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Found 15 results

  1. continue here! http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showtopic=2665312
  2. Johny_walker

    IRoad In-Car Camera Recorder Users

    I've BlackVue on the front windscreen. Isit necessary to install another set at the rear just incase someone kiss your bumper and you've solid proof to show your insurance for damages claim. Anyone done before?
  3. Pelican

    Car camera recommendation

    Dunno why my earlier thread kena removed. Havent even got chance to read the replies. I am interested to install a car camera. Anyone can advise which of the following Blackvue DR380G-HD - $350 DR400G-HD - $450 Itronics ITB-100-HD - $398 After some enquiry, realize the dealers charge for installation. I thought installation usually included in the price.
  4. Sparcoray

    In-Car Camera Installation

    Dear All, Does anyone has lobang to install blackvue (2Ch) camera for front and rear? Thanks
  5. Hi all, I have a video where the video is very dark and not prominent. Is there any software to further brighten it?
  6. Carnoob

    Using power bank with Car Cam

    Anyone had tried using power bank as the alternative power source when car engine is off? Just wondering as seen on website people selling car cam with power bank. Is it easier than to use car battery which you would need to wire the car cam? But would it be safer?
  7. Jimmychan62

    Blackvue beware!

    I installed my 2-channel in October last year. The unit either shut itself off during very hot weather like these days OR worst render my car battery flat if you ON the unit at the Power Magic. Able to us 64 GB but may go haywire at times! Installer suggest JUST 32 GB! That is, it is just good when driving AND NO GOOD for parking mode (just 3-4 hours before it flattened your car battery!!) Yes! I went back to the installer who is now suggesting a replacement of power magic for another ADDITIONAL $388 (beautiful number isn't it??) battery pack (batteries similar to handphone) just to power Blackvue. Yes! Both power magic and Blackvue has a "one year warranty" and the installer claimed that they no more install power magic AND most "small" car owner come back to install their $388 battery pack! Isn't this falling under the Lemon Law? So, people, don't simply think that a Made-in-Korea product is good judging by its video output. Careful of who your installer are!
  8. honda1st

    Winner Car Cam

    Any feedback on this car cam? How's the quality? About $200 for 2Ch. Product spec: http://winycam-eng.com/pricing-and-data-tables-2/pricing-and-data-tables/ Thks
  9. Anyone tried the In Car recorder from Marbella? http://www.groupon.sg/deals/shopping/Group...ivery/717145805 Is it worth buying? any reviews on it? I always see it's sold out in Groupon and just see it's available again, not sure if it's worth buying. I have used their GPS before but not sure if the camera is equally good?
  10. Any users for the above mentioned here? Any feedback or review?
  11. flashbang

    Replacing car camera

    My car camera has stopped working, it only captures 2 second black screen videos. Is it possible to swap it with another one and reuse the wiring? The wiring was concealed and done pretty nicely so having to remove everything would be a chore.
  12. Sdf4786k

    ASUS in car cam

    Saw the review today in the papers, looks like a good alternative with loads of function
  13. So_nice

    Video missing from memory card

    Today I removed my micro sd car from the dash cam wanting to retrieve some footages from few days ago and to my surprise it was not inside! It only has the footages from my drive this morning and several weeks/mths back. Is it something wrong with my camera, the settings or memory card? Pls advise. 😢
  14. Mazdaowner

    In Car Vehicle Recorder Part 2

    continue from ....... http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...268&st=6420
  15. Cichildae

    Garmin 50LM Feedbacks & Reviews

    Hi folks, Just bought a Garmin 50LM at Sitex and like to ask the following questions: 1) Do I need to do an initial charge? The staff (looks like part timer) doesn't seem sure when I asked... 2) If I wan to charge using adapter what volts should I use? I wouldn't be in the car long enough to charge it using the supplied car charger.. 3) As I was using another brand last time, how do I search for malaysia locations? I tired keying hatten malacca / Melaka but nothing was found.. My previous Marbella GPS will be able to find when I key in Appreciate your response in advance!