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Found 79 results

  1. Hi gurus. Long story short. Early Dec: Offered renewal quote by insurance Mid Dec : Branch hit front windscreen. Windscreen replaced with no excess because I purchase the plan with "no windscreen excess." End Dec: Renewed Insurance. Cover note issued. Road Tax renew. 3 Jan: CSO called and tell me they will invalidate my motor insurance as my premium have now increase due to the windscreen replacement. No mention of increase in premium until 3 Jan. So now I have 2 qns. 1) Can they invalidate my insurance at this point?! I have written in to LTA and GIA to seek further clarification. 2) Wouldn't it make consumers a fool since we are then paying twice for windscreen? I pay more to get a plan with "no windscreen excess". Now that I replace my windscreen I have to pay a higher premium because my wind screen was replace. Then isnt I paying twice? Then why don't we all just buy the cheapest policy since ultimately we are still the suckers???
  2. Smoke but still be healthy? Smoke-free cigarettes such as e-cigarettes? Aren’t e-cigarettes as harmful too? https://www.msn.com/en-sg/money/topstories/marlboro-maker-wants-to-end-cigarette-production/ar-BBS5ISe?ocid=ob-fb-ensg-425
  3. Ok lai, so we have some bros asking for liu lian MU. Lets have a show of how many interested. I dont think now is a good time for liu lian yet, next month mayb the starting of the season. If we have enough interest, I can go find out more information and mayb make some arrangements. Time and venue to be cfm later, but likely to be in early-mid May, in the eastern area this time ( we had recently in West, town and North. Also there is a Hyundai event coming up end April). And pls hor, we are talking about the fruit here, not the ah lian with the surname Liu hor. I attach photo in case ppl start asking me about the ah lian. Anyway, I rushing for a meeting, you guys discuss, will join when I am done.
  4. we need a house to live in, food to survive. etc. these can be really called needs. Can we really say we need a car in singapore?
  5. Anyone eat before? Is it really that nice? The couple behind Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint, Madam Betty Kong, 66, and her 62-year-old husband, said their children are not keen on taking over the business. -- PHOTO: LIANHE WANBAO Finally, the secret behind Kay Lee's well-known roast meats can be revealed, but for the right price. The restaurant's owners want $2 million for the Guangzhou-style recipe, which dates back to the 1950s. The price is $3.5 million when the shop space is thrown in. The couple behind the 30-year-old Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint on Upper Paya Lebar Road are Madam Betty Kong, 66, and her 62-year-old husband.
  6. Still remember her? I think her brain is completely corrupted liao. If she was my daughter I would disown her. Then dunno why they got Boomz to join them Kids nowadays
  7. Taken from https://sg.news.yahoo.com/new-zealand-based-teen-with-singapore-passport-075121551.html An 19-year-old who currently holds both New Zealand and Singapore citizenship and lives in New Zealand wants to avoid doing national service (NS). Brandon Smith could face a two-year jail term and a $10,000 fine if he does not enlist. Smith, 19, moved to Dunedin when he was eight years old. The son of a New Zealander father and Singaporean mother told New Zealand media that it was a “waste of time” to go back to Singapore and come back. He was also concerned that he does not speak Chinese and would be treated differently in the army,reported New Zealand’s stuff.co.nz. Smith cannot renounce his Singapore citizenship until he turns 21. Smith’s father said they had spoken with Singapore Members of Parliament about the issue for a number of years, to no avail. He was quoted as saying, “Absolutely no one would accommodate us. It was always the same answer; ‘we regret to inform you that Brandon has to serve National Service’,”. New Zealand’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Murray McCully said he intended to take up the matter. He said in a statement to New Zealand’s Sunday Star Times, “While the Singapore Government is responsible for determining their own citizenship policies, I have considerable sympathy for the situation this family has found themselves in,” Readers who commented on on stuff.co.nz were divided, but a number of them said Smith should just return to Singapore to complete NS. A few readers were also quick to point out that the language of instruction in the army is English, and that Smith need not fear having a language barrier if he were to enlist. I guess there are still people who thinks NS is too tough.........
  8. Excerpt: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-12-03/airspace-spat-shows-indonesia-s-newfound-foreign-policy-muscle Indonesia is pushing to reclaim airspace within five years in a sensitive military area that’s currently controlled by Singapore, as President Joko Widodo takes a more assertive approach to foreign policy. The airspace over the Riau and Natuna islands near Singapore has been administered by the city-state since 1946 as a postwar holdover and is a corridor for flights in and out of Changi Airport, one of Asia’s busiest for international flights. Singapore says the arrangement provides effective air traffic control services, and is not about sovereignty. “Of course it’s related to sovereignty,” Indonesia Vice President Jusuf Kalla said in an interview on Tuesday in Jakarta. “They have no right to decline, it is Indonesia’s right.” Looks like Indo want to be like China liao. And seriously, Kalla needs to get shot in the head, a terribly odious person.
  9. The Jakarta provincial government is expected to begin an intensive public campaign to educate motorists on its Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system in the next few months. The city's administration wants to implement ERP by the end of 2015. It has been studying the system to reduce traffic congestion since 2006. "We have prepared the concept for an intensive socialisation in two to three months' time on how the community can be informed of the ERP concept in a big and complete way," said Leo Armstrong, head of the ERP management unit at Jakarta Transportation Agency. "The government will lead the campaign." Two ERP gantries have been erected at two busy roads to test the system. Trials have already been completed and the local government says the results are encouraging. 'PUBLICITY STUNT' However, transport analysts are not convinced. "This is like a publicity stunt where they just put some fancy gantries in the middle of the road," said Yoda Adiwinarto, country manager at the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy. "The transport agency claimed that they want to try the effectiveness of the gantry; they want to try whether the on-board unit will work well. The problem is that all the on-board units that they installed were only for the official vehicles. So why bother putting the giant gantries on the public roads? Just try it somewhere nobody knows." The tender for the implementation of the ERP system is expected to be released in June. A one-day workshop will also be conducted among various stakeholders to discuss road pricing regulations. One of the challenges facing the implementation of ERP concerns motorists using small shortcut roads. Jakarta has a complicated network of roads which includes small shortcut roads. The provincial government is well aware that motorists may try to bypass the ERP by using shortcut roads. But while taking such a route may save some money, it may not save time because during peak hours shortcut roads are even more congested. Jakarta governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama has set a target for the ERP system to be completed by the end of 2015. Transport analysts believe this may not happen because of the lack of progress on the ground. In addition, the project has been hit by numerous delays over the years. MIXED VIEWS Motorists have mixed views about the effectiveness of electronic road pricing. "Sometimes electronic pricing can be a solution for the traffic but sometimes I think a collaboration system electronic and manual system could be integrated to be a solution in Jakarta because not all the people in Jakarta support electronics," said one motorist. "I think we need more, wider roads," added another motorist. "The ERP will not have any effect on congestion." Jakarta is struggling to keep vehicle population down, and it hopes electronic road pricing, which means higher costs for private vehicles, will help to solve the problem. At the same time, it is improving the public transport infrastructure to encourage motorists to turn to buses and trains instead. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/indonesia-motorists-to/1886608.html
  10. Scb11980

