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Found 15 results

  1. This Is The All-New 2020 Volkswagen Golf https://carbuzz.com/news/leaked-this-is-the-all-new-2020-volkswagen-golf 2019 promises to be a landmark year for Volkswagen, with the launch of the brand's first electric I.D. car marking a new era for the German automaker. Equally important for VW is the launch of the next-generation Golf this year. We know production is starting this June, but the only official images VW has released so far are some vague design sketches teasing what the 2020 Golf will look like. But thanks to leaked photos posted by Instagram user johannes.vag, we’re getting an early look at the all-new Golf ahead of its official reveal. The photos allegedly show the eighth-generation VW Golf virtually undisguised outside a McDonald's restaurant while the test driver stopped for lunch. Much like the 2020 Porsche 911, the new Golf’s design changes aren’t very dramatic since Volkswagen understandably doesn't want to mess with a successful formula since the iconic hatchback's inception in 1974. As expected, we’re looking at an evolutionary update compared to the current seventh-generation model. It’s still instantly recognizable as a Golf, but the new model appears to have sharper design lines and slimmer LED lights that match VW’s newer models. It also looks slightly longer and wider than its predecessor. The all-new Golf will be based on an upgraded version of the current model’s MQB platform. As a result, it will be significantly lighter and have a larger wheelbase than the current Golf, so it should offer a more spacious cabin and more trunk space. We’re also expecting the interior to get an overhaul, as well as more safety tech and a semi-autonomous system. Expect a range of turbocharged three- and four-cylinder gasoline and diesel units available at launch, followed by mild-hybrid version and a new next-generation Golf R, which could have as much as 400 hp on tap. With production of the eight-generation Golf starting in June, a reveal at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show in March seems likely.
  2. therock

    VW Golf 2017

    Yes, done the search. No thread on this. http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/2017-volkswagen-golf-prices-revealed New looks, new engine, a fresh start for VW? Maybe they have fixed the gearbox issue? Interested in this as a good friend's wife is looking at this. So new engines, same drivetrain, more features and safety items Early reviews: http://www.whatcar.com/news/2017-volkswagen-golf-15-tsi-evo-review/ http://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/motoring/golf-ups-its-game http://www.telegraph.co.uk/cars/news/new-2017-volkswagen-golf-revealed/ More reviews: http://www.drive.com.au/new-car-reviews/2017-volkswagen-golf-75-new-car-review-20170214-gud3k1.html
  3. TL;DR – A couple gets videoed getting extremely intimate in the new Volkswagen Golf at a multi-storey carpark. They should honestly get a room. Video footage of a couple getting hot and steamy at a multi-storey carpark surfaced earlier today (3rd August 2021). Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure. Update: SGRV has removed the video from their FB page But, we've got you fam. Here's a GIF Isn’t that the new Volkswagen Golf? It does look like it doesn’t it? It was released just a couple of months ago too and it’s crazy expensive. !!THIS IS NOT AN AD!! New way to break in your car? Perhaps they’re breaking in the new suspension of the car? In the back seat. At the same side. Online Chatter Let’s see what people have to say. Should be good. Knew someone would say something like this Honestly, just get a room. Or tint the damn windows. --- Thinking of selling your car? sgCarMart Quotz guarantees the highest selling price for your car. We’ll even give you $100 cash if you find a better offer elsewhere! Get a free quote to find out how much your car is worth today!
  4. I am new to a DSG gearbox (been only a week) so would welcome some advice. When going up the incline in HDB car park, my VW Golf 1.4TSI seems remarkably reluctant. I do know why this is happening - as I approach the incline I need to slow down (brake) and turn right to get onto the slope. The DSG gearbox thinks I am going to stop, so it is not in the right gear as I complete my turn. Opening the throttle slightly does not move the car up the incline, and with more throttle it moves too quickly. Also I have noted that when going down the incline in HDB car park, when you take your foot off the brake, and step on the accelerator, it seems reluctant to get going again. Again, I do know why this is happening... the DSG gearbox thinks I am going to stop, so it is not in the right gear as I complete my turn Have you encountered the same issue, and do you have any techniques, or is it just a matter of getting used to it? Been driving AT & CVT, and none of them had this issue. Thanks in advance, Naresh.
  5. Wish69

