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Found 38 results

  1. Hi, I need a simple car for 6mths to 1 yr. Should I get a new or old one? Was searching sgcarmart and the available used cars between 8 to 9+ years cars have depreciation values of around $7000+ to $8000. But newer used cars 5-6yrs are only $6000+. And new cars like Perodua or Attrage also not much difference. Seems like not worth to get a 8 to 9+ years cars, may have other problems too. Good thing is use and scrap. So should I just get new car? And sell after half to one year? Wonder if the loan penalty will be high, or price will depreciate alot ... Thanks!
  2. Anyone knows which center is more reliable to go for used car evaluation before purchase
  3. SINGAPORE: The director of a used car dealership was convicted for understating more than S$6 million of company income, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) said on Friday (Jul 17). Low Soon Leong, 50, was given a S$1,006,122 penalty - two times the tax undercharged - or serve a jail term of 150 days. Low is the company director of BW Automobiles and had declared a total of S$1.24 million on income in company tax returns from the years of assessment 2011 to 2013. Investigations revealed that he did not look carefully at the financial statements given to him to check the revenue figures. Instead, he had accepted the company's returns prepared by the company's tax agent, a certified public accountant. "The understatement of income resulted in tax undercharged of over S$1 million," said IRAS. “Of the three charges, the prosecution proceeded with one charge against Low for abetting the company to omit income from its tax returns without reasonable excuse," it added. The remaining two charges were taken into consideration during sentencing. For this, he also received a fine of S$5,000. IRAS warns that it takes a serious view of non-compliance and tax evasion. “There will be severe penalties for those who willfully evade tax. Taxpayers are responsible for the information declared in their income tax returns,” it said. The authority will not hesitate to bring offenders to court, IRAS said, adding that penalties for tax evasion can be up to four times the amount of tax evaded. “In certain situations, jail terms may also be imposed.”
  4. We are very happy that we are working with Das WeltAuto, the official pre-owned car dealership from Volkswagen Group Singapore to come out with a fun and enriching MCF HangOut this coming February! Click Here and Sign Up for Free! Who should be going? Everyone! Bargain hunter, individuals who are looking for lightly used cars with heavily discounted prices, families who are looking to get a car, anyone interested in useful car tips - child seat tutorial and pre-owned checklist, everyone should join! What are we expecting? A Brand-New Showroom! Come and join us at Das WeltAuto newest showroom with a mini playground to entertain your children while you enrich yourself with some pre-owned car guide! - Child Seat Tutorial Teaching young parents how to properly install a child seat inside your upcoming car! Rearward-facing child seat Frontward-facing child seat Booster car seat Click Here and Sign Up for Free! - Pre-Owned Car Checklist guide by sgCarMart Editorial Team sgCarMart, the Singapore No.1 Car Portal will have their editorial team to have a Q&A session about pre-owned cars, Mr Julian Kho, Editor of sgCarMart will share with you all the pointers and things to note while you are purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. with that, you can command and conquer your next pre-owned car! - Lucky car bidding Das WeltAuto has pre-selected a management car that will be going up for our lucky car bidding. On the day itself, you guys stand a chance to bid this car at the price you want! The highest bidder will walk away with the car! Get ready your fastest arm and raise up in the air with all the speed you have! - Lucky Draw with $200 Grocery voucher to be won! Come down for this MCF HangOut with Das WeltAuto and you might get a chance to walk away with our lucky draw prizes! Click Here and Sign Up for Free! Date: 15 February 2019, Saturday Time: 11 am – 1.30 pm (Registration starts at 10.30 am.) Venue: Leng Kee Auto Point 24 Leng Kee Rd, Level 5, Singapore 159096 Event Highlights. 1030 - 1100 Registration Starts 1100 - 1115 Welcome speech from Mr Julian Kho, editor of sgCarMart 1115 - 1145 Child Seat Tutorial 1145 - 1215 Pre-owned car checklist by sgCarMart 1215 - 1245 Showroom walkabout & refreshments served 1245 - 1330 MCF Pre-owned bidding starts! 1330 - 1345 Lucky draw & Photo taking -end- Click Here and Sign Up for Free!