    Who wants to get slap? Kee Chiu

    Sixty year old Singaporean aunty slapped by an Indonesian lady on MRT 21 Feb 2012 AsiaOne 60-year-old Singaporean aunty was slapped on her cheek by an Indonesian lady on a MRT train on Mon morning (20 Feb). The incident happened when the aunty boarded the train at Sembawang MRT station at around 11:15am. Upon boarding, she saw a lady believed to be an Indonesian put her bag on the reserved seat for the elderly. The aunty pointed to the Indonesian that the seat was a reserved seat. The foreigner then accused the aunty of being rude and an argument between them broke out. When the train was near the Admiralty MRT station, the foreigner suddenly stood up and slapped the aunty on her left cheek and left the train. The aunty then alighted at Admiralty MRT station and lodged a complaint to a SMRT staff at the control station. The staff promptly told the aunty in her face:
  11. http://edition.cnn.com/2014/11/11/tech/innovation/flying-aircraft-carrier/ quick, still got 10 days to submit your proposal.
  12. <_< Singaporeans are already feeding him for life. Drug courier spared death now challenges caning sentence Malaysian drug courier Yong Vui Kong, who was spared the gallows after a string of unsuccessful fights against his death sentence, is now challenging the caning regime in Singapore. Yong, 25, was re-sentenced in November last year to life imprisonment and 15 strokes of the cane. This followed changes to the law which give judges the discretion to impose life terms and caning, instead of the previously mandatory death penalty, for drug couriers who help the authorities in a substantive way. However, Yong filed an appeal last week, asking for his caning sentence to be quashed. His lawyer M Ravi is challenging the constitutionality of caning, in particular the manner in which the punishment is carried out. http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/drug-courier-spared-death-now-challenges-caning-sentence-20140428
  13. dragonballdidi

    Stuff That Guys Want!