    Volkswagen Golf Variant 2018

    Hi bros out there, is the Active Info Display A fully digital instrument cluster presents data and information about the vehicle directly in the cockpit via a 12.3-inch high-resolution display....really useful? The look so trendy...
  6. PetrolHead

    Volkswagen offers three new R-Line packages

    Volkswagen is extending the appeal of the new seventh-generation Golf with three new R-Line packages designed by Volkswagen R GmbH. The 'Exterior' package emphasises the striking appearance of the Golf and complements it with a rear spoiler finished in body colour, fog lights, R-Line logo on the special glossy black radiator grille, special bumpers, flared sills and sporty black painted diffuser. The package is available with the Highline trim for the price of
  7. SYF77

    MK 7 Golf GTI Design Study revealed

    When I saw the picture above, I thought I was looking at the Mk6 Golf GTI. It is even wearing the same "Detroit" rims borrowed from the Mk6 GTI. But on further reading, I realized that I was actually looking at the design study of the 2013 MK7 Golf GTI. Although this is a concept car, it looked very production ready with all the GTI themes such as the tartan cloth upholstery and flat-bottomed steering wheel. Like all Mk7 Golfs, the GTI rides on VW's all-new MQB platform. The most important detail is what lies under the hood of the latest VW hot hatch. It will be powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged, direct-injected unit that pumps out 217bhp and 350Nm of torque, which is the same as the MK6 Golf R. With such tremendous twisting force, the latest iteration of the GTI sprints from 0 to 100km/h is 6.6 sec before reaching a top speed of 246 km/h. Buyers will be able to choose between a standard manual gearbox and the famed DSG dual-clutch transmission. For the first time ever, VW will offer a performance pack for the Golf GTI. However, power is only increased by a mere 10bhp with century sprint reduced by a negligible 0.1 second. The performance pack also comes with a differential lock that reduces understeer as well as bigger front brake discs. The 2013 Golf GTI is differentiated from the standard version by the twin red stripe at the front grille, red brake calipers, smoked LED tail lights and 80 mm chromed tailpipes. If I am an existing Mk6 Golf GTI owner, I will be quite happy that my ride will not look outdated as compared to its successor.
  8. With the recent release of their MQB platform, it is expected that Volkswagen will release the next generation Golf some time in the fourth quarter of this year and Volkswagen will introduce changes to the model that is normally found in higher end models. It is rumoured that Volkswagen will debut the Mk 7 Golf at the 2012 Paris Motor Show this year (29 September to 14 October) and the car will be packed with technology that is usually associated with luxury models. The car will come in several engine variants, from the ordinary petrol engine up to a plug-in hybrid that generates around 243bhp. The normal models are powered by a new series of downsized petrol engines (code EA211) and diesel engines (code EA288). The top of the range diesel model (non GTD) will generate around 181bhp and 380Nm of torque. There is also a 220bhp twin turbocharged diesel engine that the company is still putting under some tests and this one will likely end up in the GTD sub-model. As for the petrol engines, the smallest displacement engine is a 1.4-litre turbocharged engine that generates around 138bhp and it features cylinder deactivation for increased economy. The larger engine (code EA888) sizes are at 1.8-litre and 2.0-litre. The Mk 7 Volkswagen Golf GTI gets the most radical change of all. The 2.0-litre engine will deliver around 260bhp, a 50bhp increase from the current generation. The next Golf GTI will feature the new VAQ electronically controlled front differential and Volkswagen mentioned that it will offer a more agile steering behaviour and a much greater sense of steering precision. All wheel drive and the company
  9. FaezClutchless