  5. Got strategy to save on buying used car using these quidelines: 1) buy a parf car with about 3 years left to go> so that there's not much money the dealer can mark up anyway. 2) go for mileage about 10-15kpa. <10k pa is too underutilized and may pose other problems. 3) go for agent serviced. 4) preferably 1 owner and parked in sheltered place. 5) prepare not to take loan so that 1) dealer cannot make money for loan 2) can get rid of car anything if not happy or if any major defect without suffering any loss from early loan settlement because value of car is near paper value anyway. If bros and sis notice that in ST advertised are usually newer cars, thus much can be marked up on price and dealer can make on loan also. Dealers don't mind advertising bacause they stand to make a lot if deal is realised. So sgcarmart is the place to go to looks for such good value cars if bros and sis scrutise hard enough. Just my humble view and may not suit everyone, especially those looking for cars with latest features etc.
  6. Hi, Need to ask the experts here. I bought used cars from direct sellers before and we did direct transfer and cashier order hand over in LTA. There is a line in the LTA transfer form for the seller to declare that he has no more outstanding loan. My question is , how do I know if one really has no outstanding loan? can one make a false declaration and end up my car get towed by finance company after the ownership is transferred? I guess once the ownership is transferred, finance company cannot reposes the car from the new owner?
  7. Hi friends As above. I'm considering a BMW 740i 3-litre or a Porsche Panamera 3-litre. Any comments? I also welcome any other suggestions. Thank you in advance.
  8. This thread for posting of interesting cars spotted on SGcarmart. This pocket rocket was spotted today. This was the quintessential Ah Beng car of the early 90s. The straight flat behind with CRX was stuff of dreams. Was this the first Civic to be named CRX? http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=420683&DL=1000
  9. Feeling the heat of competition from online sites, used car traders are banding together to set up their own portal. A group of 20 traders led by Mr Eddie Loo, managing director of CarTimes Automobile, is raising $5 million with the aim of rolling out the site by early next year. "The online presence is eating into dealers' business," Mr. Loo told The Straits Times. "We need to protect our business before it's all taken away from us." He said competition has been coming fast and furious, in the form of such entities as sgCarMart, Carousell, Carros and ------. "And we find it's meaningless for us to support these online portals when they are competing with us," he added. Carousell, for instance, has muscled into the car domain, while sgCarMart has just started a car financial services arm. "Our aim is to become the largest online portal... to create a new marketplace for dealers," Mr. Loo said, adding that the yet-to-be-named site will be run by 'a professional team'. "It won't be run by dealers, so that it won't be one-sided," he added. "Every dealer will have a stake, so that their interest is protected." He said the business-to-consumer site will cater to motorists who want to buy or sell vehicles, and it could eventually allow deals to be done fully online. "It's still preliminary," he added. "The $5 million is just the first phase." Mr. Loo said the investment will go into hiring a team as well as marketing efforts. "There's a lot of marketing to be done," he noted. The used car trade is in the doldrums on account of depressed Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices, which have rendered vehicle stocks bought with higher premiums commercially unviable. The slowdown, which started in July when COEs for cars up to 1,600cc fell to eight-year lows, has claimed at least one company. Shen Tat Enterprises has shut down after nearly 30 years in the business. ST PREMIUM article. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/used-car-dealers-to-set-up-largest-online-portal
