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Posted 07 September 2018 - 09:45 PM

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Having trouble with video shooting while on a vacation or didn't know what to do with hundreds of photography you've taken ?


( Not an advertisement of affiliation post )


Well I have just the right tips for you to share when I did this recent very short trip to Penang.

Using the Canon Hybrid Auto mode on the camera feature I am able to capture still photograph with video all at the same time at a snap of one single shutter press.


What's great is the Hybrid Auto edits and stitch all the video together for you so you only need to upload the final finished hybrid video to your Facebook or YouTube without even going through the hassle of a video editor.


Find out more on this cool feature and for those who didn't want to know about this Canon ( because you are a Nikon fan , hahaha ) do check out the scenery in Penang ! 


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It's PNE ! PLay Not Enough lah...

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