    Volkswagen unveils its MQB platform

    The cross-sharing of platforms and technologies between models in the automotive industry is not exactly new but in the recent years, many automakers have focused on this even more. The Volkswagen Group is one such company and we can clearly see this in models within the group. Volkswagen has rolled out a new and important piece of technology that will be used in their vehicles starting this year. It is the MQB platform which is Modularer Querbaukasten in German. In English it means Modular Transverse Matrix platform. Flexibility and reduced production costs are the key reasons for this platform. Volkswagen will build 30 models under this particular platform. It covers all models above the group
  10. Rigval

    Mk7 Volkswagen Golf to be sportier

    And while journalism takes an ugly turn due to the mess concocted by the henchmen within the Rupert Murdoch media empire and while Lady Gaga still entertains us not with her songs but by her lack of clothing during her public appearances, Autocar UK has reported that the upcoming Mk7 Volkswagen Golf will look sportier than ever. This is very good news to me as I have always thought that the last few generations of everyone's favourite German hatchback looked extremely porky and minivan-like. This is especially true with the Mk5 Golf (pictured below). Park it beside its cousins the Audi A3, the Skoda Octavia or even the supposedly larger B7 Audi A4 sedan and you'd notice that the Golf Mk5 was at least 3 inches taller than all of the cars mentioned above. I know the Golf was meant to be a practical hatchback, but somehow being so much taller than even the bigger Audi A4 is a bit too much. Then when you add the fact that the overall styling of the Golf is pretty subdued, slabsided and understated without any overt aggression or signs of sportiness the minivan argument somehow makes some sense. Even in the GTI form it looked more like a bubbly loaf of bread than a hot hatch. Of course some may like the fact that the GTI only had red trimmings around the grille for some sign of power but I actually like my hot hatches fiery. The Mk6 was about an inch lower and with that wider, more defined split grille up front it looked wider and therefore lower. Ergo, the car looks sleeker. However I believe that sources within Volkswagen had told the people at Autocar that the company intends to give the Mk7 Golf a wider stance, a lower roofline with a nicely raked windscreen as well as a lower, more sportier driving position. The new MK7 Golf is scheduled for 2012 and will also have distinct models - the three door will be sportier than the five door and the five door hatch will look totally distinct from the taller Golf Plus mini MPV (now this makes more sense as the current Golf hatch does not really differ from the Golf Plus), much like the current Vauxhall/Opel Astra range where the three and five door models are pretty distinct from one another. This little bit of news makes me feel that there is still hope that Volkswagen intends to go back to the days of the Mk1 and Mk2 Golf (pictured below). The Golf in those days were proper hatchbacks
  11. [extract] Volkswagen is celebrating the 35th anniversary of the introduction of the original Golf GTI this year. To commemorate this special occasion, the German carmaker has unleashed a special version, named
  12. So, Volkswagen has launched a special edition of the Golf for the Rabbit Chinese New Year. Aside from the connotations of being associated with a cute, fluffy animal (the Rabbit is also the name for the Golf in the US), the other interesting thing about this particular Golf is that it is specially tailor-made for our own Singapore market. Which is something that doesn't happen very often. So what gives? Why the special treatment for us? One reason I can think of is that, with the spike in COE prices, local car buyers are even more discerning than ever before. With less customers available, car manufacturers have to go all out even further to clinch that elusive sale. My theory runs that, with higher prices, the type of people who can afford to buy cars now value exclusivity and freedom of choice. Gone are the days of budget buyers willing to settle for a basic Chinese or Korean car just for transport. Car buyers now demand even more for their expensively-acquired COEs. I remember back in the 1990s, when COE prices were similarly high, and a subsequent side effect was that there were a plethora of choices for the buyer. Cars were seen as a luxury item, and people were willing to pay just for an exclusive brand. After all, if you're already paying the equivalent of a house for your car, why buy something that looks like everyone else's? Those were the days when makes like Seat and Holden were able to bank on the 'being different' strategy. They didn't need to sell high volumes to survive. I can foresee this trend, of having Singapore-market exclusive cars, continuing if COE prices remain or even rise further. Mini had their local-market only Stratford, and even Volkswagen themselves had precedent when they launched the Golf GTI V50 here a couple of years ago. For car enthusiasts, the variety of choice can only leave us licking our lips.
  13. CheeJun

