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Found 235 results

  1. i was diagnosed with high blood pressure about 6 years ago and have been on meds. (one pill a day). bought a GE hospital policy b4 my disgnosis and when i got warded for another issue, the co-payment thing applied. then my GE agent approached me and asked me to upgrade to their "100%" claim plan ... but required me to undergo medical tests which i have to pay for myself and not guarantee will accept my enrolment. so i refused to go for the med check and they rejected the proposal. then my AIA agent came to see me one day and told me about their 100% claim plan and then filled up the proposal and told me will get back to me. Called me up the next day and told me that his office told him that NOBODY will cover me becoz of my HBP. talked to an Aviva rep also ... and she also told me roughly the same thing ... pay more and and with exclusion. best one was got a cold-call from another AIA agent about 2 months back ... said will try to see what he can do .... never heard from him again after i told him i got HBP. so far have not had any sickness due to my HBP but it seems that insurance cos are very prudent nowadays with their selection of customers. any ins cos out there willing to cover me ??
  2. If i ask my dad buy bmw for me don`t know can or not
  3. As above. would u: 1) talk and ask her the reason(s) 2) divorce her? 3) look for ONS/sex worker? To Mr Mod: If this thread is rude or offensive, pls delete them.
  4. Darryn

    Want to own the batmobile?

    It's for sale. http://news.insing.com/tabloid/original-ba...ion/id-78663f00 But I have to think that this is a typo...
  5. I just changed my stock to 18" rims and Nexen n7000 (225/40z/R18) in early May. But the wife absolutely hates the nose and bumpier ride compared to my previous stock, so i am looking to trade them in with some cash for 15" or 16" rims and relatively new tyres (especially ideal for bros with new cars looking for rim upgrade). My 18" rims and tyres comes with unlimited rotation. Interested bros can contact me at 9337 6797, many thanks.
  6. Stevegring

    Want to buy 15" tyre

    Want to buy a set of 2nd hand 15" tires of 185/60/15. 4 tires in total. It should be about 80% thread left. So if you intend to change your stock tires, you may want to consider selling them to me. Please PM me your offer. Thanks.
  7. If married, would you actually want a kid in singapore, not at all, or overseas? for myself, i wont want kids AT ALL. simply put, the money used to bring the kid up is
  8. Jman888

    Want to be a movie star?

  9. chitchatboy

    What I want and what I've got

    How many times have you realised that we always end up veering a little off course after we have decided on doing something? It's pretty often for me. Just the other day, I was at one of the hawker centres getting dinner. I was pretty certain I wanted to have chicken rice as it's pretty famous. Even my relatives travel all the way from the other side of Singapore just to patronise this stall. However, for some reasons unknown, I ended up with a bowl of prawn noodles. Was I happy with the prawn noodle? I was, actually. And it was pretty tasty. But then halfway through I started feeling a little crossed with myself. As a matter of fact, whenever I am at this hawker center, I always end up having the prawn noodles no matter how many times I tell myself to eat the chicken rice. Same goes for my career. How the hell I ended up as a photographer and not what I wanted to work as baffles me. I was supposed to be in a bank or something - along that line of trade that I studied and graduated from! So do I regret what I am doing now? No, I don't. But I do wonder how it would be like if I had stayed on course. I certainly hope when it comes to my first car, I will not be in this situation. I have always told myself when I grow up, my first car will be a Honda. A 1998 Integra Type R to be exact. Now that I'm getting older, I honestly don't think that dream will come true. Reasons being that everything regarding a car - from maintenance to modification - requires a fair amount of money that's more than my monthly pay. So really, how many of you readers out there actually managed to turn out what you imagined yourself to be?
  10. http://www.zdnet.com/sg/singapore-and-chin...ard-7000019667/ Summary: The transnational smart card will be rolled out in first half of 2014, and be used for public transport in Singapore and Chinese province Guangdong--in what is claimed to be a world first. The world's first dual currency transport smart card is being developed for use in Singapore and the Chinese province of Guangdong. The SINO Visitor Pass will allow travel in both Singapore and Guangdong. Dubbed the SINO Visitor Pass, it will allow commuters to travel in both cities with just one card, according to a press release on Wednesday. The contactless smart card will be launched in the first half of 2014 by Singapore payment service provider EZ-Link and Guangdong Lingnan Pass Company. The smart card will store both Singapore dollars and Chinese Renminbi. Besides public transport, it will also be accepted at more than 100,000 points in both cities, including retail and food and beverage. Additional functions will be progressively added after the launch such as inter-city top-up features and the integration of e-tickets to hold products such as tourist passes. "This means that in the future, visitors can also gain access to tourist attractions, food and beverage, retail deals and other lifestyle applications in both countries with this pass," said EZ-Link's CEO Nicholas Lee, in the statement.
  11. From ST... All I can do is giggle - 1. Unsuccessfully try to cut queue 2. Unsuccessfully try to buy kopi 3. Unsuccessfully try to run away. Three Strikes = four day holiday, plus yet to face charges Moral of the story? Point and laugh at queue cutters.
  12. Saw this post asking for assistance in the SG EXPAT Forum:
  13. Not enough man to go around? only 200 was survey, probably will get 9 out of 10 women if they have 20,000 in their survey [laugh]
  14. people keep saying better infrastructure... what do you mean by better infrastructure? What sort of improvements will make you switch from car to MRT. For me, I think they need to build EXPRESS MRT to connect the regional centers. I am more familiar with the North so theoretically the MRT should go like that Woodloands -> AMK -> TPY -> Orchard -> Raffles Place. Takes 10-15mins to reach city from Woodlands. From Jurong east, 2-3 stops to Orchad Road -> Raffles place -> 2-3 stops to Tampines -> Changi business park. Takes 10-15mins to reach city from the regional centers. If that is possible, who will want to drive? I see the new MRT lines all have MANY MANY stops. Example thomson line. It takes like 2 more stops to go from AMK to ORchad if you use thomson line compared to the NS line. I think that is not the way to go... What I personally want is express MRT. Imagine if you have express MRT, 90% will switch to MRT if the connections are workable for them. As long as you connect up the Major centers, you can remove a lot of car traffic.
  15. My ride reached 145,000 km this week after 4 years. I have been very happy and satisfied with my ride. In the last two months, I had to change engine oil twice as my engine was found to be empty without oil!? Going to a local service center they did not find this problem and also one of my fans were breaking down. I spent some couple of hundreds changing some parts that did not solve the problem but just a band-aid over the problems. Driving awhile more, I found the problem arising again, wanting a second opinion I sort out our resident guru Koolaba bro and he recommended me Aldan Motor Service Pte Ltd - they service alot of Skoda cabbies, so the experience is there and have all the VAG kits and tools. Went there for a quote for the items I wanted, and fair enough price, accepted it and sent it to get it serviced. 3 hrs later got a call from the owner to say he found my engine oil completed gone and was shocked as it dose not evaporate, told me he further investigated it and found the gasket of the engine broken. He recommended me to change it as it will spoil the vehicle if I do not. With that I said yes, went to the work shop to take a look and found my main engine covers off to reveal the pistons and other parts and showed me the broken gaskets and seams. Wow why didn't the previous person find this out. Got my ride back today and it is purring again, with the changed engine mounts, my ride is also quieter and feels like no more vibrations, got new engine oil, transmission oil changed, new radiator fan, expansion tank, drive shaft cover, oil filter, coolants, valve cover gasket..etc. Worth every penny, ride feels great, (like new feeling) Just wanted to share my experience.
  16. Anybody heard of Pegasus Racing Asia ? Apparently it's a new company in Singapore,offering an event on 28th Dec where you can drive a Formula Renault Race Car.Looks like a Formula 1 Car,drives like a Formula 1 Car but has less horsepower. The event is on the F1 track in Sepang and participants can drive around 50 laps in several sessions.Great way to get the experience of how it feels to be a Formula Race Driver and how it is to drive such a car by yourself. I think a normal road driving license is enough and no race experience required. Want to book a place,but don't know where I can do this.Their website is not yet up and running.Booking for the event closes mid November and for sure there are limited seats available. Please help !!!! I don't want to loose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
  17. Tungsl

