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Posted 15 January 2019 - 11:08 AM


Those who do not wish to take the re-examination will have the awarded grade recorded as the final grade.


....can someone explain to me what it meant for those who do not wish to retake? i no under the stand.




and how then is the final grade determined when the 2nd papers are missing.????


My son was from one of the affected school, but luckily his paper was not lost. Here are what I understand from the HOD with regards to determination of final grade, which will be based on the following:


- Prelim result (and how the student fair in the school cohort)

- A Level paper 1 results (as well as the national average)

- Other consideration includes the student performance for the past 2 years, progress, improvement, etc.


While I do not have any strong objection to the above, I pity the affected student (and their family) for having to go through the extra decision process. I asked my son, if he is one of those affected, what would he choose (he got B3 for his Prelim A maths). He said he would mostly likely not to resit the exam as 1st, it is very challenging for him to restart the whole revision process and get ready for exam in a month time. And next, even if he get a better grade (but already got into the next JC of his choice), it will be would be a hassle to transfer and get used to a new school again, not to mention wasting 1 - 2 months in the process. :wacko:


And he got A1 for his O Level A maths, which is a good 2 points improvement over his prelim result. Now you got the picture? 2 points or even 1 point can mean a lot to some that are aiming for a particular JC!


I am thankful that he has cleared his O Level [nod] and we don't need to be put into this tough decision...  [sweatdrop]

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Posted 15 January 2019 - 12:27 PM

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