    Volvo's Golf rival

    One of my favourite cars is going to get a new face, the Volvo C30 to be precise. The Swedish company has decided to steer clear from emulating their German rivals and its main man, Stefan Jacoby say that this new model will be quintessentially Swedish in terms of its design.. And I'm looking forward to that! It'll be like Ikea with wheels I suppose. The most distinct difference between its old model and the new one will be that it comes with 5 doors instead of 3. This move is meant to make the C30 more practical and more desirable for family men. Their most important goal though is to compete with the other manufacturers like Ford, Volkswagen and Vauxhall (Opel to us in Singapore) who have well established their place in the world of hot-hatches. Since Jacoby intends to keep things Swedishly simple in the new C30, he says that things will be elegant and minimalistic on both the exterior and the interior, but with 'more interesting choice of materials'. I wonder what that really means.. Also, technology in the car is said to be inspired by Apple so I would expect more minimalism fused with style on the tech front. Everything that was 'bad' about the C30 is now under a revamp. While the old car's rear seats were cramped and with a rubbish boot, the new car will come with more rear passenger space and larger luggage capacity. Not much news has been released about the engines though, but the current one is already rather perky and fun to drive around. By the looks of it, I feel like I already want one. The model is set to be released in 2012. [photos courtesy of autoexpress.co.uk]
  14. -the Golf Mk 1, designed by Giugiaro for VW It has been confirmed by an official press release that the Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) has taken a 90.1% stake in Italdesign Giugiaro S.p.a.. (Italdesign). This partnership includes the name, rights and patents held under Italdesign. The remaining 9.9% is owned by the original owner and founder, the Giugiaro family under the helm of the famous Giorgetto Giugiaro. The unique thing about this take-over is that the share is acquired by Audi's Italian subsidiary, the very famous Lamborghini Holding S.p.A. This keeps Italdesign still very Italian (at least on one level that is). With both being Italian and now with Italdesign under Lamborghini we could be seeing
  15. CheeJun

    Golf MKVII - VW's 7th wonder

    Its hard to change the way a car performs and looks when its already incredible. But from these new images, it looks like the new Golf MkVII is going to be even better than ever before. The Golf has always been one of those legendary cars which sustain the test of time, and throughout the years, Volkswagen's factory has been churning them out day after day, its surprising they haven't run out of ideas for a car which has been around for such a long time. And if the new model is going to look as good as this, with an all new lightweight platform to improve efficiency and new variants such as a 4 door coupe and even a soft-top convertible, the new Golf is bound to be a hit with consumers. As they have always been. There is no small, family hatchback that comes to mind which is better than the Golf. Sure you have the BMW 1 series and Fiat Bravos, or even Citroens, but none can compare to the build quality and refinement of the engine of the Golf. Its like it has the complete package, while the others may be excellent in some areas but poor in others. The only nagging problem with the Golf is that its not really priced to target the mass market, its still perceived as a upmarket, premium automobile and that of course is a highly debateable issue. Nonetheless, it will still attract thousands of buyers just because its a Golf. Volkswagen has done small compact hatchbacks the way Apple has done the Ipod. It looks good, performs well and it becomes and object of desire at the end of the day. The new MkVII will be powered strictly by small capacity turbo units so it wouldn't hurt your pockets too badly when it comes to petrol. There will be new gadgets inside such as automatic parking and traffic sign recognition, (automatic parking??), and a sat-nav system which is able to warn the driver of sharp turns, speed limits and steep gradients. But I really wonder how much of this gadgetry will make it to our shores. Anyway, we won't be expecting this till 2012 since the current Golf is selling so well. So if you want it to arrive earlier, just stop buying the Golf now!