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Merchant Reviews (1)

Super friendly service and lots of great advice given before u decide on wat to hv for your car. Feels good every time I am there :)

Product Reviews (7)

Sonax Microfibre Cloth
Replace my current cloth with this Sonax Cloth and immediately sees the quality of the cloth. Does the job for me super well.
Sonax MoS2Oil NanoPro
Bought this product from Stamford for use on my door hinges and some other parts. Easy to use and effectively does it work. Gone is the squeaking sound and comes the smooth joints.
Shell Helix Ultra 5W40
Had a oil change to Shell Helix and was a great smooth feeling after the change. Can feel the great difference once u step on the gas. 😊 On the gas it feels like it just wants to go on and on 😄😄😄
Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer
Tried this product on my car after a good shampoo using non other than Sonax shampoo. Hahaha Applied this onto my car and it's easy to use and shine immediately. This all works well with the polishing agent no 2 as well.
Sonax Xtreme Wheel Cleaner Plus
Used this on my wheels this morning and really see the easy to use effective cleaning agent. It also help remove the tough stain on my rotor hub and now looks super clean and shiny. Hahaha
Bosch Platinum Iridium Fusion
Install onto my ride and feels much smoother in engine start up, feels like a bit more power when accelarating.
Bosch Wiper Aerotwin
Install on my car and immediately got opportunity to test it. Am very happy with the wiping it did. It does not have the rough feeling I use to have on stick wipers. Easy to install also.