  10. just wondering usually from the list price on sgcarmart, how much discount will the dealer give usually? eg $32k for civic FD 2litre, how much discount can i squeeze expect out of it?
  11. Hi all, i just want to get attention from people that i realise a lot of direct buyer is actually same person who selling a lot of cars and same contact as other dealer. The reason is to manipulate the market to make people think that the used car price high sky is to blame direct seller who want to sell their car at high price infact the truth is dealer jack up the price, worse is the used car peice depreciation is higher than the current new car price even at $60-65k coe price tag. They realise that people who dun afford downpayment for new car will narrow down to used car search n hence dealer unethically appreciate all their assets that they bought in at low price previously by manipulating market cause they know ppl who does not have a choice will go for used car It is up to the buyer now to think twice n make clear calculation cause if u make purchase used car will always cause the used car market at high price due to dealer think no matter how high the depreciation u dun afford new car downpayment u come to used car n u pay something that is not worth moreover will need to pay for repair cost if the used car went wrong. Overall in actual the used car depreciation will be a lot higher than the new car. example new altis 10-11k depreciation 2006 altis 9-12k depreciation haven count the repair cost n the risk that the car might involve several accident i want to urge the dealer stop manipulate the market price, also sgcarmart do not allow not genuine direct owner to post their car sales under direct owner advertisement.
  12. Hi all car owners! Looking for a second hand car? Are you looking to trade-in your current car for another model? Is your car's COE due soon and you're looking to scrap or export? We've got you covered. Find your next car with us. Do drop a pm or whatsApp. I will assist in the entire process to make it fast, hassle-free and convenient for you. I specialise in car services including sale of used car, trade-in, and scrapping/exporting. I will strive to give you the best quote possible. Most importantly, I will ensure the process is honest, transparent and fair. Our company has been in the car trade for more than 20 years and we take pride in customer satisfaction in the way we have conducted our business in the past 2 decades. No precious time is wasted on your part. We are your trusted used car mart and the preferred place to buy & sell your car, with full services provided. Come find a great deal with us today! For used car and trade-in enquiries, feel free to drop a SMS or WhatsApp. Scrapping/exporting process: Drop a SMS or Whatsapp; after confirmation of deal, just drop your car off at our office and your cheque will be ready for you. To request for a quotation, kindly SMS or WhatsApp to 9855-3664 in the following format: 1. Vehicle make & model 2. Year of registration 3. Transmission (Auto or Manual) 4. Car Plate Number 5. Owner's IC Number 6. Mileage 7. Number of owners 4. Engine's Condition 5. Gearbox's Condition (You may also wish to send in photos of your car - front, 2 sides, rear view. up. All these details help in giving you the best offer). Cheers!
  13. MY current situation is abit complicated. So I just want to know if the options I'm considering is it feasible. Due to personal issue, I need to change my current car, which is quite new. Problem is I don't want to fork out too much for the new, so I'm considering a downgrade. Current drive, Honda Vezel 1.5X petrol. Less than 3 years old. Out standing loan around 30k. Market valuation is 64 to 69K. Wish to change to either New Kia K3 at 73,999 or 2nd hand MPV of similar value (E.g Wish, Sienta, Etc). Main issue is because I need to change ownership of current car, and can't change unless loan is settle. So only way is to change the car to clear current loan, and get another new loan. Is this move feasible in terms of monetary means. How much do I tend to lose from doing such move?
  14. Just curious, would you buy a car if the dealer doesn’t allow a test drive until you’ve signed on the dotted line? This is especially so for used cars. Sounds ridiculous
  15. Shawnong81

