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Found 77 results

  1. Thaiyotakamli

    What office shoe do you wear?

    since there is shirt, now time to talk about the office shoe..... what brand are you wearing? any favourite brand? how much are you willing to fork out for a shoe?
  2. Don’t forget abt the maid oso hor http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/driver-sentenced-to-one-week-s-jail-for-accident-which-led-to-10547298
  3. Hi All I will be going overseas and the temperature is going to be max 20 and min 10. Anyone went to such countries before can advise if need special thick jacket like those winter wear or can wear those thick wind breaker used in lecture theatres? Thanks!
  4. Blackwind

    Advise on winter wear

    i will be traveling to new zealand this june. will be there for 2 weeks. as it is winter there i might have to get some winter wear. i believe i need to get stuff like jackets, gloves and snow caps? i think in some cases i may need water proof wear too? there are quite alot of stuff i need to get but the thing is i will not be requiring them after the 2 weeks cos im not a cold country person.... i dont think i would travel to cold countries or during cold periods in the future. so alot of questions....... what kinda winter clothings should i get e.g. the waterproof type? is there anyway i can get cheap winter wear for that 2 weeks? is it easy to get second hand winter wear as im sure singaporeans will not be needing it unless they travel to cold countries? need all the advise i can get thnx in advance
  5. HOUSE KEEPING question. Usually I mount hook behind my bed room door and just hang my jeans there, 4 jeans at any time. every week route 2 jeans for wash. O yes... I wear jeans to work. What about you guys? where do usually hang your jeans if you wear few time before wash?
  6. Back then, was it awkward especially in the first 3 months in jc ? Think some schools had that policy lol.
  7. Hi, being someone who doesnt travel often to winter countries, I wish to find out from the seasoned travelers what shoes to wear to Japan for a 67 year old man. Where can I find reasonably priced winter shoes that are non slip and yet comfortable to wear? Would a pair of shoes from Caterpillar like this be suitable? http://img.ishoe.co.uk/photos/CATERPILLAR/Pritchard/Cat-Pritchard-Tyre-08.jpg
  8. After watching this video, i will always remember to wear my seatbelt! https://www.facebook.com/MangoNews/videos/810686718967472/
  9. Dear Bros & Sis, I have a colleague who have been coughing and sneezing continuously for several days already. A few of my other colleagues have already gotten the bug from the one who is ill. Can some kind souls out there tell me how to approach this colleague politely and ask him/her to wear a mask and be socially responsible? Thanks in advance for all your responses.
  10. I hope you start a new thread on this to appeal to all Singaporeans and local residents to wear black this Sunday to honour this man. To mourn with our current PM with his family and also to show solidarity among ourselves as the people of this nation. On this day, we acknowledge one another in sadness but also in comfort, we have one another. We are Singapore. .
  11. Ryosuke

    Why no one wear hanfu anymore?

    CNY is coming, bound to see more woman wearing cheongsam. But i have a question, why are chinese no longer wearing the hanfu which is the original han chinese clothing instead of "non chinese cheongsam" which originate from the manchus. http://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E6%B1%89%E6%9C%8D
  12. I wl be going to Hokkaido during CNY, not sure wl it still snowing when we are there .. think the temp is ard -1c to -9c ( or even lower ).. Can anyone adv what should we wear in order to keep us warm and where can we get winter wear locally? Any brand shd we look for? Also what to look out for when buying these apparels? And is it a must to get those down jackets? Wl there be any diff in term of 70% down and 90% down? Sorry to ask so many question .. first time going to so cold country .. dont know can taha or not ... Anyone going Japan during this period?
  13. Kklim

    Always wear yr seatbelt

    Cop pulls over driver for seatbelt violation, shoots him!! http://www.thedailysheeple.com/are-you-wearing-your-seat-belt-bang_092014
  14. Sorry, for some reason cannot embed FB video anymore.. gotta go to the link and watch.. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=840245949353907&set=vb.416856241692882&type=2&theater
  15. Am driving a 7yrs old Mit Lancer GLX with mileage of about 135k. Tyre age is about 1.5years. Recently noticed that my care tyre wear off unevenly. The wear only happen on the front left outer side wall. The front right tyre is not. What could be the problem? Do I need wheel alignment? Or is the suspension kaput? (still in stock since day 1). Thanks in advance.
  16. Wyfitms

    Policeman wear

    shorts these days ah
  17. Just came back from servcing, ws say my MIt colt left front brake is wearing twice as quick as the right. Any idea what wrongs The ws say is clipper and skimming the rotor as to fix the issue. Any experince Thanks for reading.
  18. Many people are forced to buy used cars for the following reasons with the COE being so expensive, and high downpayment The first problem that used car owners need to solve is therefore the issue of maintenance. Car owners need to identify good workshops and also learn the ropes of keeping their cars in good condition. A used car tends to have more wear and tear than a brand new car. Beside the normal maintenance requirements, used car owners also have to get to know their cars well. This involves listening out for any abnormal sounds, learning to describe these sounds (a whole new vocabulary comes into use eg clicking, screeching, whirring when stationary, high pitched, groaning when turning, etc) to their mechanics. They must also trust their mechanics' advice - is an overhaul required or just a minor replacement of parts. This is often a source of great stress. When they don't trust their mechanics, they often turn to friends who may or may not give good advice (and always end up confusing the car owner. Since new car prices do not appear to be coming down in the near future, it can be expected that more and more people will look at buying used cars; especially first-time car buyers. What considerations may be helpful to ease their car ownership experience and reduce their fear of being sold a lemon?
  19. Sei_fei_loh

    Premature Tyre Wear On Is250

    Hi all, need some advise on premature tyre wear. I had complained my tyres being very noisy with the "helicopter sound" and sent car for check. Was told that my tyres are "eating" on the inner part. Now my 4 tyres are gone (less than 1yr). I am trying to find out what is the problem so that my new set of tyres wont have the same problem. I changed to 225/45/r17 all round for purpose of rotating but I had also been told by 1 w/s that I have to be on 245/45/r17 on the rear so there wont be uneven wear. He said it is because the car rear comes originally cambered out by default and if the tyre is too thin, uneven wear sets in. any advises? my car is IS250 TIA
  20. Calling out to the tyre experts... I realized this morning that there are white nylon threads showing through my left front tyre near the edge... the strange thing is that this tyre shows a lot more wear on the edge ("shoulder" part of the tyre, see pics attached) than the other 3 tyres... and these tyres only have 18000KM on them... do I need to change the tyre immediately? Or change all 4?
  21. ok thread shifted.....to poll thjread....basket unitd...make me busy...i bad mood.....i watching u...muahahaha http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...2690266&hl= closed
  22. http://www.divaasia.com/media_photo/21820 gan lu lu.... love the name, gan liaoz then luk luk a bit
  23. Picnic06-Biante15

    Watch What You Wear ............

    from Yahoo: 'Wanted' T-shirt brings down fugitive AFP News
  24. Lovethecars


    Anyone knows where I can find long-sleeves shirts with double-collar with french cuff? I know there is a brand, "Style-work" sold at Taka but is there any other brands?