    I want to share with U

    Food for thoughts over the weekend do you think these are true
  18. It is possible to install such sign in Singapore? Sometimes just want to show "thank you" and "Sorry" to the car behind. Cos sometime at night wave thank you the car behind cannot see. The switch button is wireless seems very good. No messy wire.
  19. Feeling a bit sore, got massage shop near my office - Looks legit, 11am till 9pm, unisex, seems proper. They give underwear to put on during massage also (every other time the biggest clue I get is improper when they ask you to go bare) Ok, will go and see. About 5 minutes in, I HEARD the guy in the next cubicle ask for "special" massage. Whoops Ok, never mind, I still want my massage Much giggling, he appears to have been quietly satisfied. I get offered towards the end of the massage. How should I decline? I also feel guilty - the girl obviously makes far far more from the special ending than the massage itself. I guess I am a "wasted" chance for her. What do you do when it happens to you? yeah lah, yeah lah....darn stewpid typo...and DON'T go calling it a freudian slip!
  20. I'm looking to change my 215/55/17 types. Budget abt $160+/- previous set C1S.
  21. Santafe

    I want to change my leather seat

    Hi, I want to change my leather seat to a different color, I am driving a 7 seater MPV. Need your help to find a reliable company. Anyone can help? Any idea how much will it cost?
  22. Dear guys and girls, I am gg to operate on an extra exhaust I got second hand. Which shop would you recommend? I want clean job and good stuffing. Which stuffing should I get? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  23. (one of the many parts of videos) Don't know whether this late's 40 driver drive fast to go lau sai or want to test power of his BMW. Cut here and there and brake for no reason. Anyway all his stunt which taken from my car video cam had send to TP for viewing.
  24. Picnic06-Biante15

    "Do you still want to go to the USA?"

    From STOMP : Posted on 03 Oct 2012 'Will you still travel to the USA in light of security checks like these?' A set of photos of airport security officers in the United States being a little too thorough in their checks for comfort caught STOMPer Alex's attention. In the photos, the security officers can be seen conducting invasive checks by patting down travellers in sensitive areas such as the groin and chest regions of male and female passengers respectively. The STOMPer wrote: "Do you still want to go to the USA?" link: http://static.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sgseen/th...like_these.html Now I rather let them screened me at the exit in Changi Airport....
  25. Bros i am doing servicing for my car... Min ghee sells 4x4 oil in 4L pack but i need only 2L. Anybody wants to share?