    Just purchase a Chevrolet Cruze

    Hi all, I just purchase a Chevrolet Cruze 2010 model, where can I get more information on this car? Was there a forums for Chevrolet? Thank You
  16. chitchatboy

    10 most popular used car posts in November

    Looking for a used car and have no idea which one's cool to get? Or want to know how you can make your car more visible in the sea of used cars on sale? Here's a recap of our 10 most popular used cars posted in November. While some of them are sold, there are still cars out there for sale! Do note that the cars shown here are not ranked in order of popularity. 2009 Honda Civic Mugen RR One of the only two units in town and only 300 units in the world. There are probably more Paganis in Singapore... Only true Honda fans will want one. 1993 Mazda RX-7 Efini One of Japan's all-time greats. Likely to have less than 10 units in Singapore. This particular unit has been spot welded to increase body rigidity. 2007 Mitsubishi Evolution 10 GSR 60 grand worth of parts spent on this blue chrome-wrapped Evo X. Not for those who want to be discreet. 2012 BMW M Series M3 Sedan Here's a good example of how we would do up a V8 M3. A good tune with an Akrapovic Exhaust will definitely make the car a better drive. 2017 Ford Focus RS 2.5M One of the best hot hatches on sale. Enough said. 2009 BMW 1 Series 135i Coupe The mod list on this 500bhp 135i Coupe is pretty extensive. You could say whatever could have been upgraded, had been upgraded. Should be quite a beast to pilot. 1998 Subaru Impreza WRX 2.0M This is a very rare WRC 555 special edition WRX according to the ad. Engine has also been strengthened for a power upgrade. 2008 Mitsubishi Evolution 10 GSR Street-tuned Evo X for those that want a good balance of practicality and driving fun. 2006 Lexus IS250 Luxury For those into the stance culture, this is the perfect car for you. Comes with quite a bit of other mods, too, apart from the air suspension. 2008 Nissan GT-R 3.8A Have a need for speed? With 700bhp, you should have more than enough power for use in Singapore.
  17. Guys, any feedback if I were to say plunge into the market for a 2nd hand Volkswagen which is coming to its end warranty? Suicidal right? Any bros done the same thing?
  18. Dear Forummers, Apologies if there is already a thread for asking such questions, but I need some help. I am looking at purchasing a used Audi A4 1.8 L and the price quoted by the dealer is 68800. The car is a single owner car with 66K mileage on the Odo and OMV of 36,062 and COE of 43290. I am wondering if the price quoted is reasonable. I also saw a similar car quoted at 60,800 but the mileage on the ODO for the car is 107,000 so am thinking of getting the one with the lower mileage. Any help or feedback would be appreciated. Mods: Please move this thread / merge the thread in the appropriate topic if there is already a topic/thread existing on this topic. Cheers
  19. We can continue the debate here. Maybe it will help bridge the understanding between dealers and consumers. Please keep the discussion civilized and mature. Danke.
  20. Was looking for a used car which has 2-3 years left. Seems like used cars with 2-3 years left have ridiculously high depreciation, some cases even higher than brand new cars or those that are 1-2 years old? This is especially so for the popular ones like altis and camry where you can get the brand new ones for lower depreciation, with warranty and 5 years free servicing. I can understand the loan restriction probably pushed the price of these used cars up, but are this pricing really what is happening if I walk into a used car dealership?
  21. why the hell is used car still so expensive ?
  22. like that also can! sgcarmart should also consider making such ads for their customer
  23. I have been monitoring the used car price since 2013 for a particular model. Based on all same specification (OMV avg to be about 35k) In 2014 October, I saw a 2008 Aug model going for $59,800 Just when I intend to buy the car when it was April 2015 (because I wanted to drive my car till 10 years), the same model 2008 Aug model was going for $68,800. I had to settle for a older model as I felt the asking price was too high. My yearly depreciation calculated to be 11k which is consider a good deal now. Now July 2015, same model Nov 2008 registered going for $69,800. All 3 time zone based on Cat B COE of 70k to 75k. Is it because of the new CEVs regulation that make used cars to be more "valuable"? For people who in need a car, like my father, might not even able to afford to buy a basic proper car now. FYI, my father bought a used 2.0 Korean car in 2013 Nov, paid 40% deposit and monthly of $474.00 instalment for 29 months. I find that the car price in used car market is rubbish. I know, take it or leave it. No cheap cars at all in the next 3 years at least.
  24. Any bankruptcy case related to used car purchase ? As we all know the actual value of all these pre own are very low compare to paid for ! In the event of difficulty from paying of monthly installment , what will be happening to the owner ?
  25. Lovethecars

    Civic 1.8 vs Altis 1.6

    Is there anyone who can share with me the difference between the Civic 1.8 and Altis 1.6 - in terms of the drive and fuel consumption and etc... Intending to purchase a used car for short-term drive - around 2006 or 2007 cars...