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Posted 23 March 2016 - 03:59 PM

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Q & N Pte Ltd is a company formed by the merging of two businesses, Quan Neng Marketing Enterprise and Hon Neng Marketing Enterprise (S) Pte Ltd, on May 2007. Since then, the company has engaged in health products research & development, production and marketing.


Q & N Pte Ltd in Singapore independently developed two products known as Bone EssentialTM and Cool BeautyTM, thus all the intellectual property rights of these products belong to the company.


In 2008, the company further invested in the development of three new products, namely, Cool ManTM, Flexi-JointTMand OmegaTreeTM.These new products were launched in November 2008 in Singapore. Subsequently in 2011, Hi-SleepTM, Immune-CareTM, Metabo-CareTM, Prost-AidTM and Slim BeautyTM were launched with great success. In 2013, additional 4 products Colon-Care ™, Multi Vits & Minerals ™, i-Beauty™ and Brain-Plus 4 ™ were also launched into the market successfully. Similar to the first two products, the company owns all the intellectual property rights of all these products.


Each day, we have a team of health advisors, tasked to provide health related information to the mass audience at various locations, together with over 500 distribution points to further enhance convenient purchases.


The value of Q & N Pte Ltd has been pegged at over $10 million, with sales increasing dramatically after the products were launched in Singapore. As a result of good feedbacks from partners and customers, Q&N product quality and effects are widely recognized. This word-of-mouth effect among customers helped increase sales revenue over $8 million per year.


Today, Q & N Pte Ltd has evolved into a company that cultivates cooperation with partners based on a win-win principle. We are currently setting up Q & N Pte Ltd in Australia, Taiwan, Brunei and China. The company is also discussing cooperation with Malaysia and Indonesia to open up the markets in the said countries. 





Your Natural Prostate Protector Vegetarian.jpg Vegetarian

Prost-AidTM is formulated with several plant-based ingredients.  It is your natural prostate protector. Degenerated prostate health is common among men at the age degenerate at 40 onwards and can lead to more complications.

Prost-AidTM Formula

Saw Palmetto Extract (160mg): is the most popular herb taken for supporting prostate health. Saw Palmetto help metabolism and nutrients of prostate and help urination function.

Nettle (120mg): is used widely in Europe to support prostate condition and maintain prostate health.

Pumpkin Seeds Extract (200mg): the special oil (pumpkin seed oil) and various amino acids extracted from pumpkin seeds provide nutrients to prostate and support prostate function.




•  Support prostate health

•  Provide prostate nutrients

•  Help urination function

•  Aid prostate function



•  Support urinary tract health 





Look Strong  Feel Strong Vegetarian.jpg Vegetarian


Important Functions of Internal Environment

Internal health is the key substance that dictates men’s youth, vitality, and energy;  maintain strong bone and muscle;  support optimal health and immune function. It brings out men’s confidence and maintain the well-being of health. As age increases, depleting androgenic hormones are dramatically affecting ones energy, vitality, bone and muscle.

Cool ManTM Formula

Epimedium (250mg) and Morindae Officinalis Radix (100mg): help to maintain the well-being of male internal environment and enhance vitality, energy and strength.

American Ginseng (50mg) and Lycium Barbarum (50mg): support kidney function and maintain optimal health and immune function.

Calcium L-aspartate (50mg): strengthen bone and muscle.

Imbalance or weakening of male internal environment


•  Decrease in vitality, energy and strength

•  Tiredness, support male’s immune function

•  Low muscle and bone strength

•  Support kidney function

•  Poor figure

•  Look younger and more energetic




Contact us at:

  • Address :178 Paya Lebar Road #06-08 Singapore 409030
  • TEL: 6745 0321
  • FAX: (65) 6745 9321
  • WEBSITE: www.qn-nutrition.com

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