a human being. I was incensed further when he asked me to "touch my heart" and "think through carefully", a very clear indication to me that he was not prepared to listen and/or he didn't believe a single word I was telling him. I may be a new car owner but I am not an idiot. What was he insinuating and what standard of dreadful customer service is this? To make things worse, he was confident that there was no fault with the car from the main technician's assessment that he told me repeatedly to seriously consider filing for insurance and get my insurance papers ready. In his "opinion", making an insurance claim would be the best option as there was little chance that Volkswagen would be paying for the damages to my car. Already traumatised and exhausted from the flurry of events that unfolded the night before, I don't think I deserved to be greeted by his condescending snarls and snide remarks, from the first moment I sat down in his office. It was unbecoming behaviour, from a customer-facing manager of a reputable company. I requested that Volkswagen do a thorough inspection of the car to find out what went wrong and I asked him to send me a list of all the damages to the car. He called me the next day and just as I thought he's got an update for me, I was wrong. He had the audacity to call and make false accusations at me. He ask if I was driving to pick up a friend from a nightspot just before the incident happened this was what he "heard" from the mechanic and this was what he "thought" I told the mechanic beforehand. I find this allegations a very serious problem because he questioned my personal integrity. I am absolutely sure that I said and did nothing to that effect as he described. It was simply ridiculous. At this juncture, I was so infuriated that I warned him to make sure that the mechanic heard those exact words he described from me and he had better have phone records and evidence to back up what he alleged, because if he didn't and if I were to take these allegations he made over the phone legally to court, I would sue him for slander. Volkswagen is no longer what it used to be some decades ago, when it was still a fledgling continental brand keen to establish an Asian foothold. And it is unfortunate that through all of this, Volkswagen has lost the confidence and brand loyalty from what could have been a long relationship with an lifelong fan and customer like me. Evident from the manner Volkswagen staff communicates with its customers, it appears to be neglecting the importance of keeping to first-class service standards, a differentiating factor that could set it apart from other brands. While it is laudable that advertising spend and marketing campaigns are afoot to rejuvenate the Volkswagen brand in Singapore, this is merely an improvement of the "surface". Volkswagen must recognise that great service will leave an indelible impression on customers far beyond what fancy billboards and creative advertisements can do. I will think thrice before I purchase another car from Volkswagen and I will never recommend the brand to any of my family and friends. Why do I want to put them through the pain and agony of awful customer service? I hope that someone looks into this serious case and I sincerely would like to hear from somebody at Volkswagen first before I take any further action. The customer service rendered to me was unacceptable and unbecoming of a reputable company like Volkswagen. If this feedback goes up into thin air, I would consider other forms of seeking a recourse through the media and social media platforms, if necessary. I look forward to hearing from Volkswagen soon.
  4. I was shock MIni Cooper rated the most unreliable car. Even their parent company BMW is rated way below average.
  5. Vit4wd

    Are Skodas Unreliable?

    Skoda taxis are still a rare sight, compared the Toyota Crown taxis. Yet recently, I have been seeing many broken down Skoda Superb taxis being towed away. Just today, I spotted 2. My neighbour who drives one told me of the many rattling sounds in the cabin too. Are continental taxis not tropicalised to adapt to local hot and humid weather? * No offence to Skoda owners
  6. What are the reasons for poor workmanship despite the French being first-world nation ? Why are they famous for their fashion and cosmetics but infamous for their cars ?
  7. Hi Bros, Listed in BBC's TOP GEAR 10 Most Unreliable Cars There were 142 cars listed in the final survey, of which the following 10 were ranked as the most unreliable. Citroen C3 (133rd) VW Polo (New) (134th) Citroen Xsara (135th) Citroen C5 (136th) Fiat Stilo (137th) Renault Megane (New) (138th) Mercedes M-Class (139th) Peugeot 307 (140th) Renault Laguna (141st) Renault Espace (142nd) ----------------------------------------------- http://www.bbc.co.uk/topgear/survey/2004/unreliable.shtml