    Come and share what you crave to buy and discuss with us here! I am starting my list, it is an ever growing list. . . Some achievable some are not. due to *ahem (COE)... Eric Clapton Patek Philippe REF2499 . . . Ducati 1098 Nesspresso coffee machine. Share with us what's stuff you guys want!!!!
  14. http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/forum-letters/story/my-point-20140212 Some smart alec "defender of justice" suggest silly things to authorities again. It is obvious she^ knows nothing about illegal modifications and assumed fierce car = illegal. Someone with fierce looking car in her neighbourhood must have pissed her off. Waste of space in ST.... Ok maybe cos ST not enough comments to publish liao. ^ The reason I say "she" is cos Chang Pui San has a strong female vibe to it, no self-respecting parents would name their son a girly name as "Pui San".
  15. Anyone wants to Carpool from SIM to woodlands on weekday after class abt 10pm? I always saw this super long taxi queue outside the school only bus stop and theres always alot of ppl taking the taxi so if u r traveling home after class to woodlands we can Carpool thanks pls pm me...
  16. I've been encountering this problem ever since I started driving here in march. When I want to change lane, mostly because I want to exit from the highway or when I want to make a turn soon, I noticed majority of the behind car on the lane I want to enter would be either simply bo chap and driving as if I don't exist of worse, step on the gas to close in to stop me from entering... What's the problem? Macam like I'm going to outrage their modesty.... Is it so hard to slow down to let ppl enter the lane. I can understand in the case where there is a queue, some car just want to cut queue, that I will be tulan too. What I'm talking about is usual driving speed. Also, I don't mean those sudden "makan" into ppl's lane.
  17. hey all, i'm going to be a daddy soon in Sept, and now start to look for baby stuff. Going to have a son. Any one who is willing to give away baby stuff, let me know. I already have: 1 baby cot 1 walker 1 breast pump 1 car seat Primarily, i'm looking for newborn clothes for boy, steam bottle sterilizer, stroller, baby carrier, walker etc. Thanks!!
  18. Hi Everyone, Just sharing with ppl here for a chance to own an affordable car. I have a 8.5 year old Skoda Octavia that I am planning to send for Deregistration on 13 June. It's a good car that's got 1 year 7 months left of COE and only done 96,000 km on the ODO. Great starter car for any young adult or Student that needs to tavel the long distance daily to Poly or Uni. Take it at Market Scrap Value+ and you will have a workhorse at $4K depreciation per annum. You get back $11,600+ at the end of 1.7 years. Newer cars today are going at 6-8K depreciation. It's a waste for me to send her off to the Big Garage in the Sky. Hence this post. Interested parties can sms me for details at (9836)(6488) Cheers ! Skoda Octvia 1.6A Ambiente/Tour PRICE 18,000 ROAD TAX 740 TRANSMISSION AUTO ENGINE CAP 1595 REG DATE 14 Dec 2004 MILEAGE 96,081 COE $22,930 OMV $20,845 FEATURES Computerized Dash (Same as VW Passat) Safety Airbags Power Windows & Mirrors 15" OZ Sports Rims Black Leather Seats Knock Down Rear Seats Clean & Huge Boot Space 6 years of Servicing Records & Manuals NOTE Skoda Octavia uses the same chasis and engine as the VW Golf. 70% of the parts are from VW Golf & Bora. (Dials, computer dash, buttons & knobs)
  19. Generator

    Who wants free hamsters?

    This weekend, I am going to buy 2 hamsters for my son to play. he saw 1 the other day and he was so excited. but I just want my son to play during this long weekend. I don't want to keep as pet. no time and scared dirty as I am only going to buy and keep for 1 weekend, I wont be buying cage, water bottle etc.. just buy the hamster and put in plastic bag and bring home planning to just buy some seeds from seng siong for food I will just keep them in a pail when my son not playing. so who wants it for free after this long weekend? if no one wants, then I will just release them downstairs in my condo compound anyone can recommend the cheapest place to buy hamster? I saw 1 shop at white sands, around 18 bucks...I was hoping elsewhere got sell cheaper
  20. ShepherdPie

    Germany Wants Its Gold Back

  21. Jus received a call, and my unit being at the sky Ascantia, one of 2, she wanted to market and advert my unit. I told her no co broke, no exclusivity as I could handle on my own, but give her chance to see hwo good a deal she can get. Any advise or valuable offerings is welcome. Any idiots who try to be farni your end of world would come earlier [laugh]
  22. Singaporean actress Ann Kok confessed her love for Korean boyband BIGBANG, and even asked for a chance to star as a female lead in their music video. Ann Kok made an appearance at the BIGBANG Alive GALAXY Tour 2012 pre-concert press conference held last evening (27 Sep) at Stellar at 1-Altitude. She plucked up her courage to greet the five-member group, comprising of G-Dragon, T.O.P., Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri, in Korean, before declaring how much she loved the group, during the media Q&A session. Ann Kok popped a question, asking:
  23. Mockngbrd

    Who wants a job?